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Obama’s First 100 Days: THE POTUS WHO LOVED ME…Pussies Galore April 29, 2009


I find it quite profound that after Obama’s first 100 days in office the media has yet proclaim any miraculous mass sitings of CHANGE and HOPE. No more world hunger, no war. I never got to thank Obama for the brand new life of hope he gave to me. Somehow it slipped my mind while I was writing my check to the IRS.

Afrocity is a congenial good sport, so congratulations President Obama. Double uh-oh 44. (thumbs up)

My girl lost. Both of them. This is my punishment. I accept you as my leader. I don’t embrace you but I accept you CONDITIONALLY.

See that was not so hard. I can take it. However, what I do find unbearable is another form of post inaugural punishment. Today we are once again subjected to yet another national press conference to commemorate you guessed it- another “historic moment” in the Obama presidency. I am certain it will be one of trillions.

So what exactly has Obama achieved in 100 days? If I am the Bond girl in this piece, I have single-handedly judo chopped and kicked my way out of the car trunk of financial dependence and poverty a long time ago. Where the hell was my secret agent man then? Give me my damn apple martini!

I can’t wait for the media to make more excuses for what Obama has NOT accomplished. By this point, I would suspect that the Obamabots have realized that most of Barry’s campaign promises were lies.

“He assured me I would not lose my home” someone cries. Despite the obvious, the Obamabots shrug their shoulders and continue to drink the backwash from their glasses of Kool Aid, sucking on ice, loyal ever so dutiful starstruck servants of the anointed one.

Wow. Cool. So many grassroots toys. Is that a Hybrid?

Wow. Cool. So many grassroots toys. Is that a Hybrid?

It has become almost impossible to open a dialogue for any pragmatic critique Obama’s performance without being labeled a red neck or racist neocon Nazi. Inquiries raised during teleprompter conferences can NEVER focus on harsher subjects such as Iraq, Israel, the economy, key appointments. If you disobey, you are a racist. Yes, even Afrocity has been called a racist. I am a Nazi who should get on my knees and thank liberals for my right to choose any bus seat I want. We are expected to keep our mouths shut and watch the multicultural ecstasy of children playing in the fields of hopenchange. No more vacant inner city lots. No more Leroy the drug dealer asking for a bag of Cheetos as you exit the CVS. No more crime. Everything is as transparent as a glass of lathery bile.

(Earth to Obama: Chicago did not get that memo)


We are in the era of THE POTUS WHO LOVED ME. Stand up sheeple and mark this monumental day by emitting powerful evocations of your admiration for our president.

Please, let us begin our commemorative events of this day with an illustrative example of our incomparably magnificent Teleprompter In Chief:

Quantum of Soros Comic by Chris Muir


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