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Thursday OPEN Stitch and Bitch: Happy Anniversary Tea Partiers April 15, 2010

In the spirit of the Tea Partiers and of course tax day, I have decided to let my readers bitch about whatever is on their mind.

I just finished my taxes and I owed more than I did last year.  That is my reward for working and not having children, or owning a home or driving a car.

In fact, I made less money than last year and I got taxed more…Go figure.

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Thursday Stitch n’ Bitch: The Declaration of Independents January 14, 2010

Official Tea Party Movement Symbol

The year 2010 is an anxious time for all, especially Republicans and conservatives. Obama is breaking promises, and there will be plenty of angry folks this year seeking “hopenchange” again but not in the form of a light skinned guy named Barry.   Like many Republicans I am looking forward to kicking some donkey butt in the 2010 elections.  Or at least I thought I was like many Republicans or conservatives or independents…Which is it?  Anyway after a long exchange on my Facebook page with some Tea Party Patriots, I was told that I am an uninformed Republican voter. Who was duped by the Democrats once and now I am being duped by Republicans.  “Third Party is the only way to go”, they said.

And it’s not going to happen either! The elites and the radicals have highjacked our country and they WILL NOT give it back by us dumb ass SHEOPLE voting in a bunch of corrupt REPUBLICANS!”…But if a good candidate were to decide to run on a 3rd party ticket, I would vote for him or her over the other two even if he/she lost and all of you gave me shit over it. I voted for Perot 2x, but not a 3rd party since because there was no strong runner. WE NEED NEW BLOOD! A WASHINGTON OUTSIDER! THAT ISN’T BOUGHT OR FINANCED BY ANYONE BUT THE PEOPLE!”

“I’m going to be the odd man out here. We have a Marxist because of the 2 party system as it currently operates. Nobody can deny it. The GOP is ‘almost ‘ as corrupt as the Democrats.And if the polls hold on the question of a “Tea Party” having a candidate in a three way race, the TP is smoking the GOP. So just who is splitting the vote. AS for… See More me I am not voting for Republicans. I may vote for a conservative who is a Republican- maybe.”

I just lost all respect for Palin. F*ck the two party system! It sucks major ass! Parties are un-American. We’re not supposed to have them. Parties are for democracies. We’re not a democracy. We’re a republic. Parties have no place in republics. In a republic, politicians are supposed to be non-partisan aka independent. Republicans and Democrats are BOTH taking us down the wrong path. I only align myself with the Constitution!”

Afrocity is not so sure about a third party movement...even if it were a Tea Party

Yes, Obama failed many particularly those who voted for him.

Bush failed many as well. Let’s not lie about that granted it is not fair for the liberals to continue to use “Bush’s fault” as an excuse for everything under the sun.

But does this all mean that we adopt a third party?Because for the last 9 years we have elected flawed leaders  to our nation’s highest office?

The independents seem to think so.

First let’s take a look at what Obama promised and did not deliver. Does it have more to do with him and his character than the Democratic Party in itself? The answer is yes and no. The Democrats chose the wrong nominee as the Republicans did in 2000.  Every party is capable of the bait and switch described by Karl Rove in this article in the Wall Street Journal:

JANUARY 13, 2010,

The President’s Bait-and-Switch Operation

Which campaign promises has he kept?

By Karl Rove

“Americans learned last year that President Obama discards campaign promises like most people discard used Kleenex. Among the pledges he cast aside were reducing the deficit, reining in federal spending, not allowing lobbyists to work in his administration, increasing taxes only on those who make more than $250,000, and opposing “government-run health care” because it is “extreme.”
This year, Mr. Obama is picking up where he left off.
Consider presidential signing statements. Since Andrew Jackson, presidents of both parties have told Congress that while they are signing a bill into law, they intend to ignore specific provisions because they involve unconstitutional restrictions on the executive branch or are otherwise problematic.

A president’s power to do this springs from his oath of office, through which each new chief executive promises to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.”
Because of Washington’s hyperpartisan atmosphere, President George W. Bush drew heated criticism from Democrats for his signing statements. Among his toughest critics was Barack Obama, who in a questionnaire for the Boston Globe in 2007 accused Mr. Bush of “clear abuse” in using signing statements “to avoid enforcing certain provisions . . . the President does not like.” He promised not to use signing statements to “nullify or undermine congressional instructions as enacted into law.”
Yet Mr. Obama started issuing signing statements shortly after taking office. Democratic Reps. Barney Frank and David Obey called him out on it in a letter to the White House complaining that they were “chagrined” that Mr. Obama was issuing signing statements.
Recently, the Obama administration admitted that after receiving the letter from Messrs. Frank and Obey, it stopped the practice. But the president still has aides examine each bill to identify provisions the administration will disregard. It’s just that Team Obama isn’t telling Congress which provisions it is ignoring. It’s right for him to defend the office of the presidency. The problem is that he is doing it in a way that violates his own standards of transparency and accountability.

It was always puzzling to me as to why any logical person would believe anything that oozed from Barack Obama’s mouth.  His previous record and experience never proved anything beyond his reputation for securing one position and shortly thereafter  running for another position of higher profile before accomplishing anything of real importance. Liberals often love to brand Sarah Palin as a quitter because she resigned as Alaska’s governor before her term was finished.  No one recalls that Obama was only the Senator of Illinois for a short time before he ran for POTUS.  While a valid argument could be waged that Obama’s actions do not exactly constitute quitting , still closer attention should be paid to the motives behind his leaving his Illinois senate seat after accomplishing nothing.  Sarah left office to unburden the people of Alaska with a lame duck and ever growing law suits against the state by greedy mean-spirits and opportunists.  Obama ran for president because…. Oh I forgot, Michelle Obama supplied us with that answer:

“Barack is one of the smartest people you will ever encounter who will deign to enter this messy thing called politics.”

According to Webster, the definition of deign is: condescend: do something that one considers to be below one’s dignity.  Oh gee thanks Barry.  You see we should be thankful that  God sent Barack Obama to us. Now we can be delivered unto the Promised Land. That was Obama’s motive, to give us the gift of his wisdom. To get in our faces.

"Back of Bus" cartoon by Erin Bonsteel from "American Thinker"

Karl Rove continues:

“This hypocrisy has not gotten much attention. But another act of duplicity has. During his campaign, Mr. Obama pledged that any negotiations on health-care legislation would be broadcast on C-SPAN, “so the American people can see what the choices are,” and not conducted behind closed doors. “Such public negotiations,” he said, were “the antidote” to “overcoming the special interests and the lobbyists who . . . will resist anything that we try to do.”

Internet publisher Andrew Breitbart collected videotape of Mr. Obama making the same promise eight different times in 2007 and 2008—evidence that this was not a hasty or ill-considered pledge. It was supposed to epitomize the “change” that was at the core of the Obama campaign.

Now, however, the final negotiations on health-care reform are being conducted behind closed doors and there’s no formal legislative conference between the House and Senate, which would guarantee Republicans at least a few seats at the table. This bill is not only being written in secrecy, it is being written by an anonymous group of Democrats. We can therefore throw Mr. Obama’s commitment to bipartisanship onto his mountain of broken promises…”

Here is the video by Breitbart that Karl Rove alludes to:

I am less surprised by the die hard liberals who fell for Obama’s crap than I am by voters who characterize themselves as “independents”.

In 2008,  I helplessly watched as my independent voter friends emerged one by one from Obamabot pods covered in a Kool Aid purple slimy substance.  There are some pretty intelligent thinkers among the independent voting block. Their modes of inquiry into the lives of and motives of presidential candidates are legendary.

So why did they fall for Barack Obama?

And why exactly should Afrocity follow them to the promised tea party land?

I want no misunderstanding here. I admire those who actively participate in the Tea Party Movement. Voices need to be heard. I am amused by it. I love the patriotism that Americans are displaying. Am I politically or emotionally committed to the movement…No.  I am not exactly sure if we need a third party.  I saw what Ralph Nader did for the 2000 presidential election.  In theory,  a multi-party system is very American. George Washington hated political parties. In reality, they can also screw up some really great elections and in 2012, I do not want our country to end up with a second term for Barack Obama. Thus I do not quite understand why some anti-Obama voters would want to support third party candidates during the 2010 and 2012 elections. Aren’t we playing right into the liberals hands?

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Thursday Stitch N’ Bitch: Happy Thanksgivng November 26, 2009

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Pin Up Girl Barbara Bates

The linking of cooking, holidays and my mother in memories that bring traumatic feelings of hunger, humiliation,  homelessness and dread, remains the perhaps the most paramount reason for my  offering of thanks today.

I did not expect to spend Thursday preparing a turkey for three. An ill cat threw a monkey wrench in my original plan to escape my apartment, kick up my feet and let some other willing soul do the cooking.  Instead, Tuesday evening there I was cruising the aisles of the grocery store looking for rubbed sage, Gruyere cheese, a fresh turkey,  cranberries, a fennel bulb, crystallized ginger and any other odd item written on my grocery list. While awaiting my turn with the cashier, I espied a little black girl in pigtails watching her mother pay for the groceries…with a food stamp card. That used to be me. Never again.

I hope.

“132.42” said the cashier.

I handed her a bunch of coupons. 10$ off the turkey, $8 off if I spend $80 or more…


Afrocity was happy. Groceries bagged and ready to roll on out into a rainy night.

Don’t think about it Afrocity….Too late. The desire to forget has lost its battle

1981. (flashback)

A food pantry was nice enough to deliver food to our apartment. Two bags of groceries filled with canned goods, a roast chicken and the kindness of strangers. There was even a jar of Tang instant breakfast drink mix. Young Afrocity was satisfied with the things brought by the food pantry.  Mother was not.

“A roasting chicken?!?” she exclaimed, looking at the poor bird. “Who eats chicken on Thanksgiving? Just because we are getting free food does not mean they should just give us anything.To be perfect there has to be a turkey.”

I was silent. Food was in the house and not much else mattered to me. I ignored her complaining as I took the canned goods from the bag left by the nice man. Pumpkin pie filling, canned pears and peaches…

Mother’s disappointment in the food basket did not wan. “Let’s go to that pantry and get more better food…maybe a turkey even.”

I shook my head. Is she crazy? Not only was it 8PM on Thanksgiving Eve but it was cold and windy out. The food pantry was nearly 30 blocks away from our apartment in Oak park, IL.

“The man said only two bags per family,”  I offered as an excuse, hoping she would give up the idea.

“How will they know? We can just go there and pretend we never got our delivery so they will give us more.”

I returned continually to the two bags per family rule. ” The man who delivered the groceries saw our faces and you signed a list he had. What if he is at the pantry now?”

Undaunted, mother grabbed her coat. “That is why we leave NOW. He had over 100 folks on that list he ain’t finished delivering yet.”

Vintage Thanksgiving postcard.

Before I could say cranberry sauce, I was trudging through a foot of snow with mother in hot pursuit of a food pantry that was thirty blocks away. My hands were freezing by block ten. My boots, already wet from coming home after school, were soaked and numbed my  toes.  We were both silent but the air was thick with regret. Mother’s trench coat was not equipped to deal with the wind, her tennis shoes disappeared in snow with every step.

“Are we almost there?”  I asked shivering. Too much snow was blowing in my face to see the street signs. Walking with my small head down was the only solution. I was tired of walking and snow exacerbated the problem. Lifting each leg higher and higher as the food pantry drew closer and closer.  I wanted to die.  Several times mother stopped as if there were moments that she wanted to give up and go back home. But we had come too far to turn back.

I envisioned the friendly young white women at the pantry. Their long straight hair, was always parted down the middle. They always smiled.

“There it is,” Mother said through heavy breathing.

I cannot recall the name of the food pantry. Or the affiliation of those who operated it. It was simply a large Victorian style home. The wrap around porch cracked as we walked on the rock salt to ring the doorbell.

I kept my head towards the porch swing, now covered with snow. I did not want these people to see how stupid mother and I were for walking so far for a bag of groceries that we were lying about.

A young girl opened the door.  Mother explained that we never received our basket.  The girl went to a clipboard hanging in the mudroom. I sat on a bench in the parlor, legs numb and sticking straight out.

Another young girl appeared. “You guys must be freezing,” she said kneeling in front of me. “Do you want some hot cider?”

“No” mother said curtly but I nodded my head and the girl disappeared into the back of the house. Mother gave me a dirty look. The one she gave me whenever I went “rogue” and off-script.  Cider meant we would have to wait till I drank it to leave. Mother wanted to get the food and get out.

“Your name is on the list…Oh, no I bet he tried to deliver as you were on your way here,” said the girl. ” You poor things walking all this way because you had no food. I do not have much left, our donations this year have been slow we did not receive any turkeys only chickens and capons…”

Perhaps the woman saw the look of despair on my face. 30 blocks for nothing.

“Can we at least get something in case your delivery guy did miss us? ” mother pushed.

Hesitantly, our hostess nodded , “Let me get you a 5lb bag of potatoes and some cans of chicken broth for you trouble. I will even through in a jug of cider for  your daughter to make her own.”

Mother smiled. We had presented ourselves as broken people. Her mission was accomplished. My integrity and the nerve endings in my toes sold for a 5lb bag of potatoes and  a jug of cider…That we now had to carry 30 blocks back home.

My cider was finished as I slowly thawed. Out went the broken mother and child caring charity food in brown paper bags. In came the delivery man.  For a moment he stopped and starred at us. I know he knew that he had seen us. Mother put her head down as we passed him like three ships in the snowy night.

Thirty blocks later, I was home in bed, warm but feet still numb.

Mother stayed up late, she never came to bed that night.  I could smell the chicken roasting,  celery being chopped.

During the night I need to empty my small cider filled bladder. Quietly I walked, down the long railroad hallway until I passed the kitchen and saw a sight that would turn me into the most sympathetic narrator of my mother’s story. She was silently crying while looking at the roast chicken.”

She only wanted Thanksgiving Day to be perfect. That’s all. Sixty blocks for perfect Thanksgiving.

When I carve my turkey tonight, I will be especially thankful and I will remember my mother.

Happy Thanksgiving and Good Bless You All

Autographed Letter Signed,



Thursday Kitchen Bitch: The Mammy Diaries Go Live!!! October 8, 2009

Vintage advertisement for "Swerl Soap". Notice the "mammy" cookie jar in the background ...must be a Republic household.

Vintage advertisement for "Swerl Soap". Notice the "mammy" cookie jar in the background ...must be a Republic household.

This Thursday’s bitch is a “vlog” post from my good ol’ kitchen. It is my response to the charge that I am  possessed of mammy mentality because I am a black conservative.  You will recall that in Tuesdays Autographed Letter Signed post I posted the entire quote which accused me of such behavior. I received a tremendous amount of support from my readers. For that I thank you all for taking the time from your neo-con activities at the country club to post at ALS.  On a serious note, I want you all to know that it is you that keeps me going during a time when it seems almost impossible to speak with anyone about politics without being chastised as an”Obama hater”, mammy, Auntie Tom, self-loathing of my skin color.

Actress Hattie McDaniel portrays "Mammy" with Vivien Leigh's Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind.

Actress Hattie McDaniel portrays "Mammy" with Vivien Leigh's Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind.

Hattie McDaniel pictured here first black performer to win an Academy Award. She won the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role of Mammy in Gone with the Wind (1939).

Hattie McDaniel pictured here first black performer to win an Academy Award. She won the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role of Mammy in Gone with the Wind (1939).

Thank you for accepting me as I am and not trying to change me. The one thing I have learned since becoming a conservative is that my GOP buddies are more tolerant of my dissenting views on the pro-life movement and support of gay marriage than my liberal friends are of my stance against Obamacare. I also want to give a special thank you to those of you who are PUMA’s. We began as Hillary supporters. We have since gone in separate directions. I went right but I love you all who have never left ;-).

Autographed Letter Signed,


PS. Yes my audio and video are not in sync. This always happens on You tube but never when I load the videos elsewhere. Sorry about that.


Thursday Kitchen Bitch: Afrocity Fights The Racism Frontier September 17, 2009


Sometimes I express myself better verbally rather than writing.

My kitchen is often where I do my best work.

It is the room that my mother loved the most. We had many talks  as she peeled potatoes or stuffed a lemon roast chicken. The arrival of fall inspired me to buy pumpkin scented candles and spiced tea. Eucalyptus plants also add soothing aromas to the atmosphere.

In November it will be a year since the election of 2008. The election that gave America its first president of color. It does however, come as something of a surprise that I would have to make a video asking Barack Obama to bring an end to the “post-racism”.  There are more crucial issues for Americans today than our wasting precious time on false claims of racial frustration.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Thursday Stitch N’ Bitch: Government Health Care-Words Sew Heart To Believe September 10, 2009

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Knitted Art: " Vollig Weichgestrikt" by Sarah Illenberger

Knitted Art: " Vollig Weichgestrikt" by Sarah Illenberger

My breakfast this morning:

A glass of soy milk

Bottled spring water

1 hard boiled egg

1 multivitamin

1 Omega 3 fatty acid softgel

I have practiced this diet for two weeks now. My grandmother died of heart disease at age 77. My uncle died of heart disease at age 58.  My mother died of heart disease at age 68.

Afrocity will not die of heart disease. What do I have going for myself that they did not?

1. Coming to terms that heart disease is a problem in my family is the first step.

Unfortunately, the  rest of my family is still in denial. I began seeing a cardiologist in 2005. I was the youngest person in the office and the doctor sort of laughed at me but I would rather be embarrassed than dead. My grandmother’s first heat attack was at age 35. She would later have another attack 17 years later, right in front of me when I was 4 years old.

I was home alone with her watching Sesame Street and she fell to the floor, dragging herself into the kitchen for the phone. The rotary dial clunker was wall mounted. She could not reach it and neither could I. Feeling helpless, I tried to run for help but grandmother had put the chain latchkey lock on the door and I could not unlock it.

Overwhelmed with fear, I crawled into a corner where I could not see her. I thought she was dying and it was my fault. Hours later my mother awakened me, grandmother had been taken to a hospital and I had slept through the entire ordeal.

obama pills2. I will make a special effort to eat healthier. Cut down on red meat, add more soy products, water, omega.Typical African diets in my family consisted of meals that were high in saturated fats and sodium. By comparison my diet has always shunned the greens and corn bread feasts that my mother loved so much. Even as a child, she found me to be a picky eater- favoring vegetables over fruit and eating noticeably smaller portions than my relatives. My uncle would make a culinary concoction of fat back, greens and cabbage in a huge dutch oven. You could see the film of yellow coagulated grease floating on top of his artery clogging masterpiece.

3. They had government health care. I do not.

When ill, the very decision of whether or not to seek medical assistance was question of whether or not you were at death’s door. My family did not trust doctors to keep them alive. Medical practitioners were to be feared and avoided at all cost. In the end, they would all wind up too soon on an autopsy table. I cannot say that I blamed them. Welfare health care was a nightmare for me. I was poked and prodded without much explanation about what was happening to my body. I cannot remember the name or face of a single doctor I had back in those days. I can vaguely recall the sea foam green medical card my mother received each month that she would push underneath a glass window to a nurse along with her public assistance identification card. The doctors never smiled at me, one even told me to get the hell out of his office after I coughed in his face because the tongue depressor activated my gag reflex. Mother hastily walked out with me, penicillin prescription  in hand.

As a college undergrad, I too noticed that I hated doctors. My counselors and college roommate helped me overcome that fear. I did not want to die of a heart attack or cancer. Looking for Marcus Welby was futile in the world of government health care I would listen to my classmates speak of wonderful relationships with their “family” doctors. There was no such MD in my life until I finally secured a job with benefits.

Cross stitch uterus

Cross stitch uterus

Doctor: So you are here because you have a cold but is everything else going okay for you? You just moved here from Texas. Did you have a family practitioner there.

Afrocity: No

Doctor: When was your last pap exam?

Afrocity: (counting in head) Five years ago.

Doctor: (frowning) We can’t have that. Let’s schedule you for one.

stitchy pooAfrocity: (shakes head) I don’t like those metal things.

Doctor: I don’t use those, not many doctors do anymore. Have you’ve been tested for AIDS? HPV virus?

Afrocity:(shakes head)

Doctor: Have you ever had your cholesterol checked…ever? (smiling) I am guessing that is a qualified No?

Afrocity: (silent) I have problems with gas and heartburn, they told me to take TUMS but it never helps.I go from diarrhea to constipation.

Doctor: Well let’s lets have you fully checked out. I mean the whole nine yards, blood, urine, pap smear, a physical. You need a wellness consultation and it sounds like you have IBS. Do you do breast self-exams?

Afrocity: I bee-what? No I have not done a breast exam, I have seen the charts though.


Doctor: Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It comes from stress, lots of women have it. You may also be lactose intolerant but we can’t know unless we test you my dear. Go to the desk and we can get you set up for all of these fun tests. You especially are overdue for a gynecological exam.

Cross Stitch Ovaries

Cross Stitch Ovaries

From that visit on, I began to trust doctor’s again. For anyone interested in finding out the truth in government health care, they should speak to people like me. Those who have actually experience it. Those in Canada and the UK who know what socialized medicine is and is not. So far, I have only heard about what is wrong with insurance companies and not what is right about government health care.

This is not about a partisan victory. This is about our health which is far more important than congressmen and Barack Obama kicking sand in each other’s faces at the playground.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Thursday Stitch N’ Bitch: Let Them Eat Cake by Bellamags September 3, 2009

cup cake knitThis Thursday’s Stitch n’ Bitch was authored by Autographed Letter Signed guest contributor Bellamags and edited by Brooke K.

While sitting in my salon, which over the course of the last year has been empty more often than not, I sometimes look out the front windows of my shop for amusement.  The Department of Motor Vehicles is adjacent to me and always offers some sort of entertainment, whether it’s the interesting folks renewing their driver’s licenses or young teenagers nervously taking their driving tests.  Today, the parking lot is FULL, none of the patrons are mine, by the way, and there is a line snaking along the sidewalk outside of the DMV the likes of which I’ve never seen. So, I decided to hop online and Google a few key words to find a reason for the mad rush, and I came across this:

DMV Fee Hikes prompt lines, questions.

The State of Florida, strapped in this flagging economy and needing cash, decided to raise tag renewal and licensing fees. Not just 10 or 20 percent, but an average of 50% across the board and almost 100% in some cases.   Great idea, Florida; let’s squeeze the consumers for just a little bit more and give them even less money to spend at the small businesses that make up 95% of the employers in our fine state.  Hey, consumers! You’re not spending money on sales-taxable retail purchases?  Florida will get your money another way.  Welcome to the world of big government and socialism.

Most people have heard of Marie Antoinette.  My spell-check even recognizes her name and will offer me the correct alternative if there is a typo.  At the time she and her husband ruled over France, the French economy was in shambles, the people were being taxed to death without representation, and famine had taken over.


“Let them eat cake” is the now-infamous phrase that was her reply to the protests and dissatisfaction of the French population during this desperate time.  If in fact she did speak these words, it was most likely the far less bitchy version “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”, which literally translates to “Let them eat funny shaped egg bread“.

knit cake

knitted black forest cake

Urban legend blames Marie Antoinette’s thoughtless and uncaring phrase, “Let them eat cake”, in response to the starving French people as one of the possible causes for the start of the French Revolution.  Debate and disagreement among historians continues over the notorious phrase associated with her, with many believing she never said it.  To-may-toe, to-mah-toe.  What matters is perception.  The Queen Marie and her husband the King continued to live a lavish lifestyle while the people of France were starving.  This did not sit well with the population prompting the French Revolution and formation of a new government to soon follow.

knit cakes 2

Knited VEGAN cup cakes at

Recently, we have been hearing about the Obamas’ much-needed vacation to the extravagant Blue Heron Farm on Martha’s Vineyard that rents for upwards of $35,000 per week. The Obamas aren’t renting the whole Blue Heron Farm, mind you, and are “paying their own way”. However, considering that Obama has been on the public payroll for a while now, technically this vacation (and all the necessary security measures that go along with it) is still being funded with our tax money.

This vacation follows his obligatory trip to Yellowstone and the dirty, dusty “typical American” Wal-Mart tour of the Grand Canyon, no doubt taken to “balance out” the lavish trip to Martha’s Vineyard.

A few weeks ago, the media reported on Michelle Obama’s $500 Lanvin tennis shoes (French designer, how apropos) she thoughtlessly wore while volunteering at a food bank.  Then we were blessed with pictures of her carrying a thousand-dollar black patent leather clutch.  A few months ago it was Barack and Michelle’s date night, complete with private jet to New York City, dinner at an exclusive restaurant and tickets to a Broadway play.

In a typical economic climate, this extravagance might seem OK.  Status quo.
Who cares, they DESERVE it.
They need to REPRESENT.
Big effing deal, right? Frankly, it pisses me off and it should piss you off. I can’t express to you the amount of anger I feel right now, sitting in my empty salon, wearing tennis shoes with holes on the bottom, carrying a modest handbag with only a vague memory of the last time I could afford to go on vacation and writing more checks to the federal and state government than to myself; all the while staring at a parking lot full of people frantically handing over their hard-earned money to the state because tomorrow the rates will double.


Knitted Cupcakes from Little Cotton Rabbits

Michelle, do you really need 22 (some reports count 26, so I have given you the benefit of the doubt) personal attendants?  I know Laura Bush had 18, but yours are costing the taxpayers almost a million dollars more than Laura’s did.  Shouldn’t you be cutting back or should we be eating cake?

Autographed Letter Signed,


Bellamags has been a conservative since 9-11.  Before then I had no idea the difference between liberal and conservative.  I consider myself center on social issues and hard right on fiscal issues.  The only experience I have is from littlegreenfootballs and my life experiences owning a small business.