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Donkey Land Gets “Roved” Over On The Talk Show Circuit March 21, 2010

This has indeed been a great week for media interviews. I am glad that the normally polite conservatives have finally dared to use verbal punches during some recent media appearances. You can’t just be calm and civil with these liberals anymore when confronted with their mis-truths and name calling.

First we had Bret Baier versus Barack Obama. There was nothing better than watching President Obama get unruffled in front of calm and collected “Leave it to Beaver” sweetness and all American Bret Baier. After the interview, Baier was heavily criticized by the left for interrupting Obama’s long sermons of bull and surprisingly even his colleagues on FOX NEWS.

Of course no liberal critique is complete without someone being called a racist:

“Brett was practicing what Fox News calls “baiting the black man”. They use a different word but you get the idea. Brett was beyond rude and unprofessional. He was trying to get points with his boss and other aryans he needs to impress.”

On the liberal mantel of pride lies accolades for those who demonstrate superior skills at racebaiting.  If you are against Obamacare, you must be a racist.  If you question Obama’s policies, you must be a racist.  Here liberal professor and commentator Caroline Heldman calls Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson a racist because he refers to the White House as “Big Mama’s House.”

Regardless of how I feel about Rev. Peterson,  uttering the words “Big Mama’s House” is NOT racist.  Truthfully, I felt that Dr. Heldman was upset with Peterson because he was black and not on the plantation that she felt he should have been on.  Being a black Republican has a connotation of shedding tradition and natural order among Democrats.  Gay Republicans are even less fanciful in the holy book of LIB.

I am against government healthcare reform. I must be a racist despite my being African American and someone who was actually a “green medical card” recipient as a child.  Government run healthcare stinks.  I have experienced it.  Contrary to what the Democrats believe, logic and reason among voters is not a vanishing art.  We are not naive and can smell bullshit miles and miles away.  This is not about Republican vs. Democrats in my opinion.  This is about legislation being passed according to the will of the American people.

You’ll know a liberal snow job when you see one.  You will have a pretty good idea you have stepped into a pile of donkey poo the moment you are greeted by Obama’s smile and the pointing fingers at the George W. Bush.  But you will know it for certain when the liberal refuses to debate the facts and turns red in the face as demonstrated by former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe during this fantastic face off with Karl Rove today.

Watch and enjoy.  Karl Rove fed Plouffe his balls on a platter with a knife and fork  stuck in it:

This interview made my entire month.

Let them pass the healthcare reform bill.  In November 2010, the people will hold the Democrats accountable for it and vote accordingly.