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America Has 99 Problems and a Tax & Spend President is one of Them December 5, 2010

Conservatives have a an initial distrust of anything or anyone that uses tax payer dollars as a means of survival.

But if you ask a Democrat, America has 99 problems and they need your money to fix them.   Included in the list of 99 problems is not one bitch.

Not one Hillary.

Not one Palin.

For some people, the 99 problems equate to 99 weeks.  The exact number of weeks they may or may not have money to feed their families.

I have 99 problems which make me much too busy to blog. Work more, buy less.

From this article on the Future of


December 4, 2010

Harvard economics professor and former Bush administration official Greg Mankiw has a post up about whether to extend unemployment insurance:

‘when I hear economists advocate the extension of UI to 99 weeks, I am tempted to ask, would you also favor a further extension to 199 weeks, or 299 weeks, or 1099 weeks? If 99 weeks is better than 26 weeks, but 199 is too much, how do you know?….’

I should note, by the way, that economists who strongly favor the extension of UI benefits, such as those who signed this letter, also tend to favor more income redistribution in general. I suspect, therefore, that the foundation of their support comes not from having weighed the specific pros and cons of UI per se, but rather from a more general desire to “spread the wealth around.” That issue is, as I tell my students, more a matter of political philosophy than it is of economics.

One of Professor Mankiw’s objections — that extending unemployment insurance “reduces the job search efforts of the unemployed” — could be addressed in part by turning unemployment into something more like a health savings account, where if an individual gets a job before the benefits expire the individual gets to somehow keep the unused portion of the benefits in an account that can grow for the next time around.

Are unemployment benefits the same as welfare?

Conservatives and Democrats will give you a different answer.

Afrocity is on the fence.  My mother went from one form of government assistance to another. The scales tipped more in favor of welfare but once in 1979, she worked for the “city” as a desk clerk.  When she was subsequently laid off, she received unemployment.  Unsurprisingly, I felt more legitimate when she was on unemployment.  The check was larger- $625 as opposed to the paltry $225 we received on welfare.  Unemployment also meant my mother had at one time actually had a job.

We were not on unemployment for 99 weeks…It was more like 20 weeks. I believe it ran out then mom made the transition back to the welfare boat.  It would be 15 years before she looked for work again.

But getting back to my actual question of is unemployment welfare and are the Republicans being meanie weanies for cutting it off at 99 weeks and before you answer– do you know how long 99 weeks is?

99 weeks =1.89737112 years

That is a long time to be unemployed.

That is a long time to create 99 problems.

Whole Foods-  November 15, 2010.

Afrocity is standing in the grocery line chastising herself for once again succumbing to the lure of organic produce and wholesome pumpkin flavored ice cream at $5.99 (on sale) for a 1/4 of a pint.   The woman in front of me spread her grocery selections on the checkout conveyor belt . Aloe Vera Juice at 8$, green tea rice $5 a bag, venison,  apple hickory duck sausage.  The total bill came to $254 and she paid with a foodstamp card.   Suddenly my guilt melted away. No longer did the $5.99 ice cream seem so bad, or my fennel bulbs, or horseradish cheese spread. My bill was around $57 and I paid with my own hard earned cash.  That woman was eating better than I was and using my tax dollars to do it.   Does this woman have 99 problems?

Michigan Avenue- Chicago, Il- December 4, 2010

Crate and Barrel had a 20% off all Christmas ornament sale.  I needed a topper for my tree. Instead of being greeted at the door by carolers, I was greeted  by protesters of extending the Bush tax cuts to evil rich people who make over $250K- You know like the small business owner- a woman recently widowed, who runs a small chain of mom and pop knitting shop in Chicago’s fabric district. She has lots of medical bills to pay from her husband’s Hospice care and cancer treatments.  Two kids in college too.  Does this woman have 99 problems?

She is a woman and the tax cuts are not bad for her but apparently NOW thinks so because she has a vagina .  Oh I forgot to add that NOW would have no problem with her being called a whore or a cunt-especially when they know that she makes over $250K.

Does NOW have 99 problems?

All throughout the year, Michelle Obama, eats lobster, wears $500 tennis shoes…  She has even released her favorite things list- Just like Oprah.  Too bad the average American cannot afford most of it.

Does Michelle Obama have 99 problems?

You see everyone has 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one of them but I can certainly tell you who is…

Autographed Letter Signed,


Harvard economics professor and former Bush administration official Greg Mankiw has a post up about whether to extend unemployment insurance:

when I hear economists advocate the extension of UI to 99 weeks, I am tempted to ask, would you also favor a further extension to 199 weeks, or 299 weeks, or 1099 weeks? If 99 weeks is better than 26 weeks, but 199 is too much, how do you know?….

I should note, by the way, that economists who strongly favor the extension of UI benefits, such as those who signed this letter, also tend to favor more income redistribution in general. I suspect, therefore, that the foundation of their support comes not from having weighed the specific pros and cons of UI per se, but rather from a more general desire to “spread the wealth around.” That issue is, as I tell my students, more a matter of political philosophy than it is of economics.

One of Professor Mankiw’s objections — that extending unemployment insurance “reduces the job search efforts of the unemployed” — could be addressed in part by turning unemployment into something more like a health savings account, where if an individual gets a job before the benefits expire the individual gets to somehow keep the unused portion of the benefits in an account that can grow for the next time around.


Obama Voter Autopsy Results Are In: Death by Kool Aid September 23, 2010

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As a traditionalist, I have an inherent distrust for movements. I take them on the case by case basis.  This goes for the Obama movement as well as the Tea Party movement.  I am a conservative but I look at candidates on the case by case basis.   Cautiously, I weigh all of the pros and cons, check out the reviews.  Much like when I purchased my new blu-ray player several weeks ago.  Finally, Afrocity is with the high-def movement…but it took a while.  Like a true skeptic, I comb Consumer Reports, ask for the opinions of friends, go to Best Buy and look at their ratings.  Even to myself it is frustrating. Just buy the damn thing already it’s only a television.  It’s only  a restaurant- put down the stupid Zagat’s and let’s go.  From my beginnings.  I hated wasting my time or money on anything.   During my wee years, I was reading an Archie comic book.  On the back, there were advertisements for gags of all sorts.  Disappearing ink, itching powder, X-ray vision glasses,  fake poo,  and the best of all… Sea Monkeys.

My young friends had all tried the other gags. The fake poo was not that exciting and the disappearing ink while funny at first just made someone want to kick your ass for getting their blouse wet… but Sea Monkeys looked great.  We all decided that we would buy a kit. I could have my own little family!

Hours of enjoyment would be spent watching my little Sea Monkey family in their aquatic home. I could watch momma monkey put on lipstick.  We could play patty cake through the plastic tank. Opponents of the Sea Monkey venture were my mother and grandmother.

“Those things are not what they say they are Afrocity,”  warned my mother. “Your brother had some of those and-“


“’s your allowance.”

As my first mail-order endeavor, I got to walk to the currency exchange and purchase a money order for $3.95 , stick it in an envelope, lick the back of a postage stamp, and skip to the mailbox.  My address was on the money order, not my mother’s- MINE.

This was my little investment.  My real family is on welfare and dysfunctional but my Sea Monkey family will have it going on- dishwasher- Tv dinners every night.

Since at least 500 B.C., I waited for the UPS man and it was agonizing.

“Is it here yet?”  I asked mother bursting in from school.

She would shake her head.

My entire evening was ruined if that package with my mail order family was not there  -even the cartoons would not cheer me up.  Obsessed with the Sea Monkeys, I twitched all day in school just wondering if the package had arrived.  Can you imagine if I had a cell phone?  I would have driven my mother crazy with text messages.


Of course my little sea family did arrive and predictably,  it was one of the most disappointing purchases I have ever made in my life.

There was a plastic tank and a packet of powder which were the Sea Monkey eggs.  “Instant Sea Monkeys”  read the label.  According to the instructions I dumped the powder of eggs into the water filled tank and waited, and waited, and waited for Godot with fins.   There were days that I would watch that tank for hours waiting for this large mermaid like family to appear…nothing…I was a sucker.  My friends were also sucked for their Sea Monkey families were AWOL as well.

Minimal humiliation was sparked by mother’s mocking remarks:  “Wow they are huge,”  she exaggerated watching me watch the empty cheaply made tank. “Look they are watching cartoons on the TV and playing “Go fish”.

Like most small children I did not want to admit that mother was right.  As badly as I wanted to throw out the stupid tank, I just let it sit there.  With the passing of weeks, I was largely over the matter  and moved on to other things but mother decided to give me a second chance at sea life.  One day after school, my Sea Monkey tank had transformed into a huge bowl with three goldfish.  They were swimming around and alive.  Rock and little fake plants and little pink houses for them.  Glee was what I felt. Glee that had been robbed by the Sea Monkey suddenly returned tenfold.

“Where did these come from ?” I asked excitedly. “Are they mine?”

“Those are the Sea Monkey’s they changed just like the comic book said they would while you were at school,” she lied. “Too bad you were not here to see them change. Oh, the tank rumbled and shook and it got to small for them so I had to get another.”

“No they did not,”  I laughed.  I did not care that she was teasing me. My goldfish were better than stupid Sea Monkeys any day”

Lesson learned?  If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is and do not buy the hype.   After being taken by the Sea Monkey scam, I always  make certain that anything I invest my time or money in is solid and seaworthy before I jump on board.

That also goes for Sea Monkey families in the White House and my precious vote.  Oh look at the cute little African American family playing in the Oval Office- they promise to deliver change and hope. OOPS- disclaimer-  I am not implying that the Obama’s are monkeys as in racially derogatory terms.  I am comparing my Sea Monkey experience with that of Americans who voted for this perfect Utopian post racial presidency.   Obama promised that our lives will be fundamentally different.  He gave his supporters drinks of  Kool Aid and campaigned a hole in their heads.

Case in point, this Obama supporter:

Aw, golly arugula!  Somebody’s  Sea Monkey did not turn into a goldfish- and it was supposed to come with a cushy job and unicorns too.  To make matters even more pathetic, in a move as old as history itself,  the fooled went back to the fooler for answers and got more change, hope and Kool Aid.

Sure, Barry we still cool.

Who has grounds for concern or criticism of Obama, aka “the anointed one” when he flashes that million dollar man march smile?

Maybe I am out of the norm here, but do you see anything about this woman’s statement that is remotely huge toothy smile worthy?  His grin… frankly, would have insulted me and I would have told him so.  More surprising was the acceptance of his answers to these people by many on the left.

So she is a plant now? Because???? She is African American and not falling over at Obama’s feet?

Sure keep drinking whether that is tea or Kool Aid.

Keep your minds open. Democrats or Republicans did not get us where we are today.  Stupidity did.

It is never easy to reconcile a bad decision but it is even harder to do so if your repeat that decision again and again and again.   You cannot really blame the candidate.  You can’t hunt him down.

You can’t whine ” you promised me the moon on steroids and all I got was this lousy Obama dress”  Correction: this VERY lousy Obama dress.

Obama did not make you pull the lever and vote for phony change. You did.

Next time before you attend a rally with millions of star struck potential voters and Greek temples made of Styrofoam don’t drink…THINK.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Sunday Soliloquy: The Nanny State Diaries May 2, 2010

A key argument advanced by my liberal friends is that Afrocity’s new found conservative voice is simply a phase.

Now that the “phase” has been going on for nearly two years, attempts to bring me back to the land of ass have been occurring more frequently.   This month alone I have been treated to at least four lunches where portraits of the “Chosen One” adorn the restaurant as I slowly sip my soup.  Conversations somehow digress from living room decor and skinny jeans to why Obama is making such progress as our president.   Depending on my mood and how much I value my friendship with the person, I either eat and smile silently with a few nods peppered here and there  OR  I softly offer my dissent.  Aside from the question of whether or not Obama has really improved the lives of Americans, in particular those who reside in Chicago there is no doubt that his supporters are begging to realize that he is NOT the greatest thing since Wonder Bread.

“Well hopefully, if Obama leaves office in 2017…”

(Snicker) Oooo, that was funny!

One disturbing confession was several friends of color admitting that they were Hillary Clinton fans until Obama challenged her during the Democratic Primary.

“I loved Hillary,”  one friend said. “In college I was in her fan club.  I voted for her as senator.”

Then comes the 10 months pregnant pause.  Friend picks at the Cobb Salad while never looking me in the eye.

“Then I heard Obama at a rally and just knew I had to vote for him,” she says with a huge toothy smile.

Curious and saddened,  I always have to press the matter and shoot back with “Why? What was it that made you turn your back–errr, um I mean change your mind and support Obama?”

“Well he was so inspiring and he just wanted to do everything to change our world.”

“And Hillary did not?”  I asked with a raised eyebrow.

Pause comes again. Friend eats more salad…”No,” crunching on lettuce while speaking. ” You know [Bill] Clinton  was da man!!  He was a superstar in my book but when Obama came it made me go WHOA.”

Well of course you went WHOA. You were stepping in Obama’s bullshit.  That is what I wanted to say and here is where I gets frustrated and cannot continue the conversation. Just tell the truth you know.  We are all black. Just say you felt conflicted because Obama was a black man.   My friend went into some story about John Lewis and how he actually cried because he could not choose between Hillary and Obama.  She  mentioned other prominent African Americans who were caught in the “Great Migration” from Clinton to Obama.  The blacks who chose to remain with Hillary were characterized as though we were some sort of maimed donkey who could not get up on all fours .  Something held us back.  Our allegiance was to a white family over this great black hope.  Driving Miss Hillary Daisy.

As she was speaking,  I looked outside the restaurant window.  There were some African American males standing on the street corner, pants falling down past their behinds.  Should be in school, I thought.  An image of Cynia Cole, a little 20 month old baby that was killed recently by a bullet meant for her father intruded into my mind.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Charges filed in shooting death of 20-month-old

April 24, 2010

A 21-year-old man has been charged with killing a 20-month-old girl sitting in a car Wednesday night with her father, who police said was the intended target.

Danzeal Finley, of the 700 block of East 92nd Street, was charged with murdering Cynia Cole, who was shot in the head about 11 p.m. Wednesday on the 600 block of East 92nd Place in the Burnside neighborhood. Cynia was sitting in the rear seat of the car with her father, Jerome Hendricks, and her two young sisters.

Photo from Chicago Tribune showing Cynia Cole, a 20 month old victim of relentless violence in Chicago.

Finley was ordered held without bond by judge Adam Bourgeois today. His next court date is Monday.

Finley turned himself in to police Thursday after Alberta Cole, the girl’s mother, said she recognized him and told police, who put out an alert for Finley. Finley was accompanied by Rev. James Meeks after Finley’s mother called the minister and state senator to make sure her son would be treated safely…

The night of the shooting, Hendricks, Cole and and their family — Cynia, known as Coco; her sisters Janiya, 4, and Amazing, 8 months, were on their way to the girls’ grandmother’s house after visiting Coco’s aunt when they stopped by a neighborhood house to buy some cigarettes, Hendricks said.

Cole waited on the porch for someone to open the door when she said a hooded gunman came running out of a gangway and  began firing at the car. She said she eased back onto the porch so the gunman wouldn’t know she was there, and when his hood fell recognized Finley from the neighborhood.

After the shooting, Hendricks took the girl out of her car seat and held her head in his arm as drove to his mother’s home around the corner. Once there, his mother, Cynthia Lyons, a nurse, applied pressure to the wound behind the girl’s ear until an ambulance arrived and took her to Comer Children’s Hospital, where she later died.

How was I to see the Obama “hopium” machine playing a role in the life of Cynia Cole?  Chicago is in the state of chaos. National Guards have been one possible solution as we are in fact a youth violence war zone.  Suddenly, the Obama outsider art paintings in the restaurant sickened me.  This man used these people but you know what?  They wanted to be used. All I ever heard about from my friends and family  was what “Obama will do for black people”.   “Now we will get what we deserve…our president is black like us. He knows what it is like to be down and black.”

Really? Living in Hawaii, attending private schools, law school at Harvard.  Hanging out in Indonesia. Sure, Obama really knows what it is like to be down and black because his experience so mirrors that of  those in inner-city Chicago.

If you say so bruthas and sistas.

This is the part where I attempt to elevate the discussion to a new entirely new level. One where our blackness does not play into our voting choices.”I supported Hillary Clinton in the primary,”  I admitted with a straight but thoughtful face. ” She was a candidate that reflected my values and that is how I voted.  It is not about what a candidate can do for me, not as a black person or a woman…The government should not have to do anything for us. We do for ourselves…That is why I am a conservative now.”

My friend continued to enjoy her salad.  I said my “peace”  (snark) but still felt somehow defeated.  Any effort expended here was a waste.  The historic moment was a good selling point for Barack Obama and it worked.  It cheated Hillary Clinton out of a nomination.  It cheated Sarah Palin out of becoming Vice President. Both  good women.  Both good people.  The historic moment did not give baby Cynia Cole a life and iconic moments of her own making.  She would never live to see a woman take oath of office.  She would never live to be a woman.

We were all bound and raped by the considerations of race, gender, and historic moments.  What some Democrats have already noted in respect to Obama’s broken promises, are played out in Chicago’s streets as an African American saga.  How does one get over being raped?  Again the dream deferred simply explodes.  It gets angry and apparently it kills.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Obama Supporter Couples Therapy Lesson #1:How To Fake An Economic Recovery Orgasm September 8, 2009

obama too bigGood Morning and welcome to Dr. Afrocity’s couples therapy session for Obama supporters. I see you are alone today which is unfortunate because couples therapy always works better when both parties are emotionally invested in the relationship.

What was that?

You say your partner cannot attend couples therapy sessions with you because he is far too busy with his job as President of the United States?

My, my, my what a big job your partner has. I know that you are supportive of his position, after all YOU did elect him for it.

You thought he was the right man for the job and there was no chance of persuading you to think otherwise but let’s not obsess over the minor details of things we cannot CHANGE (wink).

Well, you know what they say, there is no sense in crying  racism over spilled Kool Aid. The reality of your situation is that you are here today alone in Obama supporters couples therapy and your partner is MIA so let’s focus on you and your happiness.

(Dr. Afrocity takes out writing pad)

As clearly as possible tell me what exactly is troubling you about your relationship with President Barack Oabma? Oh,  honey don’t cry your glitter eyeliner is running down your face.

(hands patient a box of Kleenex)

Here lie down on the sofa. You are shaking like a leaf. Are you cold?

(Patient nods head)

Well so much for global warming huh? Let me get you this nice warm red blanket….We will just put this around your shoulders. Oh dear your back is covered with donkey hoof prints…Did he do this to you honey? what is wrong with him?

From Contra Obama.Com

From Contra Obama.Com

(Patient puts head down)

Hmmm, it is obvious that you have been stepped on by a jackass. You know that right?

(Patient nods)

Are you sure that you want to continue with this relationship.

(Patient nods)

You say this crisis gives the two of you the opportunity to grow as a couple? (Dr. Afrocity rolls eyes) Okay, princess it’s your money your time. Tell me what’s wrong…

(Dr. Afrocity poised to write notes on pad) …He  promised to stimulate you economically but lately he has not kept his promise to you and you have resorted to economically stimulating yourself?

(Patient nods)

That is a serious problem my dear… He showed you his big recovery package, it impressed you at first. It was big, the biggest you had ever seen…You tingled at the thought of unraveling its mysteries…But turns out it was a big impotent nothing and now you are economically unstimulated and you are faking it…Going through the motions of a fake economic recovery orgasm is never easy.

(Patient blowing nose in Kleenex, crying uncontrollably)

(Dr. Afrocity puts on H1N1 protective mask)

You are so lucky to have found me (smiles). You have certainly come to the right place. First, lets take a look at the right way to fake an economic recovery orgasm. I found this great article that may be of help, it even bashes a Republican so as an Obama supporter I am sure you will love it:

From Mother Jones Magazine:

Michael Steele, Here’s a Newspaper Article You Should Read

— By David Corn | Fri September 4, 2009 12:06 PM PST

On slow news days—that is, when Dick Cheney or Sarah Palin haven’t said anything—there’s always GOP chairman Michael Steele.

He made website headlines earlier this week when he chastised a 23-year-old woman after she had interrupted him at a Howard University meeting to say that everyone in the country deserved access to good health care, citing the case of her own mother who recently died of cancer because she couldn’t afford chemo medications. Then on Friday, Steele looked particularly out of it within a Washington Post story on the stimulus and the economy.

The front-page article reported that “economists generally agree that the package has played a significant part in stabilizing the economy. They are less certain about the size of the impact.” The piece quoted a former assistant Treasury secretary from the Bush-Cheney administration, Phillip Swagel, who said President Obama’s stimulus package is “starting to play a role, helping us to have slightly positive rather than slightly negative GDP growth.” It cited IHS Global Insight, an economic consulting firm, which estimated the stimulus has added 1 percent to gross domestic product this year. Mark Zandi, chief economist of and a former John McCain supporter, told the newspaper, “I don’t think it’s any accident that the economy has gone out of recession and into recovery at the same time stimulus is providing its maximum economic impact.”

So there’s a consensus: the stimulus package has produced results. Enter Steele. The article reported,
On Thursday, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael S. Steele discounted the impact of the stimulus plan. “Vice President Biden has been trying for 200 days to convince the American people the president’s economic stimulus experiment is working, but just like their government-run health-care scheme, no one is buying it,” he said.

Obviously, Steele had not consulted with Zandi, Swagel, IHS Global Insight, or most economists. There are indeed questions an administration foe can raise about the stimulus. Has it been quick enough? Big enough? Targeted correctly? Is the bang worth the bucks? Only a hack with no regard for reality would insist that it has absolutely not worked and that no one believes it has had an impact. Yet that’s what Steele said, proving once again that he is a guy who’s hard to take seriously.

Now wasn’t that article liberally refreshing? If you are not feeling economically stimulated, you just fake it by refuting the evidence with counter evidence from liberally biased economist that are in your corner. In times of trouble you must take appropriate actions by calling for a backup of emotional support. Who cares if what they are saying to comfort you is right or wrong as long as it makes you feel good about your support for Barack Obama, right? Also if you slander a few Republicans along the way like Sarah Palin or Michael Steele that’s even better, now isn’t my jackass loving darling???

Image from

Image from

(Patient begins to beam)

There now, that’s the Obamabot we all know and love. I knew there was a smile beneath all of that doubt. Now go home, watch two hours of MSNBC and call me in the morning.

Autographed Letter Signed,


Saturday Toons: The Hope and Change All You Can’t Eat Buffet September 5, 2009

obama grannyHave you ever gone to an “all you can eat buffet” ?

If you have, more than likely you were met at the restaurant door by a beaming hostess willing to give you a nice clean white dinner plate and plastic tumbler for your iced tea.

A smorgasbord of nutritional wealth awaits you.

Depending upon the cuisine, you may have a hanker for those crab rangoons and pad thai chicken; you may go ga ga over the pancakes and sticky buns; graze at the salad offerings.

So many vertically aligned food choices, so little time. Gee this is fun, buffets with bottomless deficits are the stuff liberals are made of.

It is estimated that over 50 million people have passed through the Obama “hope and change” buffet.

Mouthing “Yes we Can” to themselves as they grab that white plate and wait in line for the refreshing leadership they so craved and deserved.  They were getting hungry out there in “Bush Country”. Life was so terrible out there.

With all of the romance of yesteryear’s Camelot, Obama’s supporters want that piece of the pie they were promised.  However, amid all the shining happy liberals holding hands there is a cloud hovering over the hope and change buffet.  Famous for not keeping his promises, President Barack Obama has remarkably made the meal selection process less painstaking.

Nothing truly appetizing lies in the stainless steel food chambers. I see some grease filmed cream of arugula soup, crusty vegetable medley casserole straight from Michelle Obama’s White House garden. The menu shows an abundance of crow. It is safe to assume that the food must be good, the flies seem to think so but why is everyone just standing here?  Suddenly press secretary Robert Gibbs voice is piped in through a loud speaker, interrupting a beautiful rendition of “At Last” by house speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“Ahem, idio- I mean people please walk, don’t run to the buffet. In response to the great demand on President Obama by corporate hacks and lobbyists that he said would have no part in his administration, there may be a few minor delays in the food getting out to you. For ease of selection you all will be getting served a whopping huge plate of nothing.”

Food is getting so low at the hope and change buffet that Obama supporters have resorted to cannibalism. A finger was bit off the hand of a conservative this week and savagely devoured by a rabid moonbat.

Food is getting so low at the hope and change buffet that Obama supporters have resorted to cannibalism. A finger was bit off the hand of a conservative this week and savagely devoured by a rabid moonbat. Image by Contra Obama.

Wow, a huge plate of nothing. Now there’s a palate pleaser. Certainly, the road to recovery will be long and hard for the millions crowded ’round the hope and change buffet.  I must say from the looks of complacency, they are all taking this pretty well. Come Oscar time, we are sure to see accolades delved out to the liberals for playing the “patience is a virtue, even tho’ it sucks”  role with such convincing authenticity.

Hey, someone better get Rosie some food she looks pretty hungry.

Hey, someone better get Rosie some food she looks pretty hungry.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The Jobless Stimulus

It’s still not too late to redirect $400 billion to business tax cuts.


The recession may be over on Wall Street and Silicon Valley, but on Working Family Avenue it still has a ways to run. That’s the lesson of yesterday’s August jobs report that showed losses of 216,000, which believe it or not is the slowest monthly decline in a year and caused the White House to praise with the faint damn that the “trajectory is in the right direction.” That’s the good news.

On the other hand, the jobless rate popped up to 9.7%, the highest rate in 26 years, from 9.4%, reflecting an increase in the size of the labor force. The main concern we see going forward is the slow pace of new job creation to soak up the 7.4 million workers who have lost jobs since 2007.

There are now 26 million Americans who can’t find a full-time job. Average weekly hours remained at an abysmally low 33.1—which is putting a strain on family budgets. And the jobless rate including so-called discouraged workers, or those who have stopped looking, leapt to 16.8% from 16.3% in July. Meanwhile, the number of Americans working part-time who want full-time work increased by 278,000 to 9.1 million, which as a share of the workforce is larger than at any time since the recession of 1982. These are the workers that employers will tend to hire first as a recovery unfolds, so it is worrisome that this cohort remains so large.

None of this does much for the credibility of the Obama Administration’s stimulus spending plan, which was sold with the promise of a jobless rate this year of “below 8%” if the stimulus were passed. That was off by some three million jobs in a mere seven months. The same economists who fretted in February that $780 billion in stimulus was too small now claim that the $300 billion or so that has been spent has somehow ignited the recovery.

But a tax-cutting stimulus would have provided much more job and economic growth for the buck, and it could even now too. If the Administration really wants to fire up private job creation, how about taking the remaining $400 billion or more and using it to lower business taxes? The unspent stimulus is enough for a two-year down payment on repealing the U.S. corporate income tax, which studies show is a job and wage-increase killer.

Congress could also reconsider its July minimum-wage increase of 70 cents an hour, which almost certainly contributed to the leap in teenage unemployment to 25.5% in August. The rate was 24% in June and 23.8% in July, before the wage hike started to price low-skilled teens looking for jobs out of the workplace. Congress would be wise to suspend the increase until the overall jobless rate falls below 7%.

Of course neither of our proposals is going to happen given the current policy views in Washington, but someone has to speak up for workers who want a job, as opposed to those lucky enough to still have them.

Global Plate Warming buffet while Referencing the "Holy Goran" is a sure way to keep your mind off watching the door for the waiters to bring more food. Hey how did he get that tiurkey leg when you have nothing????

Global Plate Warming buffet while the legendary man bear pig, references the "Holy Goran" is a sure way to keep your mind off watching the door for the waiters to bring more food. Hey how did he get that turkey leg when you have nothing????

At the beginning, I knew that the hope and change buffet was a bunch of baloney. There was a huge amount of illusion going on in the Obama campaign. Illusion leads to disillusionment which hopefully leads to no reelection in 2012. This is a sensitive subject for Obama’s supporters. Afraid to admit they were taken in by the pied piper, they create distractions by charging racism. There is no racism at the hope and change buffet. None of you are being served. You can sit wherever you want, as long as you realize that all will equally get nothing in return for your support. Botch and whine stew is a perennial favorite among liberals. Your dear leader has seen to it that you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy your hoped cooked culinary concoction while pussyfooting around what really matters to you and your family at the same time. President Doubtfire will promise you an eclipse on Christmas day, but I doubt you will ever need to get out your safety glasses.

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Sunday Soliloquy: If You Love Someone…Set Them Free August 9, 2009

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Rumor has it that every time an African American baby is born, a Democrat get his wings.

My blog would not be rewarding if it didn’t tell the truth. We could not be friends if I did not look you in the eye and say exactly what is on my mind.

Can I get a shout out from my African American readers? (Elder J waves his hand)

How many of you are Democrats? (Elder J,  puts down his hand)

spineOkay, for those of you who are African American, and a Democrat please tell me how it feels to have possibly 99.9% of Americans know how you are going to vote, 99.9% of the time? How does it feel to be so predictable that no politician cares about advancing your causes anymore? Sorry, not even the black politicians.

What do you do when you are taken for granted and your man cheats on you? You lose your “shine” and he begins to court others? Women, Latinos, gays and lesbians…

He does not care about you anymore. Why should he?

You are always going to be there waiting in bed for him when he staggers home at night no matter how badly he neglects you. His dinner will always be waiting for him, warmed in the oven.

Yes, it is all your fault.

You have provided little if any contrary evidence that you are nothing more than a doormat. Step on it, brush it off, roll it up, store it in the closet for several election cycles, open the storage room, look for it beneath the old Ku Klux Klan robes Democrats would wear and there it still is…The Black VOTE. Loyal as wounded puppy kicked by its owner.

Oh sure, it snarls. Sometimes it barks about getting a spine replacement. Does it bite? Never.

The Party of Ass knows this and relies upon this unfortunate truth to do whatever it does not want to do for blacks.  Historical predictability is an invaluable partner for the Democrats.

Like a KFC fried chicken dinner, one can expect the  original recipe dark pieces of chicken. Blacks will give their thighs, legs and sweat for the DNC. In return they get a bland Styrofoam cup of mashed potatoes and a stale white guilt bread roll.  As with any relationship, there will be spats along the way.  Some customer will always come in to redeem a coupon. They will want more in the form of political positions, laws, or campaign contributions .


When Al Gore lost his bid for the presidency in 2000, it was evident that African American voters had not turned out as they should have. It was even more evident when John Kerry challenged President George Bush in 2004.  Afrocity did not vote in that election.

By that point, my enthusiasm for the political process  of voting had depleted.  It would take time for me to realize that it was not the process I loathed, it was my chosen – or I should say my pre-ordained party that contrasted with everything I believed in. Freedom from government intervention, fiscal responsibility, and lower taxes.

I packed my bags and left. It was an unhappy marriage and why would I want to stay in it for another moment?

Of course the jackass begged me to stay. Threats of losing my blackness and accusations of self loathing were flung in my direction.

Nope. These donkey hoofs were made for walking.

He offered me the change he said I needed.

What was this “change” I wondered. There was a gift for me by the door. I sat down my suitcase, shook the gift to check for bombs. The gift was wrapped in transparency and had a familiar smell. Postmarked from Chicago, Illinois with Martin Luther King Jr.  and Rosa Park stamps all over it.  I opened it, and there it was. BarackObama. The same damn fried chicken dinner but this time it was “Popeyed-up” with red beans and rice. Dirty rice at that. How sweet for the jackass to include a doughy buttermilk biscuit that I could chew on for hours.  It took a heart of stone for me to turn such a lovely racially thoughtful gift away but I was far more politically advanced than the jackass had anticipated.  Suitcase in hand, I opened the door and left screaming kids  in soiled diapers grabbing at my feet and all. Having been shocked, the jackass just stood there in the doorway holding the Kool Aid drink with a straw sticking out. My lips would not touch it.   He had super-sized me for nothing.  (Donkey shrugs shoulders, sucks on straw in cup).

A video which justifies my feelings for black democrats in political positions.

(Hat tip “Racer X” from Little Green Footballs)

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The Book Of Fools: Daily Devotionals from Obama Messiah May 22, 2009

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