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Accentuate The Positive. Eliminate the Negative. And Blame The Rest On Bush October 13, 2009

bush_derangement_syndrome-sIt seems the media is loading up your high definition television sets with tales of Obama Derangement Syndrome which of course always leads to a secondary infection of Bush Derangement Syndrome.

Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize…Anyone who dares to say he did not deserve it is a hater or a racist (surprised?).  Liberals do not discuss why Obama deserved the award only because he was “Not Bush” .

As a result no true vetting of the Nobel Prize nominees were encouraged. Anyone who is not Bush is okay in their book.

It is tempting for conservatives to ask the Obamabots what has dear leader accomplished during his nine months in office.

They will swallow a couple of swigs of Kool Aid…well actutallu they are sucking on ice at this point.  They tell you…”Give the man some time…He  inherited 8 years of catastrophe from George W. Bush….Let the man do his job…”

Further responses to such “negative questions”  will only prove that it pays in minutes of your life as a sane person to shut your mouth while maintaining a look of admiration as Obama speaks words of wisdom and buttery blessings from his teleprompter.  I can say that I did not vote for George W. Bush until I turn into a mermaid and the Obamatrons will never believe me.

Afrocity is now a Republican so of course she voted for George W. Bush.

No lighting a candle at the Obama shrine? No galloping through the streets of urban decay with your fiddle playing BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA HMMMM, MMMM,MMMM ?  Then it is so obvious that you are a Bush supporter.

From "Eric" at Facebook...Words cannot express the amount of moonbattery displayed in this scene.

From "Eric" at Facebook...Words cannot express the amount of moonbattery displayed in this scene.

“What did YOU do to help Barack Obama?” I am often asked.

I answer , “Voted for McCain”.

As we watched Obama struggle with decisions about health care reform, beer summits, and Afghanistan, any logical person could see that the man is a mere mortal after all, and out of his depth.  It is not about George W. Bush anymore and it will not be in 2 years either. Realizing that is not negative. It is called reality and I said similar things when Bush supporters attempted to blame September 11th, 2001 on Bill Clinton.


Saturday Night Live ( SNL), a show that I girlcott for their contributions to Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome, actually criticized King Obama for the first time.

What happens next?

The skit is  analyzed by liberal media outlets with a white latex glove looking to get off on a body cavity search.

Was the skit actually factual? They ask.

Since when did Saturday Night Live warrant the attention of Fact Check .org?   More than that, the Obama negative thought police failed to fact check SNL’s skits portraying Sarah Palin as a GOP wind up doll.  I can recall plenty of SNL anti-Bush skits done by comedian Will Ferrell. Where was the CNN scrutiny then?

Very curious indeed.

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