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Black Tea and Sympathy: Will Olbermann Attend Dallas Tea Party??? February 24, 2010

It does not come as any surprise to me that the prestige of MSNBC is wearing thin among sane non-Kool Aid drinking Americans.

Nevertheless, we must challenge the residual ignorance that blankets the remaining 650,000 viewers MSNBC receives per day.

Kudos to the  Dallas Tea Party Organization for challenging  Keith Olberman and MSNBC to look at the lack of diversity in their own media outlet.

This repudiation of Olbermann’s statements has been a long time coming.  I have had it with the mainstream media pretending that people of color in the Tea Parties do not exist.  The same assumption is made concerning the Republican Party as a whole.  African Americans that choose conservatism are marginalized to salt and pepper on an iceberg sized steak.  We are characterized as mere tokens used as black up.

Will Olberman show?  Of course not.  He may risk some violence from all of the angry gun toting racist like Dallas Latina conservative, Katrina Pierson or Alfonzo Rachel (aka ZoNation)- an African American Republican.

Even the above examples do not account for all of the diversity within the Republican Party.

There are women, physically challenged persons, Asians, Jews,  gays and lesbians all in the Republican Party.

Any person who attempts to prove this to the mainstream media- is quickly shut down, marginalized, invalidated, and branded as “stoopid”.

Republican National Committee Chairman, Michael Steel is constantly belittled as someone who “should thank Barack Obama for his job”.    Liberals believe had it not been for Obama paving the way in the struggle for the brutha, Michael Steel would not have a career, let alone have been selected as RNC chairman.  MSNBC never reported that Steele was not the only African American on the RNC ballot. They never mentioned that Steele was once the Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, a FOX NEWS contributor,  a former GOP senatorial candidate,  and quite active in the Republican Party  BEFORE OBAMA WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT.

To assume that Michael Steele was only elected as RNC chair because he was black is sort of racist isn’t it?  How would MSNBC like it if we said that Rachel Maddow was the token lesbian?

MSNBC will never interview this man:

MSNBC will never send reporters to cover this event:

The Dallas Tea Party Organization is awaiting your reply Mr. Olbermann.  Or will you make the entire Tea Party, The Worse Person of the Week simply for extending you an invitation?  I am betting that somehow Mr. Olbermann will find the underpinnings of racism within the video. It will be akin to the snuff film of the decade. Yeah, that’s it Katrina Pierson was forced to be in the video because her family was being held hostage somewhere in an Atlanta peach orchard by Rush Limbaugh.

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Obama Supporter Couples Therapy Lesson #1:How To Fake An Economic Recovery Orgasm September 8, 2009

obama too bigGood Morning and welcome to Dr. Afrocity’s couples therapy session for Obama supporters. I see you are alone today which is unfortunate because couples therapy always works better when both parties are emotionally invested in the relationship.

What was that?

You say your partner cannot attend couples therapy sessions with you because he is far too busy with his job as President of the United States?

My, my, my what a big job your partner has. I know that you are supportive of his position, after all YOU did elect him for it.

You thought he was the right man for the job and there was no chance of persuading you to think otherwise but let’s not obsess over the minor details of things we cannot CHANGE (wink).

Well, you know what they say, there is no sense in crying  racism over spilled Kool Aid. The reality of your situation is that you are here today alone in Obama supporters couples therapy and your partner is MIA so let’s focus on you and your happiness.

(Dr. Afrocity takes out writing pad)

As clearly as possible tell me what exactly is troubling you about your relationship with President Barack Oabma? Oh,  honey don’t cry your glitter eyeliner is running down your face.

(hands patient a box of Kleenex)

Here lie down on the sofa. You are shaking like a leaf. Are you cold?

(Patient nods head)

Well so much for global warming huh? Let me get you this nice warm red blanket….We will just put this around your shoulders. Oh dear your back is covered with donkey hoof prints…Did he do this to you honey? what is wrong with him?

From Contra Obama.Com

From Contra Obama.Com

(Patient puts head down)

Hmmm, it is obvious that you have been stepped on by a jackass. You know that right?

(Patient nods)

Are you sure that you want to continue with this relationship.

(Patient nods)

You say this crisis gives the two of you the opportunity to grow as a couple? (Dr. Afrocity rolls eyes) Okay, princess it’s your money your time. Tell me what’s wrong…

(Dr. Afrocity poised to write notes on pad) …He  promised to stimulate you economically but lately he has not kept his promise to you and you have resorted to economically stimulating yourself?

(Patient nods)

That is a serious problem my dear… He showed you his big recovery package, it impressed you at first. It was big, the biggest you had ever seen…You tingled at the thought of unraveling its mysteries…But turns out it was a big impotent nothing and now you are economically unstimulated and you are faking it…Going through the motions of a fake economic recovery orgasm is never easy.

(Patient blowing nose in Kleenex, crying uncontrollably)

(Dr. Afrocity puts on H1N1 protective mask)

You are so lucky to have found me (smiles). You have certainly come to the right place. First, lets take a look at the right way to fake an economic recovery orgasm. I found this great article that may be of help, it even bashes a Republican so as an Obama supporter I am sure you will love it:

From Mother Jones Magazine:

Michael Steele, Here’s a Newspaper Article You Should Read

— By David Corn | Fri September 4, 2009 12:06 PM PST

On slow news days—that is, when Dick Cheney or Sarah Palin haven’t said anything—there’s always GOP chairman Michael Steele.

He made website headlines earlier this week when he chastised a 23-year-old woman after she had interrupted him at a Howard University meeting to say that everyone in the country deserved access to good health care, citing the case of her own mother who recently died of cancer because she couldn’t afford chemo medications. Then on Friday, Steele looked particularly out of it within a Washington Post story on the stimulus and the economy.

The front-page article reported that “economists generally agree that the package has played a significant part in stabilizing the economy. They are less certain about the size of the impact.” The piece quoted a former assistant Treasury secretary from the Bush-Cheney administration, Phillip Swagel, who said President Obama’s stimulus package is “starting to play a role, helping us to have slightly positive rather than slightly negative GDP growth.” It cited IHS Global Insight, an economic consulting firm, which estimated the stimulus has added 1 percent to gross domestic product this year. Mark Zandi, chief economist of and a former John McCain supporter, told the newspaper, “I don’t think it’s any accident that the economy has gone out of recession and into recovery at the same time stimulus is providing its maximum economic impact.”

So there’s a consensus: the stimulus package has produced results. Enter Steele. The article reported,
On Thursday, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael S. Steele discounted the impact of the stimulus plan. “Vice President Biden has been trying for 200 days to convince the American people the president’s economic stimulus experiment is working, but just like their government-run health-care scheme, no one is buying it,” he said.

Obviously, Steele had not consulted with Zandi, Swagel, IHS Global Insight, or most economists. There are indeed questions an administration foe can raise about the stimulus. Has it been quick enough? Big enough? Targeted correctly? Is the bang worth the bucks? Only a hack with no regard for reality would insist that it has absolutely not worked and that no one believes it has had an impact. Yet that’s what Steele said, proving once again that he is a guy who’s hard to take seriously.

Now wasn’t that article liberally refreshing? If you are not feeling economically stimulated, you just fake it by refuting the evidence with counter evidence from liberally biased economist that are in your corner. In times of trouble you must take appropriate actions by calling for a backup of emotional support. Who cares if what they are saying to comfort you is right or wrong as long as it makes you feel good about your support for Barack Obama, right? Also if you slander a few Republicans along the way like Sarah Palin or Michael Steele that’s even better, now isn’t my jackass loving darling???

Image from

Image from

(Patient begins to beam)

There now, that’s the Obamabot we all know and love. I knew there was a smile beneath all of that doubt. Now go home, watch two hours of MSNBC and call me in the morning.

Autographed Letter Signed,


Diversity Fatigue Friday: The Silent Minority May 15, 2009


Liberals say if you are black and a Republican you MUST live at the cabin.

You had better tell Uncle Tom to save a place at the table for Afrocity. According to the liberals, I am coming home.

Definitions of Uncle Tom at Urban Dictionary

1.     Uncle Tom

Uncle Tom is a term used by black people to try to convince other black people that working, education, living well, and setting a good example for their children is selling out.
“De Shawn got a job? At Ameritech? He’s a Tom”

2. Uncle Tom:

A black man who will do anything to stay in good standing with “the white man” including betray his own people
Leroy is such an Uncle Tom; he told the boss I took a 2 hour lunch; I had to go see my baby momma

3.Uncle Tom :

Theatrical productions of Uncle Tom’s Cabin played throughout the nadir (post Civil War and Reconstruction); but since the novel’s indictment of slavery was no longer congenial to an increasingly white society, rewrites changed Uncle Tom from a martyr who gave his life to protect the people into a sentimental dope who was loyal to kindly masters. In the black community, Uncle Tom eventually came to mean an African American who sells out his people’s interests and still does today. In my opinion the phrase “uncle tom” should not be used today by black people because it degrades the status of a man who wasn’t in fact a sell out but a hero who’s name should be used with reverence not disgrace.
Uncle tom, a martyr who should be admired til the end of time.

4.Uncle Tom:

The real uncle tom was a black man born into slavery who gave his life to protect other slaves. when his story was turned into a movie, the writers re-worked the script making uncle tom’s character the opposite; a slave who was loyal to his master. unfortunately, this has become the most commonly known image of uncle tom. because of the film, the term “uncle tom” has become synonomous with “sellout”, degrading the real uncle tom. so once again, the white man has successfully managed to teach blacks an incorrect, caucasion-favoring version of history.
person 1: Chris told the boss about you stealing office supplies.
person 2: What! I knew that ass-kissin uncle tom would say something.
person 1: He’s not an uncle tom.
person 2: Yeah, whatever.

5. Uncle Tom:

This is a black person, who acts like an adult and has over a fifth grade education. Usually they end up getting shot by a member of their own race for speaking proper English and having a job that pays well that does not involve illegal drugs.
Dam, nigga. Dat Martin Luther King be an Uncle Tom. Fuck dat nigga and dat nigga Malcolm X. I be bustin a cap in any niggaz that be tryin to improves the lifes of de black peeple.

Yesterday at Autographed Letter Signed we read about Mel Maguire a gay conservative and blogger at Mel explained that she has faced more persecution from liberal gays than she ever has from straight conservatives. I posted Mel’s story because not only is she brilliant and gifted, but she is also just another example of a Democrat’s worst nightmare- a member of group designated by liberals as so called helpless victims that is not a liberal. You know African Americans and other ethnic groups, gays and lesbians, Hispanics, disabled persons, women. If you fall into any of these groups you are a victim and there is no place for conservatism or the Republican Party in your life.

Like gays, recognizing that you are beholden to the Democratic party is an integral part of black life. I battled my mother on many issues including her dependence on welfare and belief that the government owes us something.  What was wrong with me? When Afrocity was baking someone must have switched a few ingredients:

Recipe for Liberal Afrocity

10 cups of melanin

2 pounds of courage

3 tsps of soul

5 tbsp of faith

1 cup of compassion

3 drops of snark

1 heart of gold

1 pinch of creativity

2 arms filled with love

4 teeny pinches of self-reliance (use sparingly)

8 drops of liberalism as usual mom did not check to see what she needed to bake the cake.

Negative portrayal of Ron Christie, an African American conservative. Notice the mocking of Ron's crossed eyes

Negative portrayal of Ron Christie, an African American conservative. Notice the mocking of Ron's crossed eyes

Mom shrugs shoulders and adds extra self-reliance to make up for it. Oh hell, she only has a half cup of compassion. Maybe this pragmatism stuff will do just as well.

Throw her in the oven, bake for 2 hours until golden brown.  Let cool. Hmmm this Afrocity is alright but why does she keep telling me to find a job and missing the deadlines for minority scholarships.

Sorry mom, you’ve been PUNKED. Some serious errors have crept into the test kitchen. She should have known better yet she still deliberately pushed me to be a Democrat. Any black who is not a Democrat is an UNCLE TOM.

Condi Rice- Uncle Tom or Auntie Thomasina

Colin Powell -Uncle Tom

Clarence Thomas- Uncle Tom

They don’t call them the three C’s for nothing

RNC Chairman Michael Steele- Uncle Tom

Alan Keyes- Uncle Tom

Larry Elder-Uncle Tom

You ever notice how the presence of African Americans in the Republican party somehow brings out the racists on the left.  Don’t believe me? Take a look at this

Where is the NAACP? Curiously if you are black and a Republican no one gives a damn about you if you are discriminated against. You lost that right when you became GOP. It is also assumed by liberals that you do nothing to help other minorities. As a black Republican, of course I am self-loathing and hate other blacks. I soak in Clorox every day you know.  I often get “I didn’t know that you are a conservative Afrocity.”  I think to myself did you ever ask me?

When I was a Democrat, I never had anyone say “Oh, I didn’t know that you are  liberal Afrocity.  What’s up with that?

The Democrats have become adept at fooling minorities into believing that they are the party of the people. Equality for all.  Blacks agree, but their assessment is based largely on the fact that liberals delve out more government aid which in my opinion is a deterrent to self-reliance. Those same Democrats also tax the shit out of those of us that work for a living. Sometimes we are even called “uppity”  and unappreciative especially if we are conservative. We must have all Caucasian friends. As a black Republican I am transgressing my predetermined racial norms, thereby surrendering my blackness. Black Republicans are verbally attacked and marginalized in the media as sell outs.

But isn’t that racist? Isn’t it racist that a party would believe that I am helpless? That I need government imposed quotas to get a job? That my skin color makes me a Democrat by default?

Isn't Barack Obama the man that actually bowed to someone that was not African American?

Isn't Barack Obama the man that actually bowed to someone that was not African American?

Condi Rice according to Wiki:Rice was the first black woman, second African American (after her predecessor Colin Powell, who served from 2001 to 2005), and the second woman (after Madeleine Albright, who served from 1997 to 2001 in the Clinton Administration) to serve as Secretary of State.

Gee, who would have thought that the Republicans were responsible for the first male and female African American Secretary of State. The first African American congressmen in both the reconstruction and post reconstruction were Republicans.

Wiki:In 1928, Oscar De Priest won the 1st Congressional District of Illinois (the South Side of Chicago) as a Republican, becoming the first black Congressman of the modern era. DePriest was also the last black Republican in the House for 56 years.Edward William Brooke, III (born October 26, 1919), is an American politician and was the first African American to be elected by popular vote to the United States Senate when he was elected as a Republican from Massachusetts in 1966.

By now we have all seen the Wanda Sykes footage from last week’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. How many times did she say Obama was the first black president? Then Obama gets up and takes shots at Michael Steele:

Later Michael Steele responds and proves that he has more class and is a good sport on top of it all.

I wonder if Michael Steele puts Grey Poupon on his hamburger.

Oh well off to Uncle Tom I go. I will leave you with another great video from Alfonzo Rachel aka Zonation.

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Black Republicans say YES WE CAN and have fun at it too!!!!! April 13, 2009

I hear that 98% of African Americans voted for Barack Obama this past election. I guess that makes me a part of the 2% that did not. Gee, talk about being in the minority.

The motives and attitudes of Black Republicans have been virtually unexplored in a manner that gives us character and dimension. Allow me to shed some light on the subject in true Afrocity humorous fashion.

Presently the Democrats (who really should be called Obamacrats) have attempted to marginalize Black Republicans in several ways: by dismissing us as sellouts, turncoats and Uncle and Auntie Toms, by saying we do not realize that we are Black and want to be white (this is where the “self-loathing” comes into effect), and finally by attacking any prominent Black Republican via the mainstream media.

The last point refers to figures such as Condoleezza Rice and most recently the 63rd Republican National Committee Chairman, Michael Steele. If you recall, the liberal Obamabot Kool Aid crack show Saturday Night Live lampooned Steele, on its Weekend Update segment. Played by SNL’s current token Black dude Kenan Thompson, Steele was portrayed as an RNC electrode controlled lap dog that Rush Limbaugh and the GOP could shock collar back in line if he strays from conservative talking points with his “hip-hop” agenda. For Kenan Thompson, Michael Steele was probably a godsend because now there is another Black person he can parody. While the content and message of the skit unnerved me, I have to admit that you can’t blame Thompson. A man has gotta work and the brother might actually get more airtime. It must get pretty old playing Al Sharpton or Oprah Winfrey all of the time. Thompson has to answer to the SNL producers after all, and they must think that he is far too rotund and heavy in melanin content to portray Barack Obama. Save that for the Asian/Hispanic American actor who didn’t star in Fat Albert. Hey,hey, hey.

What you do not see in the mainstream media is the many facets of Black conservatism.

Take one of my favorite conservatives AlfonZo Rachel whose show ZONATION appears on Pajamas TV. AlfonZo is African American and a pop culture conservative who delivers his message with clarity, candor and best of all humor that is provocative.

Take for example this Zonation video entitled Affirmative Action & Socializing the Big Three :

I love AlfonZo and I urge you to watch his show, it is hilarious and best of all CONSERVATIVE.

Autographed Letter Signed,