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Conservative Ladies Night On Fox News!!! January 13, 2010

From I Own the World

Uh-oh it is that time. Occulata palingenia haterus moonbats are at it again. Sarah Palin made her debut as a Fox commentator on the O’Reilly Factor last night and fresh off the presses are Palin haters with remarkable mutation stories of her performance. From this article by Baltimore Sun critic David Zurawik:

January 12, 2010

Sarah Palin’s Fox debut: Prime-time propaganda

Sarah Palin and Bill O’Reilly — the only question is how high the ratings will go.

What a pair and what an awful politicization of TV news.

O’Reilly, the highest rated host on cable news TV, introduced the newest star in the Fox News galaxy Tuesday night as a “news analyst.” If what Palin did in her debut is news analysis, I’m the governor of Alaska and I can see Russia from my backyard.

Zurawik’s  “Russia from my backyard” statement pretty much tells you where he is going with his critique.  Down the long and winding mudslinging  road of outdated and rehashed Tina Fey SNL Sarah Palin parody skits.  Wow, how creative and appealing to your readers. What an awful politicization of journalism, huh?Watch your readers slobber with Palin hating delight?  What the article suggests is more of the same liberal bashing and fine tooth combing of Palin.  She will never have a chance with these guys.  The article showcases the not so clever and unoriginal words of a so called TV and pop culture critic for the Baltimore Sun who writes about the “craziness of TV” though the crazy lens of liberal mainstream media.

The readers of the Baltimore Sun should be blessed that  Zurawik’s genius “Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Maryland, College Park, and an M.A. in specialized reporting (on popular culture) from the University of Wisconsin” deigned to take on the lowly subject of Sarah Palin.

After all Sarah Palin is an insignificant political is a nobody… right?

Zurawik is such the bigger person, not former governor of Alaska with the powers of persuasion to rally hundreds of thousands, raise five children including one who is special needs, and land a contract with the nation’s most highly rated cable news channel.  I will spare you Zurawik’s blow by blow account of Palin’s conversation with O’Reilly and let you see and hear the exchange as it appeared on Fox News:

Zurawik continues:

“In the language of television, that exchange was a perfect interview pas de deux, with Palin sounding intelligent and reasonable with all the “perhaps-es” and the “quites,” while O’Reilly deftly introduced the outrageous notion that Pelosi is “crazy” — and somehow made it seem like it is a widely held belief.

What a cart and pony show. O’Reilly is a TV master, Palin’s a TV player, and together they are going to bring orgiastic TV delight to right-wing viewers. I think I actually heard Nielsen People Meters exploding on TV sets in the more affluent suburbs of Baltimore last night when these two really got going.

I will spare you the scenario of O’Reilly teeing up old sad sack Harry Reid so that Palin could talk about her lifelong commitment to “diversity” and how indefensible she found Reid’s comments about the color of Obama’s skin.”

Really Mr. Zurawik?  You will “spare us that”? Gee why? Could it be because Harry Reid’s comments were indefensible? Oh I forgot Harry Reid is a Democrat, so lets just hold our hope n’ change noses in the air while that big smelly liberal hypocrisy fart bomb dissipates into see no liberal evil, hear no liberal evil la la land.

Nah, he ain't racist. He's my liberal brutha.

“I will also spare you the show-trial-like give-and-take play acting they did with O’Reilly quoting or replaying bad things that were said about Palin on “60 Minutes” so that she could call them “b.s.” or label them one-by-one a “lie” and then try to rewrite what she said — just as she did in her book “Going Rogue.”

I must briefly mention, however, the way O’Reilly helped her promote a Tea Party event at which she will be the featured speaker — and the way he tried to defend her receiving payment for the appearance. I must because I really hate it when O’Reilly uses TV this way to promote partisan events.

I will also share what she had to say about Obama’s sinking poll numbers: “Of course, they’re sinking.  It was just a matter of time before more of that reflection of the people’s uncomfortableness that they feel towards this administration is manifesting in these poll numbers,” she said. “… There is an obvious disconnect between President Obama and the White House, what they are doing to our economy and what they are doing in terms of not allowing Americans to feel as safe as we had felt…”

I forgot how Palin speaks in a grammar and syntax unlike anyone else on this planet, but you get the idea. And I’ll tell you what: In a protected TV environment like the one Fox and O’Reilly skillfully provided for her Tuesday night, I think she could be a red-hot ratings winner. And the country and our political conversation are going to be the poorer for it.

I can only imagine what kind of power these two might come to wield in the elections of 2010. This is not news analysis. This is TV as political propaganda.”

Ah, beware of the conservative sirens of Fox News. Flashing their shiny hair and pro-life smiles. Gunning for your liberal ways.  How dare FOX make you watch them.  How dare they! You are just minding your own business reading Mother Jones magazine, sitting on your organic milk crates stolen from the Trader Joe’s,  munching on dehydrated apricots and hemp granola, just minding your own business when something compels you to turn on FOX News and watch Sarah Palin. Oh, God pray to Saint Olbermann and Matthews.

I can only imagine what kind of power these two might come to wield in the elections of 2010″

Now that is hilarious. Sarah Palin obviously makes Zurawik have nightmares.

Concerning her appearance on O’Reilly, it was Sarah Palin’s first outing as a commentator on FOX News. O’Reilly was doing more of an orientation in my view. The same thing he did with John Stossel and Lou Dobbs when they were on his show.   O’Reilly is not the only FOX News venue Palin will appear on, so rest easy, you will have plenty of hate candy to chew on in all sorts of formats while viewing your FOX favorites.

Sarah and Sean.

Sarah and Greta.

Sarah and Chris Wallace.

Sarah with Fox N’ Friends.

Sarah sitting on Charles Krauthammer’s lap…

In fact she will appear on the Glenn Beck Program this afternoon.  Don’t forget to bring your Obama pillow and copy of Strunk and White. You must use that PhD. in American Studies for something besides maintaining tenure at the Baltimore Sun.

And if you Palin haters still have a  size extra small condom wrapper left, you may be interested in Ann Coulter’s slap down of Al Sharpton on Hannity which also aired Tuesday night.  Of course, as the honorable mouthpiece for the entire black community, Rev. Sharpton’s credibility’s rating is in negative digits but someone please archive this interview so we can tell him to shut the hell up the next time he brings up a racist cartoon or white person walking by a black church with a bucket of fried chicken in the near future.

And no liberal politicians, it is not okay to only call Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev.  Jesse Jackson the next time a racist flag is pinned on on the tail of a DNC jackass. YOU MUST CALL OR TEXT EVERY BLACK PERSON IN AMERICA.  What if I don’t attend their church? How will you know what I am thinking? How will you know that I have accepted your empty apology?

Autographed Letter Signed,



Moonbat Monday: Radio Days- FM…No Logic At All September 7, 2009

Cat moonbats

Within the dense liberal moonbat crowd, from the  radio waves, arises the smell of donkey feces and oft repeated talking points labeling any and every one against any and everything that is liberal or about President Obama as “crazy Republicans”.

Backed up against the corner of a tissue thin wall, stands the spineless moonbats of the radio and internet waves. All liberal arguments for bringing back the Fairness Doctrine should  squashed once they listen to the demagogues of so called “Progressive Radio” .

Take this clip from Ring of Fire Radio for example. “Progressive”  Mike Papantonio of Air America’s Ring of Fire talks about advertisers shunning Glenn Beck and Fox News with  Dani McClain, who serves on the executive board at the political outreach group Color of Change.

Note how the liberals are now saying that the conservatives are “race baiting”. Are you kidding me?  What was “The Cambridge Police Department Acted Stupidly”? Or “Grandmother is a typical white woman” ?

Listen to Mike Papantonio in part two of this interview where he belittles and marginalizes the Tea Party Express participation of African American conservative entertainer Lloyd Marcus…Calling him a black guy at these rallies surrounded by Republican kooks.

Moonbat burning flag

This is what happens when an African American leaves the pen of jackasses, the liberals and progressives paint us as wimps who are powerless and controlled by the Republicans. You may recall the Saturday Night Live skit which portrayed GOP chairman Michael Steele as a remote controlled robot. This is an interesting use of reverse psychology considering that the African Americans farming on liberal camp are really the ones who are castrated and rendered impotent by the social programs and obvious exploitation of the Democratic Party.

Thanks to a tip from my conservative blogger friend  Avid Editor, I learned that even I, Afrocity was mentioned on the NO AGENDA radio show with John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry. What did I do to deserve such an honor?

If you listen to the broadcast (#127) from September 3, 2009 the gentlemen mention my blog around 17 minutes into the show and again at 56 or 57 minutes. They can’t remember the name of my blog until the staff brings it to their attention, then they say it is Afrocity. Obviously can not tell that I am a woman and not a man as they refer to me as black, but “He”.

Of course content written here at ALS was misquoted and taken out of context as most of these shows customarily do. The spin was that Afrocity is like a crazed right winger full of negativity for Barack Obama and my blog images are disgusting.

Fran and I on a walk 2

Francois and I on an evening walk. We are girls.........notice her pink collar...

What irked me the most was that they assumed I was a Republican because Hillary Clinton lost the primary race to Barack Obama. It has been well documented in this blog and my video, Afrocity’s reasons for becoming a Republican. Not once did I ever say I switched parties because Hillary Clinton was not the DNC 2008 presidential nominee.

Yes I voted for Hillary in 2008, but I have also said that when John McCain was announced as the GOP nominee, I had to ask myself what would I do if a situation in which both were running against each other in the general election. I liked both candidates.

In addition, I did not vote in 2004 because even then, BEFORE OBAMA, I was reconsidering my loyalty to the Democrats.  Bash me as a crazy Republican all you want, that is your right but get your facts and my gender straight.

On that note I want to wish everyone a happy Labor Day…Be safe and for my friends in radio land here is a picture of Francois and I walking yesterday. Fran and I are both of the female persuasion by the way.

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Moby Cop: Afrocity Becomes Targeted by Left Wing Moonbats August 18, 2009

afro blogger

I knew the day would come when the attacks on me would get personal. The moby cops have alerted me to some anti-Afrocity moonbats. Come to think of it, I have noticed an increase of moby-ish comments being made here. As you can see from the picture above, this is pretty much Afrocity in her blogging habitat, dalmatians and all. See me sleeping peacefully…laptop in starting position…just another innocent blogger.

Unbeknown to me was that Afrocity has a hater base.

Postings and comments about me from Padagon another blog.

Ways To Get Me Malcolm X On Your Ass

Batsh*t CrazyRace

A word of advice.  Well, a few words, actually.

If you are a conservative black person trying to convince the overwhelming majority of black people to stop voting for Democrats, do not call us ”original recipe dark pieces of chicken”.  Similarly, if I want you to vote for Democrats, I will not call you a retrograde shitstain on Michael Steele’s Lando Calrissian Underoos.



“I refuse to read anything Afrocity writes until I see his original Kenyan birth certificate.”

“OMG, on top of dehumanizing blacks , Afrocity was deeply misogynist and she is a black woman ?

Self hatred doesn’t begin to describe it. What’s next ? Afrocity is jewish and carries Obama = Hitler posters ?”

Since Panda bat mentioned shit stains, I will take a moment to mention what I think about things one finds in one’s pants but would rather not discuss.  At the point when I received an email with an animated gif of a burning cross, compliments of one of your readers, I felt the need to speak. Firstly thank you Panda for sending readers my way. Any attention is good attention. Autographed Letter Signed received over 1,000 extra hits due to your post about me. (thumbs up, wink)

Blog wars are shit stains. I do not participate in them because I feel that a person’s blog is an expression of their creativity. That being said, I will never comment or devote an entire post to a blogger. I just don’t give a fuck to be honest with you and only a loser would go trolling blogs just to find opposition material for their own blog.  I will comment about news stories or events and that is about it.  Most of my content is derived from my heart and experience as an African American woman. If anyone has a different experience great. Go blog about it.  And don’t try that moby shit. It wont work here. What is a “moby”  you may ask?

From Urban

1. moby

An insidious and specialized type of left-wing troll who visits blogs and impersonates a conservative for the purpose of either spreading false rumors intended to sow dissension among conservative voters, or who purposely posts inflammatory and offensive comments for the purpose of discrediting the blog in question.

The term is derived from the name of the liberal musician Moby, who famously suggested in February of 2004 that left-wing activists engage in this type of subterfuge: “For example, you can go on all the pro-life chat rooms and say you’re an outraged right-wing voter and that you know that George Bush drove an ex-girlfriend to an abortion clinic and paid for her to get an abortion. Then you go to an anti-immigration Web site chat room and ask, ‘What’s all this about George Bush proposing amnesty for illegal aliens?’”

The strategy has been frequently attempted on conservative blogs, but has not been nearly as effective as Moby envisioned, since false rumors are easily debunked by fact-checking minions, and cartoonishly extreme commenters often get immediately identified as mobys and banned.

If you see any moby activity on my blog, please let me know. This includes if it is PUMAs

There are no “birthers” here or Death to Tiller fans.

I also despise blogs that devote themselves to hating other blogs such as the unmentionable anti-PUMA blogs.

This is the last I will speak of this, and frankly I find it humorous. But really, there are more important things for bloggers to post about than me.

Fly  along  moonbat, nothing to see here.  No one has to “convince” African Americans to stop blindly voting for Democrats. They are in a prison cell with the door wide open and no guard.  Remember, admitting you are codependent is step one.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Moonbat Monday: Louduous Racerium Baitidae (Race Baiters) July 27, 2009

racecardDuring the calmer days of my life, I return to my hobby of moonbat watching.  So far I have identified more than 150 new species that have cropped up since President Barack Obama’s inauguration. Often when you see a moonbat, it will just fly by without anyone noticing. The Obamabutticusphileas moonbat is one that comes to mind.  Locally abundant and prolific, they are literally everywhere.  But most moonbats are effective at letting everyone know of their presence, even if it means holding their breath until they start to turn blue…or should I say black?

There are many justifications in the list of debts this country owes to the African American community.  After all, the country especially the South was built on the sweat and free labor from slaves. There was a time when African Americans lived in fear of whites. Lynchings, segregation, and church bombings are all unfortunate memories that contribute to the phenomenon of collective trauma faced by African Americans today.

peanuts_afro-panelsfinalIn terms of generations,  the 1970’s usually serves as the demarcation line between blacks who experienced the tumultuous days of the civil rights movement and those like me who only experienced them through second hand passed down stories. Some stories are poignantly uttered from the lips of grandmother who was told to eat her meal in the alley behind a restaurant.  Other stories are diluted with whitewash in high school textbooks.


When my grandmother spoke of racism, the America we both knew and loved seemed like two quite different countries.  My life is a testament to this duality. I was never a housekeeper,  I was called a nigger only once compared to her numerous times, I sat anywhere I wanted to on the bus and ate my cheeseburgers at the Woolworths luncheonette counter.   I completed college and post graduate degrees. I enjoyed friendships with blacks, Hispanics, whites and Asians. I have dated interracially without any major incident.  Speaking for myself, I am thankful that I was fortunate enough to be born during a time when real progress was being made in America concerning unity and equality for all ethnicities, genders.  I always knew that I would live to see an African American President of the United States of America. However in the summer of 2009, racism is too much with us.

This brings me to a particular type of individual that I have decided to elevate to moonbat status. Louduous RaceriumBaitidae (Order: liberalis, Family: Obamabutticus). In layman’s terms: Race Baiters.   Of the following which is a race baiter?

  1. A black woman is called into her supervisor’s office. The supervisor explains to her that she is being placed on probation due to her frequent tardiness. She counters by citing racial discrimination due the differences in commuting times between herself, fellow minority colleagues and those who white who live closer to the workplace. The company is in a predominantly white neighborhood and all of the minority workers live far away.
  2. A single Latina mother receives her son’s report card. He has received a failing grade in English. The mother immediately confronts her son’s English teacher, who is African American  and calls him a racist who has no consideration for her son’s difficulty learning a new language.
  3. A group of white undergraduate students write a complaint to the university president.  They have found that the Asian students receive all A’s in all subjects. While the Asian students excel in science and mathematics courses, their skills in the humanities and social sciences is average. The group accuses the faculty of inflating the grades of the Asian students due to a false perception that Asians are smarter and better students than Americans.

niggaplease1The louduous racerium baitidae species of moonbat mainly inhabits the Democratic Party. They can be recognized by their ability to find racism and prejudice in every possible situation. This extends to not supporting political candidates that are of color. If you do not support the policies and administration of President  Barack Obama, louduous racerium baitidae will call you a racist. If you utter Barack Obama’s middle name “Hussein”, louduous racerium baitidae will call you a racist.  If you are not in favor of affirmative action, louduous racerium baitidae will call you a racist.  In the paranoid eyes of this moonbat, everyone who fails to fondle and pander to minorities, is a racist- even if you yourself are a minority.    During the 2008 Democratic primaries, PUMA’s were called racists by louduous racerium baitidae moonbats because they supported Hillary Rodham Clinton. Despite Barack Obama being named the official presidential nominee of the DNC, many PUMAs refused to support him in the presidential election.  Some PUMAs such as myself, voted for the GOP nominee Senator John McCain (R- Arizona), others voted for Green Party nominee, Cyhthia Mckinney, while many did not vote at all in protest of the treatment of women during the primaries.  Most PUMAs are women which qualifies us as minorities under the equal protection clause of the constitution. But guess what? According to louduous racerium baitidae we are all racists.

ASharptonThere is a false perception that most if not all members of the louduous racerium baitidae moonbat species are minorities . This is simply not true.  While Caucasian members of louduous racerium baitidae tend to be diminutive when compared to those who are minorities such as the Rev. Al Sharpton (liberalis sharp-tongues racium bacteria) , there are some who are the exception to the perception. Take for instance Janeane Garofolo who is Caucasian and of the liberalis vulgarus variety. In April of 2009, Ms. Garofolo accused anyone who attended organized anti –taxation, and anti-stimulus “tea parties” of being racist homophobes.  Journalists Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC are also two Caucasians of the louduous racerium baitidae moonbat species which come to mind.

The shrieking of race baiters can normally be heard during signs of BarackObama’s dwindling approval ratings, as experienced with his recent public verbal run in with the Cambridge Police Department over an incident which did not directly involve our president.

The louduous racerium baitidae moonbat must be stopped because it feeds off residual memories from past racial trauma. This moonbat is moving all to buoyantly throughout society while failing to see the consequences of falsely accusing people of being racist.  Mostly running on nervous liberal energy and fear of losing an argument, trumped up charges of prejudice is the court of last resort for louduous racerium baitidae. Very sad indeed in light of the election of an African American president and our being blessed with a “post-racial” society.


Let’s work together to control this pesky moonbat. Speak out when you see someone being unjustly accused of racism. This “boy who cried racism” meme only turns back the clock and excerbates any credible racial tensions which reside in America today.

Autographed Letter Signed,




Moonbat Monday: Starve a Moonbat, Don’t Feed Palin Derangement Fever July 6, 2009

David Letterman=Occulata palingenia haterus or more commonly “Sarah Palin Haters”

David Letterman=Occulata palingenia haterus or more commonly “Sarah Palin Haters”

Occulata palingenia haterus moonbats are at it again. This particularly loathsome moonbat experienced rapid growth during the second half of 2008 campaign and like flies spawning maggots they continue to flourish under the guise of “media outlets” and “entertainers”.

Up to now, I have written a few pieces on the Occulata palingenia haterus moonbat. I have proved that their lack of moral values, vulgarity (Sarah Palin is a CUNT tee-shirts) and slanderous attacks on Gov. Palin and her family are embedded in the phenomenon that is now known as Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS). This is no longer just about the patriarchy because we are beginning to see that there are just as many women impregnated with this virus as there are men. This is about the erosion of liberalism as we once knew it.

How did I come to this conclusion? When we look at the obsession with Sarah Palin and her family, I believe that several factors are at work here. The first is she scares the hell out of men in both liberal and conservative camps alike. Face it,  men do not like the idea of a woman running the White House. The second is that women have stupidly jumped on the bandwagon of hatred towards the governor.

Though I was never a big fan of comedienne Tina Fey to begin with (SNL has sucked for over ten years now), when she stood up for Hillary Clinton, I applauded her. It was not because I was a Hillary supporter. It was because women, especially so called feminists did nothing to help Hillary against the dung flung of mysogyny that came from the Obamabots. However when Tina rolled out her now famous Sarah Palin parodies she quickly fell into the moonbat column for me. The notion that she did not have to support Sarah Palin just because she is a woman as was Hillary Clinton is duly noted and I agree. I would not vote for Nancy Pelosi if she paid me in Louis Vuitton bags.  In this case, I found Fey’s portrayals irksome because neither she or Saturday Night Live brought out the obvious cluelessness of Joe Biden during his Katie Couric interview and many, many others.  Did they ever perform a skit about Barack Obama and his “57 states” comment or his heavenly choir of Uh,uh,uh, uh uhh during his speeches????  John McCain was a guest on the show and was treated with more respect than Sarah Palin and he was teh TOP of the GOP ticket. You know, the one that Obama was supposed to beat. It was not Obama versus Palin.media_in_love_2

Tina Fey only added fuel to the fodder that female politicians are weak and dumb and it is okay to captilize on that to raise your ratings and popularity. To top things off she scoffs at Palin being a former beauty contestant for Miss Alaska then jumps her boney ass on the cover of Vanity Fair looking like Betsy Ross in drag.  It is here that we can see how women have actually contributed to PDS far more than men.  Isn’t the Huffington Post, a liberal rag of a blog, run by a woman but seems to be managed by dicks?

Did you know that Alec Baldwin is a blogger at Huffpo? Yes Alec Baldwin, the actor caught on tape yelling at his daughter. When Gov. Mark Sanford(R-SC) admitted to having an affair this is what Mr. Balwin wrote at Huff Po:

Don’t Take the Bait

Alec Baldwin, Actor

Huffington Post  June 24, 2009

So South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford had an affair.

Big deal.

Now is a wonderful opportunity to show the country what Democrats/liberals/progressives/unaligned learned from the Clinton era. Whatever personal problems that public officials deal with privately, leave them alone. This could happen to anyone, in any state, regardless of party. Why make the voters of South Carolina suffer while Sanford is skewered? If he wants to resign, so be it. If not, let him deal with it in private.

The Clinton scandal was one of the most horrific political episodes I have ever witnessed. Henry Hyde and Richard Mellon Scaife and Kenneth Starr, the right-wing’s goyish Roy Cohn, chasing down Arkansas state troopers and bank records and real estate documents until they found what they were looking for in Monica Lewinsky’s closet. Literally. Of course you remember! The chorus of right-wing talk radio sociopaths dancing, prematurely, on Clinton’s grave. Perhaps John Kerry’s problems had, in one sense, an extra twist, because those filthy, lying cowards at the SwiftboatLucianne Goldberg?) Luftwaffe were doing their thing out of pure hate. There were no careers or money to be made, as with Clinton. (Whatever happened to those two witches, Linda Trippe and

The rest of the world is about to kick this country right where it counts when it decides to go off the dollar as the reserve currency, and you want to spend five minutes over the fact that Sanford was cheating on his wife?

Don’t take the bait. Move on.

Well, sure Alec you make some good points there and that was pretty smooth the way you stuck it to the right wing while portraying Bill Clinton as a victim when he sexually harassed women throughout his career. Getting a blow job in the Oval Office and boldly lying about it before your constituents is a little different than the Sanford affair. I am not defending Mark Sandford, I am simply stating that Clinton’s transgressions were just as pathetic and he definitely was not a victim. If Clinton did not commit the infidelity act, there would not have been a right wing feeding frenzy to begin with.  What this really is about is Alec Baldwin wanting the press to leave him alone in his custody battle with Kim Bassingger and his voicemail telling Baldwin told his then-11-year-old daughter Ireland that she needed to have her “ass straightened out”.  This is the sort of blogger that Huffpo employs, the sort that curses out women and defends infidels. It is no wonder that they dedicate most of their reading space to a collective farm of anti-Palin moonbats who spew “Palin Retardation” headlines . What a grand display of American journalism by what was once the good guys. The liberals who are supposed to be take the social underdog highroad.

Palin liberalNow liberals attack women, 14 year old girls, children with disabilities.

American Thinker

July 04, 2009

Palin Derangement Syndrome – Photoshopping Trig

By Thomas Lifson

How low will the left go? When it comes to Sarah Palin, there is no bottom to the hateful hole being excavated by the left, our guardians of compassion. Dan Riehl discovered an appalling use of Photoshop to mock Trig Palin at Firedoglake, one of the bigger lefty websites. Courtesy of Doug Ross, here is the Leftist Altered Reality view of the Palins, as the spawn of Satan, Photoshopped from a family portrait, on a screen capture from Firedoglake,whose politics make as much sense as its name.

Sarah Palin’s ability to provoke the left into displaying its inner ugliness alone makes her a national treasure. Update: More on the insane left’s mockery of Trig, from William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection. Only for the strong of stomach. So far as I know, no complaints from Planned Parenthood on the use of their logo. Interesting.

TrigIs this the left we once knew? No. Is this the left that Afrocity left? Yes,

What can we do about this?

I challenge you readers and this may be difficult and hazardous to your workplace health and safety. Whenever you hear someone make a derogatory remark about Governor Palin please correct them, especially it is a woman. I did this once during the campaign. A woman, an Obamabot called Palin stupid and scary. I said never call another woman stupid. You can disagree with her ideology but you are not advancing women by putting the intelligence of other women down. Have I ever called Barack Obama dumb? No, I believe he is intelligent. I also believe that he is wrong for our country and he is an ineffective leader. I have never attacked his children and I never will. Michelle Obama has never been called a dummy by me. I believe that she is taking the office of First Lady in the wrong direction. I believe she hypocritically markets herself as a person of the people while dining on Omaha steaks in New York City and secretly wearing La Perla thongs and Lanvin tennis shoes while throwing on a J. Crew parka. The Obamas are the consummate ‘limousine liberals” which I hate. I despise the fact that Arne Duncan canceled private school vouchers while Obama’s daughters go to Sidwell Friends School rather than Washington DC public schools.When confronted with an Obamabot, try to get them to talk about the issues.

sarah_palin_wonder_woman They usually cannot and you will most likely find that many are not up on current events. They watch Keith Olberman and they know who is the “worst person” (Bill O’reilly) but that is as about far as it goes. When they say Palin is a dummy or a witch. Ask them why? If Palin is now dead and buried with no political future to speak of why do they give a damn? Tell them “good, now you can stop talking about her and her children. You were successful in making the evil woman go away. Watch their reaction closely. Sarah going off the political scene is not what they want because the left needs a GOP punching bag to amuse themselves while they ignore President Barack Obama’s abysmal performance. Denial and codependency, and Obama addiction is a bitch you know. They need a quick fix and Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal are just not as fun to play with as Sarah Palin. In short, these liberals, the sufferers of Palin Derangement Sydrome need to get a life. Help them out with that by educating them and debunking the rumors. Don’t feed the fever by silently standing by as they talk trash. If Hillary did run in 2012, these are the same morons who would attack her so why let these moonbats get any stronger now? David Letterman was called out by Palin and her supporters. She won and recieved an apology. We can be victorious again.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Moonbat Monday Returns: Acornisa Megafraudis or ACORN June 29, 2009

ACORN_treeThe history of moonbats is closely tied to the evolution of liberals. Three million years ago, conservatives found that liberals were fast in multiplying, even in areaswhere most of them did not exist. It was also quite astonishing that once liberals made their transition into the “afterlife”, they were still remarkably able to cast their votes in elections. Conservatives agreed that something remarkable was behind this prolific reproductive system of the liberals during election time.  This was a new type of moonbat, something that indisputably could not be from the animal moonbat kingdom but the plant kingdom because it was as if they were growing on trees. Heavy winds would blow them into the strangest places like mountains, volcanoes, and even  Pancake, Texas.


Common Reference Text of acornisa megafraudis

Once research was completed, there was a unanimous decision that a new species of moonbat had been discovered:  acornisa megafraudis.

Acornisa megafraudis reproduction depends  upon a liberal ecosytem, fraud and climatic conditions that favored media bias. Though the period of germination is relatively short – only during election periods- thus the seeds must be sewn through the ignorance and zeal of youth, especially those on spring break.

Acornisa megafraudis also possesses a tough outer shell that cannot be penetrated by investigation or law enforcement.

Wall Street Journal

June 29, 2009

Acorn Role in Census Challenged


WASHINGTON Some Republican members of Congress want the U.S. Census Bureau to end a 2010 Census partnership with Acorn, the community organizing group that was hit by accusations of voter-registration fraud in the 2006 and 2008 elections.

Acorn, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, signed up in February with the bureau to be a “2010 Census Partner,” which includes, among other things, identifying job candidates, encouraging its members to participate in the count and distributing literature explaining the importance of the census.

But in the wake of accusations that some former Acorn employees engaged in voter registration fraud in the 2006 and 2008 elections, the partnership isn’t sitting well with some Republicans on Capitol Hill who worry that Acorn could skew results. There’s a lot at stake since the census is used to dole out money to states and localities and to allocating seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, the ranking Republican on the panel that oversees the Census Bureau, is demanding that the bureau explain how the partnership with Acorn fits its stated mission of selecting partners that will not “distract from the Census Bureau’s mission.”

Several other conservatives would like to see the Census Bureau sever its ties to Acorn altogether. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah) said in an interview that he plans to introduce a bill that would require mail carriers to count the population as a way of keeping Acorn out of the process.

Stephen Buckner, a Census Bureau spokesman, said the partners program is voluntary and unpaid, and that Acorn employees won’t be paid to knock on doors and enumerate as part of that organization, although it is impossible to know if the federal government would ultimately hire someone associated Acorn.

Census Bureau officials said Acorn is one of 40,000 participants in its partners program. Other partners include Target Corp., Goodwill Industries and Telemundo, the Spanish-language TV network. The partnerships, Mr. Buckner said, are meant to promote the count and boost the number of responses among traditionally hard-to-count populations. Mr. Buckner said Acorn represents some hard-to-count communities.

Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota said earlier this month that she wouldn’t answer certain questions on the 2010 Census form partially because of concerns about Acorn. A spokeswoman for Ms. Bachmann didn’t make her available for comment.

Rep. Steve King (R., Iowa) tried unsuccessfully to attach an amendment to a must-pass appropriations bill to forbid any Acorn involvement in the 2010 Census. The outspoken Mr. King is perhaps the most vocal critic of the organization, introducing a host of bills that would limit Acorn’s affairs in federal governance.

As for allegations of voter registration fraud — some Acorn employees were accused of signing up voters using names like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys — Acorn spokesman Scott Levenson said his organization has cooperated fully with authorities, and promptly dismissed people accused of with wrongdoing.

acorn-logoAs you can see acornisa megafraudis is often surrounded by film of Democratic politicians and corporate sleazeballs that serve as protection and financial nutrition. If the U.S. census is entrusted to these moonbats who knows if we will ever have a fair and just election again. It is hard to penetrate the shell of ACORN because any attempts to do so is often labeled as racism since most ACORN moonbats at least at the high administrative levels are African Americans. Take a look at a clip of FOX NEWS Bill O’reilly going head to shell with ACORN managers in May of 2009, including one that was blind.

Here is another clip of Fox News’ Glenn Beck and a former ACORN worker Marcel Reid discussing the fraudulent dealings of the organization. This interview is a rare gem.

In response to allegations of fraud, acornisa fraudis has decided to apply for a change in classification. They feel that their moonbat name has been tarnished by the Republicans and those in the media (FOX NEWS) whose coverage of them has been less than favorable.

Washington Examiner

ACORN drops tarnished name and moves to silence critics

By: Kevin Mooney
Commentary Staff Writer
06/21/09 5:07 PM EDT

Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN) leaders are using the threat of a law suit to silence and intimidate critics, according to current and former members of the liberal activist group.

In a letter dated June 11 an attorney for ACORN advised top whistleblowers that their unauthorized use of the organization’s name could make them liable for monetary damages and injunctive relief.

ACORN executives have also changed their organization’s name, which was tarnished by investigations in at least 14 states of allegations of voter registration fraud during the 2008 presidential campaign, and charges by current and former members of financial mismanagement and misrepresentation.

The new name will let ACORN leaders continue their operations without worrying about prior bad publicity, according to Marcel Reid of ACORN 8, a group of present and former members.

“We’ve known for many months now that the name ACORN is going to be retired,” Reid said. “The name has been so damaged to the point where the leadership knows it simply can’t go on as it has with the ACORN label out front and center, especially after all of the reporting.”

In fact, the process has already begun, she noted. Wade Rathke, who founded the organization, announced on his blog that ACORN International has officially changed its name to “Community Organizations International.”

Example of <i>acornisa megafruadis</i> growing on trees

Example of acornisa megafruadis growing on trees

I consider the effects of the acornisa megafraudis moonbat to be among the most damaging to future elections. This sudden move for a change in classification is just another example of their propensity towards fraud and subterfuge. The idea is that people will now see their new name “Community Organizers International” and not associate them with the seeds of voter fraud.

I would like to appeal to everyone who is reading this to refer to “Community Organizers International” as  the group formerly known as ACORN.  You can do this it is easy just like when the music artist Prince did it.  Unless we do, the damage caused by this group can be extensive. Consider yourselves ACORN SQUASH . Educate your family and friends against the trickery of this moonbat.


Autographed Letter Signed,



Moonbat Monday: Obamabuttics philius (Obamabutts) May 18, 2009

President Moonbat

Chatting on the phone with friends is one of my least favorite things and something I reserve for only my best friends. My friend “Helen” lives in Texas she is a very rare yellow rose of the Liberalis variety. It is very fortunate for our friendship that the subject of politics rarely creeps into our conservation – until this weekend. Helen is a political free bird, she voted for Nader in 2000 because she believed what the media told her about Al Gore- that he was too wooden.  Hillary Clinton was her choice for Democratic nominee but when she lost to Barack Obama, Helen easily adopted the “hopenchange” mantra.  With the Obama presidency well underway and all ready riddled with gaffes and terrible mistakes, I wondered if Helen had a change of heart about Barack Obama. I was wrong.

Cartoon displaying the Brazile Nut variety of Obamabuttics philius

Cartoon displaying the Brazile Nut variety of Obamabuttics philius

Somehow the conversation turned to our shitty economy. I asked Helen if she had noticed any change in Texas due to the stimulus. She answered “no” and I continued by bashing the stimulus not really mentioning the name Obama once.

Afrocity, I like Barack Obama and I think he is doing a good job…I voted for Hillary but you know I really like him.”  Helen was very pleasant and gracious in that Southern hospitality way when she said this to me but I still wondered if it was a warning for me to shut my mouth.

Helen was genteel but firm, “I like him a lot”

I teased, “Yes our economy sucks and Michelle Obama is wearing $500 sneakers.”

Helen was silent and said “I LIKE OBAMA..Don’t you?”

“No, I am a Republican now.”


There was a momentary commemorative silence for the death of my liberalism.

“So did you see Wolverine?” Helen asked.

This is a crop circle left in

Rare Obamabuttics philius crop circle found in LaJolla, CA

Funny how Barack Obama can alter even the best friendships. My dear friend of 14 years is obviously in the early stages of becoming a moonbat- a feisty but hospital Obamabuttics philius.

The Obamabuttics philius or  “Obamabutt” moonbat can be found throughout most of the United States but especially in northern urban areas and the west coast. This prolific moonbat was first discovered in 2004, after Obama gave his speech at the DNC convention.  It receives its name from its glazed over appearance and pathological love for Barack Obama. Their tongue exhibits a unique purple-ish cast from the Kool Aid they so love to consume. Obamabutts possess an unusually astute awareness of all things anti-Obama. That is the trademark for this particular moonbat- total devotion to Barack Obama and intense hatred for anyone who poses a threat to him.

Obamabuttics philius are an abundant species and easily visible. They will usually wear some sort of clothing or accesory that identifies them as an Obamabutt . To maximize the number of Obamabuttics philius species that visit your yard you’ll want to offer a variety of traps that point to your being not on board with the Obama program such as stained glass windows, a yellow ribbon displayed some place, an American flag, jockey lawn ornaments, a Hillary Clinton sticker, symbols against socialism.  However be warned, Obamabuttics philius damage is one of the biggest concerns facing conservative property owners today. For many homeowners, the threat of vandalism from raving Obamabutt problems is ever looming.

Obamabuttics philius markings. There is a real infestion going on here.

Obamabuttics philius markings. Obviously, this is a clear indication of an Obamabutt infestation.

Photo of "tweety" a nortorius Obamabuttics philius medialis. Notice the tingling of its legs.

Photo of "tweety" a nortorius Obamabuttics philius medialis. Notice the tingling of its legs.

It is believed that for every Obama moonbat, 6 more are nearby. If you have a moonbat watching partner, have him sit facing the opposite direction. When that first sign of Obama criticism rears its head, the Obamabutt will show up. Hungry and ready for a fight. Full of vitriol and accusations of racism.  Obamabuttics philius can be flakey. They are really not Democrats, neither disposed as natural supporters of the political party, but rather just lovers of Barack Obama.

Here is an example of such an exchange

Innocent voter:  I am somewhat disappointed in Obama. I though he would govern more from the center but it appears that he is not really a Democrat or a Republican-

Obamabutt: YOU ARE A RACIST!!!!!

The Obamabutt will then emit a foul death stare that attracts other Obamabutts.  They will even leave a fitting room partially dressed to confront you.  Surround you they will, until you pretend to surrender the pink—your tongue that is. Obamabuttics philius will see that it is not quite purple enough. They will attempt to fix that for ya.

For Obamabuttics philius there is no allowance for the slightest inkling of Obama criticism to muddy the water he walks on. This is especially true of Obamabuttics philius medialis. The Obamabutts in the mainstream media are among the species most potent and will go to great lengths to protect “The One”.  Wielding vast amounts of manipulation and the obvious lack of respect for ethics in journalism, the Obamabuttics philius medialis is a prominent and important architect of society’s transition into Obama mania.

The Mutated "Muttonis Obamabuttics philius" or Sheeple

The Mutated "Muttonis Obamabuttics philius" or Sheeple

Often a family member will watch a loved one suffer and plummet into advances stages of Obama mania. This is a sad sight indeed. You come home from work one day to find that your usually productive spouse has painted your Lexus and Obama’s face is now all over it.  In extreme cases the skin will break out in an Obama tattoo. Imagine making love to your girl friend, you are in for a nice session of “doggie style” and the ass in your face has the Obama hopenchange symbol plastered on each butt cheek. That would kill any erection for sure. What can you do?

This may sound like a twist of irony but there is little hope for those bitten by the hopenchange bug to change. Turning them back is possible. There are rumors that it has been done somewhere in Seattle, in a dark room with lots of shock therapy and no access to television or Twitter. When starting up a recovery program for Obamabuttics philius , I am told that one must be patient. It may take as long as several years before they discover that Barack Obama is a flip flopping fraud.  In the meantime take cautionary measures that you do not become infected by this disease. Delete all Obamagram emails that any Obamabuttics philius sends you. Do not watch Jay-z videos, MSNBC, CNN, or Good Morning America. And for God’s sake do not attend an Obama town hall meeting. I don’t care if you have been unemployed for two years. Stay away from opportunities that introduce Kool Aid into your life. No Scarlett Johansson  films, no coffee houses, Bruce Springsteen concerts, or snow boarding events. Just stay away.

Autographed Letter Signed ,


Obamabuttics philius medialis propaganda

Obamabuttics philius medialis propaganda

Liberalis African Americanus turned Obamabuttics philius medialis

Liberalis African Americanus turned Obamabuttics philius medialis

Obamabuttics philius exhibits rare qualities of honesty.

This Obamabuttics philius moonbat specimen exhibits rare qualities of honesty.

Obamabuttics philius redneckus being petted by Obama himself

Obamabuttics philius redneckus being petted by Obama himself

A hopless case of Obamabuttics philius vulgaris

A hopless case of Obamabuttics philius vulgaris

Advanced Obamabuttics philius . Notice the mark of the beast.

Advanced Obamabuttics philius . Notice the mark of the beast.

Obamabuttics philius in recovery. It can happen.

Obamabuttics philius in recovery. It can happen.