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Black Tea and Sympathy: Will Olbermann Attend Dallas Tea Party??? February 24, 2010

It does not come as any surprise to me that the prestige of MSNBC is wearing thin among sane non-Kool Aid drinking Americans.

Nevertheless, we must challenge the residual ignorance that blankets the remaining 650,000 viewers MSNBC receives per day.

Kudos to the  Dallas Tea Party Organization for challenging  Keith Olberman and MSNBC to look at the lack of diversity in their own media outlet.

This repudiation of Olbermann’s statements has been a long time coming.  I have had it with the mainstream media pretending that people of color in the Tea Parties do not exist.  The same assumption is made concerning the Republican Party as a whole.  African Americans that choose conservatism are marginalized to salt and pepper on an iceberg sized steak.  We are characterized as mere tokens used as black up.

Will Olberman show?  Of course not.  He may risk some violence from all of the angry gun toting racist like Dallas Latina conservative, Katrina Pierson or Alfonzo Rachel (aka ZoNation)- an African American Republican.

Even the above examples do not account for all of the diversity within the Republican Party.

There are women, physically challenged persons, Asians, Jews,  gays and lesbians all in the Republican Party.

Any person who attempts to prove this to the mainstream media- is quickly shut down, marginalized, invalidated, and branded as “stoopid”.

Republican National Committee Chairman, Michael Steel is constantly belittled as someone who “should thank Barack Obama for his job”.    Liberals believe had it not been for Obama paving the way in the struggle for the brutha, Michael Steel would not have a career, let alone have been selected as RNC chairman.  MSNBC never reported that Steele was not the only African American on the RNC ballot. They never mentioned that Steele was once the Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, a FOX NEWS contributor,  a former GOP senatorial candidate,  and quite active in the Republican Party  BEFORE OBAMA WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT.

To assume that Michael Steele was only elected as RNC chair because he was black is sort of racist isn’t it?  How would MSNBC like it if we said that Rachel Maddow was the token lesbian?

MSNBC will never interview this man:

MSNBC will never send reporters to cover this event:

The Dallas Tea Party Organization is awaiting your reply Mr. Olbermann.  Or will you make the entire Tea Party, The Worse Person of the Week simply for extending you an invitation?  I am betting that somehow Mr. Olbermann will find the underpinnings of racism within the video. It will be akin to the snuff film of the decade. Yeah, that’s it Katrina Pierson was forced to be in the video because her family was being held hostage somewhere in an Atlanta peach orchard by Rush Limbaugh.

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Keith Olberman: An Obamabot Cartoon Flip Flop Book February 17, 2010

It is not easy to reconcile with many of the things said about and done to Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential campaign season. Especially when for the latter, the verbal assault continues on her as well as her children.

It is interesting that I never, never liked the Family Guy long before Sarah Palin came on the political scene. Friends would chide me all of the time about missing “that great show” that was “..even better than Beevis and Butthead and South Park“.   Truthfully as a matter of personal taste, I am just not that into dysfunctional family animation.  The Simpsons is rarely watched in my home and the same goes for South Park.  While dysfunctional family animation shows are to be credited with memorable characters like Homer Simpson, “Man Bear Pig” and are canonized in popular culture, my own life was overrun by a “duh-oh” mother and an absent father.  Young Afrocity could have channeled the frustrated Lisa Simpson., young gifted and black among the mom with a GED. No thanks,  I don’t need  see my life replayed on television in claymation, animation, or otherwise.  I am sure the same goes for Sarah Palin.

The liberation of Hillary Clinton from the sharp tongued Obamabots came only after her decision to campaign for Barry.  Do as we say and the liberal attacks will go away.  Remember this little anti-Hillary gem  from MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann?

Olbermann was one of those Hillary haters that emphasized racism on the part of the Clintons at every turn. Hillary should be taken to a room “where only he comes out”.

Now fast forward to 2010 and Olbermann has somehow inherited Hillary love from the purple gods of Kool-Aid mountain, especially when it comes to invalidating Sarah Palin.

Oh, no you don’t Keith ol’ buddy, ol’ pal.  Can I say that this clip was the most contrived and homespun bullshit piece of journalism I have ever seen in my life.  How dare he infer that Hillary Clinton nuanced anything about Sarah Palin being a flash in the political pan with her response to the rather ….stupid question asked of her?  Furthermore, Keith Olberman failed to air Hillary’s full response to the young man. A response that was delivered with the precision grace and class that we all expect from a Secretary of State.

Shame on you Mr. Unfair and Unbalanced Keith Olbermann. You will never spin Hillary Clinton’s words into vitriol for Sarah Palin.

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Afrocity Presents- Friday Late Night Fright Fest: Liberals From Outer Space January 22, 2010

Oh, how I love curling up on Friday nights with a big bowl of popcorn and my favorite horror films.

When it comes to politics, you never know what pork eating ghosts and tax cheat goblins are lurking about. Vampire moonbats, liberal creatures from outer space where no one can hear you scream.

There is not much to say about this recent short clip of MSNBC’s Keith Olberman, yes chief god of planet Moonbat, calling the Tea Party activists  “poor dumb manipulated bastards” on Thursday night’s Countdown.

Poor Keith, with the news of lower than bottom feeder tank fish ratings  and the Scott Brown win, this week has been awfully hard on the “Beaver”.

Meanwhile at KoolAid Space Mountain sector Ohio,  Major Barry, is back on Main Street whining to town hall attendees about right wingers who want to “scare the bugeezus out of you”.   He claims that the White House is “confining”  and  “It is not about me”.

Oh Barry, don’t be so modest. It has always been about YOU.

Finally we end our Friday night fright fest with the subject of the fiendish Dr. Arlen Specter (D-PA)

Dr. Spector of RINO-DINO colony

…instructing Michelle Bachman (R-MN) on the way he expects his bitches to act in his commanding presence.

Shiver!!!  Sorry liberals, after tonight’s viewings, I must sleep with the lights on and my thermostat at 72 degrees.

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A Day without Media Bias. Will it Ever Exist? Truthfully Not May 18, 2009

Mock WSJ drawing of conservative Ann Coulter by the Huffington Post, an employer of Obamabuttics philius medialis

Mock Wall Street Journal style drawing of Conservative writer Ann Coulter published in 2008 by the Huffington Post, a major employer of Obamabuttics philius medialis moonbats.

Will the media bias ever end?

Back in the 70’s when my grandmother was alive, she would faithfully watch the 5 o’clock news, then world news, then the 6 o’clock news. “Why do adults watch so much news?” I would ask her. “It is just the same stuff over and over again.” Most of the time she ignored me as I rolled back on forth on the carpet whining and sighing in an effort to get her to change the channel to a Three Stoodges rerun. It would have been relatively easy for her to just give in to her charming granddaughter but there was no getting that woman to turn down her standing date with Walter Cronkite.

Grandmother also insisted that anything was true…if it was on the news.
“Oh, it must be true I saw it on the news last night.”
And so it was, the gospel according to Channel 7 Eyewitness News.

I spent many evenings pouting in grandma’s damp and musty closet. News is for adults and I would never be that kind of adult when I grew up.
Who wants to watch stupid news all day long?

This would change of course but perhaps earlier than one would expect. By the time I was 10, I understood that someday I would be an adult and I needed to get a job. But what would I do? I had no role models except my grandmother the maid. My brother was in the army- ick. I need to do something where I carry a briefcase. White men carry briefcases…it means that they are important. One Saturday morning I was left alone to my own devices. Yay mommy is gone, I have a fridge full of Kool Aid and Ore Ida frozen krinkle fries…I was rockin’. I turned the television to Channel 11 WTTW Chicago PBS. Mr. Rogers was on, Zoom. Remember Zoom??? We’re gonna zoom, zoom, zooma zoom. By 2pm the kid stuff was winding down and the serious adult stuff started to air. Quick Afrocity turn the channel but I was stopped in my tracks by the intro to this program:

It was Wall $treet Week with Louis Rukeyser. I stood in front of the television paralyzed, unable to switch the channel. It was the height of professionalism, white people walking around with briefcases. To turn away would mean I was rejecting any future chance of success as a businesswoman. Turning away would also mean I was stupid and unable to understand. I sat down and listened to Mr. Rukeyser, not that I understood a damn thing he was talking about. Questions about stocks and the market came up in strange conservations about trick or treating. Mr. Rukeyser had an ongoing affair for several years. He was my media Svengali, but at the same time I was scared to death of him. How could I ever be this great without being white, and named after a king? Mother once thought I was ill because there Mr. Rukeyser was going on about the stock market and here is her 11 year old daughter starring at the screen. My refusal of her request to change the channel made her place a hand on my forehead.

By teenage years, I had dumped Mr. Rukeyser for Dick Clark but the homespun emphasis on the media as truth and power is still remembered by a now grown up Afrocity. During 9/11, I became increasingly dependent on cable news channels, a habit which remains nearly eight years later. Except now I only watch Fox News. This is a switch I made during the 2008 election. As much as I like Anderson Cooper (he is cute), I cannot stand watching Obamabuttics philius medialis moonbats salivate over Barack Obama and malign conservatives like Sarah Palin.

I am not saying that Fox news is perfect but I do find them to be a helluva lot more “fair and balanced” then oh say MSNBC. For me the process of formalizing and establishing a relationship with a news channel is one I that I take rather seriously. After all these journalists, these individuals will be guests in your living every evening. Whatever your political leanings you have to agree with them somewhat, otherwise is like a love affair complete with rough patches and strained conversation over Thai food. In my case the people in my living Keith Olbermann, Chris Mathews, Rachel Maddow, Campbell Brown- all irritated the shit out of me. On top of that, their antics and Obama love was just nauseating.

See what I mean? I think the real WTF? moment is watching this grown man use W-T-F as any sort of plausible news segment. And that music he plays! In my eyes, the rusty organ pipe music kills any shred of journalistic integrity that Countdown may have ever possessed. It  reminds me of old Frankenstein and werewolf  movies from WGN Creature Features. It scares me now just as much as it did then.  Talk about ” Phantom of the Media”. Geeze.

Retro 1970's Creature Features TV ad from WGN- Channel 9 Chicago

Retro 1970's Creature Features TV ad from WGN- Channel 9 Chicago

By mid-august 2008, I could not stand it anymore. I need my news and this was not working. Then something came to me, I vaguely recalled my liberal friends accusing Fox News of being very conservative. Fox news eek. How could I? But I did, I swallowed my pride and switched the channel. Needless to say my stress level decreased considerably. If my transition to conservatism goes hand in hand with my watching Fox News then so be it. I will take Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly over Olbermann and Maddow any day. The last thing I want to watch after a long day is indentured Obamabutt servants from Kool Aid Mountain. Their use of misogyny (Olbermann) and condescending descriptions of the female 2008 election candidates could have well served as a model for “how not to report an election”.

No matter where you decide to get your news be it CNN, a blog, the Wall Street Journal, the Huffington Post (barf), you must be interested in the facts. Find out what the truth means to you by familiarizing yourself with various media biases. Ask yourself : why are they reporting this? What is their spin? Is it fair reporting? What is not being said?

I am not a complete Fox head. I know that Fox News news steers towards the right. However, when Bill O’Reilly runs stories that are suggestive of media corruption, such as the story about the New York Times squashing a report about Barack Obama and his ties to the well known voter fraud factory ACORN before the election day last fall, I notice that the story is NOT being covered by other networks. I ask myself why are other networks hesitant to cover any story that casts Obama in an unflattering light?

Do the Obamabutts ever seem to understand that it is a highly contingent ethical decision to not run a story because it would hurt a political candidate? In fact why would you not run the story? This is about voter fraud and the man that was about to be crowned as President of the United States. Wouldn’t you want to know the truth about him. Or am I the only one? Wanting to know the truth is not being a racist or a right wing nut. I expected to know the truth when Bill Clinton was president and I voted for him. We should all insist that our journalists tell us the truth. If we limit ourselves to this charade of unconvincing fluff- post modernist Obama culture news that is more suitable for lining a Maine Coon’s litter box than it is for reading, how do we refocus our quest for the truth? The consequenses are  embedded in the videos above which lead me to believe only and scarily so, myself and myself alone.

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Cartoon depicting Chris Matthews aka Obamabuttics philius medialis grand poobus.

Cartoon depicting Chris Matthews aka Obamabuttics philius medialis grand poobus.

Archived Copy of the leading journal for Obamabuttics philius medialis

Archived Copy of the leading journal for Obamabuttics philius medialis