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The Chicago Olympic Games From Start To Finish September 30, 2009

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At first, I refused to join the debate on whether Chicago should have the 2016 Olympics, then the more I thought about it and the more I watched the violence in the city rise, the more my opinion against having the games grew into outward opposition. Chicago has always been the “second city”, a less popular sister than her big sister New York. Bone chilling cold winters characterized by muffled laughs and “the hawk”, blood oozing from cracked skulls onto the pavement and relentless Cubs fans make Chicago one tough old broad.

As a native of the city, I am naturally impressed by Chicago’s recent surge in popularity.


New York rarely takes a backseat for anyone but thanks to the election of Barack Obama, a Chicagoan, the city has benefited from being the most mentioned in the news. While not an Obama supporter, I did find it fitting that Chicago produced our first African American president. As the nation’s “Black Metropolis” she definitely deserved that accolade. However, I am troubled by what this all means for black Chicago should the 2016 Olympic games happen.

Today as President Obama makes his way to Copenhagen, in a last ditch effort to pitch the Chicago games, there is a lingering faint smell of blood and death in the air.

A boy, an honor student, was beaten to death in the fair city. You may have seen the video tape of the murderous act floating around on the mainstream news circuits.

I refuse to link to it, as I feel tremendously sorry for the victim’s family.

Having your child beaten to death with a two by four is horrific enough without seeing a tape of it played over and over and over again on the 11 o’clock news for the world to see and make fodder of. I will show a news tape of the event, in case you are not familiar with the situation.

chicagoolympics2016From the Chicago Sun-Times:

FENGER HIGH | ‘You kids know who they are’: Top cop seeks 3 more seen in video of fatal beating

September 30, 2009

The “four most egregious offenders” have now been charged in the videotaped fatal beating of Fenger High School honor student Derrion Albert, Chicago’s top cop said Tuesday.

But even as 17-year-old Eugene Bailey was ordered held without bail Tuesday, police Supt. Jody Weis pleaded for the public’s help in identifying three more people seen in an amateur video that has shocked viewers around the globe.

“Almost all of the offenders in this case were students, or were former students from [Fenger],” Weis told reporters at police headquarters Tuesday. “You kids know who they are. Please call in. You’ve got three people who probably need to be arrested because they had contact and struck Derrion.”

Weis said his department is seeking help from the U.S. Secret Service to “enhance” the video to better identify faces.

Mayor Daley, in Copenhagen making a final push to sell Chicago as the best city to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, told reporters, “We’re appealing to a number of people to come forward with the names of the other offenders.”

Earlier Tuesday, a Cook County judge ordered Bailey, of the 10500 block of South La Salle, held without bail for his alleged role in the Sept. 24 beating. Bailey is charged with first-degree murder.

Prosecutors say Derrion, 16, was merely a bystander when he was caught in the middle of a brawl that involved youths wielding wooden boards in the 300 block of West 111th Street. Prosecutors said Bailey punched Derrion, knocking him to the ground. Silvonus Shannon, 19; Eric Carson, 16, and Eugene Riley, 18, are also charged with first-degree murder in the beating, and the three appeared Monday in court, where they were all held without bail.

Weis said that his department also plans to investigate a complaint that the first police officers arriving at the scene of the beating didn’t intervene in the brawl.


Image from the Chicago Reader newspaper

Where are the words of hope and change President Obama?

Yes you can fly to Copenhagen with Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley to pitch for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Yes you can speak out during a national press conference on the alleged shoddy racist treatment received by Professor Henry Louis Gates from the Cambridge Police Department.

Yes you can give props to the Chicago White Sox and put down Republicans like Michale Steele during fancy $700 a plate dinners…But where is the outrage over what is happening in the great city that you community organized?

For many of the residents in Chicago your presidency is not translating into real change they can believe in. Who can they pray to? Who will they light a candle for at the alter?

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From Contra Parody of Famous Time Magazine cover asking "Is God Dead?"

From Contra Parody of Famous Time Magazine cover asking "Is God Dead?"