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Ugly Betsy Does Obamalot: One Great Shill After Another May 20, 2009


The characteristic idiocracy of the the Obama White House we have come to know so well continues. I was perusing the Drudge Report and happened upon more embarrassing news from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid courtesy of this article at

Reid joins Biden, Pelosi in misstatements
May 19, 2009
Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid became the latest Democrat to stray into rhetorical trouble Tuesday, botching statements on three subjects in one news conference—including the fragile health of the chamber’s most senior members.

The Nevada Democrat reported that one of them, Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., was absent because he was receiving a new round of treatment for his brain cancer. Asked if the cancer was in remission, Reid replied, “As far as I know, it is, yes.”

Kennedy’s office refused to confirm Reid’s comments or make any statement in response, the public silence a classic Washington disavowal.

Reid was then asked about Sen. Robert C. Byrd, at 91 the longest-serving senator in history, who was hospitalized over the weekend for an infection. Reid reported that Byrd was to be released from the hospital Tuesday or perhaps later in the week.

Not exactly.

“Senator Byrd is improving,” responded his spokesman, Jesse Jacobs. “But his doctors, in consultation with his family, have not yet determined when he will be released.”

Reid also mangled his party’s position on the congressional news of the day, that Senate Democrats would join their House counterparts in withholding the money President Barack Obama needs to close the Guantanamo Bay prison until Obama comes up with a plan for relocating its prisoners.

But Reid went further than saying he wanted to see a plan for the money before Congress approves it. “We will never allow terrorists to be released into the United States,” he said.

No one, of course, was talking about releasing terrorism suspects among the American populace. Imprisoning them, perhaps, but not releasing them.

“Part of what we don’t want is them be put in prisons in the United States,” Reid clarified but digging himself into a bigger hole by departing significantly from some of his colleagues and administration officials. “We don’t want them around the United States.”

Did the administration put Democrats in an awkward position, asking for the money before setting out how it would be spent?

“Not at all,” said Reid.

“Yes,” his deputy, Dick Durbin (D-IL) replied to the same question.

Meanwhile, RINO turned DINO Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) is now defending House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her recent accusations against the CIA. Specter paints the CIA as historical chamber of secrets when it comes to their relationship with Congress.


The Hill
Specter defends Pelosi, questions CIA’s honesty
By Reid Wilson
Posted: 05/20/09

Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) took the opportunity Wednesday to defend House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who has come under fire in recent weeks over a controversy surrounding when she was told of the use of enhanced interrogation techniques being used by the CIA.

“The CIA has a very bad record when it comes to — I was about to say ‘candid’; that’s too mild — to honesty,” Specter, a former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said in a lunch address to the American Law Institute. He cited misleading information about the agency’s involvement in mining harbors in Nicaragua and the Iran-Contra affair.

“Director [Leon] Panetta says the agency does not make it a habit to misinform Congress. I believe that is true. It is not the policy of the Central Intelligence Agency to misinform Congress,” Specter said. “But that doesn’t mean that they’re all giving out the information.”

Because of leaks that have come from Congress, Specter said, he understands the agency’s hesitancy to disclose all its information.

“The current controversy involving Speaker Pelosi and the CIA is very unfortunate, in my opinion, because it politicizes the issue and it takes away attention from … how does the Congress get accurate information from the CIA?” Specter said. “For political gain, people are making headlines.”

Notice Specter’s last sentence there: “For political gain, people are making headlines.” Interesting how people can’t look in the mirror and see their own reflection. I know many Republicans who are upset with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for being a “maverick” or RINO. However, McCain has never switched political parties two times. He has always been a Republican. Someone should tell Arlen Specter that politicians who live in glass White Houses should not throw stones at the CIA.

These news stories tell us much that is sadly pathetic and uncomfortably comical about Obamalot. There are dimensions of a farce in the making as revealed in recent domestic gaffes and international blow backs which make me feel more than a tad uneasy and fearful. While it is clear that President Obama aspires to rehabilitate the image of the US in foreign eyes by giving “ugly Betsy Ross” an extreme makeover, one cannot help but wonder if the last 100-plus days of cumulative mishaps on Obama’s watch may subject America’s “vulnerable” reputation to additional damage rather than repair it. Apart from its obvious lack of leadership, all signs point to more difficulties facing the Obama White House. Moreover, President Obama neglects to articulate his vision for our country beyond tired 2008 campaign rhetoric. Obama is well liked, people want him to do well. He shows a great deal of mass appeal and has the ability to inspire. My issue with Obama is that there is nothing much underneath it all. Really, I could not care less about the man. I want my country to do well and succeed. Great, he can pack a frigid football stadium full of people in a matter of moments. But there is something intangible about the man which translates into a lack of critical engagement with the issues facing our nation.

My liberal acquaintances argue that it is too soon to judge Obama and I am not giving him a chance. I argue that they are not giving America a chance. We really deserved better than this. On this point, Sean Hannity interviewed British Parliament member Daniel Hannan last night. Watch Hannan’s reluctance to criticize President Obama but you can tell he wants to. During the course of the interview, it seems that the two countries not only share a common past but an uncertain future as well.

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