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Moonbat Monday: Tea Party Haters- Ugly and Amazing April 12, 2010

So much for the left wing being open, tolerant and understanding.

The right to free speech and assembly are American freedoms that the left seems to believe is only available to them. Why else would the Tea Party movement unnerve them so much to the point that they attempt to discredit it as a racist bunch of rednecks?  If you attend a Tea Party rally,  some skinhead is sure to be there just thinking the “N-word” .  Even if you are an African American Tea Party participant, you are simply invisible to the liberals.  No, No, there are no blacks in the Tea Party and someone is there about to say the “N-word”.  He/she  doesn’t have to say it but a liberal knows they are thinking it.  Unlike left wing protesters, Tea Party folks are hateful anti-Obama racists out to kill our president.

From I Own The World

Liberal moonbats are psychic clairvoyant mind readers you know.  Someone was thinking that awful word at the Tea Party. How else could you explain liberal claims of John Lewis being called racially derogatory remarks without there being any proof on tape? If John Lewis and the AFL-CIO head Richard Trumpka (aka union scum),  says racists are at Tea Party rallies then betcha by golly it must be true.

I love it!  Protesters of Tea Party protesters.  Andrew Breitbart just imagined those liberals throwing eggs at the Tea Party bus.  As if in a moonbat fever,  some liberals so badly want to discredit the Tea Party movement that they will stoop so low in the donkey cesspool to serve as Tea Party poseurs.

The blacks at the Tea Party rallies must be vampires because their image does not capture on liberal video tape.   All people of color love Obama right?  So this African American man who created a YOU TUBE video describing why blacks should NOT be Democrats is just some illusion?

Liberals just don’t get it.  Obama’s election is actually a blessing in disguise for conservatives.  With their golden ass made in God’s image now seated in the White House, their behavior has been on auto-pilot and without filters.  Now they have finally outed themselves as the most oppressive, racist, controlling and manipulative political party known to Americans. The peaceful liberal protest and shining happy people fighting for freedom of speech for all has been debunked. It is okay to hate a president if he is a Republican.

I have said to my PUMA sisters that you can waste your time attempting impossibly to save the Democrats from their own poison. They are a train wreck.  No longer what they once were, the Party of ASS is now only a shill for Obamabots and socialism. Drinking Kool Aid by the gallons, five swallows at a time without stopping to check out their reflection in the mirror of truth.  Dribblings of purple dye all over their mouths and shirts. They look absolutely and positively ugly and amazing.

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Black Tea and Sympathy: Will Olbermann Attend Dallas Tea Party??? February 24, 2010

It does not come as any surprise to me that the prestige of MSNBC is wearing thin among sane non-Kool Aid drinking Americans.

Nevertheless, we must challenge the residual ignorance that blankets the remaining 650,000 viewers MSNBC receives per day.

Kudos to the  Dallas Tea Party Organization for challenging  Keith Olberman and MSNBC to look at the lack of diversity in their own media outlet.

This repudiation of Olbermann’s statements has been a long time coming.  I have had it with the mainstream media pretending that people of color in the Tea Parties do not exist.  The same assumption is made concerning the Republican Party as a whole.  African Americans that choose conservatism are marginalized to salt and pepper on an iceberg sized steak.  We are characterized as mere tokens used as black up.

Will Olberman show?  Of course not.  He may risk some violence from all of the angry gun toting racist like Dallas Latina conservative, Katrina Pierson or Alfonzo Rachel (aka ZoNation)- an African American Republican.

Even the above examples do not account for all of the diversity within the Republican Party.

There are women, physically challenged persons, Asians, Jews,  gays and lesbians all in the Republican Party.

Any person who attempts to prove this to the mainstream media- is quickly shut down, marginalized, invalidated, and branded as “stoopid”.

Republican National Committee Chairman, Michael Steel is constantly belittled as someone who “should thank Barack Obama for his job”.    Liberals believe had it not been for Obama paving the way in the struggle for the brutha, Michael Steel would not have a career, let alone have been selected as RNC chairman.  MSNBC never reported that Steele was not the only African American on the RNC ballot. They never mentioned that Steele was once the Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, a FOX NEWS contributor,  a former GOP senatorial candidate,  and quite active in the Republican Party  BEFORE OBAMA WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT.

To assume that Michael Steele was only elected as RNC chair because he was black is sort of racist isn’t it?  How would MSNBC like it if we said that Rachel Maddow was the token lesbian?

MSNBC will never interview this man:

MSNBC will never send reporters to cover this event:

The Dallas Tea Party Organization is awaiting your reply Mr. Olbermann.  Or will you make the entire Tea Party, The Worse Person of the Week simply for extending you an invitation?  I am betting that somehow Mr. Olbermann will find the underpinnings of racism within the video. It will be akin to the snuff film of the decade. Yeah, that’s it Katrina Pierson was forced to be in the video because her family was being held hostage somewhere in an Atlanta peach orchard by Rush Limbaugh.

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Obamacrat Liberals and Phony Claims of Tea Party Racism April 17, 2009


Uh-oh !Someone should tell this African American tea party participant that the liberals can’t see him.

Not the race card again. Didn’t we have enough of that during the Democratic primaries? For the love of Tin Tin you got Obama in office. When will it ever end????

If the Obama presidency was supposed to put an end to liberals claiming that America is a racist country then so far it has been a spectacular failure.

While perusing the internet I found this lovely question:

Ok, I’m not a racist or anything, but, Atlanta is 90% black people, I’ve been there alot, so how come I don’t see no black people at the tea parties there?.. I’m looking at the news and there’s zero.. I’ve been to Atlanta, and there’s alot of black folks there, but in the news you can’t see them. Try not to say I’m a racist because I’m truly not, I’m just wondering… The tea parties aren’t just for democrats, it’s for everyone.. So, where did all the white people come from? The suburbs?

If you think that sounds stupid then take a look at several answers to the poster’s question:

1. As already stated, the Teabagging thing is very much a GOP/right wing thing, and intended as such.It would get much support from the black community under most circumstances. Given the current president… yeah, not going to happen.

2. The tea bagging parties were ESPECIALLY for Republicans… with Republican ideals. Failed ones. Don’t blame black people for having some sense to stay home.

3. So, your saying that.. that there aren’t black republicans? Wish I was black so I can get some free stuff.

Is it just me or do you any of you notice that since Obama came onto the scene there has been more racial and class division than in other time in recent decades? The Obamacrats call Republicans racist but my ears must deceive me because I have heard more racist remarks from the Democrats than I have ever…EVER heard from Republicans. The tea parties are about calling out big government. Unfortunately I was looking at the tea party footage for the wrong reasons according to the Obamabots, I should have been looking for the black people that weren’t there, and Fox News correspondents that set this tea party stuff on on their own (yeah right).

Here is a photo that an Obamabot described as “a racist tea bagger”

Yep, he looks like a racist to me.

Yep, he looks like a racist to me.

So what exactly is racist about this protester?

Let’s be clear about what racism really is:

This is Racism

This is Racism

Do you understand Obamacrats? Please stop it with your phony claims of racism and race baiting. It is getting so old.

And if you need more proof that people of color were at the tea party – because we do pay our taxes you know Michael Savage (rolls eyes), the take a look at this video of Dallas activist Katrina Pierson at guess what THE DALLAS TEA PARTY. OOOW I SEE PEOPLE OF COLOR. SOMEONE TELL THE OBAMACRATS TO KIDNAP HER.

Seriously though, this is a great speech and as a former child on welfare I applaud Katrina. She is a patriot.

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