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Diversity Fatigue Friday: The Unknown Historic Moment Quantity May 21, 2010

From I own the world

Barack Obama campaigned for his presidency during a time that the majority of Americans wanted anything that was the antithesis of George Bush. Couple that desire with the juxtaposition of the Obama persona with such African-American icons as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, one can surely understand how the combination was a winning David Axelrod formula.

The climate wave was change, hope and the promise of a historic moment.   My PUMA counterparts did not buy into it. They had found a suitable candidate in Hillary Clinton.  Hillary offered the promise of brains, experience, substance and of course- a historic moment.  Hillary offered something in different forms . She was the best man for the job and she would have be the first female President of the United States of America.   It was clear that Hillary was more qualified than Barack Obama. Yes there was baggage but I can argue that one can expect baggage with experience.  I can tolerate some baggage depending on what kind it is.  Okay so, Hillary voted for the war on Iraq.  For me, that was a moot point.  We were already in it so let’s finish it.  I can accept that over a vote for TARP.  It was not like Obama really cared about foreign policy. Besides, Barack Obama was not in the U.S. Senate  when the vote on Iraq was taken.  How did we know what he would have done?  He was an unknown quantity.  Yes there was some information out there. The kind that was only broadcast on Fox News. The kind that Obama supporters did not want to hear about.

How were we supposed to know how Obama would have handled 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina? An economic crisis?  A major oil spill?

How did we know that he was not the same ol’ Washington Politics? Business as usual?

Now we do.

From this article at

Over the Rainbows

by Jonah Goldberg
May 21, 2010

…He came into office promising rainbows and puppies for everyone and has, like Pizza Hut during a blizzard, failed to deliver. Now, before some intern at a left-wing media watchdog outfit spits Diet Snapple out his nose in outrage over my “fabrications” and “distortions,” and fires off some canned protest e-mail, I do not literally mean to suggest that Obama promised voters rainbows and puppies. Rather, I mean it figuratively. He did literally promise to change the way Washington works, unify the country, govern from the center, work with Republicans and operate the government in a fiscally responsible way. That hasn’t happened. You could look it up.

The White House desperately wants the story to be “Voters Mad at Washington,” not “Voters Mad at Democrats” or, heaven forbid, “Voters Mad at Obama.” But the simple truth is that all three things are true, and Obama deserves much of the blame.

Jay Cost, an indispensable election analyst at, has it exactly right: ” ‘Change that you can believe in’ has gone from an over-worked campaign slogan to an unfalsifiable hypothesis. Vote for a Dem, you support the President’s agenda for change. Vote for a GOPer, you support the President’s agenda for change.”

This spin has been a long time in coming. After the Scott Brown victory, the White House claimed that the Republican’s win was a manifestation of the same political forces that brought Obama to power, even though Brown opposed Obama’s agenda, and despite the fact that Obama lustily endorsed Brown’s opponent, Martha Coakley. Who, by the way, wasn’t an incumbent. She promised to advance Obama’s “change” agenda, and she lost. But Obama’s just so awesome that what would be political losses for lesser mortals must be more winning proof of his supercalifragilisticexpialidociousness. Because as far as this White House is concerned, nothing is ever Obama’s fault and everything is proof of how much we need him.
It’s an odd position given how the people who need him least are candidates from his own party

For those of you who claimed to have voted for Obama because he was a fresh, unfettered, unknown quantity – a historic moment… Tell me.  how do you feel about your choice now?

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From the New England Conservative


Sunday Soliloquy: The Nanny State Diaries May 2, 2010

A key argument advanced by my liberal friends is that Afrocity’s new found conservative voice is simply a phase.

Now that the “phase” has been going on for nearly two years, attempts to bring me back to the land of ass have been occurring more frequently.   This month alone I have been treated to at least four lunches where portraits of the “Chosen One” adorn the restaurant as I slowly sip my soup.  Conversations somehow digress from living room decor and skinny jeans to why Obama is making such progress as our president.   Depending on my mood and how much I value my friendship with the person, I either eat and smile silently with a few nods peppered here and there  OR  I softly offer my dissent.  Aside from the question of whether or not Obama has really improved the lives of Americans, in particular those who reside in Chicago there is no doubt that his supporters are begging to realize that he is NOT the greatest thing since Wonder Bread.

“Well hopefully, if Obama leaves office in 2017…”

(Snicker) Oooo, that was funny!

One disturbing confession was several friends of color admitting that they were Hillary Clinton fans until Obama challenged her during the Democratic Primary.

“I loved Hillary,”  one friend said. “In college I was in her fan club.  I voted for her as senator.”

Then comes the 10 months pregnant pause.  Friend picks at the Cobb Salad while never looking me in the eye.

“Then I heard Obama at a rally and just knew I had to vote for him,” she says with a huge toothy smile.

Curious and saddened,  I always have to press the matter and shoot back with “Why? What was it that made you turn your back–errr, um I mean change your mind and support Obama?”

“Well he was so inspiring and he just wanted to do everything to change our world.”

“And Hillary did not?”  I asked with a raised eyebrow.

Pause comes again. Friend eats more salad…”No,” crunching on lettuce while speaking. ” You know [Bill] Clinton  was da man!!  He was a superstar in my book but when Obama came it made me go WHOA.”

Well of course you went WHOA. You were stepping in Obama’s bullshit.  That is what I wanted to say and here is where I gets frustrated and cannot continue the conversation. Just tell the truth you know.  We are all black. Just say you felt conflicted because Obama was a black man.   My friend went into some story about John Lewis and how he actually cried because he could not choose between Hillary and Obama.  She  mentioned other prominent African Americans who were caught in the “Great Migration” from Clinton to Obama.  The blacks who chose to remain with Hillary were characterized as though we were some sort of maimed donkey who could not get up on all fours .  Something held us back.  Our allegiance was to a white family over this great black hope.  Driving Miss Hillary Daisy.

As she was speaking,  I looked outside the restaurant window.  There were some African American males standing on the street corner, pants falling down past their behinds.  Should be in school, I thought.  An image of Cynia Cole, a little 20 month old baby that was killed recently by a bullet meant for her father intruded into my mind.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Charges filed in shooting death of 20-month-old

April 24, 2010

A 21-year-old man has been charged with killing a 20-month-old girl sitting in a car Wednesday night with her father, who police said was the intended target.

Danzeal Finley, of the 700 block of East 92nd Street, was charged with murdering Cynia Cole, who was shot in the head about 11 p.m. Wednesday on the 600 block of East 92nd Place in the Burnside neighborhood. Cynia was sitting in the rear seat of the car with her father, Jerome Hendricks, and her two young sisters.

Photo from Chicago Tribune showing Cynia Cole, a 20 month old victim of relentless violence in Chicago.

Finley was ordered held without bond by judge Adam Bourgeois today. His next court date is Monday.

Finley turned himself in to police Thursday after Alberta Cole, the girl’s mother, said she recognized him and told police, who put out an alert for Finley. Finley was accompanied by Rev. James Meeks after Finley’s mother called the minister and state senator to make sure her son would be treated safely…

The night of the shooting, Hendricks, Cole and and their family — Cynia, known as Coco; her sisters Janiya, 4, and Amazing, 8 months, were on their way to the girls’ grandmother’s house after visiting Coco’s aunt when they stopped by a neighborhood house to buy some cigarettes, Hendricks said.

Cole waited on the porch for someone to open the door when she said a hooded gunman came running out of a gangway and  began firing at the car. She said she eased back onto the porch so the gunman wouldn’t know she was there, and when his hood fell recognized Finley from the neighborhood.

After the shooting, Hendricks took the girl out of her car seat and held her head in his arm as drove to his mother’s home around the corner. Once there, his mother, Cynthia Lyons, a nurse, applied pressure to the wound behind the girl’s ear until an ambulance arrived and took her to Comer Children’s Hospital, where she later died.

How was I to see the Obama “hopium” machine playing a role in the life of Cynia Cole?  Chicago is in the state of chaos. National Guards have been one possible solution as we are in fact a youth violence war zone.  Suddenly, the Obama outsider art paintings in the restaurant sickened me.  This man used these people but you know what?  They wanted to be used. All I ever heard about from my friends and family  was what “Obama will do for black people”.   “Now we will get what we deserve…our president is black like us. He knows what it is like to be down and black.”

Really? Living in Hawaii, attending private schools, law school at Harvard.  Hanging out in Indonesia. Sure, Obama really knows what it is like to be down and black because his experience so mirrors that of  those in inner-city Chicago.

If you say so bruthas and sistas.

This is the part where I attempt to elevate the discussion to a new entirely new level. One where our blackness does not play into our voting choices.”I supported Hillary Clinton in the primary,”  I admitted with a straight but thoughtful face. ” She was a candidate that reflected my values and that is how I voted.  It is not about what a candidate can do for me, not as a black person or a woman…The government should not have to do anything for us. We do for ourselves…That is why I am a conservative now.”

My friend continued to enjoy her salad.  I said my “peace”  (snark) but still felt somehow defeated.  Any effort expended here was a waste.  The historic moment was a good selling point for Barack Obama and it worked.  It cheated Hillary Clinton out of a nomination.  It cheated Sarah Palin out of becoming Vice President. Both  good women.  Both good people.  The historic moment did not give baby Cynia Cole a life and iconic moments of her own making.  She would never live to see a woman take oath of office.  She would never live to be a woman.

We were all bound and raped by the considerations of race, gender, and historic moments.  What some Democrats have already noted in respect to Obama’s broken promises, are played out in Chicago’s streets as an African American saga.  How does one get over being raped?  Again the dream deferred simply explodes.  It gets angry and apparently it kills.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Sunday Soliloquy: Black Bird Singing April 11, 2010

Someday inevitably all of the Beatles will be gone and buried but the their songs will remain a treasure of my life.  My favorite Beatle is Paul McCartney. I love his song writing and I can tell the difference between who wrote what in a “Lennon/McCartney” song.  John Lennon was a great musician but he was defiant- a rebel.  He had an almost abusive anger about him which was apparent even in his more tranquil and reflective songs such as Imagine.    “Now is the time to act”  is the message Lennon wanted to convey.  The world is a barren war filled place and we are at its mercy.

“I’m just sitting here doing time,
I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round–“John Lennon

Paul McCartney on the other hand gives me a feeling of sadness but hope.  Yes he acknowledges that life is about loss but he is able to recognize that the loss is something that we should embrace as a natural order.  In that there is beauty.  A trail of comfort can be seen in McCartney songs. He is a healer if not physically then emotionally.  His album Flaming Pie was written shortly before his first wife  Linda, died of cancer.  One of the tracks “Willow”  really moves me. McCartney  wrote this as a tribute to Maureen Starkey, Ringo Starr’s first wife who died of cancer in 1994.

There are many things to admire in his use of tone.  Respect for the power of loss and a sense of control in succumbing to it.

Hey Jude leaves me feeling the same.  Written as a comforting verse for small Julian Lennon, the lyrics begin with a poignancy but ends in victory…Take a sad song and make it better.  John loved Yoko but it was Julian who was left behind without a father.  Paul captured the loss of a young boy touched by divorce and turned it into a lyrical masterpiece.

So why I am writing about the Beatles songs on a political blog?   The reason I need music is to cope.  Something has to give me hope and strength to carry on through these barren times. The “historic moment” was not enough for me.  It never was.  Lately I have been taking a much needed break from writing.  I did not want to contribute anything negative to an already polarizing political climate.  Mother always said if you have nothing nice to say…

Instead I decided to digest in silence my fat healthcare bill meal that was shoved down my throat.  Obama and the Democrats were rushing ahead with their gloating while actual people were still suffering.   One afternoon,  I was riding the bus home from the Art Institute of Chicago.  My arms were carrying two shopping bags of gift shop goodies I caught on a 60% off sale.  Posters of old Chicago and some  decorative Japanese bowls.  Nothing I really needed, they just looked pretty and I desperately needed some pretty in my life again.   The morning had been chilly but by 3:00PM, my trench coat and tights were itchy from the 68 degree breeze.  For some reason my bus card was rejected.  I knew I had put ten dollars on it.  Kindly, as I was about to dig in the abyss of my Marc Jacobs purse,  the bus woman told me to sit down and forget about it.  She must have thought I looked pathetic with all of my bags.   I was.  Not a young girl anymore, aching feet and ready to go home.   As we moved down State Street, I shut my eyes while the sun was shining on my face.  Mother and I used to take this bus I thought.  So long ago when there was no Obama or iPods,  just us…

My public moment of solitude was interrupted by two aged men speaking loudly about Chicago politics.  Both were decidedly suspicious of everything- as they should be in Chicago.  Gossipy tones plagued the bus now as the two “magpies”  began a Heckle and Jeckel esque conversation about Obama.  They supported him, that much I could tell. Jesus nearly everyone in Chicago did but me.  As one man dug a thermos out of his bag and begin to drink, the other gave his monologue on political theory and Obama.  Politics is a cesspool and Obama is untainted.

Drinking, magpie #2 just nodded: He is too classy for that Daley shit.

Magpie #1:  He is too smart for that…Keep your friends close but your enemies closer…that is the Obama way.

Magpie#2:  (Wiping some liquid from his mouth with the back of his hand)  Like with his cabinet.  That Hillary chick.  You know put her in the cabinet that way you can watch her…watch what she is doing… control the woman so she don’t say or do nothing to hurt you later.  She ain’t running for nothing now ’cause she too busy with that secretary post.

Magpie#1: (nodding, thin shirt soaked with sweat at the armpits) Yep like I said keep your enemies close.

Afrocity: (rolls eyes).

My bus stop could not have come soon enough.  So tired of Obamabots and their verbal Kool Aid droppings.  Where is my Ipod?  Ugh. One of the magpies smiled at me as I went to the exit door.  “Hi sweetie,” he said.

I sneered.  Get real Mr. Delusional.  I am not attracted to you in this dimension or any other and Hillary is not an enemy of Barack Obama.  He is an enemy of us.  He is an enemy of women… of the American way and everything our forefathers stood for.   He is the cesspool.

Once in my apartment, my non-partisan cat greeted me at the door.  “Meow”

I was his government and he wanted to be fed.  I was fine with the arrangement.  He paid his taxes in affection and warmth for my feet at night.  I will pay for his food and healthcare.

Reaching for the cat’s  special $1.89 a can grain free, venison cat food (because he is a diabetic),  I wondered if my cat were under Obamacare and not Afrocity-care would he be afforded the luxury of premium cat food? Duck, venison, pheasant, along with a raw diet.   The can was opened and the cat knew I would deliver the goods.  I hummed “Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night”

Take these broken wings and learn to fly

The cat hovered over the dish as I clopped in a hunk of wet venison.  He brushed against my  hand and began to devour his meal.  The cat and I…A symbiotic relationship between two animals.  Just like  Obama wants it between Americans and the Federal Government.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Holy Fake Greek Temple Empire!!!: From Moonbat Man to Mr. Freeze January 27, 2010

Well my dear readers, we have survived a year of President Barack Obama. There were bad times and there were …bad times. Still, we have made it.  Things are looking up for conservatives actually.

I believe and tonight’s State of the Union speech will set the tone for Democrats and Republicans alike.

A year ago, the election of Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate as Ted Kennedy’s successor would have seemed unimaginable.  The liberals seemed poised to take over the political throne and dominate for at least eight years.  With, Democratic control of the both the house and senate, the Republicans were written off as the dead “party of NO”.   Beaten down by the party of “yes we can”.

I could see why voters would think that we were gone. We looked pretty insignificant.  Sarah Palin was sent packing back to Alaska with a complimetary world globe and a pre paid postage box from the RNC for those  clothes.  Meanwhile Michelle Obama sported her $500 Lanvin tennis shoes.  Nope, no hypocrisy there.

Our president wined and dined on Kobe steaks and BoBo got organic puppy chow as unemployment rates sky rocketed well beyond the 8% he promised us.

Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, underwear bombers, Fort Hood, and Gitmo detainees all filled the holiday stockings of racists behaving stupidly.

Now fast-forward to 2010 and it appears that the Greek temples of yes we can year, are somewhere off in the distance along with everything Barack Obama promised.

Republicans gave Democrats a you-should-have-known-better head shake.  They dilemma they face gets little sympathy from me.  On one level, what the hell were you guys thinking? On another level…what the hell were you guys thinking?

Obama now acknowledging  that he may be in trouble (though he will never admit it), clearly is now reverting to his  tofu mode of being whatever the people want him to be.  That is what you get when you buy an empty suit. You can fill it with whatever you want.  You want a far left ideologue, by golly you got it. You want him to slide to the right, he will do that too.

You want a tough on spending president gosh darn-it  Kool Aid drinking kids. BAM! BIFF!!! ZOWIE!!! Your wish is Obama’s command.  Whatever you wish for children, you can have it all and tonight we will see those Greek temples transform from the far left moonbat cave to spending freeze icicle palace and all

Autographed Letter Signed,



Blackhanded Compliments: Plenty of Room at the Shelter for Battered Liberals January 12, 2010

Have you ever been slapped in the face by the most wonderful compliment?

There you were minding your own business and BOOM. Ka-pow !!!  You were bitch slapped with a compliment. It was so beautiful and star appeared before your eyes.  You were so mesmerized by its sheer generosity that you hardly noticed the black eye you had the next morning.

Sad and shameful is the black liberal attempt to drive home the point that Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) is on the right side of history.

I recall with some crystal clear clarity that it was a year ago when the liberals were in an uproar over comments which alluded to Barack Obama as the “Magic Negro”.

The hunt for racists continued with Rev Al Sharpton’s tirade against the monkey cartoon which appeared in the New York Post.

Now as Democrats rush to squash media attention on Harry Reid’s unfortunate words, this latest chapter in liberal hypocrisy only serves as a further demonstration in the danger of identity politics. Some group is always going to get hurt while hoping their needs will be met. When hurt does occur, they keep coming back for more and more and more.

Black America has come to accept the worse from the Democratic Party.   Like a secret society, liberals like Harry Reid can say that our president is the “Magic Negro” .  That is okay because Harry is down with our history and he is one of our peeps.   This characteristic of African Americans is in keeping with the unspoken rule that only blacks can call other blacks the “N-word”.

“What’s up my nigga?”

Harry Reid’s comment was certainly welcome by the liberals as a compliment…

My, my, my the topsy turvy definitions of racism we weave.  From my first hearing of the Harry Reid light skinned comments, I immediately recognized them as racist which fall into the “well meaning white people” category.  Only someone who is arrogant, ignorant or both would perceive Reid’s comments as a compliment.  I should know, I was one of those people. I was ignorant.  During a work situation, in which a Caucasian colleague was assessing my potential, I was referred to as “articulate” Being the daughter of a woman possessing only a GED and a monthly welfare check, I smiled and lapped up my “compliment” Afrocity had arrived.

A white person said I was articulate.

I was not ghetto like the lessor blacks.

I am educated. I have a masters degree damn it and white people notice me. I am sorta young (ahem), gifted and black!!!

Articulate Afrocity was queen of the mainstream white world!!!!  Until a colleague of color informed me of my erroneous black thought patterns.

“Afrocity,” she implored. “That was not a compliment. It implies that you speak well for a black woman while other blacks are ignorant hood rats. It was a pat on the back for being educated- something that every person should be.”

My colleague’s version made perfect sense.  I felt like an idiot.  Selfish with the cocaine like powder of compliment whoring all over my mouth.

From the " Far Side"

She continued, “Think about it. Do you ever hear white people telling other white people that they are articulate?”

Good point. I never ever heard a white person give that particular compliment to anyone except when referring to a person of color.  Shame continued to grip me as I recalled every moment that I did not correct someone for giving me compliments such as the following:

“Afrocity, I am so glad that you are not like other black people. You don’t sound ghetto.”

“Why do you act like a white person?”

“Afrocity is black but I don’t think she knows it.”

“You are the only black person I can be friends with because you don’t act like a nigger.”

“Afrocity, you are proof that all blacks need is a good education and to stop acting black.”

“How come your skin color is so nice and not all black and chalky?”

“Afrocity when I call someone a nigger, I don’t mean you because you are special and different- not like other blacks”

Yes, readers these are all actual statements made to me during my life. Statements in which I was somewhat inclined to speak out against but remained silent because after all they were complimenting me. I was different from other black folk. A treasure among whites who were tired of hearing about black on black crime, teenage pregnancy, and the rising high school drop out rates among black youth.  I was a “Magic Negro”.

"And He's Clean Too"  cartoon by Stilton Jarlsberg at Hope n' Change

"And He's Clean Too" cartoon by Stilton Jarlsberg, Hope n' Change

In each case, the compliment giver was someone who like Harry Reid, was “on the right side of history”.

All except one, was a liberal Democrat. They stood alongside me at Bill Clinton rally’s.  I was their only black friend and that made me special.  I was teaching them silently that blacks were not all alike.

I was wrong.

Now I know better. What I do not understand is why President Barack Obama does not know better.

When one is abused and so used to hearing derogatory comments, sometimes we are not aware when we are being verbally beat down.  Someone is kind to you.  They give you food and shelter. Nevermind if they step on your tail from time to time. They did not mean it. They are on the right side of your history.  You defend them when they deserve a sharp tongue, chastising them and saying they cannot and should not speak to you in that manner.

You lash out at the likes of GOP chairman Michael Steel.  “That brutha is not with the program. Republicans are not on the right side of history.”

Liberal women are no stranger to battered liberal syndrome. Sarah Palin was a shock to their culture of brow beating conservatives for sexism while turning the other cheek when such transgressions were made by liberal men like Bill “Bubba” Clinton. Nevermind that your “on the right side” of feminist history Svengali master DNC was kicking the shit out of Hillary Clinton when she ran against Barack Obama during the primaries. You dressed your wounds in laughs at lipstick on a pig comments.

Liberals when will you ever learn that racism means racism and sexism means sexism.

Understand the difference between party loyalty and co-dependency.

Start a  publicity campaign against  “Silence of the Libs”.  Help conservatives and liberals fight racism and sexism.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Moonbats For Thought September 22, 2009

Chavez brother

It is interesting that President Barack Obama knew everything there was to know about the Cambridge Police Department/Gates incident and thought it was a big enough issue facing the country that he bothered to speak out about it at a national press conference;  yet he knows nothing about ACORN receiving federal funding.

Art From Contra Obama

Art From Contra Obama

From The

Obama: pulling federal funding from ACORN is not important

September 21, 9:57 PMMacon County Conservative Examiner

By Robert Moon

We’ve already established that Obama owes virtually his entire career to ACORN. The ties are endless and undeniable.

This is what made it so difficult to believe him on Sunday, when he flatly dismissed questions about the notorious voter fraud

group’s latest scandal, pretending, “Frankly, it’s not really something I’ve followed closely…It’s not something I’m paying a lot of attention to.”A Democrat-controlled Congress was just politically forced to cut off all funding to the group that gave Barack Obama his start…and he was unaware? Please.

This group is a relentless source of vulnerability and bad press for this president…at a time when he cannot afford to have one more iota of either. He is not only following this story closely, he’s looking for any way he can to distance himself from ACORN…while at the same time downplaying every sleazy crime its members commit.

The problem with this, of course, is the staggering hypocrisy of it all. In Obama’s “new era of accountability,” tax cheats get to run the IRS and the Ways and Means Committee, Obama gets to blame Republicans for everything and make any claim he wants, regardless of the facts, and lifting a finger against notorious voter fraud groups like ACORN is “not the most important issue facing the country.”


Well guess what Barry? I was black before the election as well, but I wasn’t born yesterday and neither were most of the American people you are attempting to fool.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Saturday Toons: The Hope and Change All You Can’t Eat Buffet September 5, 2009

obama grannyHave you ever gone to an “all you can eat buffet” ?

If you have, more than likely you were met at the restaurant door by a beaming hostess willing to give you a nice clean white dinner plate and plastic tumbler for your iced tea.

A smorgasbord of nutritional wealth awaits you.

Depending upon the cuisine, you may have a hanker for those crab rangoons and pad thai chicken; you may go ga ga over the pancakes and sticky buns; graze at the salad offerings.

So many vertically aligned food choices, so little time. Gee this is fun, buffets with bottomless deficits are the stuff liberals are made of.

It is estimated that over 50 million people have passed through the Obama “hope and change” buffet.

Mouthing “Yes we Can” to themselves as they grab that white plate and wait in line for the refreshing leadership they so craved and deserved.  They were getting hungry out there in “Bush Country”. Life was so terrible out there.

With all of the romance of yesteryear’s Camelot, Obama’s supporters want that piece of the pie they were promised.  However, amid all the shining happy liberals holding hands there is a cloud hovering over the hope and change buffet.  Famous for not keeping his promises, President Barack Obama has remarkably made the meal selection process less painstaking.

Nothing truly appetizing lies in the stainless steel food chambers. I see some grease filmed cream of arugula soup, crusty vegetable medley casserole straight from Michelle Obama’s White House garden. The menu shows an abundance of crow. It is safe to assume that the food must be good, the flies seem to think so but why is everyone just standing here?  Suddenly press secretary Robert Gibbs voice is piped in through a loud speaker, interrupting a beautiful rendition of “At Last” by house speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“Ahem, idio- I mean people please walk, don’t run to the buffet. In response to the great demand on President Obama by corporate hacks and lobbyists that he said would have no part in his administration, there may be a few minor delays in the food getting out to you. For ease of selection you all will be getting served a whopping huge plate of nothing.”

Food is getting so low at the hope and change buffet that Obama supporters have resorted to cannibalism. A finger was bit off the hand of a conservative this week and savagely devoured by a rabid moonbat.

Food is getting so low at the hope and change buffet that Obama supporters have resorted to cannibalism. A finger was bit off the hand of a conservative this week and savagely devoured by a rabid moonbat. Image by Contra Obama.

Wow, a huge plate of nothing. Now there’s a palate pleaser. Certainly, the road to recovery will be long and hard for the millions crowded ’round the hope and change buffet.  I must say from the looks of complacency, they are all taking this pretty well. Come Oscar time, we are sure to see accolades delved out to the liberals for playing the “patience is a virtue, even tho’ it sucks”  role with such convincing authenticity.

Hey, someone better get Rosie some food she looks pretty hungry.

Hey, someone better get Rosie some food she looks pretty hungry.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The Jobless Stimulus

It’s still not too late to redirect $400 billion to business tax cuts.


The recession may be over on Wall Street and Silicon Valley, but on Working Family Avenue it still has a ways to run. That’s the lesson of yesterday’s August jobs report that showed losses of 216,000, which believe it or not is the slowest monthly decline in a year and caused the White House to praise with the faint damn that the “trajectory is in the right direction.” That’s the good news.

On the other hand, the jobless rate popped up to 9.7%, the highest rate in 26 years, from 9.4%, reflecting an increase in the size of the labor force. The main concern we see going forward is the slow pace of new job creation to soak up the 7.4 million workers who have lost jobs since 2007.

There are now 26 million Americans who can’t find a full-time job. Average weekly hours remained at an abysmally low 33.1—which is putting a strain on family budgets. And the jobless rate including so-called discouraged workers, or those who have stopped looking, leapt to 16.8% from 16.3% in July. Meanwhile, the number of Americans working part-time who want full-time work increased by 278,000 to 9.1 million, which as a share of the workforce is larger than at any time since the recession of 1982. These are the workers that employers will tend to hire first as a recovery unfolds, so it is worrisome that this cohort remains so large.

None of this does much for the credibility of the Obama Administration’s stimulus spending plan, which was sold with the promise of a jobless rate this year of “below 8%” if the stimulus were passed. That was off by some three million jobs in a mere seven months. The same economists who fretted in February that $780 billion in stimulus was too small now claim that the $300 billion or so that has been spent has somehow ignited the recovery.

But a tax-cutting stimulus would have provided much more job and economic growth for the buck, and it could even now too. If the Administration really wants to fire up private job creation, how about taking the remaining $400 billion or more and using it to lower business taxes? The unspent stimulus is enough for a two-year down payment on repealing the U.S. corporate income tax, which studies show is a job and wage-increase killer.

Congress could also reconsider its July minimum-wage increase of 70 cents an hour, which almost certainly contributed to the leap in teenage unemployment to 25.5% in August. The rate was 24% in June and 23.8% in July, before the wage hike started to price low-skilled teens looking for jobs out of the workplace. Congress would be wise to suspend the increase until the overall jobless rate falls below 7%.

Of course neither of our proposals is going to happen given the current policy views in Washington, but someone has to speak up for workers who want a job, as opposed to those lucky enough to still have them.

Global Plate Warming buffet while Referencing the "Holy Goran" is a sure way to keep your mind off watching the door for the waiters to bring more food. Hey how did he get that tiurkey leg when you have nothing????

Global Plate Warming buffet while the legendary man bear pig, references the "Holy Goran" is a sure way to keep your mind off watching the door for the waiters to bring more food. Hey how did he get that turkey leg when you have nothing????

At the beginning, I knew that the hope and change buffet was a bunch of baloney. There was a huge amount of illusion going on in the Obama campaign. Illusion leads to disillusionment which hopefully leads to no reelection in 2012. This is a sensitive subject for Obama’s supporters. Afraid to admit they were taken in by the pied piper, they create distractions by charging racism. There is no racism at the hope and change buffet. None of you are being served. You can sit wherever you want, as long as you realize that all will equally get nothing in return for your support. Botch and whine stew is a perennial favorite among liberals. Your dear leader has seen to it that you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy your hoped cooked culinary concoction while pussyfooting around what really matters to you and your family at the same time. President Doubtfire will promise you an eclipse on Christmas day, but I doubt you will ever need to get out your safety glasses.

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