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Copyright Info April 22, 2009

All material by Afrocity and Autographed Letter Signed is copyrighted (including the blog name) and you will need to observe these regulations when you plan to distribute or use any content in this blog. Please read the following carefully.

Copyright Regulations for Content on Autographed Letter Signed

You are free to share, distribute or transmit any work on this blog under the following conditions:

* Attribution. You must attribute the content that you’ve used by prominently displaying a credit link back to the specific article page. The credit link used should point to the article page and not just’s homepage.

* Contend Usage Limit. You are not allowed to republish an ENTIRE article or blog post on your website or print publication even if attribution is made. An attribution link to the specific article must be included even if you use an excerpt.
* Noncommercial Usage. You may not use this work for commercial purposes unless given pre-authorization. Content on Autographed Letter Signed cannot be packaged and sold to anyone nor can it be used in its entirety as a free gift or bonus for a commercial product.

If you want to syndicate or distribute the full article on your website, please email me for permission. Permission must be granted before you do so.

As someone in the archives profession, I understand & support the concept of fair use, you should know that I reserve all rights to content on Autographed Letter Signed and Afrocity. Articles here are not released under a Creative Commons license. Please do respect the copyright regulations listed.


Afrocity in a nerdy state at The San Francisco Museum of Art

Afrocity in a nerdy state at The San Francisco Museum of Art


One Response to “Copyright Info”

  1. Thomas S Negron Says:

    I was taken aback to see your blog. The picture of the painting “T.B. in Harlem” you have used as the title is well known to me. I have seen it in person as the man in the painting by Alice Neel is my late Grandfather Carlos Negron, after he had had a lung removed from Tuberculosis in the late 30’s-1940 was the year Alice did the painting. The and “Puerto Rican Family” are among our family favorites, if I remember correctly.

    I must admit I was a little shaken and just a smidge riled when first I saw it.

    After reading your blog, I see we are connected in many ways not the least of which is expressive “from the heart” writing styles. I dont know what else to say but that I felt the need to reach out. I really liked you right away, and I think I dig your politics.

    Warmest Regards and God Bless

    “Thomas” Scott Negron

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