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Who Needs U.S. Sovereignty??:White House Amending Executive Order 12425 January 5, 2010

Sometimes while we are whooping up holiday cheer and sipping eggnog, someone is robbing us blind and slowly chipping away at our rights.

I wanted to alert my readers about a little executive order passed by the Obama administration over the holidays which amends Executive Order 12425. The order gives  increased powers to the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) to investigate the US agencies such as the FBI for national security.  Executive order 12425 was originally signed in 1983 by then President Ronald Reagan which placed restrictions upon INTERPOL. Now because of Obama’s new amendments, INTERPOL can dodge the Freedom of Information Act.

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release
December 17, 2009

Executive Order — Amending Executive Order 12425

– – – – – – –

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 1 of the International Organizations Immunities Act (22 U.S.C. 288), and in order to extend the appropriate privileges, exemptions, and immunities to the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), it is hereby ordered that Executive Order 12425 of June 16, 1983, as amended, is further amended by deleting from the first sentence the words “except those provided by Section 2(c), Section 3, Section 4, Section 5, and Section 6 of that Act” and the semicolon that immediately precedes them.


Bob Owens at Pajamas Media.Com had this to say about the order:

The consensus opinion among those commenting on this development is that the most radical president in American history seems to be intent on submitting American citizens to the whims of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Previous administrations have been very leery of signing onto agreements that would make citizens susceptible to the ICC, due to the possibility that U.S. servicemen could be dragged into show war crimes trials. Such events are obviously heavily politicized, and demands for war crimes arrests can come from any government, even those that sponsor terrorism or genocide themselves.

No finer point can be made about the endemic problems of the INTERPOL/ICC than that made by a recent diplomatic incident that erupted in Great Britain, where an Israeli government official had to cancel travel plans to England because of an arrest warrant issued by an English judge — because of Iranian charges of Israeli war crimes in Gaza. The brief but intense conflict was one Iran helped instigate, as the Persians supplied the terrorists in Gaza with the rockets they used against Israeli civilians, triggering an inevitable Israeli response.

If President Obama and his radical allies in the Democratic leadership have their way, American soldiers could presumably be brought up on charges as war criminals by enemy nations and marked for arrest and deportation by an international police force on American soil. They would face charges in a foreign land without the constitutional protections they fought and bled to protect. The White House seems to be on the bewildering path of giving al-Qaeda terrorists who murder innocent women and children more legal protection than the very soldiers that risk their lives trying to bring terrorists to justice…

Cartoon from American Thinker, drawn by Miguel Guanipa

Thank you President Obama for always putting our country first (snark).

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2010: A Race Odyssey January 3, 2010

From I Own The World

Something tells me that we will  hear the word “race” quite a bit in the year 2010.

In what sense do you suppose?
Well we have on the one hand
R-A-C- E
as in:
Main Entry: race
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle French, generation, from Old Italian razza
Date: 1580

1 : a breeding stock of animals
2 a : a family, tribe, people, or nation belonging to the same stock b : a class or kind of people unified by shared interests, habits, or characteristics
3 a : an actually or potentially interbreeding group within a species; also : a taxonomic category (as a subspecies) representing such a group b : breed c : a category of humankind that shares certain distinctive physical traits
4 obsolete : inherited temperament or disposition
5 : distinctive flavor, taste, or strength

Hope Has Floaters

Hope Floaters. Is that a bomb in your underwear or are you happy to be an American?

OR on the other hand we have R-A-C-E as in:

Main Entry: 1race
Pronunciation: \ˈrās\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English ras, from Old Norse rās; akin to Old English rǣs rush
Date: 14th century

1 chiefly Scottish : the act of running
2 a : a strong or rapid current of water flowing through a narrow channel b : a watercourse used industrially c : the current flowing in such a course
3 a : a set course or duration of time b : the course of life
4 a : a contest of speed b plural : a meeting in which several races (as for horses) are run c : a contest or rivalry involving progress toward a goal

Despite the Obama administration’s obsessive attention to “race” in the former sense, I pray that in 2010 we overlook all of that nonsense and dwell on the term in the latter sense. 2010 promises to be the “conservative revolution”.  In 2009 we have witnessed the liberal salting and peppering of foreign and Democratic policy.  As someone who witnessed 9/11 firsthand, I do not appreciate the liberal’s watered down “war on terrorism” . I do not appreciate Gitmo detainees coming to America, especially where I live. The state of Illinois can’t keep a governor out of jail and now they expect me to believe they can keep terrorists in jail?

Judging from events of the last several months i.e. Fort Hood shootings, attempted Detroit underwear bombing etc, it looks like no one really respects President Obama or his kinder, gentler anti-terrorism policies. Like the people on the Detroit flight, such attitudes from President Obama only reinforces our need to be vigilant and take care of ourselves.

Sure "truther" you may get a new investigation after all, because there may be a new attack.

Terrorism needs to be nipped in the bud. It does not need a wet nurse and we do not need another 9/11 style attack. Those who are firmly camped in the categories of indifference to the events of September 2001 can remain there. Afrocity is stocking up on water purification tablets, gas masks, canned good, etc in case shit stains hit the fan. I do not consider myself to be a wing nut- even on my worse days. I do not want to scare my readers either. However, we have to remember that everyday is a race for our lives and freedom as we know it. It does not hurt to be vigilant or prepared.  When the New York City blackouts occurred in 2003, I witnessed pandemonium on a mild scale.  People do not realize that when power goes out, so does ATM machines and gas pumps. Stores close and people panic.  My neighbors asked me for food and if I had any cash.  Now of course you know it is foreordained that the very person who hangs out in “terrorism does not exist land” will be the very one knocking down your door for a can of oil sausages and a Snapple should a 767 fly into their anus.  The race will be to see who can buy the most cases of Poland Spring water from the SAMS club.

"United We Scan"  cartoon by Stilton Jarlsberg- Hope N' Change Cartoons

"United We Scan" Cartoon drawn by Stilton Jarlsberg of Hope n' Change Cartoons.

Therefore I Afrocity-damus predict that there will be a preoccupation with race in 2010.

Whether it is this type of  “race”

Yes, photoshop depicting black man carrying garbage can is racist, blah, blah, blah, (snore)

or this kind of “race”

remains to be seen.  Just make sure that whatever sort of race the year shapes up to be, you are smart and prepared to deal with it.

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Sunday Soliloquy: You Can’t Handle The “Truthers” or “Deniers” December 13, 2009

Last Friday night as always, I tuned in to TRU-TV to watch my favorite show Forensic Files. The episodes are fascinating and I love to see what forensic scientists can do with a tiny speck of rubber left from skid marks and such. While watching an episode on a peeping Tom gone awry, TRU-TV ran a promotion spot for former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Vetura’s new show Conspiracy Theory. When I hear the words “conspiracy theory”, the first thing that enters my mind is all of the green martian men hanging out at the Grassy Knoll with Elvis Presley and Tupac Shakur. Despite the idiotic premise of the show, I decided to give it a chance and watched the marathon aired by TRU-TV Saturday afternoon.

In one episode Gov. Ventura is actually chasing after a magic weather machine created by a big evil Alaskan corporation HAARP and submitting himself to mind control.

The episode succeeded on it own terms in that it was great bait for conspiracy hounds to come back web crawling and begging for more.  I was mildly amused after all it is meant to be entertainment. However, given my bitterness over the way the media treated Sarah Palin, I wondered if Jesse Ventura would have been treated with the same contempt and disdain had he been John McCain’s pick for vice president.  Watching Jesse Ventura in full frontal lunacy, I felt gripped by the urge to strangle the people of Minnesota for electing him to the governorship in the first place. Now like Al Fraken, this loose cannon has clout and credibility. As I attempted to watch Conspiracy Theory episode on 9/11 cover-ups by the government, I began to see the danger of Jesse Ventura’s credibility.

Yeah…..”Truthers” …make me sick.

Truthers, make a mockery out of one of the most tragic chapters in American history. Jesse further goes on about the missing flight recorder boxes from the four air crafts involved in the 9/11 attacks. Apparently the 9/11 Commission Report claims that the black boxes were never recovered. Jesse has dug up deep throat style witnesses to prove otherwise.

I will go out on a limb here and say that if the FBI indeed is lying about the recovery of the black boxes… I really do not give a damn.  Perhaps the FBI is concealing the truth because ummmm, they do not want to reveal everything that happened in the cockpit because….they do not want the information to be used wrongfully by terrorists… Just a thought.

Addled, by the joke that is his governorship, Jesse proceeds to badger an FBI employee and scare the shit out of the friends of some poor informant  to the extent that they fail to show up for a clandestine meeting at a diner.He then questions their credibility “Why would they drag us out here to cancel” etc, etc…

It is at this point that I realized I could not handle the “truthers”.   The knowledge that such people exist is proof that there are gullible people willing to find inauthenticity in anything…Slavery, the Holocaust, 9/11 you name it.  I do not entertain truthers anymore than I would allow a “birther” to guest post on this blog.  “Trig” is not Sarah Palin’s son, “Obama is not American” blah, blah, blah. While O’s policies may call for the decline of America, I will accept that he is unfortunately American and our president.  The best I can do about it is to vote against him in 2012 granted he man up and run for re-election.  The best we can do about preventing another 9/11 is being vigilant and not succumbing to hyper political correctness or allowing GITMO detainees to have a OJ Simpson-esque trial in New York City.

That is what the people want. Here is a moving clip from Sean Hannity’s show with actual 9/11 survivors and families of the victims. They do not want the terrorists to be tried in civilian courts, steps away from Ground Zero…Here Gov. Ventura. Handle this truth. The father of one young victim point blank calls President Barack Obama “a liar” for backsliding on his promises to the 9/11 families. His testimony is very moving.

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Diversity Fatigue Friday: (No Pun Intended) Country First not Political Correctness November 6, 2009


From I own the world

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the Fort Hood Massacre. We cannot begin to realize the depth of your sorrow.

The miracle in this piece is that the shooter Nidal Malik Hasan is alive and can face punishment for this heinous act. Thank you to the female soldier who brought him down.

My brother was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas for six years. I lived with him there for three of those years. I fondly remember Fort Hood as a close knit military community.

I made friends with the local teens, often babysitting for the Army wives.

The Gulf War was taking place during that August of 1990. There was that familiar and understandable presence of tension and worry throughout the community. Fathers, daughters, partners and husbands leaving but not for Reforger exercises this time. They were going to a land we were unsure of.

A lesbian couple lived next door to us in Killeen, Texas which was the town surrounding Fort Hood. Tony and Toni were their names. We called them the two Toni’s.

One Tony was in the military, the other Toni was a school teacher.Their poignant goodbye kiss was a memorable event in my life. Both women had survived their own personal wars.

Toni had a fifteen year old son from her dissolved heterosexual marriage. Like most teenagers, Toni’s son had trouble adjusting to his mother’s life without dad…and life with another woman. There was a relative decaying of the emotions between mother and son which negatively impacted the couple.

The other Tony being an officer, had worked hard to get beyond the harassment she faced in the military. The little cottage in Killeen was a new start for her. Now she had to leave for the Gulf War.  I could see the acute anxiety Tony was facing as she wanted desperately to stay home and nurture her new relationship with Toni and possibly win over the teenager. She played hoops with him several times, they worked on cars together in the garage…maybe if they had more time…

Being a just a neighbor, I only saw Tony through our “good fences” as she tossed marinated meat on the backyard smoker or mowed the St. Augustine lawn. There were several times that she spoke to me about life in the Army and discrimination against women- particularly lesbians. She just wanted to rest, to stay home. Her loyalty to her country constituted a gift for America but a curse for her personal life. One Toni demonized the name of George H.W. Bush. The other Tony did not.  She was a servicewoman, an officer in the United States Army. It was her duty to go to Kuwait.

american-female-soldierThe goodbye of the Toni’s served as tangible proof of their caring relationship. As lesbians living in a military community, the women never displayed affection for one another publicly.

On this day  of their parting, things were different.

I watched shamelessly as the cab came for Tony.

Toni was sobbing endlessly while her son stood at the driveway motionless. He watched as his mother kissed a woman, her lover and partner in life. Tony waved at the boy. He only nodded which angered me. In his lack of emotion, this child was denying his mother and Tony the possibility and comfort of his empathy. More importantly, a denial of their desire to be seen as a couple being torn apart by one’s duty to her country. They were real people, real Americans. Tony was a patriot.

I mention this story of the Fort Hood community because many of my liberal friends fail to see that soldiers are people that carry tremendous burdens and a deep sense of honor, especially towards their fellow servicemen.

This is why I find it difficult to understand the actions of Major Hasan.  The mainstream media spin is now attributing his behavior to his fear of deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan. My liberal anti-war friends are blaming the incident on Bush and the consequences of America’s sins in Iraq.  For most if not all of us, expressing sympathy for the victims should come naturally. NOT THE SHOOTER. Remember who the victims are. Innocent people. Nidal Hasan is a coward.

Before Thursday’s shooting, Hasan reportedly gave away all of his furniture along with copies of the Koran to neighbors, KXXV-TV reported.

Sounds to me as if he knew he would not be coming home…Much like a suicide planning. He could have went AWOL and spared the lives of others. While it is difficult to assess Hasan’s true motives, make no mistake that this man is NOT A GOOD AMERICAN contrary to what his cousin said on Fox News last night.

Nidal’s  cousin offers the excuse that he was harassed by his Army colleagues due to his Middle Eastern ethnicity: “He was dealing with some harassment from his military colleagues.”

This is no excuse. As a psychiatrist in the Army, Hasan was well aware of the proper military channels for dealing with harassment and stress. He was a coward.

Country before political correctness. Hasan is a coward and traitor to our country.

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