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Saturday Toons: The Hope and Change All You Can’t Eat Buffet September 5, 2009

obama grannyHave you ever gone to an “all you can eat buffet” ?

If you have, more than likely you were met at the restaurant door by a beaming hostess willing to give you a nice clean white dinner plate and plastic tumbler for your iced tea.

A smorgasbord of nutritional wealth awaits you.

Depending upon the cuisine, you may have a hanker for those crab rangoons and pad thai chicken; you may go ga ga over the pancakes and sticky buns; graze at the salad offerings.

So many vertically aligned food choices, so little time. Gee this is fun, buffets with bottomless deficits are the stuff liberals are made of.

It is estimated that over 50 million people have passed through the Obama “hope and change” buffet.

Mouthing “Yes we Can” to themselves as they grab that white plate and wait in line for the refreshing leadership they so craved and deserved.  They were getting hungry out there in “Bush Country”. Life was so terrible out there.

With all of the romance of yesteryear’s Camelot, Obama’s supporters want that piece of the pie they were promised.  However, amid all the shining happy liberals holding hands there is a cloud hovering over the hope and change buffet.  Famous for not keeping his promises, President Barack Obama has remarkably made the meal selection process less painstaking.

Nothing truly appetizing lies in the stainless steel food chambers. I see some grease filmed cream of arugula soup, crusty vegetable medley casserole straight from Michelle Obama’s White House garden. The menu shows an abundance of crow. It is safe to assume that the food must be good, the flies seem to think so but why is everyone just standing here?  Suddenly press secretary Robert Gibbs voice is piped in through a loud speaker, interrupting a beautiful rendition of “At Last” by house speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“Ahem, idio- I mean people please walk, don’t run to the buffet. In response to the great demand on President Obama by corporate hacks and lobbyists that he said would have no part in his administration, there may be a few minor delays in the food getting out to you. For ease of selection you all will be getting served a whopping huge plate of nothing.”

Food is getting so low at the hope and change buffet that Obama supporters have resorted to cannibalism. A finger was bit off the hand of a conservative this week and savagely devoured by a rabid moonbat.

Food is getting so low at the hope and change buffet that Obama supporters have resorted to cannibalism. A finger was bit off the hand of a conservative this week and savagely devoured by a rabid moonbat. Image by Contra Obama.

Wow, a huge plate of nothing. Now there’s a palate pleaser. Certainly, the road to recovery will be long and hard for the millions crowded ’round the hope and change buffet.  I must say from the looks of complacency, they are all taking this pretty well. Come Oscar time, we are sure to see accolades delved out to the liberals for playing the “patience is a virtue, even tho’ it sucks”  role with such convincing authenticity.

Hey, someone better get Rosie some food she looks pretty hungry.

Hey, someone better get Rosie some food she looks pretty hungry.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The Jobless Stimulus

It’s still not too late to redirect $400 billion to business tax cuts.


The recession may be over on Wall Street and Silicon Valley, but on Working Family Avenue it still has a ways to run. That’s the lesson of yesterday’s August jobs report that showed losses of 216,000, which believe it or not is the slowest monthly decline in a year and caused the White House to praise with the faint damn that the “trajectory is in the right direction.” That’s the good news.

On the other hand, the jobless rate popped up to 9.7%, the highest rate in 26 years, from 9.4%, reflecting an increase in the size of the labor force. The main concern we see going forward is the slow pace of new job creation to soak up the 7.4 million workers who have lost jobs since 2007.

There are now 26 million Americans who can’t find a full-time job. Average weekly hours remained at an abysmally low 33.1—which is putting a strain on family budgets. And the jobless rate including so-called discouraged workers, or those who have stopped looking, leapt to 16.8% from 16.3% in July. Meanwhile, the number of Americans working part-time who want full-time work increased by 278,000 to 9.1 million, which as a share of the workforce is larger than at any time since the recession of 1982. These are the workers that employers will tend to hire first as a recovery unfolds, so it is worrisome that this cohort remains so large.

None of this does much for the credibility of the Obama Administration’s stimulus spending plan, which was sold with the promise of a jobless rate this year of “below 8%” if the stimulus were passed. That was off by some three million jobs in a mere seven months. The same economists who fretted in February that $780 billion in stimulus was too small now claim that the $300 billion or so that has been spent has somehow ignited the recovery.

But a tax-cutting stimulus would have provided much more job and economic growth for the buck, and it could even now too. If the Administration really wants to fire up private job creation, how about taking the remaining $400 billion or more and using it to lower business taxes? The unspent stimulus is enough for a two-year down payment on repealing the U.S. corporate income tax, which studies show is a job and wage-increase killer.

Congress could also reconsider its July minimum-wage increase of 70 cents an hour, which almost certainly contributed to the leap in teenage unemployment to 25.5% in August. The rate was 24% in June and 23.8% in July, before the wage hike started to price low-skilled teens looking for jobs out of the workplace. Congress would be wise to suspend the increase until the overall jobless rate falls below 7%.

Of course neither of our proposals is going to happen given the current policy views in Washington, but someone has to speak up for workers who want a job, as opposed to those lucky enough to still have them.

Global Plate Warming buffet while Referencing the "Holy Goran" is a sure way to keep your mind off watching the door for the waiters to bring more food. Hey how did he get that tiurkey leg when you have nothing????

Global Plate Warming buffet while the legendary man bear pig, references the "Holy Goran" is a sure way to keep your mind off watching the door for the waiters to bring more food. Hey how did he get that turkey leg when you have nothing????

At the beginning, I knew that the hope and change buffet was a bunch of baloney. There was a huge amount of illusion going on in the Obama campaign. Illusion leads to disillusionment which hopefully leads to no reelection in 2012. This is a sensitive subject for Obama’s supporters. Afraid to admit they were taken in by the pied piper, they create distractions by charging racism. There is no racism at the hope and change buffet. None of you are being served. You can sit wherever you want, as long as you realize that all will equally get nothing in return for your support. Botch and whine stew is a perennial favorite among liberals. Your dear leader has seen to it that you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy your hoped cooked culinary concoction while pussyfooting around what really matters to you and your family at the same time. President Doubtfire will promise you an eclipse on Christmas day, but I doubt you will ever need to get out your safety glasses.

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Saturday Toons: How Low Can You Go? August 29, 2009

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On the toons list today are two videos, one a disturbing audio clip of Rep. Diane Watson (D-CA), making race baiting remarks which insinuate that President Obama has enemies that do not want him to get ahead because of his color.


Essentially the video is explaining how the citizens of Germany allowed Hitler to slowly rise to power without much resistance. The foreshadowing of a similar fate in America is quite an evident and potent message.


Saturday Toons: The Yes We Candy Man Can’t August 8, 2009


“Who can make the debt rise, sprinkle it with DNC donkey poo?

Cover everything in chocolate and make a racist out of me and you?

The Obama Candy Man can, oh the Obama candy man can…

The Obama Candy Man can cause he meets criticism with fear and makes Americans misunderstood.”

You must forgive my attempts to become an award winning lyricist but I could not help myself.  The golden tickets are all fake and the Obamabots are rising from the fields of poisoned poppies with a breakout of buyer’s remorse. The assessment of damaged egos will be far greater than we imagined.

(Afrocity puts on a huge smile)

Yesterday, I was watching Neil Cavuto on FOX NEWS. He was discussing Obama buyers remorse with a woman who openly admitted that she voted for Obama but is now disappointed in him. The woman said she felt that she was lied to and betrayed, sighting Obama’s campaign promises of change and transparency.

Stop the Tape!!!

What is oh so obvious about Obama’s supporters is their failure to do research into the life of their chosen candidate BEFORE THEY VOTED FOR HIM.

Who fell for Obama? Did you? Not I?

In terms of “Change You Can Believe In”  we had a candidate who bought his home from a criminal in a shifty real estate deal. We had  candidate who was caught embellishing stories about his past, who threw his own minister and grandmother under the bus. This was a man who lived in luxury in Chicago, while his aunt lived in Boston public housing projects. Is voting “present” change you can believe in? In terms of transparency, we had a candidate that would not release his college records, or his legislative history with the Illinois Senate.  There was evidence of Obama on tape admitting to his intentions to “spread the wealth”  and  bankrupt the coal industry.


John Kerry Loompah

John Kerry Loompah

My answer to this tragic mislead soul on the Neil Cavuto show: Lady, I am not sure what you saw but I know what I saw.  I saw what was not there. You saw what you wanted to see there. Cotton candy is spun sugar. Fluffy and white like a cloud.  Naive kids like me were suckers for a cotton candy vendor. Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago always made sure they positioned that cotton candy stand right by the sea lions where young Afrocity would see it.  How would I spend my two dollar zoo allowance? I could get a balloon but it may burst on the subway ride home. An orange creamsicle  would indeed hit the spot on a sweltering August day.  There was the zoo gift shop with puzzles of monkeys and such…Or there was cotton candy- a quick sticky instant gratification that melts in your mouth and then POOF! It’s gone and so is your money.  Afrocity, decided to buy a small cherry blast ICEE in order to stay cool, and save the left over 75 cents for later on.  I had learned my lessons early. Too many popped balloons by jealous kids, tiger jigsaw puzzles I never put together, and expensive sticky lips with nothing to show for it but breaking a sweat from swatting at yellow jackets, had proved that you should buy something that does what it says its gonna do without boring you to death or causing added headaches.  On that day at the zoo it was the friendly ICEE polar bear. He was sweet and kept me cool – just like he promised.

obama wonkaIn 2008 I chose John McCain and Sarah Palin.  McCain/Palin would have put our country first. McCain would not have signed the stimulus bill, or been involved in the Gates issue even if Gates was his friend. McCain would have governed instead of ruled. McCain would have listened to the people and responded to criticism with a listening ear and not the Jackass Gestapo. Obama is a walking distraction which makes for a terrible leader. America elected a star, not a president.  Unfortunately, it is this role that President Obama relishes. He is the Candy Man who made the world feel good…at the time. Now what? We have cherry red lips and a gut ache of a debt. We have a manchild “deer in the headlights” leader who stomps his feet and pouts during at the slightest hint of criticism.

obama2WonkaThankfully, conservatives are getting the word out concerning the Obama Candy Man and his Jackass Gestapo. We are drowning out moonbats from the liberal camp. No longer are we the silent minority. Michelle Malkin made me proud on The View last week. Please listen to Michelle’s plea to hold the Obama administration and all politicians accountable.  I love the way Michelle defends herself against these Obama ditto heads. By the way, it is not Michelle’s job to fix anything. She is simply pointing out the lies and corruption in the Obama administration. Notice how the women of  The View, never address Michelle’s findings with any counter argument of substance.

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Saturday Toons: Green Insanity and the Fiendish Plot of Doctor Chu May 30, 2009

hell and basket

At this precise moment in history a fog of confusion has settled over everything concerning energy and our environment . The issues and ethical concerns are difficult for me to navigate. I am lost and confused. Can you tell me how to get… how to get to “Sanity Street”???

I always “try ” and I use that term loosely, to be conscious of ways to help the environment. I will not go into the financial specifics of my contributions to our planet’s green wellness, but I recycle bags, and place trash into to proper bins when one is available. I have energy efficient appliances. I turn lights on only when necessary which is easy at times because I prefer candle light to lamps.

At the threshold of environmental awareness, I was a preteen.  Eight pack “no deposit, no return” soda pop bottles morphed into plastic liters. My mother was ticked off because she missed the old nice cold hour glass shaped bottle of Coke. She was even more annoyed that her brown paper grocery bags had gone all plastic on her. How much these new developments actually helped the environment was not a concern to me. All I knew was that the plastic bottles were more convenient and lighter to carry. I didn’t have to worry about breaking them.  I could use the plastic bags later for dog poop and cleaning out the litter box.  Those bags help when your Maine Coon cat leaves a clump of Texas sized litter waste for you.

During the mid-1990’s, my dates would often take me to those cool IMAX movies at the Natural History Museum. The films wear aesthetically stimulating but they had a definite agenda. My first IMAX film was something about the rainforests and the general uncertainties surrounding increased human intrusion. After viewing such beautiful trees and exotic animals, I began to modestly contribute $5 taken directly from my student bank account once a month to save our rainforests. Okay, so there was a guy from Greenpeace waiting for suckers like me to exit the theater but  I was doing something and this made me feel better about myself. Gone were my cans of hairspray and air freshener. I was in the loop and fluorocarbons were hazardous to wildlife. Mother was still old fashioned and used Right Guard deodorant aerosol formula!!! How could she? Poor, sad  environmentally ignorant mom.  As a child all she ever had to worry about was an atomic bomb.

I do give her “props” for making me give up all that strawberry flavored Quick milk after the 1970’s RED DYE # 2  scare.quick

Speaking of healthy environmentally helpful food, shopping at Whole Foods was the also the hip and right thing to do. So what if it killed my checking account? No I am not a vegan or allergic to gluten. I don’t have celiac disease  or lactose intolerance but I was supporting some farmer in Duchess County by purchasing those purple potatoes. While living in NYC, Saturday afternoons sometimes meant shopping the farmers market in Union Square. Well truthfully, I did not go there specifically for the green market…There was a Sephora nearby and a Filene’s Basement one thing led to another and there I was buying a jar of clover leaf honey from some guy with overalls and rotten teeth. Those yellow tomatoes and honey would find their way to my crisper bin, where they would often spoil before I got around to using them or be tossed out when I moved. Who cares if I wasted $24.00?  I was the perfect environmentally concerned liberal who did not vote in the 2004 election.

fool aid
That was then, this is now.

Now I am lucky if I remember to buy those funny looking light bulbs. My building is a luxury high-rise with ONE trash chute to dispose everything: cans, bottles, cardboard boxes, used diapers. Where it all goes nobody knows and I don’t think my neighbors care.

Though I still “try” every now and then to don my do-rag and get green, I am admittedly a failure. I own a very huge burlap plastic lined bag that says: RECYCLE, TO SAVE OUR BIRDS, ANIMALS, CHILDREN AND EARTH. Yet I never seem to get my green act together enough to have it handy when I am buying groceries as most of my shopping is done impromptu and under extreme digestible duress.

Once I am actually  in the store and I see the goody two shoes green moonbats bagging their own organic chard and Tom’s toothpaste, do I smack myself upside the forehead “Shit, I forgot to bring the damn reusable bag that I paid $37 for at some third world novelty store in Madison, Wisconsin. The bottom line is I am a very passive environmentalist, if I remember to help, I do. If I don’t (shrug shoulders), oh well. Nevermind the woman behind me in line snuffing her nose at me because I forgot my bags and quietly choose paper. You know the type, she makes her own dog food for her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is also a vegetarian, just like his mommy. Her basket is filled to the brim with environmentally correct food. Not one boneless split chicken breast  in her cart has been exposed to fluorescent light. Those applewood maple sausages were made all by hand in Lancaster Country, PA.   By blind Amish people. Give me a break lady. Can’t you see I have bought some acai berries and Wolfgang Puck vegetable broth. I don’t have my reusable bag. It is at home damn it. I was well intentioned when I bought it, so there! I will take my brown toilet paper and leave knowing that I made a damn good effort to be green.


My confession today makes Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu recent advice to paint our rooftops white all the more laughable to someone like myself can’t even manage to bring a reusable tote to Whole Foods. As you can expect there are others who feel the same sense of indifference that I do.

This article by Rich Galen at gave a great answer to Dr.ChU:

On February 10, 2003 – five months after the 9/11 attacks, but while we were still reeling from the anthrax attacks – the Department of Homeland Security sent out a press release which included the following:

How To Prepare For a Biological Attack

Assemble a disaster supply kit, including:

– Battery-powered commercial radio with extra batteries

– Non-perishable food and drinking water

– Roll of duct tape and scissors

– Plastic for doors, windows, and vents for the room in which you will shelter in place.

To save time during an emergency, sheeting should be pre-measured and cut for each opening.

– First aid kit

– Sanitation supplies, including soap, water and bleach

You may remember that point three – a roll of duct tape and scissors – was greeted with generalized hilarity, scorn, contempt, distain [sic], and ridicule to mention but a few of the reactions among the very members of the press corps who were scared you-know-what-less about being the next recipient of a letter in the city room which puffed white powder when opened.

The other day, the current Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu was speaking at the “St James’s Palace Nobel Laureate Symposium” in London which, if it is not the most pretentiously named meeting on the planet, it must be among the top five, told his laureateal colleagues that we should paint much of the world white to reflect heat back up into space and, thus, cure global warming.

I am not making this up. Ok. I made up the word “laureateal” but the rest of this is true. From the London Times:

Building regulations should insist that all flat roofs were painted white, and visible tilted roofs could be painted with “cool-coloured” paints that looked normal, but which absorbed much less heat than conventional dark surfaces. Roads could be lightened to a concrete colour so they would not dazzle drivers in bright sunlight.

See? It’s not as stupid as it first seems. Neither was the suggestion that you pick a room in your house you could seal off against anthrax, or pneumonic plague, or smallpox as dumb as the popular press made it seem.

The difference? The duct tape suggestion came from appointees in the administration of George W. Bush. The paint-it-white idea was suggested by an acolyte of B*A*R*A*C*K O*B*A*M*A so it is, by definition, good.

Yeah I do remember those first post 9/11 years:


But does this sound any much better?

Hmmm, Painting our rooftops white. I agree with Rich Galen that there may be some semblance of sanity and logic in the idea. I know the liberal position would be to embrace this with open moonbat wings. I could take the easy route and say I am a Republican, therefore I am against it. Instead I will be honest. I think most will be too darn lazy to crawl on their roof to do this. Also what happens when someone comes along later and says that painting our rooftops white is not environmentally safe? You know they will. Weren’t the plastic grocery bags at one time thought to be good for us?

Dr. Chu, I am not mocking you. I sincerely understand your concern but I have too many greater things to worry about. Like what the hell is happening to the children in America? Why do we care about people like “Octomom” and John and Kate Plus Eight? Why are liberal celebrities adopting children from foreign lands instead of adopting any of the thousands of kids in the American foster care system?

renee-zellweger-candyMany of those kids are even MINORITIES. If it is so cool to be white and adopt a dark skinned child from another country, why not try adopting a child of color from your own country for a change? Plenty of African American and Latino children are in foster care homes waiting for someone like Madonna and Angelina Jolie to adopt them.  Madonna put down your Marc Jacobs custom made leather handbag and pick up a phone to call Adopt US Kids You could also channel your inner green monster and donate money to create jobs for our troubled teens by having them paint rooftops white? That is not a bad idea you know.

Now which way was that to Sanity Street?

Bad parent 3

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