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New Film Will Out Gay Republicans April 12, 2009

Promotional for "Outrage" documentary directed and written by Kirby Dick.

New Film Will Out Gay Republicans

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By Jenn Q. Public

If a straight conservative outed a group of gay liberal politicians for any reason at all, the outrage would be palpable. And rightly so.

Funny how a different standard applies when straight liberal filmmaker Kirby Dick announces his intention to out gay Republican politicos. His new documentary film is called Outrage, and its tagline is “A searing exposé of the secret lives of closeted gay politicians.”

From indieWIRE :

The new film examines the double lives of a number of current political figures, mostly Republican men, who have masked their homosexuality through marriage to women and by actively working against the gay community. It explores the stories of politicians who, through their policies and voting records, actively bash gay people in order to prove they themselves are not gay. And it details a media establishment that keeps their secrets. The lives of former elected officials (and even some mainstream media figures) are also examined as the film explores the dual lives of public people who have chosen to live in the closet.

Translation: gay politicians who don’t toe the Democratic Party line are fair game to be pilloried as self-loathing hypocrites by an attention whoring documentarian.

You know, there’s a reason some conservatives toss around words like “gaystapo.”

Dick, a self-anointed hunter-in-chief of gay conservatives, believes that exposing supposed hypocrisy gives him absolute moral authority to force gay Republicans out of the closet. But he just calls it good old-fashioned reporting:

“I think that if someone is in the closet and voting against gay rights then that’s hypocrisy and that’s cause for outing,” Dick told indieWIRE, addressing the issue of responsibility and when it’s appropriate to out people. “You can call it ‘outing,’ but honestly, it’s just reporting… It’s the same as someone who’s had an abortion and then votes against abortion, it’s hypocritical.”

The pretense is that outing is the great equalizer. It is held up as a bold and noble act in defense of gays and lesbians. In reality, it is petty, vindictive, and yes, often catty. Dick’s film is just the latest flagrant attempt to silence and disenfranchise gay Americans who don’t kowtow to a liberal agenda.

The mere suggestion that gays are not an ideological monolith is a threat to the liberal narrative. Liberal gay activists would have you believe that political and sexual identity are inextricably linked, that physical attraction somehow dictates whether one believes in gay marriage or hate speech legislation. Outing is the go-to punishment for betrayal of that narrative.

Publicly exposing the sexual orientation of gay Republican congressmen is, of course, a poor strategy for achieving pretty much anything other than schadenfreude. Most conservatives are indifferent to what goes on in the private bedrooms of public officials so long as all participants are consenting adults.

A representative from Magnolia Pictures, the distributor for Outrage, told indieWIRE the film “could be a ‘game changer’ for same sex civil rights.” They would be hard pressed to come up with a more shallow, tone deaf analysis than that. Smugly celebrating the discomfort of newly outed Republicans won’t help same sex marriage advocates make friends and influence people. At worst, Kirby Dick’s misguided crusade may actually strengthen the resolve of the conservatives who believe that the liberal gay agenda threatens their way of life.

Hat Tip: Hot Air Headlines

Update: Good timing: GayPatriot annouces the upcoming launch of GOProud, a gay conservative organization. Unlike the Log Cabin Republicans, you can expect this new 527 to adequately address issues like the outing of gay Republicans. Also just popping up in my feed reader, Dan Blatt takes on Kirby Dick’s use of hypocrisy to justify the outing of gay Republicans.

Another update: Predictably, the bashing of GOProud has begun, with pages ripped right from the usual liberal playbook. Here’s what’s bouncing around Twitter right now:

GOProud Slogan: We’re like the Log Cabin Republicans — but with 100% MORE self-loathing!

Fifty bucks says the terms self-loathing or self-hating appear more than once in Kirby Dick’s film.


Segregation A Unique Experience???: The Issue of Gay Dormitories April 11, 2009

University Of Vermont Gay Dormitory

University Of Vermont Gay Dormitory

I am having mixed feelings about gay housing. No, No it is not because I am a Conservative hence I must be an evil NEOCON and against the GLBT community. Gay friendly housing has been offered several universities including the University of Vermont and now it is being offered at Texas Christian University:

Courtesy of
Christian University to Offer Gay Housing
By Rhiza Dizon

Texas Christian University will begin offering housing specifically for LGBT students in the fall, becoming one of the few religious colleges in the nation to offer such an option.

“It’s a chance for students to be part of a unique experience,” David Cooper, TCU associate director for residential life, told the Star-Telegram. Cooper also said it’s important to universities because students who feel a connection to their school are more likely to stay.

The DiversCity Q housing component will be open to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students as well as their allies.

Shelly Newkirk, who helped lead the effort for the DiversCity Q housing area, says her vision is for a community where gay and straight students can interact. The TCU sophomore said the new resident halls will have programs for the general campus community.

Such programs offer gay students a way to offer mutual support and create a community, said Nancy Tubbs, director of the LGBT Resource Center at the University of California, Riverside, which offers gender-neutral housing and a living-learning community similar to TCU’s. Because straight students can join the living-learning community, it’s not self-segregating, Tubbs said. “I think it’s wonderful that TCU is offering this.”

At first when I read the news about TCU offering gay housing, I thought cool!!! But then something that Coretta Scott King said once echoed in my mind:

“Segregation was wrong when it was forced by white people, and I believe it is still wrong when it is requested by black people.”

When I went to college in Texas, there was a dorm that most of the blacks were “assigned to”. I was assigned to this dorm and noticed after about 2 months that this is where all of the Black kids lived. I wanted to move and I asked the dorm director who was a Latina why did all of the Black people live in dorm “X”.
she replied:

“All of the Black students live in dorm X because they usually want to live there. They feel comfortable with each other. They like it that way”.

At this particular university whenever we filled out dorm applications there was box that we checked which indicated our race. So I assumed that is how I was assigned to “the Black folks dorm”. I spoke to some of my fellow residents and they said they knew that Dorm X was where the Blacks lived but they liked it. For sake of full disclosure, occasionally a Caucasian was assigned to Dorm x but they were usually known as “wiggers” and requested to live there.

Later I became a RA (resident adviser) and noticed that when the dorm applications came in there were actually people that requested to NOT HAVE A BLACK ROOMMATE .

This is why the decision of TCU to have gay housing bothers me. I see it as self segregation which is not a good thing in my opinion I think we need more interaction among diverse groups. Gays, Straight, Black, White, Republicans, Democrats.

It is like the high school lunch table where all of the black people sit together. I never sat at those tables and in college I was cornered by a group of African American students and called a “sell out Clarence Thomas”….”Why do you sit with the white girls???”

I understand the desire for gay students to have mutual support however, I am troubled by the message it may send to others. Shouldn’t we challenge our comfort zones and break down walls rather than going to the nearest IKEA and building them? I am in favor of Black student groups, GLBT groups, Baptist and other religious student groups. Housing on the other hand, is a different issue all together. Remember all of the Equal Housing Laws we have fought so hard for in this country?

Sorry but this seems like a step in the wrong direction to me.

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