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Will the Pink Vote Give Obama the Pink Slip In 2012? January 25, 2010

As conservatives hope against hope that gay marriage is never passed in their respective states of residence, Barack Obama, who won the “pink vote”  during the 2008 presidential election has done no better than a vegetable stricken with bystander effect when it comes to supporting gay rights.

Understandably, many gay voters deplore President Obama’s slow rate of progress in establishing gay rights and equality, particularly in the arenas of marriage and the military.

As early as February 2010, U.S.  Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen will testify at a congressional hearing on the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”  policy concerning gays serving openly in the military.

Don’t Ask Don ‘t Tell, challenges conservatives to come to terms with their idea of a strong military.  Who should and should not serve? Should gays and lesbians in the military  be allowed to speak out about their personal lives?  Can they marry on base like straight soldiers?

Currently, many gays have been discharged from service who were excellent soldiers and offered valuable skills such as weapons or language capabilities which should under “normal” circumstance render them indispensable.

Despite President Obama pledging to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,  the pink vote has noticed his annoying tendency to waffle as he has done with so many  other campaign promises  he made to liberals.

From this article in the Wall Street Journal:

Ask Obama About Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Gay voters are growing impatient for equality.

JANUARY 24, 2010


Current law does not require the services to discharge members based on sexual orientation per se. Rather, it looks to certain conduct to create a presumption for discharge. Thus, the Department of Defense has the authority to devise regulations that determine when such prohibited conduct has occurred. Defense could also interpret the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell statute more literally (as intended) and refuse to discharge a service member unless he willfully discloses that he is gay, which almost never happens. Finally, Defense could invoke current regulations to retain gay service members in the interest of national security. All are good options.

What is especially troubling, however, is Mr. Obama’s oversensitivity to a dwindling minority of bigots on this issue. Hundreds of military careers have been destroyed on his watch for no valid reason. The country has been deprived of the talents of these service members and has wasted millions of dollars on their training.

Many wonder when their president will show the same kind of concern for the constitutional rights of gay American service members as he has for enemy combatants held at Guantanamo Bay. Many wonder what the administration’s willingness to treat gay Americans as second-class citizens says to Uganda and other countries that are considering laws that would subject gays to imprisonment and even death.

Gay Americans have been among the president’s most ardent supporters. Their enthusiasm, and that of their families and friends, could be crucial in this year’s elections. The president’s action—or inaction—on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will be noticed.

An increasingly frustrated bloc of gay voters—angry over marriage setbacks in California, Maine, New Jersey and New York and emboldened by Ted Olson’s and David Boies’s high-profile effort to declare unconstitutional laws that prohibit gay marriage—are growing impatient for equality. As Mr. Olson said in federal district court in San Francisco recently, discriminatory laws serve only to “label gay and lesbian persons as different, inferior, unequal and disfavored.”

Afrocity wonders, who exactly is this “minority of bigots” the WSJ opinion piece is referring to?

Minority…Hmmm. That is an interesting choice of words.

From San Francisco Gay Pride Week

We all know that there is a perception gap between Obama supporters and supporters of gay rights.  African Americans have been rather consistent in their lack of open armed embrace for the gay community.  An African America vote for Obama does not not necessarily translate into a pink vote. While the gay culture within the black community as been somewhat acknowledged with the advent of “Black Gay Pride Week” and an increase in openly gay black celebrities such as Wanda Sykes, the black gay movement still seems wholly autonomous.    There is cultural tension between African Americans, gays, and religion.   I believe this is the reason for Obama’s waffling on gay rights.  The black church ain’t having that and Obama knows it. To appease one group means offending another.  As progressive as Barack Obama professes to be, he still owes much of his election to African Americans who do not support gay rights.  This dilemma will continue to haunt the pink vote which has become the battered stepchild of the Obama administration.  Like the anti-war moonbats  such as Code Pink, Obama has slept with you, now it is time for gays and lesbians to put on their clothes and take the walk of shame bus back home.  I promise that Obama is very much so ever “into you”.  He will call you in oh, say 2011.

While I am not an actively involved in supporting gay rights, I am not opposed to gay marriage.  I just find it interesting that Republican moderates and conservatives divide over whether we should support gay rights out of fear of the Obama presidency pushing pro-gay legislation through, when in reality there is not much pushing from the left.  Where is the big fight for gays from Barack Obama?

I did not hear anything about fighting for gays during Obama’s speech in Ohio last week.

Still, don’t look for the pink vote to be back on the market anytime soon…And don’t look for Obama to mention one iota about gays or lesbians during his State of the Union address on hump day.

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Private Matters, Public Hobbies:Obama Backs Transgender Ruling…Sort of July 1, 2009

Obama silence

Considering President Barack Obama’s silence on California’s proposition 8 and many issues involving gay rights. It is hard to sometimes know where his administration stands on the issue. It is common knowledge that Obama considers marriage to be between a man and a woman. The same can be said about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, though some on the left have given Obama a pass on while holding Clinton’s feet more closely to the fire during her presidential campaign bid.

I am happy with the following action or lack there of by the Obama administration but I am still curious as to why Obama has not come out and said something publicly concerning sexual orientation and the right to privacy.Obama Hospital

Fox News

July 1, 2009

Obama Administration Has No Plans to Fight Transgender Ruling

The White House is not going to appeal a nearly $500,000 judgment for a Library of Congress employee who lost the job while undergoing a gender change from a man to a woman.

WASHINGTONThe Obama administration is not fighting a nearly $500,000 judgment for a Library of Congress hiree who lost the job while undergoing a gender change from a man to a woman.

The Justice Department let the deadline to appeal the decision pass Tuesday, a day after President BarackObama hosted gay supporters at the White House and promised to be their “champion.” Some activists have complained he has not led on their causes, including ending the ban on gays in the military.

Diane Schroer, a retired Army Special Forces commander from Alexandria, Va., had been offered a job at the Library of Congress when he was a man, David Schroer. The job was rescinded the day after Schroer told a library official he was going to have an operation to become a woman.

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit on Schroer’s behalf in 2005, and two months ago a federal judge awarded her $491,190 in back pay and damages because of sex discrimination.

The Library of Congress and President George W. Bush’s Justice Department had argued unsuccessfully that discrimination because of transsexuality was not illegal sex discrimination under the Civil Rights Act.

Schroer said she saw the administration’s decision not to appeal as a recognition that transgender discrimination must end and “gives me renewed hope and restores some of my shaken faith in what our country stands for.”

“This case put employers on notice that discrimination against transgender individuals is like any other form of discrimination — counterproductive and against our principles as a nation,” she said in a statement. But she added that Congress must pass a law preventing “rampant” transgender discrimination across the country.

Schroer is a former U.S. Army colonel who directed a classified group that tracked and targeted terrorists. Schroer retired in 2004 after 25 years of service and worked briefly in the private sector before applying for the Congressional Research Service job at the Library of Congress.

After being offered the job, Schroer had lunch with a Library of Congress official and explained the upcoming surgery. Schroer testified the official called the next day and said the position would not be a “good fit.”

The ACLU said the decision not to appeal fits with Obama’s campaign promises to protect transgender workers against discrimination and his administration’s recent order taking steps to bar gender identity discrimination in federal employment.

“The administration’s decision not to challenge this important civil rights ruling is a welcome sign that it intends to live up to its commitment to help end transgender discrimination in the workplace,” said Sharon McGowan, a staff attorney with the ACLU Lesbian and Gay Rights Project.

Bravo.  For once I agree with something that the Obama administration had done.  The Library of Congress was at fault. It the employee was fine when they were one sex, nothing should effect that after the sex change operation.  Shame on you Library of Congress.

In 2001, I was working for a museum in New York City where I encountered a wonderful young woman who wore cool glasses that were made from vintage frames. We were not friends but rather hallway/subway platform chat buddies. I would see her on the way to the coffee room, or at the subway waiting for the 4,5,6 train. Besides being women, we had a few other things in common. We had both expatriated from the Midwest and we both found it peculiar that men had began knitting on the subway. This was suddenly the “in” show of a man’s inner sensitivity. She argued that the men most likely knitted on the subway to get laid. Knitting was a private hobby that required concentration, not the sounds and smells of the New York subway. While I agreed with her on the getting laid part, I did not agree with the knitting was not a “public hobby”. Maybe the knitting helped drown out the dreary urban distractions like a good book but with needles and yarn ( and a handy weapon if need be).

wtf-pics-subway-mummyWe chatted until she got off at Astor Place I stayed on the train thinking she is a nice girl, I should get a coffee with her sometimes or have lunch at work- must remember to do that. A few months went by without my seeing my platform buddy. I decided to check out the museum staff directory online. I remembered her first name and in New York, that is a miracle in and of itself. Not finding her, I figured the office “know it all” would know how I could find my buddy for a lunch invite. Spring had arrived and it would be nice to go to Central Park and have someone to eat with, someone who wore cool glasses and would not speak to me in a condescending tone like some native New Yorkers would do once they learned I was a transplant from “Middle America”.

Know it all co-workers function at their best when gossip is involved. The know it all knew all about my subway platform buddy.

“Oh, you mean HIM not HER.” The know it all was dipping a Lipton teabag in a Styrofoam cup with this raised eyebrow. “It’s a BOY!!!!!”
By my mother’s definition, I was sometimes incredibly dense. Maybe she was a man all along and I did not know. She did dress in androgynous J. Crew and Ambercrombie and Fitch clothing. But the voice was definitely a woman’s voice and those hands were delicate.

The know it all went on to blab that my platform buddy decided to become a man and was involved in some health insurance tiff. Does health insurance pay for sex change operations? I did not know but it was not my business. The know it all was annoyed that “he” now wanted to be called by his new name, hence the my failure to find him/her in the staff directory.straight-vs-gay-js

So where is he now?” I asked.
“Can you believe she, he, it (snicker) quit without giving us notice? Left us in a bind, now we have to hire a fucking temp. I believe she came here just to get insurance for that surgery…What did you want her for anyway? Did she not do something you asked too? She left a shit pile of requisitions  on her desk–“

The know it all’s elaborations on my buddy’s work ethic or sex change did not concern me. What did was that she was parading the news around for her own amusement. Gossips are such lonely people I bet.  I wonder what they do when something unfortunate happens to them like a death in the family or a cheating spouse? But alas, it never does. Karma is not that just, it just strikes randomly.  A sex change is a private matter until the person wants it to be public. The details about my buddy’s health insurance most likely came from leaked information which should have remained secret.

I asked the know it all what I wanted to know. “Do you have a forwarding address for him?”  I asked.

Ms. Know it All asked why and I said I had borrowed something that I wanted to return.

“Well give it to me. I will forward it to her via HR.”

I was getting nowhere. I never saw my buddy again. Maybe my buddy did not think enough of me to say goodbye but I at least wanted to let him know that I supported him and to thank him for keeping my sanity during a time when I thought I could not hack it in New York.

Should my buddy have told me that she was having a sex change? I say not unless she wanted to.

Had he come up to me after the operation, I am sure I would have figured it out and went about chatting on the subway platform like normal. It is a private matter as well as a sensitive one. How dare a workplace hold that against a person concerning a job offer? If the gender or the race of an applicant is unimportant during the time of selection——–WHOA— or is it?

No stop.  Afrocity you are being too complicated.

What if they wanted to use affirmative action to hire a woman and the women had a sex change to become a man. Would that make a difference?

Autographed Letter Signed,



Sunday Soliloquy: Keeping it “Post-Racial” and In The Closet June 28, 2009

Composers and Collaborators, Duke Ellington (left) and Bill Strayhorn

Composers and Collaborators, Duke Ellington (left) and Bill Strayhorn

The study of the African American collective consciousness can be one of great complexity. To say there is a collective assumes that we are all bounded by race exclusive of the black individual. No matter who we are or what we do as African Americans, we are all going to die black.

As I observe the goings ons surrounding  pop singer Michael Jackson’s death, I find  great dissimilarities between the verbal reflections of his Caucasian associates verses those of his African American associates.

Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest, most likely due to the overuse of prescription drugs. There is not much controversy in that. So why all of the hoopla? Because there is much controversy in the way Michael Jackson live his life which was very let say ‘un-black’.

Historically, the African American community has not been very welcoming to gays and lesbians. Nor have they been very open or honest about mental illness within the community. The idea was that homosexuality and mental illness was something only white people experienced. Let me just pause here to say that I am in no way correlating homosexuality with mental illness, I am simply bring up two subjects that are taboo within the African American community.

When a black celebrity is gay, everything is usually done to erase the societal memory of that. Recently, when I visited the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History, there was an exhibit on African American composer Duke Ellington and his collaborator Billy Strayhorn also an African American and openly gay. Strayhorn composed “Take the A Train”  but he was also friends with Martin Luther King Jr. and did much to advance civil rights. While I can understand that the Smithsonian exhibit was about music, there was nothing mentioned about Strayhorn’s sexuality which was an paramount part of his music and associations.

There is also Bayard Rustin, a gay civil rights activist that was gay. I have mentioned Mr. Rustin in previous posts. Rustin was a close adviser to Martin Luther King Jr. and organized the epic “March on Washington”. Do you hear much about Bayard Rustin?

Much of black leadership has come from the religious wings.  The black church has been viewed as the cornerstone of the black community. This can be traced back to the days of slavery.  Look at the leaders in the black community today. Michael Jackson is dead. Who shows up to the home of his family? Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson. A black person is wrongfully accused of something or murdered  by the police who shows up to defend them Rev. Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Some innocent political cartoonist draws something about President Barack Obama that is perceived as racist (whether it really is or not) who leads the calls for the publication to fire the cartoonist? Rev. Al Sharpton.

black credsRacial profiling, youth violence, and media racism can all be colored as political issues. So where does religion come into this? Why do we need these “reverends” to come out for us? They do a lot more than praying. They speak for African Americans as a race. This disturbs me because I feel that my views are often not in alignment with theirs. Incidentally as a little anecdotal side note, when GOP chairman Michael Steele or former Secretary of State Condi Rice  were referred to as “uncle toms” by blacks and whites alike, you never heard so much as a peep out of the reverends. Black gays, conservatives, and the mental unstable are kept in the closet.  The National Organization for Women (NOW) also keeps its mouth shut when conservative women such as Gov. Sarah Palin get mauled by the media. In both cases it is an awful but unfortunate double standard.

With Barack Obama in office, many of the religious reactionary and conservative African American voices are now empowered. We are seeing this with the passage of Prop. 8 in California and we are also seeing this with regards to the shaping of Black collective memory. Reverend Jeremiah Wright is being called upon for public appearances more than ever. Rev. Wright’s well known “God Damn America” speech hardly makes him one that should be consulted as a speaker on the black community.

I am by no means condemning the black church.

While I do not attend Sunday services, I consider myself to be “spiritual” . I pray and I read the Bible. I am just not a believer in organized religion. I am a proponent of the separation of church and state, which means separation of church and politics.The black church in my opinion has overstepped these boundaries.

Having a forum for black dialogue is important especially in the public arena. But there is more than one avenue we can take in order to achieve that. At the oresent moment, there is no balance. Something bad happens to a person of color, the media calls upon Rev. Al Sharpton to speak for all blacks.  Sharpton will not defend a black conservative or gay, so where is the diversity in that?

PowellDuring the election, it was clear that Rev. Jesse Jackson did not care for Barack Obama but he backed him anyway. Where is the freedom of choice in that? Jackson felt pressured to support Obama because they are both of color. I encountered quite a few African Americans that did not agree with Barack Obama. Hell, they did not even like Obama but they voted for him anyway.  Colin Powell turned his back on the Republican Party and his long time friend Senator John McCain to support Barack Obama. Why would Powell do this when Obama has little respect for the military or the policies he instituted under the Bush administration.

When you throw legacy and collective memory into this, you are left with this sort of myth making on the part of our so called African America leaders.  A famous black person dies and you see this rush to create some weird white washed revisionist black history. Oh, no Martin Luther King never cheated on  Coretta. Writer Richard Write loved black women. Josephine Baker was not a lesbian and Langston Hughes was not gay. Michael Jackson was not “off the wall”.

I am bringing this all up specifically because the recent approach by the African American community on Michael Jackson’s legacy is to erase the fact that man while talented and an American icon, demonstrated behavior that was incredibly bizarre.

What I am hearing from the AA side is “Oh, Michael was not taking drugs…let’s remember his accolades.”

So that is what we are saying now about Michael Jackson

Is it just me or do anyone else recalled that most of the parodies an fodder made of Michael Jackson during his life came from African Americans  like Eddie Murphy or African American shows like In Living Color…


So now Michael is suddenly normal again and in the closet?

Welcome to the Black Image Makeover Awards. I loved Michael Jackson the way he was and I will remember him for his talent as well as his faults. Perhaps if the African American community intervened more in his life and been helpers rather than turning their backs and making light of his personal situations, he would still be alive today. Now the leeches  or ” friends” will come out claiming to know him for a lifetime even though all they did was share airspace with him for two seconds.

The press called upon Barack Obama to “say a few words” about Michael Jackson. WTF? Why? Would you have asked George Bush to say a few words about Michael Jackson? Didn’t I once see “W” do the moonwalk? You are only asking Obama to say something because Michael Jackson is black like Obama.  On FOX News, Geraldo Rivera repeatedly emphasized how “post-racial”  Michael Jackson was. WTF? Post-Racial?

Yes MJ was so post-racial that he dramatically altered his skin color and Barack Obama is so post-racial that the media feels he should comment on the death of a performer just because they are both of color.

Suddenly now Michael Jackson in death, is an honorary black person again.

In closing here is the video to my favorite Michael Jackson song and video  “In The Closet”

The Black Image Makeover Awards

Pulp Friction: California SSC Rules in favor of Prop 8 by Cynthia Yockey May 26, 2009

Strange PathThe following article by Cynthia Yockey is cross posted at A Newly Conservative Lesbian.Com:

At his blog, Legal Insurrection, Cornell law professor William Jacobson has an even-handed analysis of today’s decision by the state Supreme Court of California upholding Prop. 8, which banned same-sex marriage by defining marriage as a union of one man and one woman. (See here for the decision.) Prof. Jacobson writes, “The Court rejected the notion that the People, through Constitutional amendment, could not restrict the right to marry,” and quotes material that in essence says, “Homosexuals can have civil unions that are separate but equal to marriage, so we find that heterosexuals can reserve the word ‘marriage’ for themselves and define it to describe only their legal unions.”

Prof. Jacobson points out that this sends the matter back to the political arena where lesbians and gays must persuade the majority of Californians to repeal Prop. 8 if they want the word “marriage” to include same-sex civil unions.

Gay Patriot — specifically Gay Patriot West, who lives in California — approves of the decision and hopes that lesbians and gays who are disappointed will find ways to be civil toward the opponents of their equality to create grounds for persuading them to support marriage equality in the future. I am troubled by the court’s support of majority rule in limiting equality for minorities, but I agree we must be civil about it.

I don’t know what the response of the National Organization for Marriage is to the decision, but on their Web site, here’s is one of the talking points they recommend for defeating marriage equality for same-sex couples:

Language to avoid at all costs: ‘Ban same-sex marriage.’ Our base loves this wording. So do supporters of SSM [same-sex marriage]. They know it causes us to lose about ten percentage points in polls. [Emphasis mine.] Don’t use it. Say we’re against ‘redefining marriage’ or in favor or ‘marriage as the union of husband and wife’ NEVER ‘banning same-sex marriage.’

Screen shot from the "Marriage Talking Points" page of the Web site for the National Organization for Marriage, which opposes same-sex marriage equality.

Screen shot from the "Marriage Talking Points" page of the Web site for the National Organization for Marriage, which opposes same-sex marriage equality.

The way I read this is that NOM and its allies know they can speak in code to defeat same-sex marriage AND civil unions and that they use this code-speak to win over people who would never otherwise deny equality to homosexuals. But their true intention is expressed in their words, ” ‘Ban same-sex marriage.’ Our base loves this wording.” They love it because that’s what they want to do. So I expect that they will not rest with their success on Prop. 8, but will use it as leverage for repealing same-sex civil unions.

I’ve read the statistic that 85 percent of blacks voted in favor of Prop. 8 in order to defeat same-sex marriage. It occurs to me that black opposition to same-sex marriage is a safe expression of an intense and virulent anti-white racism because the majority of people who are openly lesbian or gay are white. I suspect this anti-white/anti-gay hatred — if I am correct and it exists and is widespread — is founded in Black Liberation Theology. But whatever foundation it has, homosexuals are the safe white people to hate and the minority that can safely be denied equality. No good is going to come of either of those things.


What I hope that the organizations fighting for civil rights for homosexuals will do to win the hearts and minds of a majority of the electorate to vote in favor of equality for lesbians and gays is to work hard to make it safe for more people to come out to their families, friends, colleagues and church congregations. That will make it difficult-to-impossible to demonize us. And when people find out that people they already know and respect or care about — or who are their children or other relatives — are gay or lesbian, the case for denying us equality starts to melt away.

Autographed Letter Signed,


We thank and welcome Cynthia Yockey as an ALS guest commentator. You can find more of her writings at her blog: A Newly Conservative Lesbian

According to Cynthia’s “about me page”:Never the same

I am a 55-year-old lesbian and over the course of the presidential campaign in 2008, my political views transformed from those of a lifelong liberal, Democrat and global warming believer to those of a fiscal conservative who rejects theories of anthropogenic climate change because we are so totally NOT more influential on the climate than the sun, sunspots, the ocean and ocean currents. (Ever the heretic wherever I go, even as a liberal, I wanted a nuclear power plant on every block, due to my love of cheap electricity and my aversion to freezing in the dark, so no change there.)

When I learned in November 2008 that Barack Obama had announced his intention to purge the Democratic party of everyone with common sense centrists, and because I’m not wishy-washy because I did not want to register as independent or undecided — plus I have had bitter experiences at the hands of liberal fascists when I tried to get them to observe their stated principles and figured a change of scene would do me good — I decided to try my fortunes among Republicans and registered as a Republican in December 2008.

I feel better already.

I am more than a little embarrassed that my liberal views were transformed into conservative ones by repeated encounters with facts and math. It’s not that I wasn’t interested in politics, I was. I grew up reading newspapers and news magazines and watching Walter Cronkite and Eric Sevareid! I read the columns of that prissy adulterous anti-gay hypocrite and gasbag respected conservative George Will. I was a small town newspaper reporter covering politics for the Harford Democrat from 1980 to 1982!

However, since all of my friends except Cuban Diva BFF are liberal Democrats, I knew I had to research my new point of view. I spent over 100 hours online researching Obama, Black Liberation Theology, global warming/climate change, liberalism and conservatism.

I finally saw that there is a tipping point in the amount of taxes you have to pay to support the federal, state and local governments after which you have lost ability to support yourself and your family, to create and grow your business as an entrepreneur, and the right to use your own money for yourself and the causes YOU want supported, which often are causes that never would be supported by government.

That was the moment I accepted fiscal conservatism as my personal lord and savior. – Cynthia Yockey


Guest Curator: On Being Gay and Conservative by Mel Maguire May 14, 2009

Gay rights activist Barbara Gittings at the first homosexual rights demonstration, Philadelphia, July 4, 1965. (image by Kay Tobin Lahusen)

Gay rights activist Barbara Gittings at the first homosexual rights demonstration, Philadelphia, July 4, 1965. (image by Kay Tobin Lahusen)

The following article by Mel Maguire is cross posted at The Gay

One of the things I want to discuss is the fact that I’ve been called a “deviant” by the gay community for my political views. The same group of people who decry as hatemongering Christians who call homosexuality “deviance” have taken the title and bestowed it upon those like me who espouse conservative politics. I don’t understand how any group can demand tolerance for their way of life and yet refuse to offer it–then turn around and attack anyone in their numbers who disagrees.

Late last year, I posted a vidblog entitled “gay hypocrisy.” Here it is for anyone who missed it:

Condoleeza Rice and Michael Steele have both been labeled “Uncle Toms” by black liberals for being Republicans. Rice was labeled the “house nigga” by loony liberal cartoonist Ted Rall, a man who belongs to a party that demands abject humiliation for any white person caught using the N word (Dog the Bounty Hunter comes to mind). There’s hypocrisy everywhere, but I least understand it coming from my own community.

lGay Rights historical site of memory: Comptons Cafeteria Riot 40th Anniversary Commemoration, San Francisco

lGay Rights historical site of memory: Compton's Cafeteria Riot 40th Anniversary Commemoration, San Francisco

I refer to it as “my” community because, whether we agree and get along or not, we’re all gay. I’m not necessarily butch, but I’m not exactly femme, either. I can’t hide the fact that I’m a lesbian. Whenever the gay community takes any action, like it or not, we’re all seen as taking part in it. The whole “Day Without a Gay” thing? Everyone, and I do mean everyone in my office asked my why I hadn’t called in gay. I finally had to put up a sign over my desk saying, “I did not call in gay because I care about keeping my job!” In the same light, when the protests began in which gay people held signs saying “stop the Christian Taliban,” some of my Christian friends assumed that I agreed. I didn’t appreciate that, and I let them know it.

But what I appreciate even less is the gay community’s stunning about-face when it comes to my politics. When I realized I was gay, it was a major struggle for me. A lot of the readers here had supportive parents. I didn’t, and it still affects me. I nearly ate a bullet while I fought with myself over my sexual orientation. When I finally came to a place where I accepted that part of myself, the gay community was so happy. My gay friends would announce it in the bar and people would buy me shots to celebrate. It all stopped the minute I began admitting that I was still a believing social conservative.

The community that celebrated my coming-out suddenly turned colder than a polar bear’s backside. I still don’t understand how some of you can eviscerate your own simply for disagreeing. Don’t hand me that “Republicans hate us all” BS, either–the numbers showed that probably as many Democrats as Republicans voted for Prop 8 in California. As Steve has pointed out before, anti-gay sentiment is not a party problem; it’s a people problem. The refusal to accept homosexuals on completely equal footing as we see it knows no boundary, age, class or political ideal. Some of my black coworkers who voted for Obama have said before that they think it would be against the laws of nature to allow gay marriage. On the flip side, I have Republican friends who think gay marriage isn’t a big deal and voted against Prop 102 here in Arizona.

Gay Liberation Poster from the 1970s

Gay Liberation Poster from the 1970's

If you’re going to refuse to accept us and work with us, you’re going to have to come up with a better excuse than that. I have seen far more hatred from fellow gays and lesbians for being conservative than I have from conservatives for being gay. I can’t stress that enough, because there’s something seriously wrong with a community that can’t give as much as it expects to receive. We’re not your enemy. Believe it or not, we share some of the same ideals. We just have different opinions on the vehicle that should take us to where we want to go.

I’m tired of being dumped on because I won’t toe the party line. You’ll never wear me down to liberalism any more than I’ll ever talk you into conservatism. It is beyond hypocrisy to demand tolerance and yet refuse to give it. I’d say it’s bordering on hatred. Back when America was still just 13 colonies, before we declared independence from England, people fled Europe en masse because of religious persecution. Certain denominations of Christianity that the main Protestant church didn’t agree with experienced persecution on an intense level. After surviving Roman and Jewish persecution after Jesus’ death and resurrection, the church became the persecutor. Once in America, those who fled religious persecution for their freedom did the exact same thing: they became the persecutors. Those who differed with the local churches were jailed, tortured and executed. When they couldn’t be captured, church authorities did all they could to gag the dissenters.

We–the gay community–are exhibiting the same behavior. The only difference now is that the law forbids torturing and killing those we disagree with. Being gay and conservative is enough to make one a pariah because nobody is willing to calm down long enough to have a civilized conversation. It will, I promise you, lead to our demise.  Think hard before you write us off as self-loathing closet cases. Give us a chance and it’s likely you’d well be surprised.

Autographed Letter Signed,


*Mel Maguire is an ALS guest commentator. You can find more of her writings at the Gay

Mel’s Bio:

My parents taught me from a young age to pay attention to what’s going on in the world around me and to really, genuinely care. I was raised in a very religious household; consequently, I learned early on that homosexuality was a big no-no. It took me a long time to accept the fact that I was gay. Everyone else knew it before I did! At first, I had to reconcile my orientation with my beliefs, and for a time I questioned those beliefs. But my politics haven’t changed: I’m quite conservative and I refuse to apologize for it, even with the gay community openly calling me a deviant for my politics. Today, my parents and I don’t necessarily agree on everything, but I dig and study every little thing before I make up my mind. I don’t believe that feelings should be considered so heavily when deciding what your position is, and I’ve seen too many brilliant people dragged down by their emotional reactions. I try to make purely intellectual conclusions and to really be open-minded, even if I don’t always succeed. I’m originally from Texas and currently working as a fraud investigator and an EMT in Arizona, hoping to eventually get back home (unless some amazing girl steals my heart here!).


Shut Up And Sing: The Miss Liberal America Contest April 21, 2009


I am just calling it like I see it. Sarah Palin who was a former contest for Miss Alaska back in the day, would never would have had a chance with Perez Hilton as a judge.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is calling it the YouTube moment of last night’s Miss USA pageant.

During the final round, Hilton, one of the night’s judges, was chosen to present Miss California, Carrie Prejean, with her final question.

” Vermont recently became the fourth state to legalize same-sex marriage. Do you think every state should follow suit? Why or why not?” he asked.

Hilton was clearly unhappy with her answer, and he let the world know about it on his Web site.

In a video blog that he posted just moments after the pageant ended, Hilton says that Prejean gave the worst answer in pageant history, that she was actually booed. He then goes on to say, “She lost, not because she doesn’t believe in gay marriage. Miss California lost because she’s a dumb –, OK?”

He said that Prejean could have answered that question in a more neutral way by perhaps acknowledging that same-sex marriage is a hot topic in this country and that each state should decide for itself how that issue should be handled.

Prejean, 21, of San Diego, answered that she thought it was great that she lived in a country where a person can choose one or the other, but that in her family, she was raised to believe marriage was between a man and a woman.

What follows is quite ironic as Perez creates a video blog calling Prejan derogatory names when he was a judge at A MISS AMERICA CONTEST. He attempted to defend himself on MSNBC (the perfect place for a misogynistic liberal to go):

Governor Palin you are far too conservative to be Miss USA

Governor Palin you are far too conservative to be Miss USA

So now not only can women not speak their minds on political campaigns, they can’t speak their minds during a contest that supposedly promotes women’s leadership. Sure Miss USA, parade around in your bikini, show them that you can play the harpsichord with your toes, but when it comes to what you really think….SHUT UP YOUR F@#% ING C@%t.

Afrocity’s question is….



Where is the outrage? Oh stupid me. Prejan’s answer was a little bit too conservative for the women at NOW.

Women we really have got to stop it with the double standards. How would you feel if the following questions were asked of you:

If you were ever raped would you have an abortion?
How do you feel about gun laws?
Would you marry a person of another race?
Do you believe in war?
Do you support Israel or Palestine’s position?

How would you feel if your answers to those questions were used to judge your ability to hold a job? Buy a home? Win a Miss USA pageant? Wake up!!!

The Outraged Feminists were Unavailable For Comment

The Outraged Feminists were Unavailiable For Comment

Our freedoms are being jeopardized.

Feminists where are you? In response to all of this Miss California Carrie Prejean said that “she prays for Miss USA judge blogger Perez Hilton”.
Meanwhile, I pray for the feminist movement”

The New Symbol of the Feminist Movement. Shhh She's A Conservative

The New Symbol of the Feminist Movement. Shhh She's A Conservative

Autographed Letter Signed,


Diversity Fatigue Friday: Gays and Out of Boystown-ers Make Perfect Union for Tea Bagging April 17, 2009

This is bad news for all the liberals who rely upon the conservatives are racist, bible toting, homophobes meme.

A National Journal survey poll released today showed that equal numbers of conservative bloggers support and oppose gay marriage. And forty percent of the conservative bloggers surveyed said the GOP should avoid the issue altogether according to

Kristen Soltis, a pollster at the Winston Group, wasn’t surprised with the results because bloggers are usually young, and young conservatives tend to have more centrist views on social policies. ‘While age tends to be a very big factor in how voters overall look at homosexuality and gay marriage, a majority of young Republican voters are still uncomfortable with it,’ she said. ‘Some think of conservatism in the more libertarian, free-market sense while others look at it as a movement devoted to preserving or defending pieces of American culture, things like the idea of the traditional heterosexual relationship.’

This conservative blogger is in the support gay marriage/civil union camp. That is yet another issue I have had to convince my liberal friends that Afrocity has not changed on. Just because I now identify with Republicans politically, it does not mean that Afrocity has changed her core beliefs and become a racist or antisemitic or intolerant of gay marriage.

The subject of gay marriage has always been contentious among conservatives.
Actually gay marriage is a tough issue for liberals actually since in Illinois, a blue state, no less, gay marriage is not yet legalized.

Imagine the surprise of the cosmopolitans on the coasts and high brow Obama loving Chicagoans when the corn fed Iowans legalized gay marriage.

I was speaking on the phone to a friend who lives in San Diego and she said, “Congratulations on legalizing gay marriage”.
I replied “Why are you congratulating me? We did not legalize gay marriage in Illinois. You are thinking about Iowa”.
She paused for a bit and said “IOWA???? I would think that Chicago would have been among the first Midwestern places-”
I said “You would think but lets say that Chicago and the rest of Illinois are not exactly in agreement despite our being a blue state”

In Chicago there is a neighborhood on the northside called “Boystown” which is officially recognized as the seat of gay Chicago. I have always thought the name was sexist and plays into gay stereotypes but since the African American community in Chicago is called Bronzeville there is not much I have to say. I was glad to see that Chicago had one of the largest lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender (LGBT) communities in America.

Sign at No Elbow Room Bar in Peoria, Illinois. Photo by Nick Stroman / April 16, 2009

Sign at No Elbow Room Bar in Peoria, Illinois

Gay life outside of Chicago is another matter. Today in the Chicago Tribune:

The sign in the window of The Elbo Room bar was a wake-up call to the gay community, previously a low-key population in Peoria, to mobilize.

In bright yellow capital letters, the sign on the karaoke bar in downtown Peoria was clear: “WE ARE NOT A GAY BAR!!”

The local gay community got the message. And it apparently was just the rallying cry it needed.

In a flurry of forwarded Facebook, MySpace and text messages, a coalition quickly mobilized and dozens of gay rights supporters lined up last weekend outside The Elbo Room to express their outrage. The sign, they said, might as well have read, “Gays are not welcome here.”

“The sign was basically a sign of intolerance, and we’re not going to stand for it anymore,” said Stephanie Worlow, 27, one of the organizers of the protest that drew nearly 40 people. “It’s time that we as a community stand up for ourselves. We’re not going to stand for intolerance anymore.

Meanwhile, the comments at the article’s end took an accusatory tone. They were laden with claims of reverse discrimination against heterosexuals particularly in Boystown.

1. Nick Stroman thinks putting up a sign declaring intolerance based on sexual identity is surprising in this day and age? He should come to Belmont & Halsted in Chicago, where he can see gay bars do the same thing to straight women. And technically, worse — no one is complaining that the Elbo Room in Peoria refused service to gays, unlike the bridal parties denied entry at Cocktail in Boystown.

2. …many GLBT facilities are actively discriminating against heterosexuals, men or women or both. Yes, the sign in Peoria was perhaps a bad idea but there is no evidence of discrimination such as refusal to serve–unlike the increasingly frequent discrimination by GLBT facilities. Shame on them.

3. Prediction: Heteros will find a new place, and in a few months, it WILL be a gay bar.
But I do agree putting the sign up was stupid. All it accomplished was to give a hypersensitive, strident minority group another item for the ten o’clock news.

4. As a society its always funny to see a group say “you have to be tolerant of our rights” then turn around and be intolerant of the rights of those they are talking to or about.

AND THIS LAST ONE which was a response to #3:

5. You’re wrong, and also rude, to call this group hypersensitive. they saw an injustice and they spoke out. i bet you were one of those geniuses participating in those “tea parties.” even if you were, i’ll still support your right to do so.

As you can see none of the comments devote any effort to disseminating the truth. One comment even goes as far to insinuate that if you attended a “tea party” you dislike gays. Don’t make me go through this again. Readers there were gay activists who participated in the tea parties. You do know this right? The gay community actually may have something on common with the tea party crowd. If same-sex couples are not recognized by the federal government, they face higher taxes which is cause to protest.

From Huffpo:

Gay Activists Plan Their Own Tea Party At Boston Harbor by Arthur Delaney:

The press release:

LGBT COMMUNITY DEMANDS EQUAL TAXATION Boston Tea Party Re-enactment Planned for Tax Day

BOSTON, MA – On April 15th, thousands of same-sex couples across the United States will be reminded of their second-class status when they file their federal tax return form. Despite living in committed relationships, same-sex couples–even those married in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and California–must file as individuals, forgoing over 1,100 federal rights granted to heterosexual married couples.

This tax day, the LGBT community is demanding equal rights for equal taxation. Massachusetts citizens will be at the Long Wharf dock, near the site of the original Boston Tea Party, from 5:30pm to 7:00pm putting on a Boston Tea Party Re-enactment, rallying and passing out literature to protest the federal government’s tax policy toward same-sex couples. The intent is to inform the public of the discrimination that same-sex couples continue to face.

Rallies are being planned at local post offices across the country and these events have been sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest LGBT rights organization in the United States, Join The Impact, Join The Impact MA, and Marriage Equality USA.

“Married same-sex couples are blatantly discriminated against under federal tax law, among other areas, and we’re doing our part to shine a light on that injustice. A Boston Tea Party Re-enactment is a spirited way to do just that and it also adds some variety to your standard protest,” said Paul Sousa, co-chair of Join The Impact MA.

Among the most egregious policies is the federal government’s denial of social security benefits and inheritance rights to same-sex couples. LGBT individuals are blocked access to their partner’s social security benefits, often making retirement financially difficult, if not impossible. They are also denied access to the lump sum given to survivors which can make it hard to cover hospital and funeral expenses for their loved one.

The Boston Tea Party Re-enactment is being organized by Join the Impact MA, a grassroots organization that is working towards full LGBT equality on the state and national level. More information about the rallies and their locations can be found at the website

But alas any positive outcome of gay activists in tea party attendance is strangled in its cradle:

Gay Rights Activists Throwing Tea Overboard in Boston by Jason Speakman

Gay Rights Activists Throwing Tea Overboard in Boston by Jason Speakman

1.Wonderful, when one thinks tea parties from now on, one will think gays and Republican conservatives. How’s that for a hoot. What a perfect ironic union. I salute the gay community for taking their stand in this way. At least theirs is equivalent to the meaning behind the original Boston Tea Party. I have no idea what the relationship is to those being thrown by Republican conservatives.

2. Kudos to the LGBT community in Mass. The right wing teabagger protesters should be proud but I’d bet a paycheck they are not.

3. I guess they heard the GOP Pranced out of the closet with leotards on for their TeaBagging party, so they’d join in.
Bringin people together.

4. I don’t think a teabagging event is fully complete without the gays being represented! In fact, if the rethugs of this great nation of ours want to teabag with the best of them, I can’t think of a better group of people to learn from!

5.You go, gays! Show the right-wing whack-jobs who’s boss! Go to their tea party and play the Village People, while calling the Repugs “sweetheart” and “darling”. I may not be in the US at the moment, but I’m totally with you guys!

And you wonder why I call it “Diversity Fatigue Friday”

Autographed Letter Signed,