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Happy Birthday Autographed Letter Signed April 8, 2010

Cakes By One of my favorite artists, Wayne Thiebaud

A sense of accomplishment is in the air. Today is the first anniversary of ALS. Wow an entire year. What brought me, lil ol’ Afrocity to create this blog in the first place? In short, after not quite fitting in at The Confluence and not quite fitting in at Little Green Footballs (which turned out to be a liberal blog disguised as a center right blog or some strange experiment in blogger as evil puppet master), I decided to get my own diggs.

"Lemon cake" by Wayne Thiebaud

Shedding a political spouse, in my case the Democratic Party, required some solitude and space to explore my values. What do I really want for my country? What causes are worth fighting for? I had to ask myself these things because for so long I played in the liberal sandbox watching my pals kick down castles of military defense, christian values, parental rights and all sorts of things that really mattered to me. Externally, I muttered yeah “fuck the military!”,  “burn that flag” , “sure the government owes blacks” but internally, especially as I aged, I winced at mostly everything liberals stood for with the exception of women’s rights.   Compassion and equal opportunity for all is something I can agree with.  I had it in me to be a good liberal, however I also had it in me to be a better conservative.

There is a difference between being a compassionate person and an enabler.  Liberals have a tendency to dramatize the human condition,  particularly that of minorities and any one they see as down-trodden.   When you just spend, spend, spend money- tax dollars- on “compassionate programs” , you have to take a step back in order to see if those programs are really helping anyone or are they enabling a persistent problem to turn into a generational saga.   Let’s take welfare programs for example and you know how I feel about those.

"Watermelon Slices" by Wayne Thiebaud

One of the reasons I am against government assistance is because I grew up on it.  And yes, it fed me, kept me adequately healthy, but did it advance me or my mother?  No.  Did it pay for my prom dress?  No.  Prom was a big deal to a 17 year old girl.  How would the $250 government check pay for my prom gown, my hair appointment,  my #352 pink dyed shoes to match my dress and my jewelry?   The answer was, it would not.  Mother went looking for dresses at the Salvation Army store, meanwhile Afrocity began looking for a job.   This image of one of us actually working was a bit much for my mother to handle,  “you know they will cut us off, ” she warned.

"Rosebud Cakes" by Wayne Thiebaud

I did not care, I had a date with a Victor Costa gown at Nieman Marcus.   School by day, working until 1am as a hostess at a Mexican restaurant was tough.  In retrospect, it was dangerous to take the bus home so late at night.  My school work was neglected B’s morphed into C’s.  One night I was so tired, I fell asleep with the curling iron still rolled in my hair.  When you are young, you can put up with a lot and my first paycheck made all of the trouble worth it.  My first paycheck- that I earned for my work. Money not for nothing but for something I did besides being black and poor.  I came to a particular understanding that my mother had yet to achieve.  Welfare may let you survive but it doesn’t let you live.   Maybe I got the job out of necessity.  I had a need that a welfare check could not fulfill.  I had a dream about a dress but what about my life beyond the dress?  What happens when welfare will not pay for your dreams?

Republican candidates would appear on television, right away before they could speak several words, my mother would shout, “They are only for the rich people, they want to cut welfare and programs in order to hurt blacks.”    Funny how our lives did not improve much under Jimmy Carter.  Funny how mother’s life did not improve much under Bill Clinton, until she was forced to get a job because the conservative state of Texas would not let her draw a government check just for being her wonderful self.

Shakes by Wayne Thiebaud

In working, she began to buy nice things, take me to lunch, actually act and behave as mother.  When she lost the job, she lost her sense of self again.  Being 65, by that time, the government was there waiting for her to pick up the pieces.  Back she went to waiting for their check.  When she died, she had not more than $345 in her bank account.  I reported her deceased and the government took back $325 and left her with $20.  Why was I angry?  True, it was Uncle Sam’s money to give to her and she was dead.  However, could he not at least left her with some dignity and money to be buried with? He left her with what she came to him with…Nothing.  Nothing at all but her life and the clothes on her back.

The reason I created this blog was to chronicle the thoughts and feelings of a reformed liberal.  To some degree I am still evolving.  One of the problems some of my critics have with me is my ability to be so compassionate and pathetic, yet turn into a brutal critic of the Obama administration.  A lot of people, especially those of color call me a self-loathing Auntie Tom who has sold out.  They think I am really a liberal and delusional on some level about my move towards conservatism.   I have struggled this year with the enormity of my exodus from Donkeyville.   People especially, PUMA’s have posted and gone.  Once friends are now distant acquaintances in the political blogosphere.

"8 Lipsticks" by Wayne Thiebaud

Am I happier now having left the Democrats? Oh definitely yes.  That party is unrecognizable to me.  This country and the direction it is moving in is unrecognizable to me.

Am I a well rounded conservative? Oh definitely, no.  I remain pro-choice.  There are many things to admire about the pro-life movement but a woman’s choice is a woman’s choice and she should always have the freedom to make that choice.

As this blog continues, I am always hoping to attract people who are willing to hear and understand both sides of an issue.

Before you can help people, you have to first listen to them.  This simple  practice  is something that is severely lacking in the Obama administration and among many compassionate liberals.

Give people what they need, not what you think they need.  Give people the ability to help themselves, not a lifetime sentence to be helped by you.  You cannot wave a magic wand and expect to end world hunger, wars, pain, sickness, global warming and paper cuts using other people’s money.  Your reward will be debt, depression and a lowered moral among those who actually do contribute to society.

You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

Autographed Letter Signed on this our 1 year anniversary,



Sleeping With The “DEM-EMIES”: I am a Moderate, Not A Fool November 3, 2009


This is what Happens to moderate Republicans when they listen to sweet talk from Democrats

By the summer of 2009, I had given up on trying to conceal my political orientation from liberal friends. Tired of the frustration when it comes to listening to Palin jokes, cracks about religious zealots, “tea baggers”, and racists, I outed myself.  Now life is much happier and I no longer have to listen to the liberal whining about evil Republicans and how they are racist against Obama and want all of the poor people to die.

Having said that, I will be damned if I am going to conceal my liberal views on abortion and gay marriage from my fellow conservatives.

No more hiding for Afrocity.

Take me as I am or not at all.

If you are pro-choice, support gay marriage yet believe in the right to bear arms and fiscal conservatism, you may be a moderate Republican.  For the purposes of this post, I will use the term  “Moderate Republican” as opposed to the more derogatory RINO (Republican In Name Only) because I believe that a RINO is someone who runs for office as a Republican, espouses to conservative values then once elected turns into a political jackass, both literally and  figuratively.  One cannot claim to be a fiscal conservative yet tax and spend our country into debt. Those are not fiscally conservative values.


Evolution of a RINO

For a moderates like me, the good news is that I have never had a problem from my party concerning my views on abortion or gay marriage. If you look at my blog roll, you will see that there are several links to Republicans who happen to be gay and or pro-choice. Liberals don’t want you to know that such animals exist but we do. Liberals want you to think that all Republicans hate gays, we are all against abortion. Not true.

Desperate to keep the negative stereotypes going, the Democrats will dribble on about how “out of touch” the Republicans are. The RINO’s will become pissed off that they cannot win elections and turn to to the Democrats for help, sometimes even endorsing them. From this article at Capital

Duprey on Scozzafava, women and moderates in the GOP

November 2, 2009

by Irene Jay Liu

Republican Assemblywoman and Clinton County GOP Chair Janet Duprey has a lot in common with Dede Scozzafava — they are both female, moderate Republicans who represent adjacent North Country Assembly districts.

Duprey was a strong supporter of Scozzafava’s congressional bid. From the outset, Duprey defended her Assembly colleague’s place on the Republican ticket. In an interview with the Press Republican, Duprey said:

“Our voting records are very similar, and I consider myself a good Republican,” Duprey said.

“She is fiscally conservative, and I think this is an example of the Republican Party being progressive and open to everybody.”

Duprey said Scozzafava has a proven record for supporting less government and less taxes, and helping small businesses.

“I think those views fall under the template of Republican,” Duprey said.

That was, of course, before Scozzafava suspended her campaign and endorsed the Democratic candidate, Bill Owen. Duprey issued a statement in her capacity as Clinton County GOP party chair, announcing that the committee decided to endorse the conservative candidate Doug Hoffman.

“Certainly its been a very surprising weekend. Dede made a very personal decision and I know that it was a very difficult decision for her,” said Duprey in an interview this afternoon.

Duprey did not criticize Scozzafava, who she called a “good friend,” as some of her other Republican colleagues have in the wake of the Owens endorsement. She declined to weigh in on whether Scozzafava should retain her post as Minority Whip Leader Pro Tempore in the Assembly Republican conference, saying: “I think there has to be an open discussion. I have a great deal of respect for (Assembly Republican Leader Brian Kolb)… Dede has done a great job as floor leader and yet I’m sure too, that Brian has to answer to a lot of voices.”

She did have a lot to say about the process that handed the GOP endorsement to Scozzafava and how the local race has been co-opted by national forces.

“Our process in the beginning I think was excellent. We held four public forums…they were each very well attended. We asked those committee to vote on who they would support…and Dede ended up being chosen  by the 11 county chairs,” Duprey said.

“Somewhere during this process, the whole local focus just got knocked out of the box. It’s been this media hype. It’s been all these celebrities, and national people, and PACS, and money — from everyone but the people who live in this congressional district —that have just taken over. I’m saying this about everybody – the Republican, Democratic, and Conservative Party candidate,” Duprey said.

“I think the system has been turned upside down,” she said. “My biggest hope for this election is that people who live in this district go to the polls in overwhelming numbers and vote, and show where they stand. To remind people that this is a local race about local issues.”

When asked what Scozzafava’s experience means for moderates in the Republican Party, Duprey said:

“Part of it is that I’m so close to it. It’s hard for me to give a solid analysis — it’s too raw. …I know how difficult this has been on Dede…. In my opinion, we made the right choice. She was an excellent candidate,” Duprey said.

She did, however, note that many Republicans, including former Gov. George Pataki, came out in support of Hoffman instead of Scozzafava.

“I give Newt Gingrich a lot of credit… for supporting her early and saying that the Republican Party needs to support moderate Republicans.”

“I can’t tell you why these other people did not rally around her. I truly hope that as we look back, we don’t find that the Republican Party doesn’t have a place for moderate Republicans. That will be too bad, for too many people,” she said.

And as for the role that gender may have played in Scozzafava’s experience, Duprey said:

“I hope not. And I guess that’s not a real answer. I remember those days when it was an issue. I started my career in politics in 1975…I went through that. I was the first woman to run in Clinton County. My children were very small at the time…I had some terrible experiences with some people who felt that a woman should not enter politics; a woman should not run,” Duprey said.

“I hope that we’ve moved beyond that point. But, I have to tell you, watching this go on, I’ve had some deja vu back to 1975. I don’t want to dwell on that and hope that the Republican Party has moved beyond that,” she said.

“It has been very difficult to watch,” Duprey said. “You have to ask some of these men, why weren’t they there with our Republican candidate when she could have really used our help?

I am not familiar with Scozzafava but it seems to me in the final analysis her constituents did not want to elect her because she was claiming to be something she was not. Now she has endorsed a Democrat, which equates to suicide in the eyes of Republicans. Dede, do yourself a favor and switch parties.  Of course Sarah Palin would not endorse Scozzafava. Sarah is a conservative and would never endorse a sub-RINO. Why Newt Gingrinch endorsed Scozzafava, I will never know but it makes me think a lot less of him. Michael Steele I am not so surprised about because he is a moderate, however despite being a moderate myself, I would never endorse a Republican candidate that supported the stimulus package or Obamacare.

I may be a moderate but I am not a fool. Which means yes, in 2012 if Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee for POTUS I will vote for him. It is important that we stick together. I want those in power now to get OUT. I stopped voting with my ovaries last year and will never do so again. Country first.

Speaking of fools and Obamacare, here is the latest video parody from the conservatives entitled” Obamascare”

Autographed Letter Signed,



New Gallup Poll: Americans are going the “Conservative Route” June 15, 2009

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According to the results of a new Gallup poll, Sean Hannity will have something to smile about tonight:

“Conservatives” Are Single-Largest Ideological Group

Percentage of “liberals” higher this decade than in early ’90s

by Lydia Saad

PRINCETON, NJ Thus far in 2009, 40% of Americans interviewed in national Gallup Poll surveys describe their political views as conservative, 35% as moderate, and 21% as liberal. This represents a slight increase for conservatism in the U.S. since 2008, returning it to a level last seen in 2004. The 21% calling themselves liberal is in line with findings throughout this decade, but is up from the 1990s.



Death and Faxes: One More One Term Left Wing Presidency June 9, 2009


While watching Lou Dobbs tonight I witnessed yet another crazy liberal commentator yelling “If Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich are the face of the Republican Party…blah…blah” Notice how Newt has been added to the “Republican Party is dead” meme. This is due to Newt’s increased visibility among the media outfits.
Newt’s running in 2012 there is no doubt about it and so is Sarah Palin(R-AK) and Tim Pawlenty (R-MN). How many more names are the liberals going to add to that Daily Kos “face of the GOP” talking point? Beware too many names could potentially become quite a mouth full.

If Rush Limbaugh, Tim Pawlenty, Sarah Palin, Michael Steele and Newt Gingrich are the face of the Republican Party…blah…blah

Bearing in mind that much can happen between now and 2012, I think that the Republicans are on pretty solid ground despite the media reports and could have a pretty good shot at the White House in 2012.

Why am I so confident of this? Because people are getting fed up and scared. Fear and uncertainty caused Americans to vote for Obama in 2008. Fear and uncertainty will make people vote him out of office in 2012. Furthermore, a lack of true transparency, a weak cabinet and wavering message will cause a reversal of usual hierarchy.I believe that voters will make a conscious choice to get Obama out of office necessitated by the uncertainty surrounding the economy and foreign policy measures.  I have no problem saying that  who voted for Obama based on his ability to handle the economy were idiots to begin with. This was always bullshit. There was absolutely nothing in Obama’s educational background or political experience that indicated his prowess concerning budgets or economic issues. Obama voters wanted to elect Barry no matter what he did or didn’t do to get him and his empty suit to November 4, 2008.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. He was not elected on the issues. He was elected on media hype and the ‘kewl historic factor”.  Sarah Palin had more fiduciary responsibilities as a governor than Obama did as a junior senator from Illinois.

Speaking of Illinois, have you heard the latest about Obama’s replacement Sen Roland Burris (D-IL)?  It seems that one of the key witnesses in his “Blago” perjury investigation  has conveniently died in a car accident.

Chicago Sun-Times

Key figure in Burris perjury investigation dies in crash

Political consultant John Ruff dies in auto accident

June 9, 2009

BY DAVE McKINNEY Sun-Times Springfield Bureau Chief

SPRINGFIELD A key figure in the perjury investigation of U.S. Sen. Roland Burris died in an automobile accident Monday, authorities in far west-suburban Kendall County confirmed Tuesday.

John Ruff, of Sandwich, Ill., was killed shortly before 3 p.m. when his 2001 BMW convertible crossed an oncoming lane of traffic and collided with a tree while he was driving eastbound on Rogers Road near Oak Brook Road in unincorporated Plano, said Kendall County Sheriff’s Deputy Richard Pearson.

Police have ruled out alcohol as a cause of the crash, but toxicology results won’t be known until a coroner’s inquest in mid July.

Pearson said there were no witnesses to the crash nor was there evidence of any other vehicles involved. There were no skid marks on the road.

“We have absolutely no idea what caused Mr. Ruff’s vehicle to veer off the roadway,” Pearson said.

sun timesGranted the report later stated that John Ruff had been diagnosed with a brain tumor, I must say that Senator Roland Burris is having a particularly good run of luck. That seems to happen a lot in Chicago. Someone is a nuisance, they are testifying and they die. Someone puts too much relish on your Chicago style hot dog, they die. I am not implying that this was any sort of foul play. It is not like the guy had anything important to say (snark).

Ruff, a health-care and political consultant, raised the prospect of a possible quid pro quo between Blagojevich and Burris, recounting a telephone conversation with Burris’ business partner Fred Lebed, who allegedly told Ruff on the date of Burris’ appointment, “We’ll have to do some things for the governor.”

Ruff also said he recalled Lebed telling him he’d had discussions about Burris’ interest in the Senate appointment with Blagojevich representatives — lobbyist John Wyma, now-indicted chief of staff John Harris and former chief of staff Lon Monk — as early as October.

That information contradicted Burris’ claim in a Jan. 5 affidavit in which the senator said neither he nor his representatives spoke with Blagojevich or his representatives before Dec. 26.

obama_soupThese are just divergences nothing to worry about. The police probably said “move along, nothing to see here”.  How can we explain the people of Illinois’ choice to put up with this liberal crap? So once again it seems like another Illinois politician will get away with something.  Burris and Blago will get off  do reality shows and this will all go away. Or will it? Will it come to Washington? Is it already there? What is the body count?

Once again I am back to my original point. One more-one term-left wing presidency. Sounds like a plan to me. These words were eloquently stated by Newt Gingrich this weekend. I am not the biggest fan of Newt Gingrich expecially if he disses my girl Sarah Palin but I must confess that his speech gave me hope that we can get the change we need” in 2012. Presumably, we can begin this road to recovery by voting congressional dead weight like Arlen Spector(D-PA) out of office in 2010. If you reside in a state as corrupt as Illinois that means pretty much anyone needs to go with a “D” after the name. For other states like Maine or California, it may mean dragging out a few jackasses in elephant’ clothing. It is always darkest before the dawn. There can be no doubt that we need to close our floppy ears to the liberal mainstream media nonsense.  They want us to believe that Obama is our only hope  or like the Newsweek editor said “GOD”. The real significance of the brainwashing is to get you down in the dumps enough to stay home in 2010.  The liberal’s stylistic and blunt choice of words: “The Republican Party Is Dead”  are meant to deliberately send a message of “don’t even think about it”  to anyone who wants to challenge Obama.  Take my advice,  when in the face of Obamaphiles, adopt the facade of apathy.  Yeah, sure uh, huh. The GOP is off course. Yeah Obama will be in for eight years.”    Once you are alone or amongst like-minded individuals, do what you can to identify  those we need to boot out in 2012 and help those we need to vote in. Let the Democrats play with their golden ass, meanwhile we have work to do. Like Newt said let Obama be a “One Term Left Wing Presidency”. Oh and drive safely. People are dying in cars out there you know.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Colin Cleansing Needed On Aisle 44 May 24, 2009

Colin 44

Uh-oh. He’s back. Will someone please tell Colin Powell that we would like him to take his Kool Aid and hopenchange joints to a land far, far, away from the Republican Party.


Powell Defends GOP Credentials, Calls for More Inclusive Party

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell shoots down criticism from talk show host Rush Limbaugh and former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell took on Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh Sunday, shooting down their accusations that he had abandoned the Republican Party while continuing to dish out advice to the GOP.

Powell, speaking on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” touted his Republican credentials and urged his party to be more moderate and inclusive. He was answering back after Limbaugh called on him to join the Democrats and Cheney said he thought Powell had already left the GOP.

“Rush will not get his wish and Mr. Cheney was misinformed. I am still a Republican,” Powell said, noting that he “voted solidly for Republican candidates” for president for 20 years, spent 10 years of his life serving in Republican administrations and spoke at two GOP conventions.

“You know, neither (Cheney) nor Rush Limbaugh are members of the membership committee of the Republican Party. I get to make my decision on that,” Powell said. “And so I will continue to work in a way that I think is helpful to the country and helpful to the party.”


Mr. Powell I hate to be the one break it to you and I am sure I am not the first to tell you this, but you are an embarrassment only to yourself. If you really want to be helpful to your country as well as your party (whichever one that actually is) please crawl back into your RINO hole and pray that Barack Obama at least remembers to send you an invitation to the Who’s Who amongst African Americans dinner at the White House. I would give Barry a nudge if I were you because he has a tendency to drive over those who help him. Just sayin’. Thank you for serving our country but please shut the fuck up and stop allowing yourself to be a Meghan McCain or a Levi Johnston – aka sad GOP media pawn for the left. It is really painful to watch. It really is.

You tube video of Colin exhibiting RINO derangement syndrome below. Watch if you can take it.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Guest Curator: On Being Gay and Conservative by Mel Maguire May 14, 2009

Gay rights activist Barbara Gittings at the first homosexual rights demonstration, Philadelphia, July 4, 1965. (image by Kay Tobin Lahusen)

Gay rights activist Barbara Gittings at the first homosexual rights demonstration, Philadelphia, July 4, 1965. (image by Kay Tobin Lahusen)

The following article by Mel Maguire is cross posted at The Gay

One of the things I want to discuss is the fact that I’ve been called a “deviant” by the gay community for my political views. The same group of people who decry as hatemongering Christians who call homosexuality “deviance” have taken the title and bestowed it upon those like me who espouse conservative politics. I don’t understand how any group can demand tolerance for their way of life and yet refuse to offer it–then turn around and attack anyone in their numbers who disagrees.

Late last year, I posted a vidblog entitled “gay hypocrisy.” Here it is for anyone who missed it:

Condoleeza Rice and Michael Steele have both been labeled “Uncle Toms” by black liberals for being Republicans. Rice was labeled the “house nigga” by loony liberal cartoonist Ted Rall, a man who belongs to a party that demands abject humiliation for any white person caught using the N word (Dog the Bounty Hunter comes to mind). There’s hypocrisy everywhere, but I least understand it coming from my own community.

lGay Rights historical site of memory: Comptons Cafeteria Riot 40th Anniversary Commemoration, San Francisco

lGay Rights historical site of memory: Compton's Cafeteria Riot 40th Anniversary Commemoration, San Francisco

I refer to it as “my” community because, whether we agree and get along or not, we’re all gay. I’m not necessarily butch, but I’m not exactly femme, either. I can’t hide the fact that I’m a lesbian. Whenever the gay community takes any action, like it or not, we’re all seen as taking part in it. The whole “Day Without a Gay” thing? Everyone, and I do mean everyone in my office asked my why I hadn’t called in gay. I finally had to put up a sign over my desk saying, “I did not call in gay because I care about keeping my job!” In the same light, when the protests began in which gay people held signs saying “stop the Christian Taliban,” some of my Christian friends assumed that I agreed. I didn’t appreciate that, and I let them know it.

But what I appreciate even less is the gay community’s stunning about-face when it comes to my politics. When I realized I was gay, it was a major struggle for me. A lot of the readers here had supportive parents. I didn’t, and it still affects me. I nearly ate a bullet while I fought with myself over my sexual orientation. When I finally came to a place where I accepted that part of myself, the gay community was so happy. My gay friends would announce it in the bar and people would buy me shots to celebrate. It all stopped the minute I began admitting that I was still a believing social conservative.

The community that celebrated my coming-out suddenly turned colder than a polar bear’s backside. I still don’t understand how some of you can eviscerate your own simply for disagreeing. Don’t hand me that “Republicans hate us all” BS, either–the numbers showed that probably as many Democrats as Republicans voted for Prop 8 in California. As Steve has pointed out before, anti-gay sentiment is not a party problem; it’s a people problem. The refusal to accept homosexuals on completely equal footing as we see it knows no boundary, age, class or political ideal. Some of my black coworkers who voted for Obama have said before that they think it would be against the laws of nature to allow gay marriage. On the flip side, I have Republican friends who think gay marriage isn’t a big deal and voted against Prop 102 here in Arizona.

Gay Liberation Poster from the 1970s

Gay Liberation Poster from the 1970's

If you’re going to refuse to accept us and work with us, you’re going to have to come up with a better excuse than that. I have seen far more hatred from fellow gays and lesbians for being conservative than I have from conservatives for being gay. I can’t stress that enough, because there’s something seriously wrong with a community that can’t give as much as it expects to receive. We’re not your enemy. Believe it or not, we share some of the same ideals. We just have different opinions on the vehicle that should take us to where we want to go.

I’m tired of being dumped on because I won’t toe the party line. You’ll never wear me down to liberalism any more than I’ll ever talk you into conservatism. It is beyond hypocrisy to demand tolerance and yet refuse to give it. I’d say it’s bordering on hatred. Back when America was still just 13 colonies, before we declared independence from England, people fled Europe en masse because of religious persecution. Certain denominations of Christianity that the main Protestant church didn’t agree with experienced persecution on an intense level. After surviving Roman and Jewish persecution after Jesus’ death and resurrection, the church became the persecutor. Once in America, those who fled religious persecution for their freedom did the exact same thing: they became the persecutors. Those who differed with the local churches were jailed, tortured and executed. When they couldn’t be captured, church authorities did all they could to gag the dissenters.

We–the gay community–are exhibiting the same behavior. The only difference now is that the law forbids torturing and killing those we disagree with. Being gay and conservative is enough to make one a pariah because nobody is willing to calm down long enough to have a civilized conversation. It will, I promise you, lead to our demise.  Think hard before you write us off as self-loathing closet cases. Give us a chance and it’s likely you’d well be surprised.

Autographed Letter Signed,


*Mel Maguire is an ALS guest commentator. You can find more of her writings at the Gay

Mel’s Bio:

My parents taught me from a young age to pay attention to what’s going on in the world around me and to really, genuinely care. I was raised in a very religious household; consequently, I learned early on that homosexuality was a big no-no. It took me a long time to accept the fact that I was gay. Everyone else knew it before I did! At first, I had to reconcile my orientation with my beliefs, and for a time I questioned those beliefs. But my politics haven’t changed: I’m quite conservative and I refuse to apologize for it, even with the gay community openly calling me a deviant for my politics. Today, my parents and I don’t necessarily agree on everything, but I dig and study every little thing before I make up my mind. I don’t believe that feelings should be considered so heavily when deciding what your position is, and I’ve seen too many brilliant people dragged down by their emotional reactions. I try to make purely intellectual conclusions and to really be open-minded, even if I don’t always succeed. I’m originally from Texas and currently working as a fraud investigator and an EMT in Arizona, hoping to eventually get back home (unless some amazing girl steals my heart here!).


The Party is Never Over if the Elephant is Still In the Room May 3, 2009

1877 Cartoon by Thomas Nast "Another such victory and I am done."

1877 Cartoon by Thomas Nast "Another such victory and I am done."

“The Republicans are dead! The Republicans are dead! Stick a fork in..It’s done!” declares the pundits. They are certain that there has been a ship wreck.  Wounded soldiers buried under piles of rock and wood. You can still hear a few guttural sounds emitting. “Rebuild!!”  they say.  Cameras are flashing from the drive by media.  Curious onlookers stop to examine the battlefield of what seems like the political fatality of the century (so far).

Aw, leave the poor thing alone. Obama won. He can stop campaigning now and you can end the blame games and gloating. It has been more than 100 days since Barry rode a donkey into town, passing out palm leaves to his adoring fans. We get the idea. Shouldn’t you be out and about striving for social utopia someplace?

Unsurprisingly, the quasi journalistic  buffoons at the Huffington Post jump in on the “GOP is dead” frenzy:

Friday Talking Points [75] — Monster Raving Loony Party
Chris Weigant
Posted May 1, 2009 | 09:19 PM (EST)

…we must (sadly) turn our eyes to the Republican Party. Because they appear to be losing all touch with reality, so it’s best to keep an eye on them at this point. For starters, they are calling a special Republican National Committee meeting in the next month to vote on (as if they could) forcing their opposition to change their name to what is variously described as the “Socialist Democratic Party” or the “Democratic Socialist Party” (as well as variations where they intentionally leave out the “-ic” just to twist the knife).

I’m serious — you just can’t make this stuff up. The most pressing thing to the GOP right now is throwing a tantrum. No wonder the public is leaving their party in droves.

During this party meeting, in addition to the all-important issue of having a meaningless vote on a rightwinger’s wet dream, they are also going to have a return of their party leadership battle, as the faction that lost attempts to take away the power of the purse from chairman Michael Steele. While unified in their hatred of all things Democratic, they are going to show some more party unity… by refighting a factional power struggle.

Steele, meanwhile, just agreed with a caller on a radio show that Barack Obama is a “magic Negro.” Again, you just can’t make this stuff up. Steele, if you’ve been in a coma for a few months, is African-American himself.”

No really? You don’t say? Michael Steele is a black man? You are right Huff Poop, you really can’t make this up.

Be careful!!! Wait I think the elephant just moved. It did so wearily but from the sight of the media folk skittering like roaches to convince everyone that they just bagged an elephant, that the Republicans are immobilized for 8 years, one may suspect that there is an underlying reason for their redundancy.   I wonder.

Elephants have always been interesting to me. Not the Dumbo Disney kind but the real life elephant. It was the strength and size of an elephant that made them endearing to me then and now.

A childhood trip to Lincoln Park Zoo was never complete without cotton candy and a swing by the elephant house. If we were lucky with timing, the zoo keeper would allow us to touch one. Kids crowded around the tree and I would always scurry up towards the front of the group and press my fingers into the elephant’s thick skin looking strait up- way up at its ears. Of course ,I had to whine and beg in order for mom to purchase something for me from the zoo gift shop. After all I had to commemorate my brave act of touching an elephant. Later that night when mother was folding laundry, I was too busy reading a book of interesting elephant facts to help her. It was her fault. She should not have bought me the book.

Did you know?

The gestation period of an elephant is 22 months. That is over 620 days!!!

Elephants sleep standing up

They are fascinated with the dead bones of other elephants, it is rumored that they have burial grounds

Elephants are very social. They like to snuggle

Elephants demonstrate concern for members of their families they take care of weak or injured members and appear to grieve over a dead companion.

They can run 24 MPH.

The elephant is a highly intelligent animal and has a complex social structure.

They cool off by fanning their ears.

They drop about 80 pounds of solid waste every 24 hours.

They eat grass and tree bark.


I remained virtually untouched by political life until I was about seven. Jimmy Carter was running for office and my teacher would have ABC News on during class. She promised that it was an “educational experience”, which was not too much of a stretch (until she turned on All My Children).

It was Jimmy Carter against President Gerald Ford. I knew that Ford was the “bad guy” and Carter was the “good guy”. It must have been true because my mother told me so. Ford was bad because he was Nixon’s friend. Nixon got fired because he lied and was a crook. Nixon was also bad because Sesame Street and cartoons were preempted by the Watergate coverage.  See? Got it Mom!!!

All my child prodigy like political genius aside, I was still a bit too young to grasp what a political party actually meant to my family at the time. I could see a split screen of the two men. Jimmy Carter had a donkey next to his face and President Ford had an…an…elephant!!!  Hey that elephant is cuter than that donkey.

I should have thought first but the words just jumped from my mouth “I like Ford!!!” Yeah I was kind of loud about it too. “I want Ford to win.”

The fact that I was a child was immaterial to my teacher. She didn’t know that I could not diss the elephant.  “Go sit in the hot seat!!!!” she said,  pointing to the group of chairs facing the wall. That usually meant I was getting an ass whooping later. I hated Catholic school.

About 12 licks with a wooden 2×4 and 100 lines of “I will not shout in class” later,  that day became a Polaroid in my head. The guys with the elephant symbol were bad and I should stay away. Always go for the donkey. I would miss liking their thick skin, largeness. How majestic they looked when they grazed and endured the wild. However everything must succumb to reality served up with a 2×4.

I cheered with my mother when the donkey won. I cursed at Dan Rather with her when the elephant won in 1980. “Times will be hard because Reagan said he wants to make this country what it used to be.” she explained. “What he means is that he wants blacks to be slaves again. The Republicans never want to help black people, only rich whites.”

I hated Ronald Reagan from that day on. I was sent home from school for laughing when it was announced over the loudspeaker that Reagan was shot by John Hinckley Jr.  “


You see in 6th grade I lived in a suburb of Chicago named appropriately Oak Park, Illinois.  Glorious, pristine, Oak Park- home to actress Betty White, architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and Earnest Hemingway. Beautiful ginkgo trees, red bicycles, white picket fences, and very very Republican.  It was not Chicago that was for sure.I was confused. It was only four short years ago that the donkey was living large. Now I was getting punished  again- this time for not choosing the elephant.

These are silly childhood stories I know, but please consider that each experience served as an important early lesson in politics for me: always keep your mouth shut and never count the Republicans out.  That elephant’s body may be held together with bandages but you can bet your last tax dollar, it will rise again.

It would be wise for everyone to remember this, as they are searching the allegorical ivory coast looking for elephant to prey upon.

Autographed Letter Signed,