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About April 8, 2009


Hello. My name  is Afrocity… Some of you may recognize my screen name from THE CONFLUENCE

I have decided to break out on my own in order to address political and social issues that are of concern to me.

I am a recovering Democrat turned Conservative. I consider myself to be CENTER RIGHT politically.


I consider myself to be not exactly religious but I am spiritual.

The name of this blog is “Autographed Letter Signed”

I am an archivist, bibliophile, adjunct professor and historian. You can figure the blog name out from there.

I am a 30 something professional who had been a “Good African American Democrat ” all of my life until the election of 2008. Or perhaps I should say the Democratic Primaries of 2007/2008. I was a Hillary Clinton supporter and had waited many years for her to run for POTUS. She was my senator (I was an NYC resident until 2007) and my favorite First Lady. In 2007 I was happy to see the Bush years end, get my Hill in office and become a proud Democrat once again. After sitting out the election of 2004  (I saw both Bush and Kerry as inclined to ineffectiveness) Afrocity was ready to pull that lever.



Obama was elected. It was the straw that broke this donkey’s back.

I will never vote for a Democrat again. My relationship with the DNC has been troubled from the beginning . Much to the dismay of my family and friends I came out as a conservative in 2008.  This shift in my political ideology was more complex than I had anticipated. The strongest challenges relate to my gender and ethnicity such as societal perceptions of what makes a good African American feminist.  I had to break free of the labels and look at my values not as a Democrat or a Republican, but as Afrocity.

  • I believe in the separation of church and state
  • I am pro-choice
  • I believe in fiscal conservatism
  • I support the 2nd amendment
  • I support a strong military
  • I support energy independence for the US
  • I have no opinion on gay marriage. I strongly favor domestic unions.
  • I am not in total favor of universal healthcare (sorry liberals).
  • I am not in favor of affirmative action
  • I would not be opposed to a temporary policy of  non-interventionism  until the US gets its shit together.

Being pro-choice and African American were the only circumstances that held me prisoner as a Democrat.

My mother once told me that “no self-respecting”  Black would ever be a Republican”

She was wrong. It took me years to stand up to her.  After she died in 2007, I still felt her in the voting booth with me shaking her head in disbelief when I cast my vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin.  Sorry, mom. I love you but country comes  before party, before gender, before color.

A political party such as the Democrats have the opportunity to exercise leadership and bring out the best in Americans, instead however, they play Orwellian Animal Farm games by creating a haven for victims and moonbats by creating a bottomfeeder’s all you can eat buffet of  identity politics. They are victims more than fools. I saw a man with no experience or talent beyond  habitually running for a higher office other than the one he currently holds,  nominated for POTUS that was rationalized on the grounds that African American’s were due our “historic moment”. Forget that two women were also invoved. This was Barry the “Anointed One” . Presently pampers” historic moment was short lived and the 98% of African Americans countless women who voted for Obama will never look in the DNC ‘s jackass shaped mirror and see Cinderella. The day after inauguration the golden ticket expired and the chariot turned into a beat up old Nova. The feast was wilted arugula and the reflection showed women and minorities that were just as enslaved as they were before Obama was elected.

This blog is a place for women, men, democrats or conservatives, gay, straight, religious or not. But I will warn you that this is a CONSERVATIVE blog.

It is not a place for Obamabots or Liberal moonbats. NO KOOL AID MOUNTAIN DWELLERS. NO ASSHOLES. NO 9/11 DENIERS

I want nice posters with balls. No sycophants. No name calling.

I love guitars so if you ever want to talk music especially blues or jazz let me know.

We judge here by the content of one’s character and not by the color of his skin, political affiliation, or whether they pee sitting down or standing up.

Now go play nicely in the sandbox.


My Guitars

My Guitars


39 Responses to “About”

  1. Rose Says:

    I’ve loved your comments on both of those other blogs! You’re feisty and unafraid. Glad to see you start your own blog. I think it will be a raging success.

  2. LJSNAustin Says:

    So glad to have found your blog! You are amazing.

  3. Futerecast Says:

    We should talk! I’m the one who runs (search republican blogs on wordpress) and I support all young african-americans who are into politics (no matter if you lean left or right). Reading your blog let’s me know that there’s one more of us out there. Keep up the good work!

  4. Futerecast Says:

    Visit or We think alike.

  5. Отличный блог, интересное и полезное содержание!

    • afrocity Says:

      Thanks Tiet. Spammy got your comment and I pulled it out and translated it from Russian to English and you said:

      “Outstanding [blog], the interesting and useful content!”

      So thanks.

  6. LesbianNeoCon Says:

    I just linked from, and am glad I did! I am Jewish, gay, and female! Talk about going against the liberal grain!! It’s folks like us who are the true America. We value what it means to be American, in every sense of the word. I would like to think there are more of us out there, but have just not found the courage to “come out” (for lack of a better term). Keep up the good fight, and I’ll visit your blog daily. 🙂

    • afrocity Says:

      Thank you!!!! Yes, you have quite a lot on your plate. 97% of Blacks voted for Obama. 77% of Jewish people did as well. I wonder what is the percentage of gays that voted for McCain?
      Do they have those stats? How many wished they had not after Prop 8?

  7. Sounds like you have a rather serious string of philosophical Libertarian in you.

    Welcome to blogging!

  8. Afrocity – I’m so glad I just saw your link on Smart Girl Politics. It’s almost eerie how much we have in common ideologically and in terms of our history as loyal Democrats (not to mention we’re about the same age and I left NY in 2007 too.) Check the about section of my blog to see what I mean.

    Last week, I joked with someone on Smart Girl Politics that we should start a group there for conservative converts. Looks like we have one more to add to the mix!

  9. Suzanne Says:

    Oh my gosh! I LOVE you! (only in the non-gayest way!) You are fantastic. We all need to join together and you are truly a light in this crazy world! I’ll be back to read your thoughts Thanks for being independent and strong and speaking up!!

  10. kansas Says:

    Miss you at LGF, but great site. Keep up the good works.

  11. garnette Says:

    I enjoyed your posts on LGF, and now I can read your blog posts.


  12. Bev Says:

    I can relate. My mother who is 83 has always felt that Blacks do worse under Republicans. She and my sisters and brother in-law think I am nuts for going conservative Republican.

    I went conservative back in 2006 after eons of being a Democrat, but just officially changed my political party affiliation to Republican in March of 2008. My family has been okay with it to my face, but I realize they are saying things behind my back. Now I did get some heavy teasing on the day of the Obama Inauguration.

    I went conservative, because in reality that is what I am. I have always personally lived a conservative lifestyle, but connected to and voted liberal Democrats on the basis of color. I voted for John McCain, but original choice was Mike Huckabee.

    As a black conservative Republican, I catch it big time. Get called a lot of mean names when I stand up for conservative principles and voting Republican through commenting on liberal blogs, online columns and (where I really get it) in urban chatrooms.

    I pretty much had the same argument you had against electing Barack Obama as president. He is in way over his head. So welcome to the club. There are so many people of color who can’t stand us.

  13. KenJen Says:

    Really nice blog Afrocity. It’s gonna be big-time.

  14. JGsez Says:

    As an adjunct professor and historian, can you explain why the majority of AoAD vote Democrat? (AoAD = American(s) of African Decent – I cringe at any reference to hyphenated American.) Historically, the Democrat party was the party of segregation and Jim Crow laws. When you read that so-and-so was the first Black elected to Congress since reconstruction, they mean that the last AoAD from that particular state was a Republican.

    My first insight came via Dr. Rice’s address to the 2000 Republican convention. I immediately did an Internet search to find more information about her history. I was impressed. When people would beat up on her as not being a true “African-American” (cringe), I would ask them if they knew she had lost a childhood friend in the Birmingham church bombing. Don’t tell me she doesn’t know about racism! (I do love that lady…).

    GW did more for the continent of Africa than any previous president and most likely for any current or future holder of the office for some time. When Europeans ask why we, the US, don’t do more for Darfur, I always point out that it should be their responsibly since they raped and pillaged the continent for over 100 years. They don’t like that much, but I believe it is true.

    My posit for the question I asked earlier concerns the compromise of 1877. Like the years of 2004-2006, the Republicans abandoned their principles in that compromise and A(s)oAD suffered another 100 years of discrimination. But I’m no historian – just an old man interested in history.

    In the politics of today, the conservative label, especially a compassionate conservative – see your own beliefs above, really fits the label of what used to be a “Classic Liberal”.

    It has been my experience that the first to say, “There goes the neighborhood” when a minority family moves in is the most liberal residents.

    Oh, and I am AoGD (American of German Decent) which means my family fought Germans in WWI and WWII.

    Also don’t forget that Progressives gave us detention camps under FDR, (Japanese, Italian, and German) and that great branch of science called Eugenics.

    Winston Churchill’s quote, “Any man who is under 30 and is not a liberal has no heart; and any man who is over 30 and not a conservative has no brains.” Change the gender and you are on schedule!

    • afrocity Says:

      Hello JGsez,

      Thank you for posting. I usually make it a point not to speak for my fellow African Americans when it comes to their motives for being loyal Democrats. I can only speak to my experience.

      In my family there was a perception that the Democrats would do more for us. If anything went wrong in our family my mother would blame Ronald Reagan for it. She once held a city job and was layed off. She blamed Reagan and said he cut the funding that created the position. Later, as an adult I did some research into this and it had nothing to do with Reagan. The program was cut by the Mayor of Chicago. This event was a major catalyst for her depression in the sense that she felt she could never “work in a white man’s world” Rather than honing her skills for another position she went back on welfare. It was there. It was safe. Mom was definitely in the “Government owes me” camp. The Democrats in Chicago did much to foster that dependence.

      I am not against helping others but I am not blindly compassionate either. You can be compassionate with out enabling. Sure help but provide the skills so the person can be self-reliant.

      As far a history is concerned, there is very much a liberal bias in the way history is written and interpreted. I feel that a school education must be balanced at home with “truth” supplements.

      Also I have never know Democrats to do anything in order to move AAs forward however as a conservative, we should not expect anyone to do anything for us anyway. As long as Blacks vote for DEMS in large numbers they will only be marginalized and taken for granted.

  15. AM2 Says:

    HI AfroCity, Can I add a link from my blog to yours? I love your blog! keep up the great work

    • afrocity Says:

      Sure thank you and let me know your blog so I can add it to my list.

      • AM2 Says:

        also another quick question. on other blogs people can just click “follow” or “Subscribe” to your site, but seems like on there is no such function? if you know how I can subscribe to other’s blog, like yours, let me know thanks!

  16. AM2 Says:

    Hi afrocity

    I just added you to both of my blogs. here are my blogs, same content just different hosting site

    I love your blog! and did you see my comments? it feels good to talk to someone who is not white and it’s ok to not agree with obama! I was just like you going to vote for Hillary and seeing all the race card Obama’s campaign was playing really made me mad! I just feel that hillary would be great because she is more experienced and was sad she was forced to quit and support Obama for the unity of the democrat party…sigh. do you think she will run in 2012 ? I was really wishing she will but now she is working for Obama, not sure how can she now?

  17. helpusall Says:

    Just found your blog, love it and will visit often. It is now in my favorites. Thanks

  18. WMCB Says:

    I’ve been reading regularly, afrocity, and greatly enjoy your blog. I’m one of those old-time dyed-in-the-wool liberals who has always been a fiscal conservative, with some very libertarian leanings.

    Because my mother was a social worker who often took me with her on case visits, because I’ve been dirt poor and on foodstamps etc myself, and because I’m a nurse who has worked in public health, I have seen both sides of government “help”, the good and the bad. That has often put me at odds with my liberal brethren, because I tend to toss ideology out the window and take a hard look at whether things WORK long term. Unfortunately, pragmatism is not valued much in political discussions in this country. I’ve been told all my life that I have to choose a “side”. In the last few years, I’ve come to the realization that no the f**k I don’t!

    I may not agree with you on all things. But I am coming to a point where I respect most those who stand for what THEY believe, and defend it, rather than just choosing a “side”, based more on their cultural underpinnings than actual thought, then lining up to demonize all who stray from their chosen orthodoxy.

    We need less zealous political orthodoxy in this country, and more thinking citizens poking holes in the sacred cows and questioning, “Who said so? WHY is this the best way? What’s the end result of this path? What bad comes with this good, and what’s the trade-off, and is it worth it? (and no, don’t tell me there is no downside, because there ALWAYS is.)”

    I think you are doing that, and I applaud you.

  19. Pvt Bin Jammin Says:

    The guitars are great but I’m in love with your kitty!

    Great blog afrocity!

  20. countrygurl Says:

    Love your blog! Love your thoughts and honesty and I must congratulate you on your awakening! I had one of those back in the 80’s. I have some guitars, too, acoustic. Do you play them all?

  21. Bellamags Says:

    SWEET guitars. I had no idea. You been holding out!!!

  22. Have you ever checked out ?

    I was a Dem, too, but Hillary supporter (McCain voter). I found out about that site when the ‘r’ word was being hurled around. I don’t know why the Repubs weren’t better at defending themselves–they were pretty much a shambles all over, though. Thought about joining them but they have things that trouble me, too.

    I’m now a libertarian and can sleep at night. (haha)

    • afrocity Says:

      Hi sonic,

      Yes I am a member of the NBRA. Often Repulbicans dont defend themselves against racism because they find it hard to believe that people see themselves as groups or blocks. Every is an American. I have varying opinions on this and have attempted to bring up the “outreach” to African Americans question with many of my GOP friends. I have had mixed results. Conservatives are very specific about not compromising the values of the party in order to gain votes—Otherwise you are a RINO. I concur, however I still believe that many AA’s are not aware of the benefits of the GOP.

      • The thing is since the GOP wants to be “color blind” because the ideals of classical liberalism that are called conservative today as supposed to be color blind, so the idea that you are supposed to go out and look for people of “color” is wrong, because you are labeling people by “color” rather than looking at the individual. Since people are not supposed to be labeled as nothing more than a Crayola color it is very hard to do outreach in the racial sense. Unlike the Democratic party that is currently based around identity politics and class warfare. The thing is that identity politics has become such a large force in America that people don’t look towards universal ideals but only for the ideals of their group identity, so when the choice is between someone that tells you they are looking out for the “black man” rather than people, it strikes a cord. This mixed with cultural relativism (the idea that all cultures are equal and we cannot judge others, no matter what they do) causes problems, because if you look for universal ideals, such as Human Rights, you actually have to judge to only each person but each culture on the merit of that culture. Multiculturalism is fine if your talking about food, or interracial dating, but it’s not a good thing if you are talking about allowing child marriage or Female Genital Mutilation, and looking the other way because it’s a “cultural thing” and who are we to judge. Yes all cultures did terrible things but to excuse one and not the other is hypocrisy, while to condemn a whole culture for it’s failings while refusing to acknowledge the good points is insanity.

        The ideals of Traditional Liberalism are supposed to stand on their own merits, you cannot try to adjust them to identity politics, or you should not since people are not a box of Crayola colors, to say otherwise would be a denial of the truth behind the ideals, that is the “failing” of the GOP, or conservatives to be exact since the GOP while more “conservative” than the Dems, aren’t always that “conservative”. People are too into identity politics, so when you refuse to play the game you lose. MLK’s phrase about the “content of our character” has become the most hollow phrase in US politics, it meant something when he said it, but now it rings hollow. Not for something he did but for what we have done. When conservatives say it liberals say it’s a code for racism, when liberals say it isn’t a lie, used for identity politics. That’s not to say people don’t really believe it, in the Traditional Liberal view they mean it, they want it, but unfortunately race still matters, it should not but it does. I look for the day when race is nothing more than what type of partner you prefer, as in some people prefer Asian girls rather than European girls, just as some people like tall girls to short girls, or woman with green eyes, that’s not racist, that is just personal choice, no different than musical preference, race is a joke anyway. Sadly we are not there, because the artificial construction on “race” still matters”, no matter how big a joke it really is, if you are half black and half white are you black, white, or a person? To me there is only one answer to that question, and all others are tainted with racism. Think about it like this do I like Thomas Sowell because of his race, or the fact that I find his writings and philosophy to be one of the biggest influences on my life because I can relate to it and it helps build upon my own personal philosophies, even when me might disagree? I respect him because of what he has done and what he says, not because of the Crayon he was born with.

        The day that people can come together, casting aside class and racial difference is when we will be truly free, as long as we continue to divide ourselves on racial and class lines we will only have diversion and in the worst cases genocide and mass murder. The real truth is, are we Americans, or something else, the “hyphenated American”, are you really Irish-American, if you were born in Cleveland and have never seen Ireland? Are you really African-American, if you were born in Albany? What is your real loyalty to Africa or Europe?

        Lastly the GOP is weak, weak on defending themselves, they refuse to stick it to the Democrats in places they can and should, Slavery, Jim Crow, that was the Democrats, the Civil Rights ACT was a product of a Republican Senator, that isn’t saying the Republicans a perfect, no one is, but if all they said was “we were the ones fighting for a color blind, post racial future, and we still are, we don’t fight for any race we fight for all races”, they might be able to start making the inroads the need without resorting to identity politics.

        At the same time I sometimes only vote for the GOP because they are the lesser of 2 evils, I’m a Traditional Liberal not a Republican, the thing is at least some of them are on my side.

  23. Ario Says:

    Thanks for starting this blog! It is a breath of fresh air to see other conservative African-Americans! Good luck!

  24. NewOrleansPuma Says:

    Said I would stop by and here I am…very nice looking site…afrocity… will be back…Long Live the Republic…!

  25. elsie459 Says:

    Love your Blogs! bookmarked this site and will share – awesome!

  26. loudmouthjewishbabe Says:

    I too, Lurve your blog. I am a… (gasp!) Jewish Republican. No, not because I have tons of money- quite the opposite,lolol.

    Doesn’t mean I support everything on the platform though. 😉

  27. nancz Says:

    found you at moonbattery – will link you to my main blog – best of luck to you in the www!

  28. Heidi Says:

    OMG. A friend just told me about your blog. This is the funniest “About” me section I’ve read in a long time! I’m a new fan.

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