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If You’re Black and Tired…You’re FIRED November 23, 2010

Finding an African American who will criticize President Barack Obama and take him to task for what he promised to do and did not while playing golf…is like finding someone who hates oxygen. ..Okay well there is me, Afrocity and Alan West, Michael Steel.

Okay, Okay let me correct my statement.

Finding an African American who VOTED for Obama and now will openly criticize his job performance is like finding a tax cut in a Congressional law proposed by a Democrat.


Seriously, after listening to many black acquaintances saying things like “Those white boyz are out to get President Obama” and “White people are setting ‘our boy’ up to fail so we won’t never have another black president”,  I am beginning to think that black liberals do not think critically about political issues beyond race and ethnicity. The legacy of African Americans and the Democratic Party is a nearly 50 years long one. Previous to that, most blacks in America were Republicans.  Presently with the unwavering black allegiance to Party of  Ass,  it makes one wonder what sort of pact with the devil did the liberals make to get one entire race to become so politically myopic?

If we thought blacks were against diversity of opinion when it comes to politics then- believe me, the problem was further exacerbated when “first African American”  Barack Obama took the throne in 2009.

Who cares that the man who would be president is spinning fairy donkey tales on Kool Aid Mountain?

Who cares that this man has a questionable background, a record of voting present, a string of sullied associates?

Who cares that the man’s only true accomplishment is campaigning, being elected and before he can finish the job in one office, he runs for another?

You cannot do that with the Presidency of the United States.

“World King” is fortunately not a job that currently exists.   But if it did, you can bet that Barack Obama would campaign and run for it.

What Barry does not understand is that somewhere over the hope and change rainbow, after the campaigning, adulation and applause, lies a little reality called winning the election and being expected to  “work”.   W-O-R-K . Not campaigning some more, going to play golf, flying in Air Force One, partying with Jay-Z and Beyonce, whining that everything is Bush’s fault and the Republicans are out to get you…but work.

African Americans elected 95% for Barack Obama and despite his mediocre performance and lack of ability to turn the economy around, he is still their man.

Except for one brave woman who stood up against Obama in a townhall meeting, you would be challenged to find an Obama supporter who dared to utter anything but undying praise for the first black president.

Thank you Velma Hart for possessing the courage to say what I wish many African Americans would say to Barack Obama.

Of course to many liberals, Velma Hart could not exist.  Someone missed their dose of Kool Aid better call the “hope medics”.  She had to be a conservative plant.

Sorry Dr. Hill, Velma Hart was not a plant but you may be happy to hear that she was FIRED from her job this week.

From this story at Fox News:

Woman ‘Exhausted’ Defending Obama Loses Job

November 23, 2010

Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The woman who told President Barack Obama that she was “exhausted” from defending him and his economic policies and waiting for the change she expected after voting for him has another reason to be put out: She’s lost her job.

Velma Hart, the chief financial officer
for Am Vets, a veteran services organization based in Maryland, said Monday in an interview with CNBC that she was laid off as part of the nonprofit’s effort to cut expenses.

“I want to focus on the positive and be optimistic,” said Hart, who lives in Upper Marlboro, Md. “And assume that somehow things will work out, that there’s an opportunity out there with Velma’s name on it that’s right around the corner.”

Am Vets executive director Jim King told The Washington Post that the nonprofit was looking for ways to survive financially.

“It’s not anything she did,” King told the Post for a story that appeared online Monday. “She got bit by the same snake that has bit a lot of people. It was a move to cut our bottom line.”

“…She got bit by the same snake…”???

Or perhaps you omitted the likely truth?  That Velma Hart got bit by the snake she asked for a refund after he sold oil to her that did not do what it claimed to do?

Velma Hart, Juan Williams and the list of African Americans who speak out against liberal policies and lose their jobs will grow.

I thought the end of slavery meant freedom of ideas?

How can anyone say that there is an achievement gap between blacks an whites when it is self imposed primarily because we are aligning ourselves with a party that places a footprint in our butts whenever we speak out against it?

That is not freedom.

Allen West (R-FL) was just elected to congress on November 2nd.  Allen West is black.  Now Allen West is being branded as “wingnut” by mainstream media.

Here is another video about West. Notice the title of the video. West preaches hate.

“Wingnut” will soon get downgraded to “Uncle Tom”.   This is how the left treats anyone of color- especially blacks -that deviate from the liberal agenda.   Choice equates freedom.  This is why I am actually a Republican but also pro-choice.  I also believe that political choice equates freedom.

More African Americans should continue to speak out against the liberal agenda and how our schools are still failing, our kids are still dying and how the Democrats have not stopped it one bit.  It is not a question of what a political party can do for us.  It is a question of realizing that our destiny remains entirely up to us and if we want to be taken seriously, we have to stop blindly supporting a party that takes our vote for granted.

Unfortunately, we punish anyone within our race that asks “Why are we jumping off this mountain just because a Democrat told us to?”

And that my friends is slavery. It does not matter what color our president is.

From The British Library

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29 Responses to “If You’re Black and Tired…You’re FIRED”

  1. myselfandI Says:

    Long before white Europeans enslaved Africans, other Africans were enslaving the smaller tribes, the weaker tribes. Once Europeans/Americans started slaving, they were buying the slaves from raiders. The whites were not plentiful enough to go on raids through ‘darkest Africa,’ it was other Africans selling. This bit of history seems to be completely forgotten in political circles. A Black man can sell out just as quickly and cheaply as a White man or Asian man or etc.

  2. Edith H Says:

    Remember Bush fatigue; I can’t blame anyone, including African Americans, who were caught up in the enthusiasm for Obama. They and many others were enabled by the drive by media. By not properly vetting him, giving him a pass on this resume etc, and by their repugnant mooning and gushing over him 24/7, they established an expectation that nobody could have met. In some ways the Media set him up to fail.
    And, I’m sorry, I can’t help but wonder why President Obama is not surrounded the the Democrat Party’s A-Team.
    In the end, they did us all a diservice because we, the working people, were, and still are, on a slippery slope and still, after twenty months, there are no adults engaging in dispassionate and sober examination of the REAL ECONOMIC GAME CHANGERS that cause our economic stagnation.

    • afrocity Says:

      What is the A-team???

    • Janis Says:

      “I can’t help but wonder why President Obama is not surrounded the the Democrat Party’s A-Team.”

      Because he did everything in his power to disgrace the real Dem A-team and run them out of town. And he succeeded. Kudos to Barky.

      • Edith H Says:

        I wondered if it was BHO’s fault or if they kept their distance form him. It cost him in the end because he didn’t get prudent counsel. I don’t think the A-team would have been so tone deaf and they would have got their priorities right.

        • Liz Says:

          Obambi wouldn’t have listened to any “A-Team”, even had such an entity existed. He is so vain, and so far left, that he was always going to act like this.

          Blaming bad advice is doing exactly what Afrocity is criticising – acting like it’s not his fault he’s both malevolent AND incompetent. He is the POTUS – the Democrats cannot ignore him, even if they want to.

  3. Edith H Says:

    In sports jargon it would be the first string, your better players.

  4. yttik Says:

    Good post, Afrocity.

    I can’t say I’ve ever felt like a slave, but when I left the Dem party I felt like I was leaving an abusive marriage.I’m telling you, not a day goes by that I don’t celebrate my new found freedom.

    • Janis Says:

      I wish I celebrated it. But what have we discovered? I’m sorry, but the Repubs have never been good for women in particular or the economy. They ALWAYS run the place into the ground. There’s only one president that’s ever gotten a decent handle on the economy in my entire lifetime, and he’ll never see office again (and his wife’s ambitions were completely destroyed). It’s been nothing but downhill since then.

      And what do we know now? That there’s nothing on the other side. It’s 1932 again, and there’s no FDR. There’s the stone-cold awareness of how bad things are and that they will not get better, not in my lifetime, not in anyone’s kids’ lifetimes. Living in reality is better than delusion, because lying to oneself destroys the spirit. But I’m not going to say I celebrate my freedom in realizing that this country is headed down the shit chute with absolutely no chance of a swerve back on course. I just want it all to hit the fan after my mom is gone so she doesn’t have to go through any of the mess as what both the elite Pubs and Dems would consider a useless old female.

      Yes, we left the abusive bastards. Now we can walk out of the bomb shelter door into the apocalyptic mess and starve. Whoopee.

      • Edith H Says:

        Janis This is my favorite subject and what I blog about. I try to get peope to realize that it is not 1960 and to face the root causes of the decline and stagnation of working Americans. “It is the technology, stupid.” (not you Janis) We came out of WWII the last intact industrial economy with a huge backlog of demand for housing and all things auto. We generated so much wealth we rebuilt Europe and Japan and they became our competitors in the 70s. A feature of post war America was “skilled labor”. By the 80s, under Reagan, automation began to accelerate, and US Steel shed 100 thousand jobs over ten years while still maintaining the same out put. Repeat this story thousands of times for every industry and sector. In the 90s, computing (programming) enhanced automation, and further reduced the need for skilled labor in manufacturing. It also consolidated or eliminated millions of office jobs and white collar jobs; accounting, HR, filing, phones…. And the internet makes managing a long complicated supply chain easy with a few mouse clicks. What do you think happened to all the jobs and people? All of these trends facilitate outsourcing, making it fast, easy, and cheap . Together they drove the emergence of the global mega corporations with their astonishing efficencies and economies of scale, AND CHEAP CONSUMER PRODUCTS. Today documents, images, data, schematics can be digitized and sent around the world in minutes. There is no reason that an employee in Calcutta can’t do stock analysis, engineering, CAD drafting, research, legal boiler plate, process a credit or mortgage app, or read a medical scan. Robots are in distribution, mining, manufacturing, and coming to agriculture. That’s where the jobs are and more of the same is on the horizon. Now tell me which politician is responsible for all this innovation, like any of them are that smart.
        I am sorry this topic is so dry but if you know this much, you are way ahead of 95% of the public.
        When I introduce this subect, I start out by asking people to name all the jobs that have either disappeared or been decimated in their lifetime. If you think of some more, please reply.
        bank tellers, meter readers, gas station attendants, travel agents, security guards, operators, secretaries, filing and steno, professional salespeople***, printers, toll takers, all kinds of accounting jobs due to Peachtree(or Quickbooks) and on line tax preparation, there used to be four men on a garbage tuck ……….
        when I was child, stores were not self service and saleswomen brought clothes to you in the dressing rooms

        • afrocity Says:

          Train conductors

          • Edith H Says:

            Why thanks, sorry for getting carried away. I do it becasue I fear an out of control back lash when people realize that most of the skilled jobs are not coming back. But, I get it that people need boogeymen and conspiracies. I believe if you fix the broken jobs machine a lot of other problems just go away or are manageable.
            Technology and Free Trade are “hollowing out the middle class” per Hillary Clinton. Alan Blinder of the Fed specualted that 20-40 million more white collar middle class”techie” jobs might be on the chopping block; Matt Slaughter (Tuck Business) noted that the benefits are disproportionatley distributed, and that real wages have been stagnant or declining for all classes but those with technical and graduate degrees (4%). Part of the dilemma is that it was our intellectual and our politicial class that trotted around the world and oversold it to the rest of the planet. To be fair they really believed it was a miraculous path to universal happiness, peace, and prosperity. Where have we heard that before?
            I could kick myself for not voting for HRC. She attempted to bring this to public attention in the 2008 campaign, but nobody wanted to hear it, and she couldn’t get any traction.

      • yttik Says:

        It’s interesting, Janis, for the first time in many years I actually have genuine hope for this country. I used to believe we were completely screwed, and of course, quite convinced that if Dems were not in power we were all going to hell in a hand basket. Children will starve, women will lose their rights, fascism will take over! I swear it’s a form of brainwashing, like being in a cult. That is what I am free from now, that constant negativity.

        I’ll never forget the 2008 primaries. Besides the election fraud and what was done to Hillary, there were the stories designed to “motivate” us about the mother who has to walk five miles barefoot in the snow to go to chemotherapy, about the woman who died of breast cancer and just wanted to be buried in her Obama shirt, about the guy who slept on the floor six days a week until it was his turn to sleep in the only bed the family owned……I know these stories Janis, I’ve heard them before from two bit preachers who want your money. They are the snake oil Afrocity speaks of.

      • afrocity Says:


        I am really not into identity politics so I no longer vote based on who will be good for my race or gender. Having said that, I feel more respected by my Conservative peers both male, female, black. white than I ever did as a Democrat. There is more to me as a woman than needing an abortion. I do not take birth control but like every woman left or right I want equal pay, no sexual harassment…Which brings me to Bill Clinton, Jerry Brown, Obama calling women “sweetie” …What were you saying about Democrats being good for women?

        • Edith H Says:

          My experience is that misogynists are pretty equal opportunity if the lewd and really vile filth directed at Sarah Palin over the weekend is any indication. It is shocking that those posters never give any consideration to who might be reading their malicious comments, not that children should be allowed on to these sites. I’m sure it was the same for HRC, I just wasn’t on line much then.

          • Edith H. That sounds amazingly similar to a term paper written by another student in a course on Advanced Applied Macroeconomics at UCD.

            As for the “misogynists?” I’m seeing the very same things coming from purveyors of mysandry as well.

          • Edith H Says:

            Good Grief, Mr sperry: I am not an economist although after raising five children I reinvented myself as a buyer of electronics, if that works for you. These are just my observations. I feel very alone in my views which is odd because thirty years ago, the public was concerned about automation and technology; it is part of what drove the investment in technical schools and junior colleges.
            By the way, when I am talking the loss of skilled jobs, I mean net. I realize that technology and automation also generate some jobs. In fact the academics pat us all kindly on the head and reassure us that some new industry or technology will emerge to replace the lost jobs just like they did for agriculture (construction, all things auto, airlines, televison, distribution…….). Naturally, there are no guarantees, and it doesn’t happen on a time schedule. And, of course, any new industry or technology will be subject to the same pressures and trends as the old. I can opnly speak for myself but Hi-Tech Feudlism is very unappealing, and I don’t want to live in a world with millions of redundant people who have no meaningful work.

        • Janis Says:

          I do vote for who will be good for myself, like everyone else does. And part of that “self” is the female part. And I have to admit that it burns the hell out of me that in TWO cases, two incredibly high-profile cases, the most outrageously well-qualified candidates were both women. And both were hated and vilified in the most vile, sexist ways. I just can’t pretend that didn’t happen.

          When have Republicans been good for women? Seriously — lately, when has ANY one party been good for women? Beyond “they are nice to me personally.” When has either party done anything on a larger scale, the scale that government is supposed to operate on?

          I reject any tribal affiliation. That leaves only one, the one tribal affiliation that has never been tried in human history — voting for women, and voting across party lines freely and without any regard for ideology. Given that the ideological differences between the two parties are window-dressing anyway, I don’t see why I should pay attention to what any of them say, really.

        • Janis Says:

          Also, keep this sort of stuff in mind:

          There is no tribe that will be on our side, AC. Not one. We have to be on our own side. If Republicans are temporarily on their best behavior around us at the moment, it’s no different then when the Dems have faked it in the past. It is ugly to realize that one has no tribe, but it’s the truth. We have to each be our own tribe.

      • Liz Says:

        “It’s 1932 again, and there’s no FDR.”

        “The Forgotten Man”, by Amity Schlaes. Read it.

        “…There’s only one president that’s ever gotten a decent handle on the economy in my entire lifetime…”

        Clinton was forced into fiscal sanity by a GOP run Congress – something the Democrats don’t like to remind people of. Unless it comes to DOMA and DADT, in which case you’d think Clinton magically stopped being POTUS for just those votes. Oh, and those surpluses were projected, not actual.

        No, the Republicans are nowhere near perfect. But they are still better than the Democrats. They are the only party that both has a snowball’s chance of winning and is anyway amenable to changing – minority leader Pelosi, anyone? Small differences make a huge difference:

        And constantly whining that they’re the saaaame and we’re all dooooomed is just fear mongering and concern trolling. Grow up.

  5. Slavery is slavery no matter what colour the oppressor. But political loyalty is tribal loyalty and most people vote Democrat because they always have and not because they’ve thought it through. Certainly there are issues that matter, but for the most part, it is just walk in and vote the straight (D or R) ticket and be done with it. I left the Demcratic Party when I realized how much I disagreed with them on almost every issue and that I was voting mostly out of some imagined race loyalty rather than anything close to facts.

  6. Rick Says:

    I talked to anyone who would listen during the 2008 campaign that if they were voting for Obama because of the color of his skin what would be the consequences if he was a failure as President. This failure is now coming to pass.
    It would have been much better to elect a successful/competent person, President, who happened to be black.

    • Janis Says:

      They weren’t thinking of the consequences for the country. I’ll tell you what they (a white they in this case) were thinking in response to your question of what if he’s a failure:

      “Who cares? I’ll have proven what a nice white person I am, and that’s all that matters to me.”

      Black people, in my opinion, knew the fine print and signed the deal with the devil despite it. They knew they were being treated as tokens; it’s happened to them so many times that they have to be able to sniff if out. I sure can, when I’m being pushed forward as the Token Girl. Black people can suss that stuff out in a snap, too. But they figured it was all they were going to get, so they ran with it — right into a wall. 😦

  7. Janelle Says:

    Breathless, Afrocity, by the column and the responses. And LtCl Allen West is the candidate south of my district that I contributed to on a regular basis. West makes sense. Period.

  8. yttik Says:

    It’s kind of sad that Velma has to be tired of defending her president. I mean, in theory her president should be serving her and he should be the one who gets worn out fighting FOR her.

  9. gweema Says:

    So, when Obama told Velma that EVERYONE is suffering right now, why didn’t anyone stand up and challenge that lie? The rich are getting richer, and he knows it!

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