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Catty Corner: How Liberal Women Get Skin In The Game November 17, 2010

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Can someone please tell me why Tina Fey cannot seem to keep Sarah Palin’s name out of her mouth?  Could it be because she is desperately in need of attention despite having 30 Rock be a hit?  Could it be that she needs a personality?

After all if you Google “Tina Fey” and look for images, all you will mostly find is Tina’s bony ass posing in provocative tiny leg showing outfits.  Obviously, Tina really wants you to dog ear every page of a magazine she appears in. ” Wow, that Tina Fey is funny and sexy” she wants you to say.   However, we seem to have an epic fail here because all I see when

I look at Tina Fey is a confident-less woman who feels physically unattractive and uninteresting so she needs to bare as much skin as she can in every magazine and attempt to ridicule a woman (Sarah Palin)  over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, so she be the cool girl on the block.

It is also an amusing irony that Ms. Fey authored the screenplay Mean Girls.  Obviously something she knows a lot about.  We all remember mean girls in our lives.  One of mine was named “Ronetta”.  She was a heartless bitch who lived most of her high school life in the principals office.  She dressed well, wore too much make-up but didn’t we all at that age???

Some were more forgiving of Ronetta slathering deep red lipstick on her huge square shaped lips than she was forgiving of myself and other girls doing nothing besides going to class and breathing.   A rare exception it was indeed for Ronetta to pass me in the hallway and not roll her eyes.  This girl was a junior mind you and I was  a peasant freshman- why did she care about me?   The worse day came during 8th period study hall which was held in the school lunchroom.    Innocently, I was sitting with a friend talking about boys, Duran Duran- not studying- who did in study hall?

You could hear Ronetta and her band of assholes in the background- loud cackling- sitting on the lunch tables – not at them.

“Why are they so loud?”  my friend asked.

“You mean why are black people so loud?”  I asked back jokingly.

Nodding, my friend replied “I so wanted to say that.”

Further Example of Catty Liberal

I just shrugged my shoulders and shook my head.   Somehow Ronetta’s evil radar picked up on us and she started in on me.

“Look at that bitch over there with the purple eyeshadow.”

Suddenly everything was quiet as Ronetta’s lackeys obeyed the queen bee and hum buzzed to my table.

I would be lying if I said I was not afraid.  I would be lying even more if I said I did not want to be invisible.

“This heifer looks like Nancy Reagan with the eyeshadow.”

Laughter erupted throughout the lunchroom, rivaling the sound of Mount Saint Helen.

“Look at her fizzy wuzzy nappy ass hair.”

By now you are asking Afrocity “what did you do?”.

The answer is – nothing.

Because my mother always taught me to ignore bullies, I usually just walked away from threatening situations .  In this case, I could not. I sat there without a hall pass to escape.   The bell literally saved me as the bitch crew scurried off to their next adventure of  wreaking  torment.

That day would go down as one of the worst in my high school history.  Today, I would not handle it that way.   A transformation came over me in college.  I developed a “back off gene”.   What happened to my mean girl?   I have only seen a picture of her but she still slathers red lipstick over her ugly square lips and looks FAT.

Mean girls may turn into mean women but inside there is still a whiny person screaming for attention at the expense of someone else.

Not all women follow the path of liberalism.  To Tina Fey and other liberal loudmouths like Rosie O’Donnell and Joy Behar, that is a sin against women.   Gee Rosie and Joy,  what disconnected names for two women who are so obnoxious.

Sadly, Tina actually got slight applause before she ruined her gratitude to Sarah with her further comments. What a missed opportunity of true grace and class.  Tina could have stood up for all women.

But I suppose she feels that Jerry Brown beating Meg Whitman was good for all women because Meg was a whore.  Or that Sarah Palin losing in 2008 was good for all women because she was a cunt.  Obama is good for all women because he calls us “sweetie”.

From I own the World

Much has been made of PBS cutting some of her speech, which I find ironic because had she been a conservative woman, Anderson Cooper would have no problem with cutting off her head let alone a speech  How dare you deprive everyone of the full experience of Tina’s anti-Palin rant?  Palin is like Marilyn Monroe to these women but what makes them hate her more is that Sarah ain’t no candle in the wind.

This is all pretty pathetic but not as pathetic as Tina Fey.  Her behavior actually further dumbs her down and really only makes her look like someone who owes her fame to a woman that she agrees on nothing with.  Hmmm,  now if I disliked a person so much why would I give them so much importance in my life?

Tina was your career nothing before Sarah Palin came along?

Sarah and her 5 million viewers want to know, and like you Tina- your material is getting OLD.  Time to find another target- one who gives a damn.  Wasn’t there a moment when Tina said that she was glad McCain lost the election so she would not have to “play” Sarah again???


Well Tina, America helped you “be done playing this woman”…Now what is your excuse.

Just pathetic mean girl with nothing else to do with her life?

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9 Responses to “Catty Corner: How Liberal Women Get Skin In The Game”

  1. doppelganglander Says:

    I am actually a fan of Tina Fey, but she made herself look like a fool. She is very fortunate that she looks a little like Sarah Palin and she took advantage of it professionally, which I really have no problem with. I wonder if she started worrying that people would conflate her with Sarah Palin and start assuming she shares Palin’s beliefs, so she started distancing herself from Palin with dumb statements like this. All it does is make people more closely identify her with Palin. If she really wants to break the association, she should shut up and never play Palin again. But if Palin runs in 2012, I doubt Fey will be able to resist the money and attention she’d get for doing it.

  2. Janis Says:

    Tina Fey was considered the ugly, smart chick by most of the Maxim-reading population until she proved her chick-who-knows-her-place cred by attacking Palin. Suddenly, she’s all over the place as a cerebral hottie. You can be damned sure she knows why — knife another woman in the back, and the boys will like you.

    • This is exactly correct, Janis. Tina knows she gets the adolescent boys to laugh when she pokes fun at the school marm.

      Well… I *was* a fan of Tina Fey’s. And now I can’t stand her. Won’t see her movie. Can’t stand her nasally “I can see Alaska…” line ONE MORE TIME.

      • yttik Says:

        That’s correct, Janis. Sure way to get popularity and kudos is to knife another woman in the back.

        The reverse is also true, support or speak out for women simply because you believe girls should stick together and you’ll be relentlessly attacked.

  3. garnette Says:

    I remember that SNL episode in which Sarah Palin made an appearance. The moment she walked pass Tina Fey, you could see how beautiful Sarah was compared to a heavily made up Tina Fey who was trying to imitate her.

    • afrocity Says:

      Amen Garnette there was no comparison and I thought that Tina Fey was a total coward when Sarah Palin came on the set at the same time. I also do not buy the part about Tina’s kids saying “mommy you look like her” . Then Fey goes on to say “Oh that is not a good thing”.

      I am like for whom??? Tina you would be lucky to look half as good as Sarah Palin. A woman who can hold the attention of 5 million people without taking off her clothes on a magazine cover.

  4. votermom Says:

    But if Palin runs in 2012, I doubt Fey will be able to resist the money and attention she’d get for doing it.

    Bingo. Fey should vote for Palin because if Sarah wins, Tina will be raking in the misogynist $$$ for the next 4 years.

  5. Edith H Says:

    Sorry to be slightly off topic. I check out your blog regularly even though I don’t often post, since my agenda is the employment picture and I am more focused on the economic game changers of technology, computing. outsourcing. On the high volume blogs, I encounter a lot of vile crud from both sides of the spectrum ( always keeping in mind that a large percentage is bogus and contrived; in other words, there are activists, posuers, bar flies, frat boys and so forth).
    There were several articles today about Sarah Palin because of her book. It brought out all the freaks and creeps. I have a fairly high tolerance threshold for vileness; I don’t have to tell you about the filth directed at SP or at Hillary before her. But what apparently I can’t handle, is the bizarre malice directed toward Trig Palin. Where does that come from? Not only do these venal people get some thumbs up for mocking a baby with Downs sydrome, but I occasionally get a thumbs down when I call them out.
    I am calling on you to coin a word to describe the shriveled bigots who are so needy they are compelled to denigrate and demean special children. Thanks

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