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Thanking Our Veterans November 11, 2010

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Taking the time today to thank every man and woman who has served our country through the military is something we all should attempt. On my side this includes my brother and three of my uncles.  We should respect and admire their service, regardless of whether or not we agree with the circumstances under which they served. My uncles were in the Koren War.  My brother was in during the Gulf War. It is not really their duty to question why they are where they are.  They just do.

The military was never something that Afrocity was born for.  I thought about it once and even took the test after college- had a recruit officer come to my apartment.  He gave me an aptitude test on his laptop. I did well but I never made the next step.  He called to ask what was the problem and I told him I suspected that I would be worse than Private Benjamin.  Trying to diminish my hesitancy, the recruit officer had a “female officer” contact me.  She explained that she was 5 feet tall and 99 pounds- which was smaller than I.    Still Afrocity chickened out and went to graduate school instead.    Fatigues and nights in the trench would not agree with my personal aesthetic.

Why was I considering the Army anyway?  I asked myself that question and realized no matter what my justifications were, it would not be for the right reasons.  Frankly, it was for the free room and board and the benefits a soldier received when she  gets out. What was 4 years?  After all somethings last longer than that right?   Graduate school costs were skyrocketing and I already had debt from undergraduate days.  Serve your country and take the money and run..

However, I knew that my heart would not be in it.   I knew that I was coward and could not endure boot camp, or waking up at Oh-five-hundred hours.

So I did not enlist and I did it for America.

Aren’t you glad that I loved my country enough not to give it the awful gift of Afrocity in the service?

For those who did serve through the military, thank you. Thank you for keeping us safe and sacrificing your time and personal lives for Americans. You veterans are more of a man or woman than I will ever be.

God Bless.

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5 Responses to “Thanking Our Veterans”

  1. Janis Says:

    “We should respect and admire their service, regardless of whether or not we agree with the circumstances under which they served.”

    If we disagree with the circumstances under which they served, we have only ourselves to blame. The military doesn’t set policy, the government does. They only go and serve, they don’t decide when and where.

    In a democracy, WE decide when and where. So if we don’t like the circumstances under which they serve, we have ourselves to blame, not them.

    They present us with an almost unimaginable level of trust, telling us that they will DIE when and where we tell them to. It’s up to us to merit that trust. Most times, we don’t. We as citizens should start working hard to measure up to it, start making sure that our votes are counted fairly (hello, Dem RBC!), and choosing CiCs based on more than shallow cults of personality.

  2. yttik Says:

    Happy Veterans Day!

    Those who have joined the military are the real rebels and activists. It doesn’t take much faith or courage to go to a protest and hold up a sign, not in a free country. The real revolutionaries are the ones who put their faith in something greater than themselves and decide to serve their country.

    Nice post, Afrocity.

    • Janis Says:

      Honestly, I can’t decide whether they’re brave or godawful naive … but nevertheless, they put a ton of trust in us, and we go and elect the pet rock of presidential candidates. Great. Just great.

      We need to ensure that our votes are counted, and then we have to use them responsibly. That’s the best way to thank a soldier — to make sure that the trust they put in us is properly placed and stop electing hopeless dipshits.

      Also, I found a really nice website called where you can request addresses to send care packages to. You can address them to “any female soldier,” too. I bought a ton of tampons, nail polish (hey, you need goofy stuff, too), toothpaste and floss, scented hand cream from B&BW, and five pairs of ski socks from REI. When the socks get here, I’ll make up five little care packages and send them off. It’s really cool — take a look!

      • Heathers Says:

        Thank You!!! I will send a care package. That is neat.. Has anyone ever thank you for the care package?

        • Janis Says:

          The website advises that if you enclose an envelope, paper,and a pen, your chances of getting a reply go way up. 🙂

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