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America: A Long Cool Woman in a Red Dress November 3, 2010

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This is like Christmas morning where you received some of the gifts you wanted and some that you did not want.

Congratulations to the Republicans for winning back the house and sending the Wicked Witch of the West Coast Pelosi packing as Speaker of the House.

Congratulations to Mark Kirk (R-IL) for beating Obama basketball bank fraud mobster buddy Alexi Giannoulias.  We still do not have a governor.  Quinn (D-IL) is beating Bill Brady (R-IL) by 8,000 votes and it hinged on “Crook ” County. We will have a recount I am sure. Brady won nearly every county but Cook. Remember Brady was impeached Blago’s replacement.

Congratulations to Allen West (R-FL)  a new African American Republican man in Congress. Allen is terrific.

His victory speech.

Incidentally, this was a inside joke among us conservatives on Facebook:

The awful Racist Teabaggers Elect Allen West (African American), Nikki Haley (Eastern Indian), Tim Scott (African American) & Marco Rubio (Cuban American).

And look no African American in the U.S. Senate… Understand this black people. Until African Americans start becoming more centrist or conservative, they will only win House races which are more localized.

I have lots of thoughts going through my head but I am low on sleep.  Geeze California.  I understand that you are a liberal state but did you have to elect a has-been boyfriend from your past life as a hippy Helter Skelter youthful days whose campaign called your opponent a whore?  Did the women of California actually vote for a man that laughed at mammograms and once made the quotes:

The real solution to racial problems was for “the white boys to teach black boys how to read and for black boys to teach white boys how to fight.” -Jerry Brown

More women should be in the home, taking care of their children. Then we’d have fewer social problems.”– Jerry Brown

California are you kidding me???

My real heroes are Wisconsin for ousting Feingold (D-WI) and Ohio for electing Kasich (R-OH).  I love Mark Rubio(R-FL) too. Ha ha Christ !!!

Ha ha Obama and the rap singer Common did not even help Giannoulias.  Guess the lobster and arugula was not enough.

Good job conservatives.  I am proud.

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11 Responses to “America: A Long Cool Woman in a Red Dress”

  1. Bellamags Says:

    YES….victory is sweet… is Rubio 😉

  2. yttik Says:

    Yay!! Nice post, Afrocity. I am so relieved about Mark Kirk.

    There were 3 glass ceilings broken, SC, NM, and OK won their first female governors, ever. Not sure about Florida yet, but she would be the historic 4th.

    It’s a drag Harry Reid is still there, but the fact that there are still a couple of Dems left standing after last night’s tsunami, is a good thing for Republicans heading into 2012. Politically speaking, you don’t want to be the only party standing in the line of fire two years from now when voters decide to hold you accountable.

    • afrocity Says:

      True, I am glad we did not win the senate back.
      I still hope my governor is Brady but looks like Cook County may have let some dead people vote.

  3. Tyrone Says:

    It’s damned hard to oust an entrenched senator it seems. Yeesh.

    However, even though we did not win the Senate, I think this is good. We have restored balance of power. And if we HAD won the Senate, Obama would have been the lone underdog, beset by Evil Republicans. He’d rack up sympathy points, and you KNOW he’d play that up with his Poor Me speeches. At least now it’s White House and Senate against the House, and the majority is not filibuster-proof in the Senate anymore. So it’s about balance of power, which is exactly what the Founders of this country had in mind. There will NOT be any more dark of night votes on terrible legislation no one has read. And THAT is damned important.

  4. Janelle Says:

    Our designated polling place was incredibly busy…..I’ve never seen a mid term election get this kind of turnout. and cheers from Fl 16 to Fl 22 for ousting Ron Klein and electing LtCl West. And more cheers for ousting Alan Grayson from Orlando and a rousing yes to our new Senator Rubio.

  5. Sharon Says:


    We have a Republican Governorship and all legislative branches; first time
    since Hoover, and we eliminated the “maverick” Senator Feingold!!!

    Happy Days are here again!

  6. AAO Says:

    Rubio the trouncer – that was sweet music to my ears. Go West!

  7. AAO Says:

    By the way I work as a contractor at a very large International NGO in DC. Everybody was in a foul mood yesterday after the results. They were also pieced that I refused to discuss politics at work (this guys decide who to hire and fire using your politics as a benchmark) … I was relishing their pain though. My boss was going around and giving tea bags to everyone and claiming we have been tea bagged. Liberals aren’t they the most loving people …
    Imagine if someone did the reverse … you would be fired!

    • Tyrone Says:

      Heck – if you decided to hire and fire based on politics, as a conservative, you’d be sued and your company would be boycotted! Or worse. Smart thinking to refuse to discuss politics.

      I am amazed at the level of hatred on the Left, towards the Right – it rivals that which they claim we have for everyone else!

    • afrocity Says:

      Your boss really did that? How unprofessional.

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