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I have a Scream- Howard Dean, Patron Saint of Campaign Financing October 18, 2010

Democrats are seldom explicit about the origins of cash flow into their own campaigns.   Howard Dean (D-VT) was the pioneer of internet donations and grassroots campaign fundraising. Thirty- five dollars from the African American grandmother of twelve.  One hundred dollars from the divorced dad who’s pissed off at his Republican congressman for toughing up on child support deadbeats.   Twenty bucks from the young college student who is about to get dropped from his parent’s health insurance.  Throw in millions of other stories and you get a pretty huge contribution to your campaign.

Saint Dean was doing pretty well in 2004 until his “I Have a Scream” speech during the Iowa caucus.   YEAH!!!!

Even before that fateful night, Afrocity had an inkling that Dean was a tad on the strange side.   My very liberal friend was really into him and already sent the governor from Vermont over $500 in campaign contributions.   That was a lot of money to donate considering what we did for a living and even more surprising when you consider…well…where we were living- Manhattan.  New York $2,400 a month to  rent a shoebox city.     Admittedly,  I was not following the Democratic primary – at all.  Somehow my heart was not into politics that year. I had just finished my masters degree and healing from the shock of September 11th.   We were attacked on home soil-the country was vulnerable.  If history was doomed to repeat itself, most presidents remain in office if a country has been under attack or at war.   Bush was going to be re-elected- I could feel it.   I was resigned to just sit and wait another four years for someone fantastic to come along.  I would let the election hoopla go by.  Rarely however, did my friend let a moment go by without attempting to manipulate someone to her point of view.

“Howard Dean is the man!” she exclaimed. “He is the real deal and from Vermont -you know how they are all environmental in that state and they believe in co-ops…”

Vermont was a favorite vacation destination for me. Each summer, I would make the trip to Manchester for some outlet shopping, then on to Shelburne and Stowe.  The green mountains were unlike anything I ever experienced in Illinois. Environmentalists ruled the “Green Mountain State” and it showed. Fresh milk, maple syrup- the air was clean.  At night I could actually see the stars.   So Howard Dean was the governor huh?  Perhaps there was something to the guy…Most Democrats in my circle where wild about Harry maybe I should give the jolly green mountain man a chance.  He was a doctor and I was tired of lawyers in office.  Dean’s wife was a working women who was independent.

Keep in mind that this was all before the idea of my switching parties came into play. But it is an early indication of my sleepwalking through the Democratic Party.  Pull the ‘D” lever no matter what.   Accordingly, I watched every Howard Dean interview that I could stand.

And I was not impressed.

I never heard much about what exactly Howard Dean wanted to do to “get our country back”.  I did not like the usage of Martin Luther King’s words which seemed disingenuous.  I knew instantly that he Dean train was not for me.  He seemed to struggle somewhere between manic and maniacal.   Little did I know that four years later, the Frankenstein DNC machine would produce an even better more powerful 2008 monster- crafted from spare parts of liberal ideology, hope and change.

My, my my if Howard Dean only knew then what he does now.  And the 2008 model would make it past the Iowa Caucus test run.  The 2008 model would perfect Howard Dean’s “50 state” campaign strategy.  He would use the fundraising prowess of the internet even better than Howard Dean.

Now in conspiratorial fashion, Howard Dean is doing another scream speech. Again in favor of the Democrats but this time it is not for his own political campaign but against the Republicans.

To curtail a Republican landslide on November 2nd, which now seems almost inevitable, Saint Dean is preaching again and wearing  the moral compass robe of campaign financing.

Good thing Liz Cheney was there to dump holy reality water on Dean’s plan.

Here is a tip Saint Dean, confess your own campaign financing sins first before you shake your rosary beads at others.

Certainly intelligent voters know that this whole the Republicans are taking money under the table thing is a ruse to sway people to the Democrat’s side of the election.  Even if it is true, you should remember that if the voters did nto really care where Obama’s money came from in 2008, chances are they will not care where the Republican’s money come from now.  No voter seemed to find John McCain any more president worthy when he opted to stick to his campaign promise to remain within the public financing system for the general election.

It was Obama who went back on his promise to accept only public financing.

If that empty suit breach of morals was good enough for the Church of Kool Aid Mountain independents for Obama to elect then, why would those independents now against the Democrats care now?

Sorry Howie.  If you guys stop taking contributions from unions maybe you would have a leg to stand on when it comes to attacking corporate campaign contributions because guys like this one (below) would like to see that change.

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2 Responses to “I have a Scream- Howard Dean, Patron Saint of Campaign Financing”

  1. Janis Says:

    I remember being well-disposed to him the first time he turned up. He had actual stuff he could point to that his state had achieved on his watch, both same-sex “civil unions” and the Success by Six program for little kids in kindergarten, and a lot of the things he said about them got across the message that he really had a grip on why they were needed and why they worked. I also remember him saying that a consolidated media was incredibly dangerous for a democracy that relied on its voters being well-informed.

    But man, he sure ended up drinking the Kool-Aid willingly and in great quantities. His online fundraising success I think scared the living shit out of the Democrats. They realized a couple things:

    1) There’s a HELLUVA LOTTA MONEY on teh intartubez!

    2) There’s a huge dissatisfied grassroots minority in the Democratic party, and we’ve got to get it under control NOW.

    So after Dean was kneecapped or kneecapped himself stupidly, as most people do who shoot upwards in popularity before they are prepared for it, they went up to him and brought him into the fold. Whether he was deliberately evil or just very dumb in believing their sincerity, or complimented at sitting at the Grown-Ups Table is debatable, probably a little of all three.

    And they just muzzled and leashed him, or handed him the muzzle and leash and got him to put it on. That way, they both had a link to the means by which 14 million terrifying dollars got raised by one maverick dude in one quarter — which was record-setting at the time, and they got to put collars and muzzles on a movement of vast dissatisfaction within the Democrats that threatened to turn into their version of the Tea Party. Those restless liberals became the Obots of four years later, still drunk on the time they were In A Movement and thought themselves important.

    Why I, as a former Dean supporter, remained unmoved by Obama and stuck by Hillary is a mystery to me. I think the reason I supported Dean was because he had actually done shit, and that’s the same reason I supported Hillary. That’s definitely the reason I didn’t support Obama — he’s done nothing whatsoever up to that point, and his entire campaign was composed of irrelevant garbage: woman-hatred, a desire to be “cool,” and white guilt. I’m not guilty over being white (whether I even am depends on which professor you talk to), I’ve never been trendy in my LIFE, and I don’t hate other women.

    Anyhow, there’s a data point of one ex-Dean supporter who never fell for Obama, FWIW. And a possible explanation for why.

    I’m glad he never got in, ultimately — although I still respect what he did in Vermont. But he was just not ready for the world stage. Like Sarah Ferguson, he was not bad but fated to make a substantial gaffe at some point. I’m glad it was BEFORE and not AFTER. And let’s face it, I could tell Barky wasn’t ready, and I’ve never been a governor of anything. Why the hell did HE fall for it?

    I won’t even go near his “Dunno I don’t watch cable,” comment, for which there is NO FORGIVENESS. That man will always be dead to me for that crack. EVERYTHING he’s said since is junk to me.

  2. yttik Says:

    I was a Dean supporter, too. He had an actual track record of accomplishments. I remember when Dean was kneecapped and Kerry was selected. I was astounded by how deliberately and smoothly it was done. You would think that would have given me a clue that something was weird about the Dem party, but I didn’t start to catch on until Edwards and the boyz ganged up on Hillary to get Obama selected.

    LOL, I also remember when Dean was tossed aside for Kerry and thinking WTH is this? WTF? I mean, you people are kidding me, right? I believe his slogan’s were the exact same old boring rhetoric, “Change is on the way” and “Take our country back.”

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