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Conservative Women: Waiting to Exhale October 13, 2010

When it comes to women, Democrats leave.

When it comes to Democrats, women stay.

Which makes feminism a battered wife in an abusive relationship.

Looking back on what so- called feminists allowed to happen to Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton prove that.

It is not speaking out against women whose political ideas you don’t believe in that bothers me.  It is the use of words such as “cunt” and “whore” to describe women and liberal feminists acceptance of it as endorsement worthy behavior  that does.

I would not vote for Nancy Pelosi and she is a woman.  I can speak out against her policies but still support women in politics.  If Rush Limbaugh called her a whore, I would speak out against it and I have told conservative friends when they are getting out of hand. You do not have to support Meg Whitman or Sarah Palin but you should not support the use of profane, vile insults hurled at them or any other woman during a campaign.

So far we have on the Republican side of the story -a cunt (Sarah Palin, R-AK), a witch (Christine O’Donnell, R-DE) and a whore (Meg Whitman R-CA).  Now all we need to do is hold open auditions for a bitch and a slut and that pretty much completes our cast for the new play “Adventures in Misogyny Land: But it’s okay because these women are Republicans”.

With the uncovering of Jerry Brown’s audio tape where one of his staff members calls his gubernatorial challenger a “whore”, conservatives held their collective breath waiting for the feminist mother ship NOW to speak out.  Sorry conservatives, it did not work when you tried it on your mothers in the toy department and it won’t t work now.  Blue is not a very good color on you so you might as well exhale.

Hmmm, wonder if he thinks the “whore” is articulate and does not speak Negro dialect?

Gee, that was dismissive. Sure whore, sorry whore.  He also thinks that whores should not have mammograms.

Yes a mammogram does hurt, but as a Republican woman AKA “whore,” I think I am entitled to one.

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23 Responses to “Conservative Women: Waiting to Exhale”

  1. Very good, Afrocity!

  2. EdithH Says:

    Thanks for speaking out on this. I frequent some of the Yahoo blogs where I have encountered posts that are nothing short of grotesque. Since I am all about discussing loss of jobs you can infer that they are completely gratuitous. I am sure some go over my head since I am 60+. There are some seriosly disturbed persons who make bizare comments about Trig Palin. This really sets me off. Where does that come from? I picture socially inept, unshaven, half dressed blobs locked in the mom’s dark basements doing heaven only knows what while they post.

    • EdithH Says:

      I don’t get around much but it seems some women are subjected to more vile outrageous attacks than others. Some political women who I find appealing are Marsha Blackburn, Blanche Lincoln, Jane Harmon, Claire McCaskill, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen etc. Maybe it’s just me, I have never come across really gratuitous attacks against them. I wonder what the common denominator is between say Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin?

      • afrocity Says:

        Public appeal! Somehow they threatened the left or Obamabots in Hilary’s case.

        • EdithH Says:

          Hillary was subjected to vile attacks long before anyone ever heard of President Obama.

          • Janis Says:

            By Republicans for the most part. And then Obama’s people actually recycled the accusations, slurs, and insults of their supposed political enemies. This is a problem.

          • EdithH Says:

            But was it psychotic? Some of the stuff directed at Sarah Palin comes from a place that is alien to me, it is so perverse. Granted, I have lived a very sheltered life.

  3. Montana Says:

    Griff Harsh, the husband of California gubernatorial candidate Nutmeg Whitman, acknowledged in a statement on Thursday that “it is possible” he received and wrote notes on a letter from the Social Security Administration back in 2003, regarding the former Housekeeper/Maid. The Harsh/ Whitman household then fired their housekeeper in June 2009 (after nine years of service), when Nutmeg handlers decided that she was an election liability.

    And now the Jill Armstrong, a former full-time nanny of the Harsh/ Whitman dungeon, came to the defense of the Housekeeper/Maid and told the San Francisco Chronicle that she believes Diaz’s claim because she “know[s] the family” and “what it was like.”

    Meg, Meg, Meg, where do I start, you have reportedly spent $140 million of your own money to get elected Governor but you couldn’t use some of it to get your housekeeper (after nine years of service) some legal help to get her papers, and worse you lied about it. Wow, what a WITCH, of course I meant it with a “B”.

    But your comments on holding employers accountable for hiring undocumented workers real takes the cake, I assume you exempt yourself and your husband, or will you be turning yourself in.

    Meg on holding employers accountable:

    Meg you think you can buy the election, but what puzzles many is if you real cared and loved California then why not do your civic duty and vote, seems more rhetoric than anything else.

    In good times we might give you a try but not in our disaster mode that we find ourselves in after that so-called outsider Independent Republican, named Arnold Schwarzenegger (sold to us by radio personalities John and Ken), ruined our state, yah we will trust another one of you liars, think not. And another thing nine years this maid was in your house, in your house and you failed to learned this major thing about her, come on this sounds like a huge lie that no one can believe in.

    Ebay paid out $200,000 because Nutmeg assaulted an employee, so it’s not the first time she has mistreated an employee. Good luck winning Nutmeg, money will buy you admiration from the majority just from the Gay Old Party (GOP), but not from all of California.

    • afrocity Says:

      Oh Wow, a moonbat came to visit us.

      Now wait, aren’t liberals all for undocumented workers so…shouldn’t you applaud Meg for helping the plight of illegal immigrants. She didn’t ask for papers from the maid and if she had wouldn’t that be “profiling” which is exactly what liberals are against especially when it comes to Arizona?

      • Janis Says:

        Stop being rational, AC. That’s not allowed in politics.

      • MissJean Says:

        Even worse, AC. If she asked for papers even AFTER the notification, the Whitmans would have been subject to laws against unfair labor practices. After you’ve hired someone, especially when there was a screening process by a third party, you can’t just ask your employee for papers again.

        I love the “former full-time nanny” coming forth to say she “believes” Diaz’s claim (but has no evidence to substantiate it). As soon as a court case is involved, disgruntled employees and limelight-craving nuts come out of the woodwork to pile on the accused. Law enforcement knows this. Journalists are warned about this (although too many editors allow them to run the accusers anonymously). Even educators are warned about this behavior as it leads to groups of children choosing a scapegoat to bully and blame.

  4. Peter Says:

    I am not nearly the first to notice but the Tea Party movement is largely lead by women. This will continue to drive the old boy network of the Democrats as crazy as it does the old boy Republicans.

    • EdithH Says:

      Actually, I heard that it was initiated by older overeducated white women. If that isn’t a paradox with how the media portrayed it, what is?

      I acknowledge, of course, that the Tea Party is too amorphous to really pin down. By that I mean, just because you have been to one tea party event, it doesn’t give you insight into what is going on in the next block, or county or state, or ethnic, or professional or urban or rural tea party yada yada. And we know even less about the sympathizers who are many.

  5. WMCB Says:

    I’ll just chime in with my own personal experience. Despite my years-long liberalism, there is a dirty little secret that I have tried to ignore as irrelevant, but I’ll confess it here:

    By and large, conservative men in my life that I have PERSONALLY known treat women much much better than the liberal men I’ve known. Hands down. Especially blue-collar conservative men. I have encountered more misogyny from lefty men than I have ever encountered from conservative men. Take it for what it’s worth, merely anecdotal and my personal experience, but it’s the truth. Liberal men mouth their “feminist” talking points, but their behavior is otherwise. When it comes to ACTIONS, and interactions, conservative men have treated me with more respect than liberal men have. By a mile.

    • WMCB Says:

      And I’ll add one more thing: liberal men get credit for saying the correct words while massively resenting women in reality. Conservative men I have known are less careful about being PC in all their speech – they are more likely to openly tell an ostensibly sexist joke, for instance. (A liberal guy will still tell it, he’s just sneakier and will do it behind women’s backs.)

      But when it comes to how they actually think and feel and act about women in their daily lives, I’ve found less scorn and “she’s just a piece of ass” attitude among non-liberal men. When they are not just joking around, conservative men are less likely, in my experience, to merely view women as objects, eye candy, or trophies. They might tell the same joke, but there is no real gut-level condescension and resentment underneath it, if that makes sense.

      • afrocity Says:


        Those have been my experiences as well, except the conservative men I have been around were more PC than the liberal men. Recently, I was purchasing some things from a hardware store and the clerk was hitting on me. He asked me about my job and somehow we got on the subject of women. He stated “you know how you guys can get bitchy!”
        I was appalled and answered “No. How does that work exactly?”.
        He pursued me more and I just told him that I was a Republican. He said “oh that’s fine…”
        But it wasn’t. He got my phone number somehow and would text me. I invited him to see Glenn Beck and that was when the liberal in him came out. But really “bitchy???” I have heard men say catty, but bitchy?

  6. […] you tried it on your mothers in the toy department and it wont t work now. Blue is not a very good color on you so you might as well exhale. […]

  7. yttik Says:

    Good post, Afrocity.

    It’s been my experience that liberal men have a whole lot of rage and resentment towards women. I don’t understand it. I’m not saying that conservative men are the solution, they have their own set of issues. But yes, I can truthfully say that I have been treated better and spoken to more respectfully by conservative men than by liberal ones, even before 2008.

    If you go back in our history you can see how this has played out politically. Women got the right to vote in Wyoming and Utah, not New York state. It was Woodrow Wilson that fought so hard against it, not Republican men as myths would suggest. Republicans put the first female congresswoman into office, Jeannette Rankin. When you get into the 1960’s a lot of women followed some really liberal ideals, but found out they were just there for sex and to make coffee, so a whole other wave of feminism was born, not in reaction to conservative repression, but in response to liberal abuse and exploitation. I don’t know what’s happened in the last 50 yrs. Liberal men learned they better pay lip service to women’s issues, but their hearts are not in it, the rage and anger is still there. And liberal women have learned to just constantly go lay under the bus and let liberal men do their thing. I do not understand it.

    • afrocity Says:


      Did not know that about Utah and Wyoming. Then again Republicans were the first to put a woman on a major election ticket and the same for blacks and Congress.

  8. ksgaia Says:

    Great post! Do want to point out though that the national NOW organization has come out strongly against Brown’s comments. And against the California chapter’s endorsement. There was a coup at NOW after all of the 2008 election misogyny and there is now a marked difference from the new NOW President Terry O’Neill.

  9. Thought that I’d just toss a bomb out for inspection AC.

    Misogamy get’s mentioned a lot, but what of mysandry?

    And that oh so awful “CUNT” word..? It was verbal shorthand back in the day in Scotland, used toward Englishmen mostly. As in Cannot Understand Normal Thinking.

    Now, I most certainly don’t know who, or when it turned into a disgusting slur used towards females. But it sure seems out of the realm for Conservatives, and completely absurd were any libertarian to use it in such a manner…

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