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How Do You Politicize A Problem Like Undocumented Maria? October 6, 2010

Over the winter break of 1980, my mother and I heard much news about “America’s Littlest Defector”.

His name was Walter Polovchak and at 12 years of age, he was a child two years my senor living in Chicago.  Like me, Walter enjoyed  school , sports,  McDonald’s and all things American.  Also like me, Walter and I had the occasional mom issues.  However, unlike me Walter was a citizen of the Soviet Union and his parents wanted him to leave Chicago and go back to the Ukraine where they were from.  Not that my mother did not want to leave Chicago- she did and often spoke of moving to California where “everyone gets everything for free” she would tell me.   California was warm and had movie stars,  I was down with that.  If mother ever summoned the ambition to actually move there (which she would not)  I would have willingly followed her.   Walter on the other hand was not willing to follow his  parents back to the Ukraine.   His sister was 18 at the time and decided to stay at a cousin’s house. Walter refused to go back with his parents and followed his sister.   His parents called the Chicago Police Department which began a media and immigration frenzy.

Walter Polovcheck and his sister circa 1980

With the Cold War in full effect, Americans were of course sympathetic to Walter’s case.  I sided with him. Who would want to give up Happy Meals for a soup and bread line?  Surprisingly my mother, who was normally quite anti-Russia, sided with Walter’s parents.   “They are his parents,” she said. “They have the right to take the brat home…Why is America always getting in someone’s (a foreign county’s) business? We have enough people to take care of on our own…Then Russia will start a war and blow our asses up over some stupid kid.”

“But why would we send him back to a bad place?” I asked.  After all in school they were teaching me that America was a melting pot and we take on the world’s problems.  In my little head, America was everyone’s mother.  Any good mother would not send her child out into the evil world or communism.

And like a good mother, America did not.  Walter Polovchak was granted political asylum and the United States allowed the case to drag out for years until the boy became a man and the issue was moot.    How convenient for Walter and the U.S.   Walter now all grown up and a parent himself, is a documented legal citizen living the American Dream and has never regretted his decision to challenge his parents.

Score one for Capitalism under the Reagan Administration.  America 1, Commies 0.

Let’s jump nearly two decades later to 1999, the Clinton Administration and Elian Gonzalez.   You remember Elian right?  The five year old boy from communist Cuba who’s mother and stepfather drowned in the Atlantic Ocean while attempting to illegally immigrate to the United States.  Elian was found in the water hanging on for dear life, to an inner tube.  U.S.  Authorities placed Elian in Florida in the custody of parental relatives-Cuban American cousins of his biological father.  Elian Gonzolez like Walter Polovchek became a political battle between America and Communism.    With a liberal presidential administration, guess which side the U.S. was on?

The Elian Gonzolez Situation. Less about Immigration, more about politics.

America 1,  “Commies” 1

Walter Polvechek’s case was gridlocked by Regan conservatives in order to give the boy time become 18. Preserving the American Dream against communism became the crux of the argument.  By contrast, liberals moved quickly to send Elian back to Cuba within less than a year.  Found in an inner tube in November 1999, back in Cuba by June of 2000.  He was not granted political asylum.  No one made the case that America the land of opportunity was better for the boy.  When it comes to the fight against communism, liberals have a soft spot for Cuba.  Che and Castro shirts are all the rage.  In April 2009, Cuban president met U.S. Congressional Black Caucus, amidst conservative criticism.  Why were we surprised when Janet Reno sent guards into the Miami house to take the 5 year old Cuban refugee by force?  As far as I know, Elian Gonzalez is the only illegal immigrant that the liberals wanted to deport.

Consider the case of Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman (R-CA) and her undocumented former housekeeper Nicky Diaz Santillan.  Diaz Santillan lied about being a U.S. citizen, possessed a fake drivers license, phony social security card.  She worked for Ms. Whitman for nine years. When Meg found out Nicky was illegal, she fired her.   Now Meg’s campaign for California state governor is in jeopardy because of how she did or did not solve a problem of an undocumented worker.

Meg Whitman did the right thing, however as compelling as the maid’s story was, I would have taken it a step further and reported the undocumented woman to the INS.   That was Meg’s only mistake in my eyes,  not being tough enough.

I blame the person that lied to her that should be in jail now and subsequently deported.   Of course the liberals do not see it that way.

To politicize illegal  immigration’s martyrs, does nothing for the actual fight against illegal immigrants –  it actually helps it and liberals know that.  Didn’t Barack Obama have an aunt, someplace in Boston that was here illegally?  Republican’s  thought the story would put a dent in the Obamabot choo-choo train to victory–it did not.  The story went over the heads of liberal voters like Bill Ayers and Reverend Jeremiah Wright in eating waffles with Obama in drag. No one cared.  There were no National Guards busting into her home to send her back.   Is Obama’s aunt still here now?  Of course she is, she has been granted asylum by the U.S. Courts , she unemployed and living in public housing on your tax dollars and talking…LOUDLY.

Armed with the knowledge and proof that Nicky Diaz Santillan is here illegally, do you think that the U.S. Department of Immigration under President Obama will move to have her deported?  No– surely not because  she is too profitable for them and their case for amnesty.

My guess is that you will not see Diaz Santillan leaving America any time soon.  Instead Meg Whitman who obeyed the law when she learned that her maid was committing fraud and here illegally – is the villain.  Winning for the Democrats is so important that they would jeopardize an undocumented worker’s livelihood and family just to politicize a non-story about someone finding out that their employee was illegal and firing them.

Exactly what message does it sends to us as Americans?

Nicky Diaz Santillan charges that Meg Whitman employed her as a housekeeper at $23 dollars an hour,  for nearly a decade despite knowing that she was in the country illegally.  Ummm, isn’t that what liberals want? For everyone to turn a blind eye to undocumented workers because we are “helping them” and as American’s we should have open borders without discrimination?  Everyone should have a driver’s license and big bag Arizona is wrong to tighten immigration laws that are already FEDERAL LAW.  How wrong to ask for citizenship papers…that is as un-American as water boarding …right?

Could it be that no one is truly interested in solving the problem of illegal immigration- until it benefits their political agenda?

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12 Responses to “How Do You Politicize A Problem Like Undocumented Maria?”

  1. PaladinPhil Says:

    It’s interesting that the left will use any immigration story negatively against the right. Be they Conservatives here in Canada or Democrats in the US. One thing I have seen is that they are very opportunistic and will use anything to get and keep power.

    Immigration is a big buggaboo up here as well. The left loves it now, and anyone on the right that says “Whoa there, I think things need to slow down just a bit”, they are called all sorts of vile names, starting with racist.

    Can we revoke that card yet?

    • afrocity Says:

      You can revoke it but suffer the consequences.

      My mother always claimed that Haitians were given such a hard time getting citizenship because they were dark as opposed to Hispanics, Asian, Canadians and European illegals. There was something about Haitians and a boat. I think the president was Reagan- not quite sure but she said it was racist to send them back but people like Walter Polovchek could stay.

  2. SW Andersen Says:

    Whitman is prototypical rich Republican politician material, all right. Besides dishonesty and hypocrisy, what, exactly, qualifies her to be governor?

    Oh, business experience! As if California state government is supposed to be a profit-making operation. As if a bean counter devoted to increasing sharholder value and perpetually pumping up the bottom line is the most important thing to the citizenry. Well, maybe the citizenry of Orange County. Elsewhere, people have kids who need educating, some of them kids with special needs, and not all those parents can begin to afford upscale private care facilities and such.

    Once upon a time I thought Jerry Brown was a bit too eccentric. I think he matured and I know I have. I’ve seen him speak a few times over the years and read a couple of pieces by him. I think he’s got good values and instincts and a lot to offer. I hope Californians are smart enough to choose him over Whitman. If she wants someplace to run, maybe she could buy an island somewhere and set up a Republican republic. Who knows, with any luck jugheads like Rick Perry, Mark Sanford and some others would emigrate to it.

    • afrocity Says:

      Sure he has good values and he is the one who does not think that a governors archives should be open to the public for 50 years.
      Californians should not care whether their governor is rich or not. They should care that their governor can get them out of the cesspool which is their state budget and unemployment rate. At least Meg Whitman is a smart woman who has been a successful business woman. We do not expect state governments to be profitable- especially California’s – but it does take sense and business know-how to understand budgets and job creation. Meg Whitman offered a plan for solutions to help struggling California- a 3 point plan (1) to create jobs, (2) cut spending, (3) and fix education.

      Besides a box full of failures as California’s governor in previous decade, visiting Fidel Castro in Cuba illegally in 2000, letting Charles Manson and his band of heroin addicted murderesses live- it seems that if California needs a non rich Democrat surely you can do better than this.

      Maybe you should look on that island somewhere called Obama Kool Aid Mountain. I think most of the Democrats reside there.

    • liontooth Says:

      SW Andersen Says:
      “Elsewhere, people have kids who need educating, some of them kids with special needs, and not all those parents can begin to afford upscale private care facilities and such.”

      And what has the raising of taxes to pay for all of these programs wrought for California? High unemployment, record deficits and people leaving the socialist republic of California. Yeah, that’s a winning formula, let’s continue that for 4 more years!

      There’s nothing stopping you, Bill Maher, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, etc. from spending your own money to support these people.

    • You oh so obviously didn’t live under the “Moonbat.”

      An alternative spelling for mysandry might be Jerry Brown Jr. As is nitwit that pardoned a rapist murderer. Because we, the jury, were just too damned stupid to sentence his sorry ass to death! What about all those tax increases that made it so that native Californians such as myself would never be able to own our own home? What about his asinine positions on effective means of self defense? Talk about a rabid gun controller that carped his pants when KOGO TV showed Korean immigrants on roof tops armed and ready to defend their families against rioting looters? Or that, on television, simply went white when he saw the taped video of an older woman that had tried to purchase a weapon because the bad guys were close and she wanted to defend herself, and was told that she could have her gun after the ten day waiting period…

      I could go on, but this is one of my favorite lady’s blog. Not Conservative Libertarian Outpost.

      Feel free to come over and play with myself and my friends. But, you are probably just a troll…

  3. yttik Says:

    You nailed it Afrocity.

    Most Liberals really don’t have compassion for illegals. They try to portray it as they were all bleeding hearts trying to protect illegals from mean and selfish Republicans, but there is nothing compassionate about it. It is flat out racist to allow the status quo to continue, one in which Mexicans are encouraged to come here and work for low wages with no benefits or protections of citizenship. Some do well for themselves, some figure out how to work the system, but the majority of them are simply exploited.

    I used to pick fruit in the summer, it used to be pretty good wages, certainly more than you’d make in fast food. In the winter we would help plant trees and pick cedar for Christmas florals. Eventually they started bringing in Mexicans because they would work for nothing, they didn’t need a day off, no overtime, no benefits, nothing. Wages declined and eventually we were all out of a job. All those things we’d fought for as Americans, like minimum wage and 40 hr work weeks were gone because now the contractors for those jobs could make more money by simply hiring undocumented workers.

    • afrocity Says:


      Your story reminds me of a friend that once said I was racist because I thought we should deport illegal aliens in Texas back to Mexico. She said to me “you should be ashamed of yourself…if we sent the Mexicans back who would do the jobs that black people think they are too good to do now? Who will mow our lawns?”
      And she is a huge liberal, voted for Clinton, Gore, Obama.
      As I have always said, some of the most racist things I have ever heard in my life have been uttered by the mouths of liberals.

      • liontooth Says:

        “Who will mow our lawns?”

        Why is it when it comes to THEIR money, liberals find a way to keep theirs by passing on the cost to everyone else. Your friend apparently can’t grasp the idea of having to pay someone more to do a job she doesn’t want to do.

      • MissJean Says:

        “the jobs that black people think they are too good to do now”

        What a crock! When Homeland security regulations made it tougher for illegal immigrants to stay, things improved for American teens in general and young blacks in particular. I remember how some of my students found summer work in construction because illegals started leaving or being dropped. That’s not counting the affordable housing that suddenly became available (this was before the retail bust, when the market was tight unless you were poor enough for a subsidy).

        What I find worse than the Democrat’s attitudes about illegal workers is the way that the law has stacked the deck in favor of illegal immigrants. Take minimum wage. Business has declined, but there is still work out there. Unfortunately, most employers don’t want to commit themselves to paying $7.40/hour (Michigan’s minimum wage) for what may be a temporary position. So they go under the table.

        And if they’re paying under the table, they may as well go illegal. If you’re caught, at least you won’t be hit up with as much paperwork, let alone the cost for Social Security benefits, missing wages, etc. This is true both for the businesses and private citizens. Look at the way that black-owned construction businesses died in the Southeast because illegal aliens didn’t follow any the costly requirements of the running a legal business.

  4. Selmapilgrim Says:

    Brilliant compilation of stories that I never connected in all the articles about the Meg WHitman CEO OF EBAY. Way to go! I’m impressed.
    I like the way you honor your mother with your shared memories of her–they show up in about every piece. Nice!
    Are there really Mary Mother of God urinals somewhere? I have no fondness for Catholics (at least the ones I’ve met) but that’s really gross.
    Excellent writing. Keep it up!

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