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Political Weight Watchers: The GOP’s Liquid Detox Diet September 15, 2010

Through numerous observations, I am continually reminded of the Democratic Party’s resistance to self-examination.  So it was not surprising to see the liberal media outlets ignoring the obviously anemic future of their own party and pressing their noses against the window of the Republican Party during last night’s mega primary races.

With overzealous  determination, liberals were all over Christine O’Donnell’s victory in the Delaware Republican Primary over 40 year GOP veteran Mike Castle.  Steeped in controversy and an impetus for debate within the GOP, O’Donnell is a Tea Party candidate, – a “real conservative” so to speak –backed by Sarah Palin.   Worthy of eliciting overload in any Republican demise lover’s salivary glands,  O’Donnell’s win was comprehensible to liberals as a serious rupture in the GOP.  You should have seen how many anti-Republican sites ran this clip of Karl Rove and Sean Hannity debating the O’Donnell win.

(Afrocity with a whip and lion tamer’s chair) Down, jackasses, down…  But yo know,  in this case who could blame the Democrats?  If my political party sucked and our president was as ineffective as Barack Obama,  I would watch someone else on TV too.   Currently, I am sure that if you are a Democrat the GOP is more exciting than watching a slow sinking ship full of Obamabots in denial- particularly if you are actually on the ship.

So go ahead Democrats! Enjoy the show liberals, pull up a beanbag and take a load off.  Such drama is good for the political thought lovers soul and should teach our liberal audience a few lessons about Republicans.  Our history that Democrats and possibly many Republicans have seemed to forgotten.

Lessons that invalidates any stereotypes which demonizes Republicans as religiously fanatical homophobic racists who hate helping the impoverished.  When it comes the party diversity, the Democrats claims lie in race, ethnicity, gender or  sexual orientation.  Republicans on the other hand seek to find an appropriate balance of diversity within levels of conservatism.  We are all Americans regardless of our underlying identities.   We are not colors or sexual preferences.

Liberals wrongly view conservatives as a monolith.

We all must sleep with Bibles under our pillows and when the linen cases come off, they double as headgear for our KKK meetings.   Not so.  The logic of this meme is not intuitive or apparent except that it serves as a tool for the left to marginalize conservatives much like they marginalize identity groups within their own party.  You are black therefore you must need us.  While looking at the video above,  I laughed at some of the comments from liberals such as this one:

If teabaggers are so pro-minority, why aren’t they going into the inner-cities and making a push to register minority voters? Short answer, they’re scared to death of minority voters and are doing all they can to re-energize white, christian, conservative voters. If a couple minority voters (who may or not be plants) happen to wonder into their camp, of course they’ll welcome them, as long as they don’t move in next door or marry their daughters.

Now who is the cloistered racist one?  My father resides in Chicago’s “inner-city”  ummm, somehow he managed to register himself to vote like many “minorities”  without the help of ACORN. But here again is prevailing liberal thought that Republicans are all anti-minority.  We are all  for the rich, sheltered in our timeshares and far, far, far right with no middle class.  The liberal media perpetuates such myths and President Obama loves to demonstrate that “B” is for bashing and blaming and Boehner:

Ah, class warfare… the staple diet of liberals.  But this is all changing as things heats up in the countdown to November.   The Republican Party is struggling to get the right brew and  has been on a serious liquid detox diet.

Now everyone hates to diets especially detox diets.  I am on one myself.   No sugar, no salt…green tea, soy milk,  flax seed, omega 3, – all stuff that is good for me….and I hate it but I have to do what’s best for my body and not my taste buds. The Republican Party is going through the same thing — a change for the better.

Why do we diet?  because we want to see our old, younger selves again whether we were skinnier, or more active, more mentally alert.  The Republican Party had become weighted down with  junk in it’s  collective truck. Time to purge some floaters.

No question, the Delaware primary race was ugly.  One could point out occasional traces of sexism against Christine O’Donnell but I would say that this race was not about man against woman.  It was about the establishment versus grassroots true conservationism or the politician versus the common man- correction common woman.  In addition to campaign bludgeoning which is considered standard fare for any political competition this race harbored a nastier element not normally witnessed in Republican primaries.   One candidate was accused of being gay while another‘s finances were trotted out to reveal an IRS tax lien and pending mortgage foreclosure.  In defense of O’Donnell, there are a lot of people facing home foreclosure nowadays so perhaps it was not too smart of Mike Castle to expose O’Donnell’s financial situation as  a weakness.  Nevertheless, it was elephant eat elephant, or should I say elephant eat RINO in Delaware.

Much of the advice from Tea Partiers went unheard by the GOP establishment- especially the RINO virus carriers. Payback is not tea and sympathy…It’s a bitch.

From this report in the Wall Street Journal

Tea Party Claims Big Win

Upstart Candidate Beats GOP-Backed Congressman in Delaware Senate Primary


September 15, 2010

Long-shot U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell of Delaware rode tea-party momentum Tuesday to the most unexpected upset of a tumultuous political year, soundly defeating Republican Party fixture Mike Castle in a bruising primary.

The results showed again that conservative voters, many of them angry at federal spending by both parties and energized by the tea-party movement, have become mobilized even in one of the nation’s most Democratic-leaning states…

The Delaware results were widely viewed as the most meaningful of the day. With all precincts reporting, Ms. O’Donnell had 53.1% of the vote to Mr. Castle’s 46.9%.

Mr. Castle, a sitting congressman, is one of the most liberal Republicans in the House.

So keep on rubber necking Democrats. My cautionary note to you involves the dangers of not keeping your eyes on the road especially when your vision is impaired with campaign politics and your ears are deaf to public opinion.  watch where you are going—I think you passed up the town of “victory”  about 18 months back.

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26 Responses to “Political Weight Watchers: The GOP’s Liquid Detox Diet”

  1. Swannie Says:

    So, when are you going to run for office?

    • afrocity Says:

      You are kidding right? I wouldn’t even get PUMA support.

      • Tyrone Says:

        Why not? On what platform would you run? Who would not support you? I’m curious – been lurking on your blog for awhile now and I’ve been enjoying it. It would seem that like-minded individuals would support you, but maybe I’m completely wrong.

        • afrocity Says:

          Hi Tyrone, thanks for delurking. I believe I may have too much of a past for politics. Former liberal, now moderate conservative. Pro-choice, pro-death penalty, pro-2nd Amendment, for states rights and gay rights. They would skewer me.

          • RayT Says:

            I don’t see anything in your beliefs that would put you out of what I think the “mainstream” should be!

            After reading so many comments on the interwebz about O’Donnell v. Castle and other races, Ive come to the sad conclusion that the political chattering class needs to get a grip. Few listen to what anyone else says; those who question are too often shouted down, buried under knee-jerk responses.

            A little “Afrocity” might well get politics back on a positive, productive path. But will anyone listen? That’s the question for which I have no answer.

          • afrocity Says:

            Ray in Chicago???/ Really. I would be at the bottom of the city’s green dyed river before you can say “Afrocity watches Fox News”.

      • Janis Says:

        You’d get mine, that’s for sure. Even though we disagree on some things, your perspective on EVERYTHING is absolutely needed, and you have never failed to illustrate that you arrive at your conclusions by the old-fashioned and passe method of THINKING YOUR WAY THERE.

        I have a platform for you: “Afrocity for Office: Use your damn brain, people.”

        • afrocity Says:

          Am I not your Purrr-fect PUMA? LOL Janis. It is my stance on guns? I just believe that we should be allowed to bear arms if the 2nd Amendement gives us that right. I am more of a constitutionalist.

  2. EdithH Says:

    I know I am alone in having high hopes for someone to appear with vision and new ideas to fix America’s broken jobs machine. The following describes not only Christine O’donnell but most other Dems and Reps including Barak Obama.

    Business acumen: None
    Career success: None
    Character: None
    Ideas to fix The broken American Job Machine: Clueless

  3. Holly Says:


    You could get support, but the question is could people handle the truth?

    Thank you for defining that Conservatives are not a monolith; people look at me like I am diseased when the find out I am conservative and gay. It is quite amazing how the Democrats define themselves as an inclusive party yet is solely defined by its “otherness.”

    As to the political establishment who wishes to engage in enlightened bigotry, we are not Hillary Clinton and we do not have to vote for what is “right for the party.” The primaries are our moment to individually assess the party we are affiliated with, grade the candidates vying for our support and vote for the individual who we believe is suitable, competent, and Constitutionally driven to represent us. If the estabishment does not like that The People have the authority to govern themselves by voting for the representation that best images their own visions of the country, they are not Conservative and we have nothing to discuss.

    • afrocity Says:

      Holly, where have you been hiding yourself? Nevermind I am being selfish because the party needs gay/lesbian conservatives to speak up. I think this is the only strategy to debunking many of the myths which make liberals believe we are a monolith. I was afraid to start this blog because how awful is a black Republican in a liberal world? Now I am glad I did because others write to me and say they now want to blog about being of color and conservative. There is diversity in the GOP racially, sexually and of course on many levels of political thought. We need to keep pushing that message and stop letting the lamestream media paint us in a corner.

      I agree about your take on the role of a primary when it comes to party assessment. The GOP seems to have -historically at least- more residual drama from primaries. Bush v. McCain, Romney v. Huckabee v. McCain. Religion plays a huge part in it too. The Democrats felt similar conflicts in the Clinton v. Obama primary.

      • Holly Says:

        Well Miss Arocity, not in the closet. haha. I’m open. I’ve mentioned it on your site before, but it was probably a year ago. My friends are used to it, but when they introduce me to their friends their jaw seems to gape a little with eyebrows raised. Then the oh so wonderful, “are you sure you’re gay?” “aren’t you betraying your people?” nonsense. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t let them finish the sentence. I am the walking conservative platform, but with a lesbian twist.

        I love your site. If I could clone you I would. 🙂 A black Republican in a liberal world is a beautiful thing because maybe we could begin to transform it to an Independent world.

      • Holly Says:

        Sorry, left out the “f” in Afrocity!

      • Holly Says:

        I was thinking about what you said…

        I’m not ashamed of who I am and am honest and open about how I live my life and the principles that I try to obide by, but I find it almost offensive that my voice somehow has more weight than yours or any others because I am a lesbian. I’m not offended by you, but by the concept that society has pushed upon us that my family members voices are less valuable because they are white and straight. It is a disgusting society that gives more weight to specific citizens because of a minority status than to see all of its citizens as individuals of worthiness in a movement. The only difference is that people cannot see my “minority status” because I am a white female, so they lump me in with the majority and reduce me in value until they find out that I am gay and then, and only then, I supposedly matter. It truly is sad.

        • afrocity Says:

          The disabled or physically challenged (is that PC?) can fall into the category you speak of. I have a friend who is deaf and conservative. She feels that she is expected to be liberal because of the Disabilities Act. People cannot see that she cannot hear until they speak to her. She does feel alone in being conservative and I wish there were others for her to have a common dialogue with.

          Blacks in the DNC have an invisible status too. This is why we have to look at the person inside and not the identity. The problem is the stigma of the GOP. I think more gays, women and minorities may join the conservative movement but feel as I did years ago that I was a freak for wanting to be a black Republican. We have to make it normal for voters to break away from the identity politics and vote with their hearts and thought and not color, gender, etc. It is like role models, sometimes someone has to step out and say hey I am like you and made this decision as well…It is ok.

          • Holly Says:

            I completely understand and agree with you, but it is frustrating that we have allowed a narrative of fallacies to be accepted as truth. I also agree that it is going to take us to come forward as examples, but I hope someday it will not be necessary and instead of a black woman coming forward or a lesbian woman coming forward, we come as whole individuals into the debate. Do you know what I mean? It is not that we are not whole individuals, but the debate around us and specifically liberals wish to announce us one dimensional and question us solely on that one dimension rather than everything we stand for.

            And don’t worry about PC…it changes weekly on what we can or cannot say. 🙂

          • WMCB Says:

            Holly, I too hope that we one day get to the point that our politics are color-blind and orientation-blind. We are not there yet, though, and part of the corner the left has backed conservatives into is the need to counter the “no blacks/gays/lesbians are conservatives” lie. Unfortunately, that means a bit of a spotlight on those who are. Still, I so wish it wasn’t so, though I understand the catch-22 of it.

            One thing my mother did for me when I was quite young has always stuck in my mind. I grew up in the south just after civil rights (my oldest sister actually attended segregated schools.) When I was in first grade, my best friend in all the world was a black girl by the name of Ermie Collins. We used to walk home from school together, and I’d stop off at her parents cafe down the “black” alley and eat fabulous food, and play, and dance to the jukebox. Ermie called my house on some occasions, asking if I could come play or whatever.

            Years later, I asked my mother why, when those calls came, she never asked me if Ermie was black, which would have been pretty obvious from hearing her on the phone. Not because my mom would have had a problem with that (she wouldn’t), but because she might be concerned, given the tensions of the times, with her 7 year old daughter traipsing around town with Ermie. Did she ever think to caution me about the reactions of others, just for safety’s sake? Tell me to be careful?

            So when I asked her why she never brought it up, she was quiet for a moment, and said that yes, it had crossed her mind to perhaps warn me that I might get a reaction from some in town, and to watch out for trouble. But then she said this:

            “I thought about it, and weighed it, but I decided to never mention it. To never ask you if Ermie was black, despite the risk that trouble might come on you unprepared. And here’s why: The very fact of me asking would have put it in your head that it mattered. No matter what I said afterward about ‘not that I think it matters’, or what my reasoning was, the simple act of my wanting to know her color would have introduced to your 7-year-old mind the idea that color mattered. I didn’t want that in your head.”

            I’ve always admired my mom for that decision. That she never asked, despite the tensions of the time. That she just let me have my friendship without complicating it, not even with heartfelt assurances that “it doesn’t matter”. Because you can’t unring that bell.

            I will think that this country has arrived at racial peace when we no longer have to give continual assurances and go around proclaiming that it doesn’t matter. Which is why I think that the Democratic approach of focusing on race etc is actually counterproductive. MLK’s dream was not that no one would be judged harshly by the color of their skin, but that they wouldn’t be judged at all by that. The liberal obsession with making allowances for and giving special attention to race is actually an obstacle to that dream, not a step toward fulfilling it. Race etc will not become a non-issue so long as we keep treating it like it’s a big deal, good or bad.

          • afrocity Says:

            That was beautiful WMCB thanks for sharing it. That was a Sunday Soliloquy!

          • Holly Says:

            Your mother sounds like a wonderful woman. Thank you for sharing and I hope that our conversation here can continue to expand and begin to move people into a new format of thinking.

          • WMCB Says:

            Thanks afrocity and Holly. One of the things that that I am determined to do, that the PC police have made us all afraid to do, is to just talk to one another honestly. And listen honestly as well.

            I had a ball with Ermie. Does anyone remember when soda pop metal bottle caps had cork in them? And some companies had prizes, where if you peeled the cork out of the inside, it was stamped with a nickel or whatever that you could redeem? Ermie’s dad’s cafe had a pop machine with the bottle opener on it, and all the bottle caps got dumped out back. He let us dig through them and peel the cork off the caps to see which ones were winners. Some days we got as much as 50 cents, which would buy a lot of candy!

            I think Ermie’s parents were as wise as my mom. Because they never remarked on the oddity, in the early 60’s, of this scrawny little scabby-kneed white girl ducking down the alley daily to hang out and dance to the jukebox in their cafe. The old men just kept playing checkers and laughed at my silly ass. I still cannot dance worth a toot, but I was enthusiastic.

            Just like your stories of TX and your catholic school, afrocity, these are the small things that bind us in our humanity. It’s that stuff – real people just living life and being their flawed human selves warts and all, that shows us the lies of either the racists on the one hand or the worshipers of race identity on the other. Both want to reinforce that sense of “otherness”. It’s the bottle caps and jukeboxes in life that make us know in our hearts that it’s a lie.

          • jbjd Says:

            The Americans With Disabilities Act came courtesy of U.S. Senator Bob Dole (R-KS) and President Bush (1).

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