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September 11th- Nine Years Later September 11, 2010

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I almost did not author a post today- it is very difficult for me.  I lived in New York City during 9/11 and vividly recall the events of the day.  I could not get home that day but I was fortunate. Many would go to their ultimate home in heaven.  Later, their faces were plastered all over the city as if the Twin Towers were one giant milk carton of missing children- God’s children.

When I reflect on what was probably one of  the worst days of my life, anger overcomes me.  Anger at the actual attack, anger that this vile act was committed in the name of religion, and anger at the staggering amount of “truther” moonbats who attempt to violate our feelings with such rubbish.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

While watching the FOX News Timeline broadcast of the events, my body shuddered.  It was impossible for me to watch the recap without feeling in the moment.

Barack Obama wants me to be tolerant.  He wants me to accept that the Ground Zero Mosque will be built- that my support of it will show that I respect all religious views. That my support of Islam  will reveal that  I am a true American- that is staying true to my American traditions in Obama’s view.

I say to President Barack Obama, you have no right to tell me what my actions as a “traditional American” should be.  You did not live in New York City as I did.

You were never there physically or spiritually.

After 9/11 2001,  I had a American flag pin and wore it to show my support for America.  I always had American paraphernalia even before 9/11.  Yes, it slightly troubled me that it took an event as horrific as the destruction of the World Trade Center to move many Americans to wear a flag pin or place a flag in the long forgotten flag base on their Brooklyn brownstone.  But at least the event made them aware of the need for unity…AMONG AMERICANS.

Americans know where their loyalties lie. Do you Mr. President?

Understand, that I do not care what religion our president is be it Christian, Jewish, Buddhist …But he or she had better serve this country by making it clear that they are on the American side. I am tolerant of other religions. I consider myself spiritual. I do not have a church home but I pray daily and attempt to lead a Christian life.  I respect others and try to bring a positive contribution to my country by being a law abiding and productive citizen.

America makes my freedom possible.  The least I can do is support the constitution, espouse to American values and wear a flag pin.

The people who lived through September 11th, did not say this about the American flag as Obama did:

That was enough for me to see.

God Bless America and keep us safe.  Never forget the people who were lost on that day.  Never forget who our enemies are and God bless our troops.

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8 Responses to “September 11th- Nine Years Later”

  1. Holly Says:

    May God Bless You Afrocity.

    May the Lord bless us on this day of Remembrance. May we as a people unite against adversaries of liberty and freedom; to become an image of strength, conviction and compassion in a world that yields appeasement of principles.

  2. yttik Says:

    Great post, Afrocity.

    Americans don’t need to be lectured about tolerance or schooled about Islam. America is one of the most tolerant and patient countries in the world. We work hard to be fair and just, to not judge others. We might have failings in our past, but considering the monumental task of being a melting pot, of embracing so many cultures and religions, we are a genuine leader and an example for the rest of the world. I resent being accused of hatred and all the constant reminders about how we are not at war with Islam. It’s offensive, especially during a time of grieving.

    I’m reminded of the Muslim cab driver, the one who was stabbed by a nutcase (who turned out not to be tea partier), who said, “America is the best country in the world!” Immigrants, religious minorities, people who come here from other lands, sure don’t complain about America’s lack of tolerance, not even when they’ve been stabbed by some lunatic. They know this is a great country, that’s why they came here.

    E pluribus unum is not the motto of a country that needs lectures on how to be tolerant.

  3. liontooth Says:

    Why is it that 9 YEARS after 9/11/2001, NOW people are burning Korans and Islam is being directly associated with this anniversary?

    In other words, with the election of Barack Obama, the uniter, why is there more divisiveness than in the past? Were there Koran burnings that I was unaware of during previous remembrances? Did I miss something?

    • afrocity Says:

      I just said the other day that the only math Barack Obama gets high marks in is DIVISION.

      • RayT Says:

        Could it be because no other president — or, until now, the media — has been so blatantly pro-Islam rather than pro-American?

        More and more, I’m feeling as if the only group that demands “tolerance” in our nation is the one that, based on 9/11, the USS Cole and Khobar Towers attacks, the ’93 WTC bomb and so much more, is the one that least merits consideration.

        All we hear are threats that the Muslim world will be outraged if we do this or don’t do that. In that, as in so many other ways, neither Obama, the media nor blind liberals like Mike Bloomberg speak for me.

        We defend ourselves from threats; we don’t submit to them. We didn’t surrender in the past, anyway.

  4. Swannie Says:

    I think this woman Janet Daley. does a fantastic job of defining Americans and why they are NOT European “pseudoprogressives” …
    here is a taste … the entire article is so well worth reading ..
    ” I wonder if the Obama liberals – in their eagerness to turn the US into a European country, complete with paternalistic interventionism and bourgeois guilt – realize what is in the rest of that package: passivity, resignation and the corrosive cynicism that makes it impossible for Europeans to believe that ordinary people can use words like “freedom” and “justice” without smirking, and are not prepared to give up on the attempt to reconcile their ideals with the difficult realities of human behavior.

  5. Leah Says:

    Amen to this post.

  6. Kei Says:

    great post Afrocity, great post

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