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Hillary and Barry- An Apathy Story September 10, 2010

During the last six months, I have read all sorts of articles which speculate that our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will make a run for it against President Barack “Barry” Obama in 2012.

I voted for Hillary in the DNC Illinois primary.  I supported her despite my African American family telling me that I was a traitor to my race.

“Color before gender!”  they told me. “Send money to Obama now.”

I ignored them.

As a former New Yorker, she was my senator and I felt her qualities were impressive.  She was the better man or woman for the job.  However legitimate the claims of African Americans concerning a lack of black representation at the executive and legislative branches of government;  it did not warrant my voting for the empty suit who was my “present” voting senator from Illinois.

Once the Democratic primaries were over and “Barry O.” was “declared” the winner, my support of Hillary remained.  I joined the PUMAs  and made sisterhood with like-minded women who believed that Hillary and womankind were dealt a sexist blow. Unlike more than most if not all PUMAs,  I was conservative in my views. Throwing my support behind John McCain and Sarah Palin was not as difficult for me as it was for some PUMAs and you know me here at my blog as a “conservative PUMA”.

Afrocity is a Republican now- still a feminist and still supporting women who want to venture into politics right or left.  I just may not agree with all of them but the more women in politics, the better it will be for our gender in the future. No woman should be silenced.

But what of Hillary? Was she silenced after her 2008 loss to Obama and betrayal by the DNC?

Would she remain the Senator from New York and regroup for a 2012 run against an arrogant demagogue that is sure to be a one termer like Jimmy Carter?


She would throw her support behind Barack Obama and later join his administration as  Secretary of State.

And then I began to distance myself from the woman I had once campaigned for so adamantly.

The shock of seeing Hillary surrounded by hope and change logos was not an easy Kool aid drink to swallow. I know that she is a forgiving soul. She did it for her husband and she did it once again for Barack Obama.  Perhaps she even did it for the Democratic Party.

But not I.

Obama was/is just a DNC tool.

It was the DNC that was Hillary’s true nemesis and if I were she I would not have helped the DNC one bit. There was an irony in their view that she should help Obama campaign.

Sure we are the party of women- but we will beat you down and call you vile names- even develop hysterical blindness and disown you- but woman you had better get up the next day and fix our damn breakfast. After Hillary and her supporters -including myself- fought valiant battles to break down barriers of sexism and race bating during the primary-  I was disappointed that Hillary woke up in bed with the enemy.

If you recall it was only a few weks after Hillary made her famous orange pants suit speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, that  GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin gave her “pitbull with lipstick” speech at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The same path of sick ironic feminism that led the DNC to gun down Hillary Clinton months earlier had found a new target in the governor from Alaska.  Fresh organic, caribou fed  meat for them to sink their teeth into.  While Hillary did not join in on the frenzied anti- Palin media feast, I was not particularly impressed that she did not expressively  speak out against it either.

Perhaps Hillary was upset that this tape of Palin critiquing her response to the negative media cover quickly surfaced:

At the core of anti-Palin rumors was the divisive meme:  women who are “pro women” should not vote for McCain just because he chose Palin-a woman- because she is 1) pro-life  2) dumb as rock salt and 3) does not really have respect for Hillary- a woman- as demonstrated by documented proof of her calling Hillary a “whiner”.

I do not believe that Sarah Palin was calling Hillary a whiner.  In fact Sarah prefaced her statements in that clip “with all respect” .  Sarah’s position in regard and response to media criticism- and I have mentioned this in a precious post-  is quite different from Hillary Clinton’s.  The former, meets it head on not really mentioning it much. Sarah just rolls it down and keeps on coming.  No tears, or “perceived whines”.  If anything, the clip shows you that Sarah practices what she preaches as she did with giving birth to Trig despite the news that he would have Down’s Syndrome and supporting her daughter’s teenage pregnancy.  She is a pitbull with lipstick.

However different their handling of the patriarchy and media criticism,  I honestly cannot see Sarah campaigning for someone like Barry even if Barry was in elephant’s clothing. Let’s say that Mitt Romney is neck and neck with Palin in the GOP primary and the campaign is name slinging nasty on the Romney camp’s part.  I do not think that Sarah would help the man later.  Screw the GOP! The man does not conform to her values as a good conservative.

When Hillary aided the Obama campaign, I felt that it was an endorsement of his values.  It seemed rather staged and there was no real unity behind it.

Few Democrats for Obama that I knew,  said they would support Hillary had she been the primary’s victor.  And you know what??? I believed them.

If Obama loses…I ain’t voting for that bitch. I don’t care if she is Democrat…I just won’t vote.”

Obama would not have supported her had she won- unless he was made the VP nominee– a courtesy that was not extended to her.  With the spread of Kool Aid zombie fever, I would not have “took one for the team” as they say.  Also, screw the “keep your enemies close”  thing.  Stand up and tell your supporters not to vote for this special interest pandering race baiting charlatan.  Sure, I smiled when she was as announced as Secretary of State.  That was quite a feat for a former First Lady.  But when she sat at the picnic table with Baby Barry.

April 9, 2009- Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

I felt sorry for her and I felt even more sorry for the people that she led to Kool Aid mountain to support him and his failing policies.

PUMA’s- well some of them- stood strong and did not vote for Barry.  Simofish, Regency, Angie, Lana to name a handful.  No way and no freaking how.  Barry O. is bad news.  You can be as liberal as rolled up ground hemp and at the end of the day, Barry is not just bad for Democrats who supported Hillary- Barry is bad for America.  Hillary and her supporters who voted for him are also responsible for the stimulus, TARP, uncontrolled debt and anything else Obama has fumbled.

Yeah, right!

And that is why when I see articles like this one on The American Thinker blog:

September 10, 2010

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign for ’12 Is Underway

By Lee Cary

…Hillary is preparing to run against President Obama for the ’12 Democrat nomination by wielding the two-edged issue of fiscal responsibility and national defense. She’ll align herself with moderate establishment Republicans, like Bob Gates, just as she made nice with John McCain. She’ll be the moderate Democrat in the race, even though she called herself a “modern progressive” during the last campaign. In her unscripted remarks above, she juxtaposed “conservative” with “progressive” rather than with “liberal.” Expect to hear more of that ahead.
Hillary will tout her long-established involvement with the health care issue as offering her the unique ability to convert the hash — she’d never use that word — of ObamaCare into a sirloin of change that Americans will find more palatable, and even embrace. She’ll talk McCain’s Crossing-the-Isle Talk. He might even campaign for her.
Hillary will cite Bill’s fiscal record as president and mention in favorable terms Newt Gingrich and the Republican Congress who once helped bring fiscal responsibility to Washington, D.C. Let’s return to those days of bipartisan cooperation, she’ll say. End the stridency once and for all. Her supporters will shout, “It’s her turn. It’s her turn.”
Her strongest talking point will be that she’s untarnished by what Barry, Nancy, and Harry have done to the country, although she’ll never say that directly. Some wondered at the time why she agreed to become Secretary of State. But had she stayed in the Senate, she’d either be tarnished by the Democrats’ legislative heavy-handedness of the last two years or be at odds with her own party. In either case, she’d be damaged goods by now. If asked why she didn’t speak out earlier, she’s already answered that, saying, “I am by law out of politics.” Raise your hand if you believe that.

When Hillary runs against Obama again, she can’t lose the support of blacks since against Obama, she never had them on her side anyway. But she could offset their failure to vote if Obama isn’t on the ticket by gaining heavy support from Hispanics. Plus, blacks are not going to vote for a Republican in any significant numbers under any circumstance. If wind-blown moderates perceived the GOP nominee as too conservative, Hillary will regain their support by positioning herself as a moderate middle-of-the-roadie.

Pure speculation? Obviously. Ridiculous? Perhaps.

Hillary 2012…I really do NOT care.

No…Really I don’t.  Afrocity will not buy tickets to that beltway show.

2012 is two years away but at the moment there is no ultimate case for me supporting Hillary Clinton should she run against Obama in a primary or as also rumored, Joe “foot in mouth diseased” Biden steps down as VP and she takes his place by Darth Obama’s side.  Neither scenario compels me to do anything except feel manipulated.  At this juncture, in her relationship with Barry and the DNC,  it is hard for me to know who Hillary Clinton really is and I don’t want to waste anymore of my time or votes finding out.

Autographed Letter Signed,



10 Responses to “Hillary and Barry- An Apathy Story”

  1. Christine Says:

    I am thankful for you, Afrocity, and for the guys at Hillbuzz, otherwise I might think I was crazy. I was a life-long Democrat and Hillary supporter; I could NEVER see what Obama offered, with no experience in anything. When Hillary abdicated–a sad day I still remember where I was when watching it–I began switching to McCain a POW and Palin. Two of my dearest A-A friends, former Hillaries, then switched to Obama because, well, skin color.
    As SOS she has totally discredited herself with me–the Arizona boner, the Israel bad mouthing, the Russian “reset” — all 1,000 miles in the wrong direction for me.
    Bravo! I agree! Preach it, Woman!

  2. yttik Says:

    I share you views, Afrocity. I’m not voting for Hillary if she challenges Obama in 2012 and I’m sure not voting for her if she becomes his VP.

    I’m not angry with Hillary, I don’t think she colluded with Obama when she took the SOS job. I really think she did it to serve her country. I think she knew that she was going to be all that stood between us and complete foreign policy disaster. I think she’d serve with the devil himself if she thought it was in the best interests of the country. And I think she strokes Obama’s ego constantly, just like women have had to for decades to try and appease and cajole some male egomaniac that acts like a 2 yr old child. The more she fawns over him, the more he lets her go out and accomplish things.

    I think Hillary has sacrificed herself to serve her country and I think that’s a noble thing to do. However, she belongs to a party that I now view as corrupt as all hell and my goal for the next few years is to remove them from power. Not even Hillary is enough to cover up that big ugly stain.

    • afrocity Says:

      Not to play devils advocate but I think Hillary could have just as well served her country by NOT delivering votes to Obama. He was the biggest cancer that we needed saving from. Granted the question may be moot of you consider the Hillary supporters who would vote “D” even if they came out as closet murderers. I knew some women like that. They despised Obama but hit a wall at Sarah Palin because of her pro-life stance despite her not openly challenging pro-choice women. “Of course I have to vote for him…he is a Democrat”.
      My charge is that Obama is neither when it comes to traditional political parties. He is the party of ME.

      Let’s be frank here. We- the sane people– all knew that Obama and the Kool Aid kids were a train wreck waiting to happen. It was some sort of world cult of personality phenomenon. I would have stepped back…let Baby O fall on his face without being a part of the administration.

  3. Holly Says:

    Hillary cannot try to moderate herself now because even if she did not participate in Obama’s agenda, she, as you said, gave voice to his agenda by campaigning on his behalf and by aligning herself in his cabinet. Yes, I think she has saved Obama on some foreign policy decisions, but under Obama we also had everything go to hell with: the unnecessary Argentina/British mistake, the Polish disaster, the “reset” Russia, Colombia still waiting for free trade, the Honduras disgrace, Iran about to have nuclear capabilities, and so forth. This does touch Hillary Clinton; her hands were very much in these. Hillary cannot run from this administration, she is a part of it. Granted, even though I would not vote for her, she would be 100-percent more efficient in her policy approach and a great defender of America and America’s greatness. Even so, she sold her individuality when she did the “right” thing for the “sake of the party.”

    • afrocity Says:

      Well said Holly. I would have distanced myself from the wreck. If she runs against Obama in a primary- the DNC and African Americans will be worse to her the second time around. Admit they made a mistake by voting for her over Obama??? Ha!!!

      • Holly Says:

        You are absolutely correct.

        Sadly, the majority of African Americans need not think of themselves as a separate entity from the DNC because they are the DNC, as are the majority of “feminists” and gays. Individuality is all lost, for the DNC is nothing more than a fractured coalition of identity groups.

  4. LJSNAustin Says:

    Thanks for the PUMA shout-out, Afrocity! Damn right I didn’t vote for the empty suit. No way. No how. Never.

  5. manbearpig68 Says:

    I hope she has a book someday that reveals what they(Clinton’s) were thinking and planning through the past few years. I don’t understand her moves after she was thrown under the bus by the DNC. You were right on in this post as usual.

  6. Catarina Says:

    A vote for Hillary is a vote for the Democrats. No can do.

    Sh*t..unless John Bolton is the Republican nominee..

  7. EdithH Says:

    I am KICKING myself for NOT voting for HRC, but I get everyone’s disappointment with her. Please consider this: “When wages are adjusted for inflation, earnings have fallen in every educational category other than the top 4% who hold doctorates or professional degrees, per Dartmouth’s Matthew Slaughter. Alan Blinder of the Federal Reserve has warned there is more disruption and displacement to come affecting nearly a quarter of existing skilled jobs. “During the 2008 campaign, Hillary Clinton questioned whether the spread of globalization and information technology was hollowing out our middle class and suggested that it was the most paramount economic issue of our time.” from the New Economist. All I am asking for is an honest and civil dialogue on the downside and trade offs of Free Trade, and I know of only two public figures who have been willing to confront and discuss this issue, HRC and Mike Huckabee. If anyone knows of another political figure who is willing to come forward and debate the above issue above and beyond bumper stickers without being patronizing or dismissive, please bring him/her to our attention. I don’t mean to oversimplify this or the economy, but fix America’s job machine and a lot of the other problems go away.

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