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Political Forecast: More Liberal Whine Flu Ahead September 7, 2010

If nature is kind to us, all seasons begin and end gradually with hint of warning for things to come.

Saturday morning I awoke to a crisp breeze-very unlike the other September mornings. My dog pricked her ears in a surprised fashion as she went outside for her daily potty.  The fur on her back raised, her tail coiled… What’s wrong puppy???

Then I touched the patio window. Eeek! It was 45 degrees! My jersey knit robe suddenly felt like paper – not keeping my body warm at all. Hurry up and pee doggie!!!

That breeze our only warning.  The day that began as chilly climbed to 74 degrees by its conclusion but still that morning cold jolt validated what I dread most about summer- that it is ending.

Soon I will trade in my wedge heeled sandals for a cute pair of Dansko clogs. Green leaves reveal their fall colors. Children selling lemonade will transform into little ghouls and goblins asking for candy. Whether I liked it or not, the season is changing. Goodbye sundresses and outdoor theater performances.  Goodbye Italian ice man. The Chicago “hawk” is coming. Time for Afrocity to purchase the 20 pound September issue of Vogue magazine, put on her flannel big girl panties and deal with it like a woman.

But some do not deal with life’s realities so easily… Some whine and kick and scream by defying the truth.

Instead of finding pleasure in going coat and over the knee boot shopping, they stubbornly insist on wearing campaign season white shorts and flip flops well into October.  They annoyingly play the liberal whine game well into November.

Political seasons change too you know. Any weather man will tell you that you can’t thrive during cold economic times if you can’t survive. There are political trends,  election winners and losers.  Thankfully some hurricanes fizzle out into tropical storms-  like Hurricane Arlen (Specter).  He started out weak, changed courses from right to left –then ended up being a disappointment to all and politically insignificant. Hard to keep up a good wind tunnel of trust when you are battling RINO-virus.

You never know who will be the season’s top political dog.

Or who will whine that they are talked about “like a dog”.

What once was a “do” may very well be a “don’t”  .

Yesterday’s election “it girl” could quickly turn into today’s boob:

As the mainstream media points out, this will be a “fierce” political season for the Democrats.  When you don’t conserve and gather enough support during the summer, a very autumn November can turn ugly.

From this article in the Quad-City Times:

GOP, Dems gear up for fierce political season

By Ed Tibbetts

September 6, 2010

Flag-waving tea partiers in Davenport  [Iowa] and cheering labor unionists in Hampton, Ill., kicked off the traditional start to the political season in the Quad-Cities on Monday.

In what’s an already intense atmosphere, both Republicans and Democrats were  preparing for the final 57-day sprint to the election, Nov. 2.

Democrats warned union members at the Salute to Labor picnic in Hampton about the perils of Republican control of Congress, saying they want to eliminate the minimum wage and the federal agency overseeing workplace safety.

At a rally of the Davenport Tea Party, activists criticized the rising federal debt, the new health-care reform law and increasing government influence in the economy.

“Government’s too big. It’s overreaching,” said Stan Gustafson, a pastor from East Moline. “I think the government’s got its hand in too many things.”

The most-cited example was the health-care law.

Many at the rally had harsh words for President Barack Obama, too. “He’s un-American,” Gustafson said.

Several of the tea partiers rallying at Brady and Locust streets emphasized they aren’t locked in with the Republican Party, though many said they planned to vote that way. Others also endorsed Republican calls to cut taxes.

It was clear they had no use for the Democrats controlling Congress.

Ouch! The ballot boxes overflowing with Republican votes will definitely signify a change in political seasons.  Americans want protection against the whine flu.

No more hacking up our tax dollars while poring Kool Aid flavored cough syrup down our throats.

No you won’t!

If Obama thinks he is being talked about like a dog now, just wait until 2012.  Another example of a change in political seasons is when Obama’s biggest fan’s like one of my 92 year old relatives say this:

“Every time Obama opens his mouth, I hate him a little bit more and more.”

When words like that are uttered by a woman who thought Obama was “competent” and “seemed like he could do the job” in 2008-  my advice to our president would be to eat up that arugula flavored kibble!

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10 Responses to “Political Forecast: More Liberal Whine Flu Ahead”

  1. Holly Says:

    “Every time Obama opens his mouth, I hate him a little bit more and more.”

    I think we can all rally behind this statement.

  2. Janis Says:

    He’s not a dog. Border collies are lots smarter than he is.

  3. EdithH Says:

    I hope we all learn something about leadership from this experience. We need to look for a president among those who have had real world, hands on experience, someone who has faced down and worked through tough and unpopular decisions, weighed the downsides, and balanced the trade offs that are inevitable in any policy. This kind of leader can prioritize, pick a team, has the understanding to select the right tool to do the job and can explain convoluted issues. Can anyone think of such a person?

    I think being president is a tough job where often you are damned if you do; damned if you don’t. Although I am to the right of him, I think if President Obama had been allowed to mature, he might had the potential to be such a figure, but he was foisted on the presidency prematurely (way before he was ready) by a gushing, avid, personality, obsessed media. If, I wish I could take the best of Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, and Mike Huckabee. Yes Mike Huckabee; he has a knack for teasing out the gist and heart of an issue and explaining it with patience.

    • afrocity Says:

      I agree Edith. If Obama was smart, he would have let Hillary Clinton run for president and served as her VP. I have always thought he was being too hasty. He was barely a U.S. Senator when he ran.

      • EdithH Says:

        Thank you for that. I have come across so many people who are eager for President Obama to fail just so that they are vindicated. I find that a bit repugnant. It must be part of the human condition since I can’t think of any president who has not been subjected to that, especially President Bush.
        Both Hillary and McCain would have prioritized the economy and neither would have been rolled by Pelosi et al. I agree about running with Hillary or as Secretary of State; he could have been the hero. The Euros would still be fawning over him.

  4. yttik Says:

    I hate winter, but this year I can see November from my house, so it’s kind of exciting.

  5. gs Says:

    “Don’t worry Barry, you’re likable enough,” I soothe, stroking my cheek with a middle finger.

  6. EdithH Says:

    I think BHO has become a kinda fall guy for all that has gone wrong with the American economy. But, real wages have been stagnant and declining (excepting the elites with masters degrees or higher), and career choice and opportunity withering since the late 80s. Neither GWB or BHO created the debacle, but they didn’t have any solutions either. To be fair, no one does, and frankly, no one is working on it.(Deficit spending, whether tax cuts or stimulus, just leaks out of our domestic economy into the third world, like water seeking the lowest level).
    This is ultrasimplistic, but Free Trade may not be the miraculous path to everlasting and universal peace, happiness, and prosperity, as promised by its cheerleaders.
    Economists have been dismayed to realize that FT benefits the elites disproportionately(and I mean by a lot) and leaves a hollowed out middleclass in its wake. Millions more will be redundant, marginalized, and stuck in unsatisfying dead end jobs. The Republicans have no answer because they don’t see a problem and the Dems nonanswer is the repugnant redistribution of income(incl healthcare) because they know the decent jobs are not coming back in a big way. Once the manufacturing “job machine” is gone it will be most difficult and painful to restore and still be competitive.
    There are other insidious problems besides Free Trade, and I don’t mean to be dismissive of the liquidity crisis and housing. I honestly don’t know which one is the fire and which one is the gasoline on the fire.

  7. yttik Says:

    Kind of ironic, the guy who had “99 problems and a bitch ain’t one,” is now whining about being talked to like a dog. I guess karma has come around to bite him in the butt.

  8. EdithH Says:

    Being from Chicago, I expect political events to be well planned(re: staged, contrived, scripted, with paid activists). Consider the difference between Bush and Gore in 2000 at College of Dupage. The Bush supporters arrived by car in twos and threes, carrying home made signs, if any. The Gore rally was a well oiled machine; charter buses rolled up and dozens of supporters disembarked carrying sophisticated, professional signage.
    Yesterday, I heard that the team Obama handlers were unable to fill the junior college auditorium in Cleveland OH and had to button hole students to fill in. I think it is better for a politician to face protesters and hecklers than to be ignored. I don’t know if this story is true, but if I were a Dem in the Midwest, especially Ohio, I would think this was an ominous sign.

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