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Sarah-cuda, Portrait of A Conservative Lady August 26, 2010

The turn of the political season and the months that follow up until November will pose a number of challenges for our dear Democrats. Times are a-changing for the merchants of hope and change.  Barack Obama has a low approval rating which makes him virtually a cripple when it comes to actually helping his party campaign.  How ironic is that statement he made on the Jay Leno show about the “Special Olympics”  now?

See, you should watch what you say about others. You just may end up in their predicament someday.  Now who is racing to the political finish line in a broken down economic wheelchair?

While many Democrats are fearful of November, there are an equal number of Republican incumbents who are fearful now.  Fearful of losing their own state primaries to Tea Party candidates…Especially Tea Party canidates endorsed by Sarah Palin.  If the Republicans have proven anything in the last week, it is that the Democrats are in trouble and Sarah Palin’s reputation as a conservative powerhouse is firmly established.

Like it or not, Sarah Palin is not going anywhere and no one in their right conservative mind would want her to.  To some degree I am almost happy that Sarah relinquished her position as governor of Alaska.  She did everything she said she would do after resigning.

How rare is that in politics?  She promised to keep the frivolous liberal moonbat anti-Palin  law suits away from the Alaskan people and to be more effective on the stump for the party. Sarah was truthful on both accounts.

Even Charles Krauthammer of Fox News had to recognize that he underestimated Sarah Palin.  The “hammer” is almost never wrong.  Indeed in 2008 when McCain was defeated by Obama, Palin’s critics– her male critics especially– said she was the political joke of the year.  These guys did not take her seriously then. 2010- now look at them – utterly blown away by this conservative power house pitbull, momma grizzly in lipstick and heels.

One could leave it at the conservative Palin naysayers.  Seeing Bill O’Reilly and Krauthammer succumb to Palin power is satisfying on its own merit.

BUT when “Tweety” Chris “Obama sends a tingle up my leg” Matthews of MSNBC covers the “Palin factor” , something is obviously knocking at the door of the consciousness of Obamabots. Mathews admitted that Palin had some serious political mojo going on.  Of course he had to be what we expected of MSNBC- a media sophomoric putz. He  had toturn a mere Palin robo call  into an occasion to racebait.

Wow Chris, so you just have to call Barry “President Obama”  or you are not being respectful enough.

Funny, how many times was George W. Bush just called  “Dub-ya”  or just “BUSH”?

Love the MSM double standard. Mind you, these are these same pundits that refused to call Sarah by her rightful title of”governor” yet she must call King Barry- President Obama.

Thanks to those who hate her, Sarah is quite fortunate in that the scandals and controversy pre-existed the wonderful legend she was to become.

Bristol is now pushing abstinence.  “Trooper Gate” went down like a brink in swimming pool of liberal sharks by accomplishing absolutely NOTHING but a waste of taxpayer dollars. Katy Couric is still pathetic…Tina Fey still putting her bony flat butt on the cover of any magazine that will have her.

Yep, taking a look in Sarah’s  dead bug covered rear view mirror  proves that the past effects of Palin derangement syndrome never put a some much as a  hink in her armor.  Bugs hit the window shield and they wipe off.

You knock Sarah down, she gets back up.

You push her, she pushes back harder.

And sorry PUMA sisters but I have to say that Sarah gets back on her feet with a lot less scare tissue than Hillary Clinton.

Nothing against Hillary. I love her, I supported her. There were times when I have been worried about her.  There are times when I have been disappointed…Okay really disappointed. Like I did not want her to support Barack Obama disappointed and I did not want her to become Secretary of State disappointed.

Diplomatic moves yes.

Smart moves?  In my opinion, not so much.

Again there are times when I am worried about Hillary.

But never Sarah.

Sarah is the child that a mother leaves in the sandbox with three bullies knowing that she will exit that box with at least two right hooks under her belt, some other kid’s  baseball cards and a magnificent sandcastle left behind.

Sarah is the one that makes seemingly crazy decisions and you think “Are you crazy?” .  However, you know that it would work for her and only her.

Sarah is quite a rarity in the political arena.  As a maverick, John McCain is somewhat of a paper tiger.  Sarah Palin on the other hand is the real thing.  She beat her own co-nominee at his own game.  Now she is the person that John McCain goes to for help.

Ordinarily, you would never think that the person -the man on the top of the ticket would have to beg favors from the woman in the #2 spot.  But then again this is Sarah Palin we are talking about.

Who created this star? Where did she come from? After nearly two years of bashing Sarah, the liberal mainstream media wants to know. They blame the GOP, the RNC, John McCain, Satan, even themselves. From what source of evil did this conservative she devil spawn?

From this article in The Nation:

How the Media Created a Monster: Sarah Palin

Greg Mitchell

August 22, 2010

It’s often said these days that Sarah Palin is a “media creation.” That is, the media promote and elevate her as one of America’s most popular and influential leaders, even though her approval ratings remain in the tank, by covering every appearance and statement (whether speech or tweet) as if she is the Junior President from Alaska.

But the “creation” part goes well beyond what’s happened since the 2008 campaign to keep her constantly in the public eye. It’s my view that she was created by the media even before John McCain picked her as his Veep candidate.It fact, it was exactly two years ago this week that a true (if rarely recognized) turning point in the 2008 race for the White House arrived. It came at the Democratic convention in Denver. No, it was not the good vibes about Obama, the ringing speeches by Teddy Kennedy, Michelle Obama, Bill and Hill, or by the candidate himself.

Rather, it was the electronic media’s overblown coverage of the allegedly widespread threat by female Hillary delegates, and other Clinton fans, to bolt Obama in favor of McCain that November.

As you may recall, the dissidents, known as “PUMAs,” got massive face time on TV and, it was claimed by many in the media, represented just the tip of the iceberg. And it was also said (by commentators, not just by the new, pro-Hillary media stars) that women, particularly older ones and suburban/blue-collar types who had voted for Hillary in the primaries, would likely abandon the Democrats in November.

Ok, back up a moment. My cougar ears have perked up.
Is this journalist somewhat, maybe a tiny bit attributing PUMAs  with the birth of conservative superstar Sarah Palin?  Okay she is after all a woman and PUMA does advocate for the involvement of women in top political positions  such as president or vice president.  I also recall fond memories of my PUMA sisters being very supportive of Sarah during those awful California Halloween effigy days and (shudder) the “Sarah Palin is a CUNT” tee shirt epidemic.
Regardless of political party affiliation, all women should be against the party of DICK.
No woman running for political office should ever be treated the way Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin were in 2008.
By party of DICK, I am not speaking of Richard “Dick” Nixon – not the Republican party- but the cold hard testosterone producing  machine that is the PATRIARCHY.  I am not telling women who are Democrats to vote for Republican women or vice versa.
I am saying that all women should support a woman’s right to run for office without being sexually demeaned by her opponents or the media.  What does it mean when liberal woman stand around a picnic table laughing at the ‘dumb conservative ” woman?  It means that you are condoning the sexist and discriminatory behavior.
It should come then as no shock when soon the high heel will be on the other well manicured political party foot.

Therefore, I agree with the article. PUMA may have been a factor in the Sarah Palin equation. PUMA is the organization that drove this idea home to the minds of women everywhere.   Yes PUMAs are liberals for the most part but they are patriots for embracing a woman whose political values differed so much from their own.  That applies myself- a conservative PUMA and it also applies to Sarah Palin, Kaye Bailey Hutchinson and several other Republican women.

The article continues:

...There was no firm evidence for this, of course, and few pundits, on TV or in print, seemed to notice that the same handful of disgruntled Hillary delegates appeared on all of the shows. No matter. Obama’s possible defeat because of the possible defections was widely predicted.

Why did this end up making any difference, since the mass female defections never happened?

Because John McCain and his people bought it, hook, line and sinker. This explains the sudden (though often ill-explained) rise of Sarah Palin to the top of their VP list. The McCainites saw an opening, which really wasn’t there, and went completely overboard. Not only did a female VP suddenly look like a great idea, but she would have extra appeal to the particular type of Hillary primary voters so hyped by the media.

The preposterous media coverage of the (few) unhappy Hillaryites at the Dem convention—which was aimed not at helping Obama but maintaining interest in the affair and the coming campaign—inspired McCain to select as his running mate someone who would virtually destroy his campaign.

Recall that after months of trailing, McCain came out of his convention with a bump that led to at least a tie with Obama in the polls—then he plummeted very quickly as the truth about Palin seeped out. In addition, he had lost his chief calling card: an edge in experience on Obama. A week after the GOP convention ended, polls were already showing that, if anything, women thought less of Palin than did men.  CNN’s survey, for example, gave Obama a 50% to 36% edge over McCain, with only 13% of women saying they were more likely to vote for him because of Palin — and 11% reporting they were now less likely.

And surveys later showed that while she drew crowds she actually drove more people away from the GOP than toward it. In fact, it’s a myth that Palin was broadly “popular.”

Imagine if McCain had picked even a neutral figure such as a Pawlenty or, say, Kay Bailey Hutchison. Yes, Obama still would have won (he ran a fine campaign and the economy collapsed). But if McCain hadn’t picked Palin, it might have been a real nail biter.

Also: Sarah Palin would still be a little-known political figure probably completing her first term as governor and with no boomlet for her as a candidate for president in 2012. And Tina Fey would have missed out on another career boost.

Hmmmm, not so sure that I concur with the last bit which implies that Sarah Palin owes her exposure to John McCain. Nor am I convinced that McCain chose Sarah because he saw unhappy Democrat women during Hillary Clinton’s loss to Obama for the DNC presidential nomination.  Again with the patriarchy. We also see this meme with RNC Chairman Michael Steel. Liberals claim that he was only voted as chairman because he was black and so was Obama.

Liberals…So racially tolerant and empowering of the little people.

Only in  liberal bizarro world would, Sarah Palin, the Alaskan hayseed only be chosen  for the RNC VP spot because she was a woman. Yet somehow is now a monster to those same liberals-  a monster created by the media.

Speaking of media creations, what about Barry Obama?  You know, the President who looks in the mirror and teleprompter too much.  You want to tell me that he is not a monster created by the media?

A woman can’t just be talented- some guy has to be responsible for it.   Sarah could have ran with McCain and been as engaging as driftwood.  Only Sarah, made that election what it was.   Also laughable is the author’s conclusion that the controversy surrounding Sarah, kept the election from being a “real nail biter”.   Ha!!! McCain would have been easily defeated by Obama with more votes had Sarah not been on the RNC ticket.  Even Ann Coulter, a notorious conservative and RINO hater, admitted that she voted for Sarah Palin and not John McCain.   There are also a bunch of conservatives that pinched their noses and voted for Sarah because unlike McCain, she was a real conservative- the only one on the ticket.

Take my advice liberals.  Don’t affirm to lies you do not believe in.  Sarah is all conservative woman and she fits the universal definition of politically unstoppable.  You tried once, twice, thrice.

Even when liberals stalk her, she just keeps being the same likable Sarah.

Now if that were me, I would have that creepy stalker drinking jet fuel before he could say Air Alaska but Sarah handled him easily while remaining calm.

Keeping it real.

And after encountering someone as phony as Barack Obama- keeping it real is enough for me and obviously many voters.  I don’t care if she reads Highlights for kids everyday and he reads the Economist.  If it ain’t real, if it’s one dimensional if someone’s wife has to say that you “deigned” to go into politics – you are not fit to be my president.

Go Sarah.  I always had faith in you.

Autographed Letter Signed,



22 Responses to “Sarah-cuda, Portrait of A Conservative Lady”

  1. Janelle Says:

    What really makes me smile about Sarah Palin is her ability to turn a nasty feeding frenzy into serious money……the dish best served cold.

  2. Janis Says:

    I remember cringing when I heard that she had resigned as governor, thinking of yet one more woman run off of her turf by a pack of wild dogs in a metaphorical gang-bang.

    She has SERIOUSLY proven me wrong. She was regrouping, and she is mighty. Just that, even if one disagrees with her politics, is unimaginably inspiring. I truly an amazed and humbled by her refusal to give up. Hillary had another kind of that refusal to give up, and I also admire her — I think that it only became obvious that the wild dogs didn’t care WHO was the target of their gang-bang when they switched targets in mid-yelp without so much as noticing. That was when it became very clear that it wasn’t just Hillary-hate with sexism behind it, it was 10,000% pure sexism, just nothing but smelling the prey and baring the fangs. So I don’t judge Hillary badly for the way she dealt with it.

    But Sarah bared her own fangs back, and they are a lot bigger, meaner, and sharper than the wimpy ones on her enemies. Yes, I disagree with her on abortion. Whatever. There is no WAY any woman with more than two brain cells can fail to be inspired by watching this woman lay waste to the people who would have gang-raped her in the Oval Office. It’s like Xena in real life. Who wouldn’t love that?

    • afrocity Says:

      Janis, good comments. I do not judge Hillary. Every woman deals with sexism differently. These women are also from two different generations, so that has to be taken into account. I disagreed with the way Hillary handled Obama after the primary. I could never see Sarah going on the stump for her former political opponent- especially one who was such a jackass as Obama was to Hillary. It is not about pride or party. Screw the base and she would not hand tea partiers over to someone who was such a weasel. Sarah will not do that even for another woman Republican. In her opinion if the man is the best one for the job, that is who she will endorse Remember Obama first went crawling to Bill Clinton, not Hillary–which I also thought was sexist. “Can you get your wife to support me???”

      I never would have campaigned for Obama.

  3. Swannie Says:

    A little inner smile becomes a great big belly laugh ..when I think .. those obot attack dogs now seriously wish they had left her alone to govern way up there in Alaska …They drove her out of office .. and now she is returning the favor …

  4. carol lowery Says:

    Afrocity, you outdid yourself on this one. Thanks, Swannie said it would make my day, and it did

  5. yttik Says:

    I spent a lot of time in Alaska so I admired Palin before she was the VP nominee. I wasn’t surprised by the nomination, she’s an amazing and talented woman. The only part that surprised me was that McCain had the courage to choose her. Not that he isn’t a courageous man, it’s just that he knew she was going to outshine him for years to come and sometimes the male ego is reluctant to allow that. His decision to select Palin is what convinced me to vote for him.

    Palin herself, her character, her integrity, and her hard work, are what has made her such a powerful figure. PUMA’s helped a bit, as did the sexism and corruption of the Dem party and the stolen primary, and the VP nomination. But basically it’s Palin herself, her leadership abilities, her work ethic, and her genuine beliefs, that are the secret to her power.

    I adore Hillary, but liberal women are taught to take one on the chin for the collective good, over and over again. Conservative women simply back up and reload.

    • afrocity Says:

      Yttik said: “I adore Hillary, but liberal women are taught to take one on the chin for the collective good, over and over again”

      That was the money shot!!!
      Thanks for reminding me of the liberal woman’s need to please. Your statement was brilliant.

    • Janis Says:

      ” … liberal women are taught to take one on the chin for the collective good, over and over again.”

      Yeah. It gets revolting after a while. Liberal women are so incredibly insecure — they think they can coddle and fawn men into respecting them. Men don’t even respect other MEN who act like that.

      • afrocity Says:

        Unfortunately, you are correct Janis. When Bill Clinton was involved in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, I did not support him like some liberal women did. I like Bill but he is a philandering scumbag at times. The so called feminists on the left instead of going after Bill, attacked the women who were the object of his harassment. Wrong, just wrong.

        • Janis Says:

          For me at the time, I thought he was a cheap philanderer, but the thing I couldn’t get was why this was being dragged out due to the fact that he lied about something so unimportant to national security. I would have cheered had Hillary broken his arms, but … it was a ridiculous charge to impeach someone on, lying about something that has nothing to do with his job. It was grounds for divorce, not grounds for impeachment in my eyes.

          • Holly Says:

            Lying to the Nation is a big deal and an impeachable offense. The question to ask is if he lied about this, what else did he lie under oath about?

          • Janis Says:

            I don’t buy it. Not for one second. ANYONE will lie about sex. Besides, what is this — guilty of one thing, guilty of anything else you want to make up? Wrong, and not a part of our legal system, thankfully.

          • afrocity Says:

            He should not have lied about it. God did he make me mad. That was sort of the beginning of the end with me and the Democrats- the way it was handled. I really stayed longer because of Gore and the whole hanging Chad thing. I was not a fan of Bush–at all. He was my governor in Texas and I really thought Gore would have been better. Gore changed a lot after 2000 so I really do not know how he would have governed based on what Manbearpig is today which is a farce. I think the DNC died with the Lewinsky thing.

          • Janis Says:

            Besides, they did look into him for everything else. He lied, so what else is he lying about? Well, they investigated like they had never investigated anyone else on earth — and they found NOTHING.

            Question answered. NOTHING. That’s what else he was lying about. NOTHING.

          • Holly Says:

            Lying is lying. Period. If you lie under oath it can be punishable by whatever means the Congress decides. Congress had a right to investigate the matter, did, and nothing happened. Why dwell on it?

            Anyone will lie about sex? Well, I suppose that makes it okay then.

  6. Holly Says:

    Sometimes I feel like we are reenacting the Revolutionary War, but this time we are shouting “The Liberals are coming, The Liberals are coming!” Sarah Palin, with her musket, yells: “FREEDOM…CHARGE!” Victory will be due to how many of us will charge with her.

  7. 08hayabusa Says:

    Excellent article!

  8. votermom Says:

    I love this post, afrocity!
    Sarah & Hillary both have heroic lives; that’s what I find so awesome.
    Btw, laughing at the Palinator image. So true. Nothing can stop her.

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