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Strangers With Kool Aid: Will The Real Barack Obama Please Stand Up? August 20, 2010

Barack Obama does not exist.  How can he? Does anyone really know who this man is or what his true beliefs are?

In 2008, I parted ways with a liberal friend who chose to vote for Obama over Hillary Clinton.  She informed me that it was better for vote for the “unkown quantity” (Obama) than the “devil you know”  (Hillary).    Quite strong was our email debate, so strong that we never corresponded again.   This same friend was a staunch Bill Clinton supporter during the 1992 campaign and as far as I knew, a Clinton-phile.

What happened?

Would you let a stranger come into your home for four years without truly knowing who they are?  Would you let them determine what laws you abide or spend your hard earned money?

Would you let them visit neighbors or allies on your behalf?

Apparently over 63.7 million Americans did let a stranger in.  Now many of those 63.7 million are wondering who the hell is in their back yard playing golf and speaking on their behalf while spending their money like water.  He does not sound like the nice hopeful stranger they so idolized nearly two years ago.   They did not realize how much ego stroking the seemingly polite stranger would require or how many vacations and trips to campaign -even after the campaign was clearly over. At the ballot box, a little mystery seemed fun, exciting.  Who cared about the stranger’s sealed college records, numerous votes of “present” or ambiguous religious background and views?  Once the stranger moved in, there would be plenty of time to play catch up.  Plenty of time to understand his true nature, delve into his inner workings.

Unfortunately things don’t work quite that way when it comes to the people we allow into our lives or the Oval Office.   Once bugs check in, they don’t check out- at least not without a fight and some inconvenience.  Bugs also leave bite scars,droppings, disease and bills as a reminder of their existence .  The best cure is prevention.  But you have to want to know the truth and be able to handle it.

The dissection of Barack Obama’s identity or lack thereof was taken on by a number of conservatives and even some liberals who were pro-Hillary.  Sean Hannity was portrayed as an obsessive racist loon when he pointed to Obama’s connections to Rev. Jeremiah Wright,  Tony Rezko and William Ayers.

Obama’s Illinois Senate voting record was always “present” .  Seems like a reason for concern to me but I was not a Kool Aid drinker which is why my Obamabot friends thought I was being nitpicky when I said that Obama really does not take a stand on anything.  Like tofu, he took on the flavor of what ever political spice was added to him.   If the recipe for support and campaign contributions called for another ingredient,  Obama would toss the fennel and basil under the bus and replace it with the next advantageous seasoning. The aroma was great and the presentation created a piece de resistance when compared to other presidential hopefuls, especially among the Democrats.  But what the heck was going on in the kitchen?  No one knew. No one cared but you could just consumer wrap Obama up and put him in your back pocket.

Now some Americans claim they do not know the man they elected to our nation’s highest office.

They do not know what religion he is.

From TIME Magazine:

TIME Poll: Majority Oppose Mosque, Many Distrust Muslims

You say you did not see the warning  printed on the advertising?  You did not see “caution” written on the Mr. DNC  Goodbar wrapper? Didn’t your mothers ever teach you not to take Kool Aid from strangers in any form- liquid  powdered, or intravenously?  Do you know a recipe for political disaster when you see it?

24 percent of you are unsure what your president’s religion is?

Just a side note here. For the last two years I have heard so much about religion and race that I could cough up a Rainbow Coalition hairball.  Blah, blah.

Obama is black . He is not.

Obama is Muslim. He is Not.

Honestly, I do not care but there is one thing we can all universally agree on and that’s is that he is bad for America and ill-equipped to be our president.  I do not agree with his positions when they are expressed or policies.  I don’t care what ethnicity box he checks on his census form or who he prays to.     True since 9/11 we have seen a sharper eye turned to the Muslim community and a focus on religion and politics in the Eastern hemisphere.  World Trade Center go boom by Taliban in the name of Allah.  It is only natural that Americans are skeptical of the proposed mosque near ground zero.  I should know, I lived in New York at the time.  I do not want the mosque built so close to Ground Zero either.

Obama is in favor of the mosque.

Does Barry’s response surprise any of you?

Here is a representative view of Obama’s ties to the Muslim religion:

Where his sympathies lie is pretty clear to me.  But Again, Obama could be Wiccan and I would still wheelbarrow him out of office.

Vote with your head.  Not your emotions.  Ask questions before you pull the lever.

You don’t think I do that with every candidate?

Yes I do.

Even Sarah Palin.   I did not get caught up in the President or oracle debate when it came to Obama.

I did not need a savior.

I did not need a sex symbol or a great orator.

I did not need the ghost of MLK’s past.

I needed a president.

Now as it stands, I don’t know what I have living in my White House.

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piece de resistance

14 Responses to “Strangers With Kool Aid: Will The Real Barack Obama Please Stand Up?”

  1. Janis Says:

    “What happened?”

    She met a guy who was cute and she wanted to show him how nonthreatening she was, so she made a huge stink out of “not voting for the woman just because she’s a woman.”

    So she voted against her for that reason, making sure to raise her voice when Cute Boy was around so he’d overhear.

    She voted against the better candidate because she was a woman … to prove she wasn’t voting based on gender.

    Irony at that level should be fatal.

  2. armywife Says:

    Again you hit the nail on the head! He has taken six vacations this year, our economy is in the tank, but rest assured our President is enjoying his multiple vacttions. I am still stunned when people continue to say how great he is. Those of us who asked questions, were immediately called racist. I am nothing of the sort, and found it annoying that was the only response. I wonder how much longer will the media ignore the long list of questions, and get angry at the perceived lack of caring from the President on his mulitiple vacations. We are a country on the verge of sinking into a depression, people are not working, companies aren’t hiring, and stealing from food stamps to keep afloat the unions is just wrong. We are all living within our means, maybe the unions and government should take a lesson from the rest of the country.

    • afrocity Says:

      But the unions are part of the problem. They are the ones giving Obama the power and the votes.

  3. yttik Says:

    Great post, Afrocity. A stranger indeed. And people should have known better than to elect a complete stranger. You aren’t even supposed to talk to them when they’re hiding in the bushes.

    “Now as it stands, I don’t know what I have living in my White House.”

    We don’t really know him, but I think some of us guessed correctly right from the start. He’s a narcissistic empty suit with ideals but no wisdom, no experience at leadership and prone to making boneheaded mistakes with a great deal of arrogance.

    I completely understand why people think he might be a Muslim, because that’s where his loyalties always seem to go. He’s supposed to be America’s greatest advocate, somebody who protects and defends the Constitution, but instead he spends a lot of time putting us down and praising Muslims. Myself, I pretty much think Obama worships Obama and doesn’t really have a religious interest beyond Himself, but I certainly understand those who are starting to wonder if he’s Muslim.

    By the way, in America most mosques won’t even let women enter through the front door. They have to use the back door and pray in segregation. In any church in America today did that to people based on race, there would be outrage. Unfortunately when it comes to women, few people even regard it as discrimination.

    • afrocity Says:

      I knew enough about him not to trust him LOL. At least with McCain I knew what I was getting. At least with Sarah Palin I knew she was a governor. She had a voting record, her family life was all out there for people to see. Obama tried to hide everything.

  4. manbearpig68 Says:

    Great Post!! Funny he never talks with as much passion or sounds as confident about the U.S. or anything Christian as he did about the Islamic faith and countries. My 93 year old Grandma has been saying he’s a Muslim from the beginning and I would tell her I didn’t think he had any faith.. Now I think she’s right!!

  5. Janelle Says:

    Fabulous text and great pictures/graphics as always. Obama is dreadful, period.

  6. Holly Says:

    His loyalties seem to appear, like with many liberals, to be towards the minority. America, Americans, Christians are never the minority at home, therefore we do not need defending, we need to be scolded. I feel like I am a child constantly being talked at and talked down to.

    If I made an assumption, I would assume him athiest.

    I agree with you; people got exactly what they voted for and they voted for a lie.

  7. I don’t know if he’s Muslim, but he’s not Christian; that seems abundantly clear to me. Whatever he is, he is incompetent and arrogant to boot. And he definitely gives off this “unAmerican” vibe that people just can’t put their finger on. That’s why there is so much unsettledness about him. We know nothing of the man except what is in his autobiography and even what is there is discomforting.

    Nevertheless millions of people voted for an entirely unknown quantity I guess because they thought it would be “cool.” Kind of like voting for Sanjaya on American Idol except this no-talent has his finger on the nuclear button and represents us all over the globe.

  8. me Says:

    Count me among those who doesnt belive he is a Christian. Honestly I had a passing thought he was a Muslim but if I had to guess I would say he is a non practicing one. Maybe like a cultural Muslim if there is such a thing. From what I have seen about Obama I cant imagine he believes in any higher power and creator but obviously there’s no way to be sure. I cant imagine any bible believing Christian saying the Arabic call to prayer is the sweetest sound he’s ever heard.

    But hey whats all the fuss about. His election was HISTORIC!!!! (Which I never understood becaue he was not a black american descentant of african slaves)

  9. Liz Says:

    The bit that bothered me about the Obamabots was when gay marriage supporters would claim that, even though he said he was against it as a Christian, *of course* he was just pandering to the wingnuts. Of course he’d introduce it. Nothing about the fact they were voting for a man because he was a liar seemed to impinge.

    Or when they’d claim that he was post racial – the closest they dared come to telling people to vote for the guy because he was black. Even looking at his record (such as it is), reading his books and listening to his interviews never changed this view.

    They’d claim he was “clearly” highly intelligent – offering no evidence and becoming offended when asked. It was almost like a “black” guy graduating from college, from prestigious private schools, was meant to be that evidence – like they had lower expectations of the “black” guy. At least Bush read. The MSM had to cover up that Obambi didn’t.

    Oy, it’s not that I blame Obama for being a conniving d-bag. If I thought I could get away with that kind of behavior, I’d do it too. I blame the people who never asked the questions. How hard is it to ask for someone’s academic records, as every other candidate is expected to do? What recognisably Caucasian candidate would be elected with his “record”?

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  11. realwest Says:

    Excellent post Afrocity. Unions always – or almost always – throw their money at the Dem candidate, but with Obama they were like kids in a candy store with credit cards that had no limit. They have been or are in the process of being paid back (there’s a teeny tiny provision in the Health Care Bill that provides for $56 Billion for certain Union Pension funds and of course he just helped bail out the Teachers Union for some
    $26 Billion – that kind of blatant pay back was something Bill Clinton would never think of doing.
    But if you discount those folks who ALWAYS vote Dem, most of Obama’s votes came from White Liberals who, I suppose, determined early on that they wanted the first Black president and to hell with his “credentials” (a one page letter from his doctor that he was in good health, as opposed to McCains complete (and voluminous) medical file – and the MSM was in his rear pocket so deep, well, we all know about that.
    But I suspect that the mid-term elections WILL be about Obama, whether he likes it or not and his stump speech – with little variations for where he’s speaking, is to tie those nasty Republicans in with Big Business (the oppressors of Big Labor doncha know!) and………..blame Bush! But I don’t think it’s gonna work – unemployment, underemployment and real life “wallet or pocketbook” facts of life are gonna be hard for him to blame on anyone except himself. Buyer’s remorse has STARTED to set in, and in 2012, barring miracle or a Wag The Dog scenario, will see President Obama as a one term president, probably judged by history as worse than even Jimmy Carter.

  12. me Says:

    The post racial rhetoric really bothered me. Obama in no way was a post racial person. Race is a touchy subject for me because I live in the south. When you encounter open racists its eye opening. And for him to play around with something so dangerous putting on a front as if his goal was to heal the country was so wrong to me.

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