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Tar-jay Versus Gay: Target Ain’t People, But Their Prices Are Hard to Beat August 19, 2010

Sorry gay and lesbian friends but I will still shop at Target.

It is not because I am conservative but because I am selfish.

They are the cheapest place where I can get Bertolli frozen pasta bags.

I do not get into boy or girlcotts especially when it involves fashion, cosmetics or food.

There have been occasions when I will girlcott an entertainer by not watching their shows or movies.  My travel plans have been altered or because of US warnings such as YOUR HEAD WILL BE CHOPPED OFF IN MEXICO.

But come between me and a lipstick color I like…then I cave.

As a budding sixteen year old, Afrocity is the one who polished her nails with Revlon’s  “poppy pink” polish as her friend bitched at her because of their corporate involvement in South Africa.

If someone told me that Kettle Chips had an African tribesman riding a rainbow as their logo, I would still fill a bathtub with their “Sea Salt and Vinegar” flavored chips and swim to clogged artery bliss.

I am too weak minded, selfish or shallow to boycott products that I like.  If Ben and Jerry were Klu Klux Klan Grand Wizards, it would not prevent me from sleeping with Cherry Garcia at night.

Hey at least I am being honest about the entire thing.

Incidentally, how many people actually boycotted Coors Beer for the companies racist policies concerning employment of minorities and gays?

Is that a burp I heard?

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6 Responses to “Tar-jay Versus Gay: Target Ain’t People, But Their Prices Are Hard to Beat”

  1. Alex Says:

    I support boycotts on occasion. I am all for boycotting the View until they get rid of Whoopi. But sometimes… I just won’t take another’s issue that seriously until they take my issues seriously.

    Will the same people in this Target video spend a day marching against rape? Will the same people in this Target video boycott American apparel for their grotesque sexualization of young women and girls? Did the same people in this video even express a single verbal outrage when it came to the sexist degradation of Hillary and Sarah during the election. Unlikely.

    I don’t think so. Since that is the case, I’m just going to give a ho-hum to this video and continue shopping at Target.

  2. manbearpig68 Says:

    Idiots!!! Same people will live and breath whole foods but yet whole foods is making contributions to political campaigns.. Stay the Fuck out of Target and it will make my experience much better! I love Target! Always clean, Good prices, lots of products and people are always nice.. Oh yeah, I forgot, THEY STILL HAVE PLASTIC BAGS AND DON’T MAKE YOU FEEL GUILTY FOR USING THEM!!! Asshole bought and paid for MOVEON.orgers!!!

  3. liontooth Says:

    Thanks for posting this AC. Notice how the person isn’t mentioned just the generic anti-gay hysteria. I’m going to make it a point to deliberately shop at a Target now. 🙂

  4. Holly Says:

    Please do shop at Target. The liberal, rabid, self-absorbed gay community does not speak for all of us. Target donated to a business friendly candidate, who does not support gay marriage…umm…so? I do not see them boycotting President Obama. Seriously, not everything is about who one has sex with.

    Shop away.

  5. yttik Says:

    I stopped taking boycotts seriously because they’re often so misguided. Arizona Tea for instance, not even made in Arizona, has absolutely nothing to do with immigration debates.

    Now days if some company does something I don’t like, I usually just write them a letter. Communication is a much better way to get them to change what they’re doing. Also, some companies are simply going to do things we don’t like. This is a free country with a diversity of opinion. I don’t really want to run around policing every business for their politics. I believe in trying to educate them, not in attempting to punish them for not towing some line we’ve set.

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