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Bullshit: It’s Not Just For Republicans Anymore August 8, 2010

As Democrats continue to put their best face on events, arguing, in fact that it is the Republicans that got us into this mess and it is gonna take them and only them to get us out, I wonder when did the good guys suddenly turn into the stupid bad guys?   When did the liberals become masters of the bullshit machine? Political battles within the Democratic camps has shown that the party is in the state of panic.  However, they still need a message.  When you don’t have a message and you’re house is not in order (thanks  First Lady) but you have guests coming over for dinner. You have to feed them something. What do you do? You give them a bullshit sandwich.

Can someone tell me is Barack Obama good at anything besides Pez dispensing liberal platitudes and divisive bullshit? Especially when he is backed into a corner?

President Obama flies Air Force One to Chicago on his birthday to campaign for yet another Illinois crook- Alexi Giannoulias, who is campaigning as a Democrat for Obama’s old Senate seat.  Obama raises over 1 million dollars in a day for Giannoulias.  Like Obama, Giannoulias is ” change we can believe in”:

Where is the change ?  Where is the little guy in this? Meanwhile little guys in Chicago oooh and ahhh over catching a glimpse of the chosen one riding through the city.  Like bobble heads “I saw him!!! Did you see him?”   “I got a picture with my iPhone!!!”

The First Lady and child are making headlines in Spain on vacation… again where is the little guy in all of this?

What’s wrong with letting some presidential cash flow to Jackson Hole, Wyoming or Mount Rushmore? How about a “stay-cation” ?   That would reflect your solidarity with the American people who voted for your husband.  I suppose they make organic bullshit burgers too.

How about making a campaign stop in the inner city of Chicago- you know where all of the black men are killing each other?  Any words or fundraisers for them?   Mr. Obama did you know that Chicago police are now riding three men in a car?

There are times when I am blown away when I consider that I once voted for this party without much question.  They represented “brown people”.  They represented women.  The poor and suffering and that was me- at the time.  Yes I am still black and a woman but I stopped being poor and suffering when I graduated from college.   That was when I began to wake up and smell the donkey shit.  Aside from being a black pro-choice woman, there was nothing in the liberal message that resonated with me.  A ten year stint in the great state of Texas proved to me that Republicans are not all a bunch of racists.  In fact, the conservatives I knew provided more positive outreach to their communities than any Democrat I had witnessed during my time in Chicago.

Texans lived relatively high quality lives as compared to Chicagoans.  No state taxes.  No taxes on food.

I can recall during my first Texas year stepping up to a Piggly Wiggly cashier and exclaiming over my 89 cents can of tuna fish costing exactly 89 cents.

“Honey, there is no tax on food here,” the cashier said to me. “Where have you been?”

I was in shock.  “…Chicago…The only time we don’t pay taxes on food is when we use food stamps.”

The cashier just gives me this blank stare.  I think she went home and prayed for me that night over her tax free meal of Frito Pie.

Afrocity just wondered if living in a Republican run state was so bad, why did I get to keep more of my hard earned money?  Oh, because the Republicans don’t care about the little guy. My mother learned this when she moved there and attempted to get on welfare without children and at age 54.  Texas told her to cut the bullshit and get to work.  You should have seen my mother’s face when the caseworker handed her a list of jobs- GUARANTEED JOBS.

“Um, err, I can’t work, ” my mother lied.  “I have a bad…knee… Can I get disability?”

The state of Texas tried to call BULLSHIT but mother found a liberal lawyer and  some quack doctor to claim that she was 35% disabled.  Back on foodstamps she went- happy as a government fed clam.  Beyond these incidents, there was much that occurred which persuaded me to switch parties but still I stayed on the jackass boat, aborting any signs of mutiny in the womb before it manifested itself at the voting booth.

I know, I know…How could you Afrocity?

But understand that bullshit is an acquired taste.  That is to say, if someone feeds you crap election year in and election year out, you only know… well…crap.   You become accustomed to the broken promises and pointing fingers game.  You accept your permanent place in the war of America’s needy versus America’s greedy.  Despite your inner brilliance- your wiser conscious plea to ask questions and get real answers, you continue to eat the plate of bullshit set before you.  Some like myself ate with small spoonfuls -drinking huge glasses of water between each swallow.  Others like my mother and most Obama supporters  put the feedbag on with gusto.

The day I woke up and took a much needed shower, was the day the bullshit became not a meal for my liberal friends but something to throw at me.

Friend: Afrocity how can you turn your back on everything the Democrats have done for black people”

Afrocity: Like………….

You see Afrocity does not play the bullshit game anymore.  Give the donkeys their breast cancer hued pink slip.

The Democrats do not have the answers and maybe the Republicans don’t either.  However, do not spin the liberal bullshit message that because the Republicans do not have all the answers or because President Bush got us into this mess,  the American people  should continue to support Obama and the current imbeciles in Washington.

No more.

Wake up zombies.  Stop drinking KoolAid.  Stop listening to this walking campaign slogan of a president you elected. The man does not have answers, he has more divisive rhetoric- NOTHING MORE.   To borrow from his analogy of America as a vehicle stuck in a ditch…How can Obama get you out of the ditch when he is in the car expecting you to push? Refuse or get in the way of his best friend- the rear view mirror, and he add you to the list of many to run over when the car gets started.

Wake up America and wipe the bullshit from your mouths.  It is time to make some changes to the menu.

Autographed Letter Signed,



17 Responses to “Bullshit: It’s Not Just For Republicans Anymore”

  1. manbearpig68 Says:

    Speaking at the Afl-Cio and talking about driving us out of the mud? Afl-cio and like others are one of the main reasons we are in the mud. I just laugh anymore.. This is the absolute most disgusting administration I have ever seen or read about..

  2. Rose Says:

    Link coming up.

  3. Ralph Says:

    This has to be one of your very best! Bravo!

  4. vinny Says:

    Came here by way of Rose’s coffee shop. I would change the wording in that Obama poster to “BULLSHIT we no longer believe in.”

  5. gs Says:

    Note to self: reread philosopher Harry G. Frankfurt’s excellent little book, “On Bullshit”.

    Frankfurt claims that in a way the bullshitter is worse than the liar. The liar respects truth enough to make the effort to mimic it. Even if the bullshitter believes that truth exists–and he may not–, he doesn’t care.

  6. Guy Says:

    The Democrats have done more to destroy minorities in America than anyone will ever realize, and now, they are going one step further and resurrecting racism by attacking decent, honest people who just want what’s best for this country. These are people who are not racist by nature, but when they are attacked and called racists themselves, will probably find themselves feeling some pretty strong animosities toward their attackers.

    I’ve spent my whole life treating people as fairly as I can, regardless of race. Now, I find myself under assault, and being labeled as a racist, just because I don’t support the Obama administration’s plan to drag this country down the path to Socialism. I really resent that.

    It’s not about race folks … it’s about philosophy. I have a problem with, and will gladly discriminate against, any and all people who subscribe to Obama’s Socialist philosophies. I don’t care if you’re a minority or not. If you choose to support Obama, or attempt to impose any form of Socialism on me, I will discriminate against you, resist you, and do everything in my power to defeat you . It’s as simple as that … .

  7. pat Says:

    That amazing story reminds me much of Star Parker, who has a personal tale of her own regarding her journey to self-sufficiency

  8. Laraine Wilson Says:

    Love it. But I wonder which came first the bullshit or the dems?

  9. me Says:

    I was wondering if I was the only one who noticed that about Obama. He continually is in campaign mode. After getting elected he was still railing against “Washington” and I’m thinking to myself um Obama you do know that you’re “the man” now. Who exactly are you fighting? Over and over during the campaign “eight years of failed policies…” blah blah blah. Still I am waiting for the great genius everyone is talking about.

  10. EdithH Says:

    It’s hard not to notice that the top talent of the Democratic hierarchy is not part of the WH inner circle; not the first string, not even the second string, except for, perhaps, HRC. Wondering why, do they not want to risk being tainted by the CookCo DPO or is the embarassment of August, 1968 still reverberating down the decades?
    As for the economy, it has been one misstep after another; it is almost perverse; unless the elites, and this is my greatest fear, have already given up on America and don’t believe that the American worker can compete in a global economy. That would mean a very grim future for all of us.The WH clique may be masters of useless and arcane theories but they are abysmally ignorant of how to generate “real” wealth and “maker’ JOBs or even, of how to create an environment that will.
    Team Obama was elected with unprecedented power to fix America; they could have been the heroes; instead they are obtuse and tone deaf hacks. The good new is that there are a lot of thoughtful competent politicians of both parties. Unfortuantely, they are at the state level, not the federal. Look to the state governors who have sucessfully lead their states in head to head competition with other states. They realize their state government apparatus has to be lean and mean to attract investment, businesses and real jobs. They already know it can’t be done on the revenues generated by government workers, stoop labor, and dead end service jobs. We have to hope that some of these rising stars get national attention before we dig ourselves too deep.
    I am not impressed when the President blames GWB, this must be for the benefit of the “true believers” and the chumps. I don’t know if this this attempt is cynical posturing and grandstanding or economic ignorance, or both.

  11. carmen isherwood Says:

    Hello from the corner of Jackson and Michigan!
    Yet again, great post. I look forward to your no nonsense observations. In my very large and liberal Puerto Rican family, I find myself in a constant struggle to explain my conservative beliefs to people completely addicted to government handouts and intervention. The story of your mother makes me think of my aunt who sees nothing wrong with “state hopping” for benefits for herself. She is fully capable of working, except for her back hurts from standing or sitting too long. Funny that it allows her to watch 10 hours of telenovelas every day.
    Hope we get a chance to meet and compare stories some day.
    Thanks for the ammunition,

  12. gs Says:

    Af, since comments are closed in your 14 June 2010 post, I’ll use this one to follow up: talk about Hillary for VP/2012 is growing.

  13. Deborah Leigh Says:

    The most informative booklet I’ve ever read is David Horowitz’s “Obama’s Rules for Revolution”. This fifty-one page booklet details how we got to where we are, the agenda, Obama’s background, etc. It’s only $3.00 from The Freedom Center, and is a must have. I’m rereading and underlining. It fits into your pocket or purse. Once you read this you’ll want more to hand out.

  14. Deborah Leigh Says:

    Oh, forgot to say that “Obama’s Rules for Revolution” provides alot of ammo. Like author/pundit Larry Elder said, “Facts to a Liberal is like Kryptonite to Superman”.

  15. John Baker Says:

    I just ran across your excellent blog while Googling the taxonomy of moonbats. I appreciate the autobiographical bent of many of your entries. I’ll look forward to reading more.

  16. Julie Says:

    Just found your site. I am recommending to Jacob Turk who is running against Emanuel Clever. He has been going into black communities and talking to the people. He has told me that many of these blacks have been threatened and intimidated because they dared to go to an event for a white politician.

  17. EdithH Says:

    Can anyone confirm if this is true?
    ” Earlier this month, I relayed a report stating that African Americans in Illinois were supporting third party or independent candidates in relatively high numbers, with over 20% favoring an alternative to the corporatist shills of the Democratic and Republican parties. Unfortunately, it was impossible to determine just who those individuals were supporting because the polling outfit, Rasmussen, did not inquire as to which third party and independent candidates respondents favored, but rather subsumed everyone aside from the Democrat and Republican under the category “some other candidate.” A similar situation may well be developing in Georgia. Jack Wagner writes at the Free Independent Sun:….”

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