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Technical Difficulties June 28, 2010

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Guys I have been trying to post for three days now but ALS or WordPress is experiencing technical difficulties.



9 Responses to “Technical Difficulties”

  1. gs Says:

    Hi Afrocity! 🙂

  2. Kei Says:

    I was wondering where you were, Afrocity. I am still waiting for par 2 of your “to be continued” story.

  3. Kei Says:

    par = part, ugh I can’t type. And my handwriting is even worse!

  4. AAO Says:

    Try a different computer or a different browser and see if it still persists. I have a clients site that refuses to be edited from Chrome anymore – I just upgraded.

  5. yttik Says:

    I’m sorry! I hope it gets fixed soon. You are missed.

  6. gs Says:

    Hi, Af. You’ve almost certainly thought of the following, but it’s offered in a spirit of due diligence.

    1. I searched the WordPress forums for ‘Afrocity’ and got no hits. If you haven’t already, try the forums.

    2. Try tech support. You’re paying for it. But…

    3. If a subscriber pays WordPress $15K/yr for “VIP Support”, WordPress says they will respond to an incident within two business days. This is not a good sign.

    4. A company that refers to its support techs as “Happiness Engineers” instantly arouses my strong suspicions.

    Maybe it’s time to blog elsewhere. In any event I hope you’re enjoying a glorious Fourth and I look forward to your next post.

    • gs Says:

      That’s interesting, roofingbird. Some time after I visited here, Vista froze on me and refuses to reboot. Hopefully it just got tangled up from number crunching during a download. If it’s the hard drive, well, I haven’t been assiduous about backing up but I haven’t been completely negligent either; the price would be days or weeks of work, not weeks or months or more.

      I have Norton so malware hadn’t occurred to me. If any other Afrocity reader has had problems, I’d appreciate their posting the info here.

      I’m off to burn a Vista recovery disk…

  7. afrocity Says:

    My apologies, all is well now. Computer had a virus “Google redirect” strain.

    All fixed now.

    This site is fine.

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