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‘Nuff Said- Finally Someone Got it Right June 14, 2010

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10 Responses to “‘Nuff Said- Finally Someone Got it Right”

  1. gs Says:

    If Bush had been perceived as a successful President, electing Obama would have been unthinkable. Even so, McCain briefly took the lead before he lost his composure and thereby the election when the financial crisis struck.

    So I agree with the caption but probably not for the reason the artist has in mind.

    • afrocity Says:

      So you think Obama is McCain’s fault?

      • gs Says:

        I wouldn’t put it that way.

        IMO McCain had to run a perfect campaign to win and it would have been a bigger upset than Truman-Dewey.

        For a few days it was looking like he…just…might…pull it off. (And the Republicans had found the right tone to attack Obama with: mock his pretentiousness but keep it light; don’t be nasty; don’t go for the throat).

        Then McCain’s impulsiveness came to the fore and that was that.

      • gs Says:

        Clinton could and should have stopped Obama but didn’t.

        By the end of the primaries she had clearly taken his measure, but she had been too complacent for too long and it was just a little too late.

        You’ve argued plausibly that she was ill used by her party, but in professional sports, fouls are part of the game.

        I may have mentioned this before: I wonder whether Obama will promise Hillary the 2012 VP nomination, if only to preclude a primary challenge from her.

        • afrocity Says:

          She won’t run. Honestly, I was never angry about Mccain and the bailout crisis. He looked like a leader more than Obama did IMO.

          • gs Says:

            According to the Rasmussen poll, Voters Say Hillary More Qualified To Be President Than Obama, Romney, Gingrich, Palin.

            Clinton’s 69th birthday is shortly before Election Day 2016.

        • liontooth Says:

          I don’t think in US history, at least since 1900, that there has been a candidate that has beaten an incumbent president in their party’s primary and then went on to beat the other party in the general (November) election.

          If the incumbent faces any kind of serious challenger, his party is going to lose the general election.

  2. yttik Says:

    That is so true. Obama really is Bush’s fault. He didn’t win because he inspired all these new voters, he won because Republicans were disillusioned in general and not impressed with McCain, so they just stayed home.

  3. Holly Says:

    I suppose I see this from a different perspective, where the artist is mocking the rhetoric of Obama. Obama asked to be elected, stated he could be a competent leader, yet when his leadership comes in to question and he underperforms, he blames President Bush. All of his short-comings are not his own, according to Obama, but that of a previous failed presidency.

    The only people to blame for Obama is our voting constituency, including those of us who did not and would never vote for him because for decades we have been absentee voters who showed up every two or four years and did not invest in our own political future as individuals and as a country. Hopefully we are learning and another Obama will not happen.

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