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Sunday Soliloquy: The Liberal Spook That Sat By The Door June 6, 2010

There are moments in my life when I wonder if  will I ever sufficiently recover from being a former liberal.

Is it possible that I could have a sort of jackass Democratic version of Stockholm Syndrome?

Like an old childhood friend that I have outgrown, there liberalism is at times, calling me when I do not want to be bothered.   The summer guest that just pops in your life with a duffel bag full of old memories and outdated viewpoints.   He comes in uninvited,  puts his feet up on your coffee table – right on top of the new Laura Bush book your were reading.  The leftie poltergeist takes control of the remote and turns the channel away from Fox News.

“Got any arugula? ”  he asks. “Better be organic.”

You see my  former liberal mindset captor never really goes away- not completely.

There is a scene in the first Twilight movie, where the main human girl–Bella is playing baseball with her new vampire pals.  Everything is proceeding idyllically.  You got your thunderstorm, your Matrix like double plays.  But wait!!!! You didn’t think that life would be that easy did you?   The mood swings, another group of vampires interrupt the game.  Human gir Bellal must pretend to be a vampire but the intruder blood suckers sense that something is amiss. They can smell it all over her.  SHE IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

Uh-oh.  Was I too naive to hope that liberalism would go away quietly into the night.   Abusive boyfriends never give up.  They become stalkers and you have to get a restraining order.  You can’t get within 200 feet of  Lilith Fair.   It knows your habits forwards and backwards.  The liberal junkie itch plagues you at the most inopportune moments like when you are at a Memorial Day service in let’s say Kansas…

Me at Memorial Day Ceremony last Monday, May 31st, 2010

You are driving away from a great ultra patriotic day when you look up and see a pro-life billboard with an unsettling picture of an aborted fetus in a garbage can.  Conservative friend mentions that they helped pay for the ad.   You smile at them.  Hey free speech for all…right?   Besides there is nothing wrong with both groups getting their point of view across.  Then conservative friend says:

“Women just like killing babies and until we stop them America will never be right with God.”

Until the above statement was uttered, you feel a sense of belonging with the conservative.  Just  moments after, the invisible left-wing reservists appear and take over your personality and mouth.

“Women should have a choice, ” says Afrocity multiple liberal personality #12.   “Abortion is a very private and personal matter. Republicans want limited government concerning taxation, business ….So why would you want the government interfering with the decisions we make about our bodies? “

The conservative did not agree with me but nonetheless, the conversation did not end in a salad bar brawl like it would have had I disagreed with an Obamabot.  No one left with alfalfa sprouts in their comb over or dreadlocks.

Is there ever a total cure ?  Or is liberalism like herpes?  One day your life is left wing wart-less then the next thing you know just when you want to get down and busy for an evening of scintillating discourse  with your conservative companion…BAM!!!  You have a sudden liberal herpes flare up.

The liberal imaginary stalker –texting me while I am having a meal with my new conservative friends.  Like the previous situation I mentioned.  One the exact same day, conservative buddies and I were discussing Obama’s abysmal foreign policy record.  Everything was fine- not a cloud in the political chit chat sky. No text messages from my estranged left wing friend- the ghost of Afrocity’s past.

However when the tide of  verbal mutterings turned to the situation in Arizona and need for diversity in our country,  an uncomfortable moment of the familiar liberal whiner enters the room.

Not again!!!  There is the liberal friend sitting silently by watching me.  The friend nudges me, kicks me underneath the table.  I wince at the prospect of sounding like a wishy-washy RINO- a  John McCain in brown skin clothing.

“Did she just say that gays should not be married?”  asks my imaginary estranged friend.

I kicked the pest back in the shin.  Go away! Shoo donkey fly.  We should secure our borders. If you are not a bleeping U.S. citizen or here legally, you should be deported.   The fact is, I was having a wonderful day.  Surely the most patriotic in my life.  I loved honoring the soldiers who served my country.  I loved embracing American values.  Somehow I never quite got that pill in my liberal diet.  Anytime I sounded “pro-American” around Democrats, I got shitty looks and criticism.  Now I can wear flag pins and support drilling in the U.S. without incurring a bloody nose.

Me having a post Memorial Day lunch at the Veterens Club.

Go away jackass.  I am in a good relationship now with people who respect my views and don’t reek of patchouli.

You are not here. You are in Dubrovnik- the tomb of the unknown liberal.

“Afrocity, may I ask you an honest question without your being offended?”

My conservative friend was addressing me and only me.  Gee I wonder what they are worried about offending me for.  I am a conservative too, right?

” Why do blacks want to be called African American and not just American like the rest of us?”

The room became silent as every conservative and my liberal imaginary stalker awaited my answer.

And the rest, I will leave for another post.

What will Afrocity do?  Is this the end of her as a conservative?  Or will she rise to the occasion and beat down the left wing “Hulk” menace that lies within?   Is there a cure to save her just in time???  TO BE CONTINUED.

Autographed Letter Signed,



19 Responses to “Sunday Soliloquy: The Liberal Spook That Sat By The Door”

  1. manbearpig68 Says:

    Nothing wrong with being a backslider…

  2. manbearpig68 Says:

    Like sometimes I end up shopping a Whole Foods..

  3. gs Says:

    I wondered where you were. Sorry about your trouble.

    Af, you think for yourself. You do not submit to groupthink nor do you cynically manipulate herd behavior. Therefore your life will always be unsettling.

    All may be in vain. America may fail in war or disintegrate from demagogic mismanagement. The world may relapse into barbarism.

    Or it may not be in vain. Hope lies with people like you, whatever their age, gender, race, nationality, education,…

    Defenceless under the night
    Our world in stupor lies;
    Yet, dotted everywhere,
    Ironic points of light
    Flash out wherever the Just
    Exchange their messages:
    May I, composed like them
    Of Eros and of dust,
    Beleaguered by the same
    Negation and despair,
    Show an affirming flame.


    • afrocity Says:


      I was super busy over the last week.
      I am on Facebook if you every want to find me. I put a lot of thought into my blog posts, so it is sometimes difficult to write something short.

      I find that conservatives are less into the group think. Oddly there is more diversity among Republicans in opinions than there is among Democrats who only see diversity as a race thing.

      • gs Says:

        Glad you’re in better spirits than I’d thought.

        I’ll ping you if and when I get on Facebook.

  4. Rose Says:

    Actually, Afrocity, I am in full agreement with you. Registering Republican, or being conservative, largely conservative, does not change our DNA, nor our ability or question, reason or disagree.

    If we all just suddenly have to think and vote in lockstep, there really isn’t any point in our voting at all. Once we register they could just fill in our ballots according to our party.

    We don’t fit into boxes, and we do not expect – or should not expect – to agree on everything. It is the beauty of being human. And the beauty of being American. An honest, thinking, inquisitive, considerate human being

  5. yttik Says:

    LOL! That was delightful to read. I would love an Afrocity comic book. You have me hooked already, I can hardly wait for the next episode. Stay tuned!

    I too walk the fence, somewhere between conservatism and… hey wait a minute! WTH are you people talking about??!

    You know what my real problem is? I can’t handle extremism, absolutes. There is more then one truth out there when it comes to issues and I don’t like life being reduced to a set of talking points and ideologies. On the bright side, my dissent is sure tolerated by the conservative side of the aisle, much better then it ever was on the liberal side. I have to laugh, the worse a conservative has ever said to me is, “I’ll pray for you, dear.” It’s much nicer then the death threats I’m used to.

    • afrocity Says:

      Funny, now liberals are the ones offering to pray for me.
      It depends on what they are praying for. Usually it is an African American that hopes I somehow fall in love with Obama.

  6. Katherine B. Says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. I, too, feel mostly more comfortable with conservatives these days. But I am always a bit on my guard. If it isn’t abortion then it’s gay rights or separation of church and state. I cannot give on these issues as they are defining for me. Yet, I still think they are more into protecting this country than my former liberal cohorts. Thank you for being so eloquent on this.

  7. Marnie Says:


    Wow, what a great post. I have always voted Republican for one reason, and that is because I am in the military. But I was very very liberal in some social issues. Abortion was my downfall. I’m extremely pro female. But the more I thought about abortion, I realized the choice comes before the pregnancy. It’s about a woman taking responsibility of her body before she jumps in the sheets. Either birth control or just saying “no” until the time to have a baby comes. Also parents are the ones that should be teaching our kids about sex and not the schools. When the choice is taken away from a woman, ie rape or incest then maybe abortion could be warranted. I believe God would forgive a woman or child who had an abortion under these conditions, along with any woman for that matter. It is a very personal and private matter, between mommy, daddy and God.

    What really pissed me off about abortion was when I found the website and read about Margert Sanger with her Negro Project. She was pure evil, and now I have a little more conservative ideas about abortion. Women still have choices….

    I can’t wait for your reply to the question, and if the liberal warts came back for good. I could go on for hours about this post. Great job!

  8. BeforeGoreKneel Says:

    I’m a fan. And not disappointed. Again. Thank you for sharing your photograph.

    Before I read this post, I plugged your site at Tammy Bruce’s blog:

    Which is a long way around to saying, that one photograph in The Nanny State Diaries post is sticking hard in mind. Thanks for that.

  9. BeforeGoreKneel Says:

    ps. NOT the Hillary one, but the paired baby and nanny photograph.

    • afrocity Says:

      Thank you for the plug!!!! I love Tammy Bruce- especially her guest spots on Bill O’Reilly.

  10. pauldsarmywife Says:

    Good Morning!
    I so enjoy your posts! I agree with others on the issue of abortion. For me, personally, under no situation will I ever have one. I have been assulted and unfortunately lost the child in my 7th week. I believe there are only three reasons abortion should be legal, rape, incest or when the life of the mother is jeopardy of being lost. Just because you were not smart enough to us birth control, isn’t a good reason for me. That being said, I will not judge a woman who has had one for whatever reason. On the question asked of you on Memorial Day, I always check “Other” when asked my race. I am not “white/caucasion” that is not a race, I am American. I was born here, my parents were born here, and so were my grandparents. It is only in this country that the color of your skin dictates your race, for example, in England I have friends of multiple colors and all of them are British, they are not White, African British, Asian British, etc, they are just British, and proud to be so. Why is it that here, in the greatest country in the world, we are so quick to dismiss our race as American?
    Thanks for your time!

    • afrocity Says:

      Thank you for reading.

      I have lived in Germany before and knew “black Germans” . Yes they were Germans but often they were called derogatory names such as “war babies”. Then I was asked “why do Americans name their people after colors? In Germany we do not have white or black- only German”

      True, but again in my opinion, it was whites that made BLACK a race. What blacks wanted to do was reclaim their heritage and erase the use of a color to describe their heritage.

  11. Liz Says:

    Nothing wrong with not always toeing the line. I’m not entirely sure why you’re so worried. Disagreeing with people on certain topics while aiming in the same general direction is – well, I’d be frightened if you didn’t.

    As for the abortion issue, on a side question, were *you* saying that, or was it the kneejerk reaction from your liberal days? As a fellow pro choicer and former lefty, I have to remind myself that it’s not that pro lifers want government intrusion, so much as they genuinely believe it to be murder.

    • afrocity Says:

      Liz, I believe that life begins at conception yet I am still pro-choice.

      It is like that other liberal contradiction: pro-choice but against the death penalty.
      IMO, if a woman has an abortion, she has committed a heavy sin. I would rather abortion be legal and safe, than illegal and not regulated. Abortion have been happening since the beginning of time. If Roe v. Wade is overturned, abortions will continue to happen except we just go back to the days of the procedure being performed in bedrooms, doctors will charge $$$$$ to give you one illegally.

      I also find it a contradiction that someone can go to jail for murdering an unborn child in lets say a car accident that involves a woman who is eight months pregnant. Let’s say that the fetus expires due to the accident. The drunk driver is charged with manslaughter. There are liberal pro choicers I know that agree with the verdict. Yet they believe that life begins at birth.

  12. Janelle Says:

    It’s always irritated me that I have to register to vote as a member of any party. Frankly, I believe that system is due a burial. None of the documents I present to register to vote include political preference, nor should they in any state, county or municipality. It’s old, worn out and divisive. Mascots are okay for sports, but elected representatives aren’t hired to play games.

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