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Diversity Fatigue Friday: The Unknown Historic Moment Quantity May 21, 2010

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Barack Obama campaigned for his presidency during a time that the majority of Americans wanted anything that was the antithesis of George Bush. Couple that desire with the juxtaposition of the Obama persona with such African-American icons as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, one can surely understand how the combination was a winning David Axelrod formula.

The climate wave was change, hope and the promise of a historic moment.   My PUMA counterparts did not buy into it. They had found a suitable candidate in Hillary Clinton.  Hillary offered the promise of brains, experience, substance and of course- a historic moment.  Hillary offered something in different forms . She was the best man for the job and she would have be the first female President of the United States of America.   It was clear that Hillary was more qualified than Barack Obama. Yes there was baggage but I can argue that one can expect baggage with experience.  I can tolerate some baggage depending on what kind it is.  Okay so, Hillary voted for the war on Iraq.  For me, that was a moot point.  We were already in it so let’s finish it.  I can accept that over a vote for TARP.  It was not like Obama really cared about foreign policy. Besides, Barack Obama was not in the U.S. Senate  when the vote on Iraq was taken.  How did we know what he would have done?  He was an unknown quantity.  Yes there was some information out there. The kind that was only broadcast on Fox News. The kind that Obama supporters did not want to hear about.

How were we supposed to know how Obama would have handled 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina? An economic crisis?  A major oil spill?

How did we know that he was not the same ol’ Washington Politics? Business as usual?

Now we do.

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Over the Rainbows

by Jonah Goldberg
May 21, 2010

…He came into office promising rainbows and puppies for everyone and has, like Pizza Hut during a blizzard, failed to deliver. Now, before some intern at a left-wing media watchdog outfit spits Diet Snapple out his nose in outrage over my “fabrications” and “distortions,” and fires off some canned protest e-mail, I do not literally mean to suggest that Obama promised voters rainbows and puppies. Rather, I mean it figuratively. He did literally promise to change the way Washington works, unify the country, govern from the center, work with Republicans and operate the government in a fiscally responsible way. That hasn’t happened. You could look it up.

The White House desperately wants the story to be “Voters Mad at Washington,” not “Voters Mad at Democrats” or, heaven forbid, “Voters Mad at Obama.” But the simple truth is that all three things are true, and Obama deserves much of the blame.

Jay Cost, an indispensable election analyst at, has it exactly right: ” ‘Change that you can believe in’ has gone from an over-worked campaign slogan to an unfalsifiable hypothesis. Vote for a Dem, you support the President’s agenda for change. Vote for a GOPer, you support the President’s agenda for change.”

This spin has been a long time in coming. After the Scott Brown victory, the White House claimed that the Republican’s win was a manifestation of the same political forces that brought Obama to power, even though Brown opposed Obama’s agenda, and despite the fact that Obama lustily endorsed Brown’s opponent, Martha Coakley. Who, by the way, wasn’t an incumbent. She promised to advance Obama’s “change” agenda, and she lost. But Obama’s just so awesome that what would be political losses for lesser mortals must be more winning proof of his supercalifragilisticexpialidociousness. Because as far as this White House is concerned, nothing is ever Obama’s fault and everything is proof of how much we need him.
It’s an odd position given how the people who need him least are candidates from his own party

For those of you who claimed to have voted for Obama because he was a fresh, unfettered, unknown quantity – a historic moment… Tell me.  how do you feel about your choice now?

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7 Responses to “Diversity Fatigue Friday: The Unknown Historic Moment Quantity”

  1. ArmyWife Says:

    I love your blog! This is just so true. I often heard the phrase “he has done so much” prior to his election. When I asked them, “what has he done?” no reply. A blank look. Then something stupid like, well he is such a smart man. Really? And how do you know that? Did he release his college records? No? Ok so explain why you think he is so smart? The next reply would be some remark about his speeches. So I would point out that he hires speech writters and that he doesn’t actually write them himself. And when he speaks without his speeches written for him, he stumbles around himself and can’t seem to put together a cognitive thought. That always got them to walk away from me, pissed, while I was smiling!

    • afrocity Says:

      Thanks Army Wife.

      They usually tell me that he turned around the economy. Funny that the person who told me that borrowed some change from me.

  2. Had a tourist in town the other day (California license plate on his car.) that was sorta loud about how great and wonderful BHO is. One of our local women asked him just why he thought so much of the impostor in chief. He looked close to a seizure, then started spouting off all sorts of things.

    The lady responded to everything that he said quite succinctly. The one that I liked best was that if he was such a great lawyer, then why did a Judge suspend his license to practice law?

    How’s all that hope & change working out..? Not too well from all appearances.

  3. Janelle Says:

    Thanks to, all I needed was to research Obama’s voting record and there was little there, except voting for partial birth abortion. Then the campaign speeches started and were much ado about nothing initially. After that, he was a study in NFW. So here we are with him and the conceivably worst Congress ever. Vote them out, actually, never get to attached to any rep…….they all will need to be forced to leave before they fall victim to the Siren’s Song that D.C. sings.

  4. Rose Says:

    I don’t know why some of us are immune to the Kool-Aid. And I sure hope the PUMAs hold true to their principles – the principles we SHARE – even if it means Hillary hasn’t lived up to her promise. I came to have ultimate respect for them standing up to the Obama phenom.

    I do know that we have to do something. This massive power grab has us teetering on the brink – if we choose one way, it will be a disaster of epic soylent green/1984-like proportions. If we choose to stand up, say no, and fight for what our Founding Fathers gave us, we will avert disaster, and let this little experiment go on for a few more generations at least.

  5. My favorite was when right after the election I asked a coworker what Obama had ever accomplished and her response was “well he got elected president”. OK, fair enough he did do that but all I could think was how sad (if not scary) it was that the only achievement our new president had was getting himself elected. But hey it only took him 7 day to get a Nobel Prize.

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