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Zonation on African Americans and the Arizona Compromise May 6, 2010

African Americans came to this country as slaves…And this has what to do with the illegal immigration situation? AlfonZo Rachel attempts to answer the question because one of these things are not like the other but the illegal immigrants would like to think they are.


4 Responses to “Zonation on African Americans and the Arizona Compromise”

  1. He has some good points, and presents them in an entertaining manner, but boy-oh-boy, does he ever take his time to get them accross!

  2. yttik Says:

    Zonation is great! I love to watch him. Do you follow Robin of Berkley? She’s a recovering liberal and I enjoy reading her at American Thinker.

  3. Jim Says:

    These figures can’t be right. Whites have the lowest unemployment rates? We definitely have the highest because THEY TOOK OUR JOBS.

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