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Bill Clinton: Great and Not So Great Moments In Politics April 20, 2010

It wasn’t until the Monica Lewinsky scandal that I realized my beloved President Bill Clinton was capable of being human.  He fell off of my Afrocity made pedestal like a ton of donkey manure.

This was a man that I campaigned for relentlessly, endured sexual harassment from Jesse Jackson staffers and voted for twice. From the moment he played the saxophone on the Arsenio Hall Show, I was in love.   I was also a twenty something liberal, lukewarm in her support of previous candidate Mike Dukakis and happy to vote for someone who gave her hope for change.

You see at the time I was voting with my heart not my head.  Liberalism is a low-yielding farm but it employs minorities and that was all I cared about.  Republicans help the rich. Democrats help the poor.  Got it.

Because I was there once, I understand the young people who voted for Obama.  Kids like Kool Aid.  It was the other demographic of seniors and middle aged that I did not understand.  Kids need a rockstar candidate and one decade’s rock star does not necessarily translate into another decades rock star as Bill Clinton soon learned  when he was campaigning for his wife presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.

(Shudder) I hated that primary. That was when conversations about hatred and racism began to get ugly.

We were really hoping the race and hate monger cards would retire to the deck after the 2008 primary.  Unfortunately, they never did.  The cards continue to be played with more vitriol than ever, especially when it comes to the Tea Party movement.

From Obama, Biden, Gibbs, Pelosi, Reid and MSNBC, I would expect this sort of rumor mill talk.

From Bill Clinton, I would not.

Oh, Big Dawg.  Tea Party rhetoric leads to Timothy McVeigh-ish domestic terrorism acts of epic proportions?  NO.  Not you BC.  You President Clinton, of all people who was dragged through the Kool Aid flavored mud of Obama Island during the 2008 Democratic Primary along with your wife “Bros before Hoes”  Hillary and daughter “Pimping for Hillary”  Chelsea, I would think that you would be more open minded concerning the Tea Partiers.

Perhaps our former president has had a temporary memory lapse. He has not yet divorced himself from the liberal right to hype.

Allow me to kick Mr. Clinton back to reality.

Ah, see how lovingly demonstrative the left can be? Didn’t you just feel the love for Hillary?  Not one drop of hatred in the entire leftist bunch.  No dreadful “fringe” people.  And of course, PUMAs were embraced by all.

Terrible image of women being lynched on Anti-PUMA website

Listen up liberals!!! We all know the real deal. Remember I used to be one of you, so let’s not EVEN go there. I know the tricks in your government issued feed bags. Please stop the madness.

The question remains whether or not Bill Clinton actually believes his charge that the Tea Party can incite acts of domestic terrorism?

Really now, does this look like a potential Timothy McVeigh to you?

From I Own The

I am thinking (hoping…praying) a firm NO.  Hopefully he just chose the wrong words to show support for the Democrats.  Clinton could also simply say nothing but then again that has never been his strong suit.

Yes I still have a soft spot for the Big Dawg but I will not let him get away with anything just because I have always admired him.  I felt compelled to write this post because I truly am disappointed in his words concerning the Tea Party movement, especially when the shoe and the navy blue Gap dress have been on the other foot.

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Our prayers are with the families of the Oklahoma Bombing on this anniversary of an act of terror that never should have been. God Bless America.


17 Responses to “Bill Clinton: Great and Not So Great Moments In Politics”

  1. it is a disappointment to be sure, but these days I’m more and more convinced that even the so-called “good guys” on the left are really snakes

    • afrocity Says:

      Elder, you know I am beginning to feel the same way. I look at Al Gore with contempt now. Either they were good and turned bad, or I changed. I would not cast a vote for Goracle if you paid me to.

  2. Holly Says:

    You know, I have to admit that I was never a fan of his on moral grounds. His policies I never really paid attention to because when he left office I was 17, and I was the typical 17 year old who was focused on my own life, not society.

    The Clinton’s, although I disagree with their ideologies, I can look back and appreciate their temperment in governance. The problem that they are going to have though, is that the longer they are associated with Obama’s arrogant and insidious administration the more they destroy their own viability to lead the national discussion and be an alternative to Obama. Hillary cannot disconnect herself from Obama’s administration and Bill Clinton panders to it. Whatever power they held in the public’s eyes is dissolving and if they continue to attach their name to Obama’s, all attempts to rectify their standing with the American public will be futile.

  3. IslandLibertarian Says:

    Dear Mr. Clinton
    There is nothing Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, or Bachman could say that would make me as angry as Obama, tilting his chin up like Mussolini and saying “I’m amused by these rallies” and “They should be thanking me.” A condescending and arrogant President that dismisses me as amusing is what angers me.
    I now have zero respect for President “0”(pronounced zero).
    Presidents that sexually harass interns and get blown in the oval office disgust me……but it was amusing in a “he did what!?!” sort of way.

    afrocity, don’t feel bad….I once voted for McGovern……

  4. yttik Says:

    Afrocity, I was disappointed with Clinton’s words, too, but I went back and listened to the whole speech and read the transcript a few times. What he said was nothing like what the headlines and the bloggers said. His words were taken out of context and distorted to fit a political agenda, the desired message being, “see, even Clinton thinks tea partiers are dangerous.”

    I’m not letting him off the hook, I think what he said was careless and the implication he made was easy for the media to run with. Naturally they left of the parts where he said tea partiers were good because they would lead to greater transparency and holding DC accountable for their spending. They also left off the part where he talked about the importance of free speech and people’s right to protest.

    • afrocity Says:

      But why bring up Oklahoma at all?

      • yttik Says:

        Well because that’s what the media is tying to sell, the idea that tea partiers are dangerous right wing extremists. Clinton didn’t come up with the idea of marking the anniversary of the tragedy and relating it to tea partiers, the PTB have been working on that for a few months now. Even more offensive then Clinton’s speech, was Rachel Maddow’s “special” on the Oklahoma City atrocity. Clinton was the president during those times, so naturally the press went to him for an opinion. He was played and he stepped right in it. I’m not excusing him, at any point he could come out and let people know he did not mean to imply the things he did, but he hasn’t, so the pile of poo is laying right at his feet.

  5. Marianne7 Says:

    This whole stuff on the WACO stand-off and the OK bombing coming out on BC has kind of shocked me… I’m afraid I might have bought kool-aid from this man…

  6. Stateofdisbelief Says:

    President Clinton did not say the “Tea Partiers” were like McVeigh. He was being his usually reflective self referring to some of the extreme rhetoric being bantied about by those who are getting the most press. Surely you can see what he’s referring to. Not all TPers are spewing the vile nonsense he is referring to and he made it clear that he saw a difference.

    The RW media wants to portray Bill as a freedom-hating socialist, while the LW calls him a racist. He was the greatest president of our generation. Maybe if we stopped repeating media memes developed by our faux political party masters we could be able to elect another president who found a way to skillfully balance the needs of a diverse population. Instead we choose to align ourselves with parties — neither of which care a whit about US.

    Clinton was truly impacted by by Oklahoma City. His words reflected what he saw in retrospect and how it does relate to the way extreme rhetoric gets picked up by the MSM and acted upon by a small minority of crazies.

    • Stateofdisbelief Says:

      And the only ones who should care about Lewinsky is Hillary and Chelsea. They seemed to have forgiven Bill. Isn’t it time the rest of the world, whose business it is not, should do the same?

      • Peter Says:

        I could care less that Lewinsky slobbered on Bill’s nether regions, I never did. I do care that the man perjured himself. He lied under oath. That is a big deal.
        I also care that Bill set the whole Democrat Party on a mission of hate and destruction on the poor old federal prosecutor who was simply trying to find the truth. The President and his entire Party attacked our justice system in a way that the eeeeeevil Bush never did.

        And, lastly, it really bothers me that a perjurer is giving speeches. Why is a proven liar even given a podium?

      • Stateofdisbelief Says:

        Because a great majority of people in the *world* feel that the questions he was asked had no place in the public sphere. I don’t consider his response moral “perjury” since it was in a kangaroo court setting where they were determined to find a single speck of dust to sully him with. Despite the RW’s best efforts, Bill left with a 69% approval rating – the highest for any president in our history. So there’s why he still has a podium and thank God that he does. He is doing great things still for the entire world.

        Some people in this country are gluttons for punishment as they worry about stuff like that while political figures who have proven records of actually making our life better are burned at the stake for things that do not matter in the grand scheme.

      • afrocity Says:

        Bill Clinton is a womanizing sack of shit. I liked him as president but I still see him for what he is. I am not about to romanticize a damn thing that he did. If Monica Lewinsky was not our business, he should have made damn sure it would not ever come to light so it would not have been made our business whether voters thought it was or not. We never should have been in that position.

        I would go listen to him, shake is hand etc, but I have not forgotten what he has done. The Oklahoma statement /Tea Partiers was stupid as was lying under oath. I like the man but he does stupid Bubba ass stuff.

      • Stateofdisbelief Says:

        Well I guess the only thing that matters to me in a president is how he/she performs as a president. I’m not romanticizing anything or anyone, I’m just saying that his sexual behavior is not my business. My business is how he runs/ran our country and that was just fine with me.

        I don’t make moral judgments about the behavior of others except when it affects me or someone I care about. We tend to be overly obsessed with the sexual behavior of others in this country based on our own personal – and often diverse – moral belief systems. Your moral compass is not the same as your neighbors so why should that be a gauge on the efficacy of a president’s actions?

      • afrocity Says:

        But his behavior led to a major distraction that caused things not to run well because he was too busy with Ken Starr. I am not judging what he did, I am judging WHERE and WHEN he chose to do it. I also did not like the fact that he attempted to cover it up or that three women (Hillary, Chelsea, and Monica) had to endure a pretty difficult time. Monica was stupid and naive but that is youth. He should have known better.

        We do not know if he has been forgiven or not. We do not know if it has been forgotten by the or not.

        As far as right wingers, no one particularly cares about him until he opens his mouth. Go away like a good ol’ boy and do your charity work.

  7. I tend to disagree with many of the posters on this one. I too could care less if he took a little R&R time with an intern. What I cared about were the things that went on during his administration. Things that him and his did their best to weasel out of when the time for responsibility and accountability came around. Things such as the U.N. weapons ban that his better half is pushing so hard for now…

    Looks like Afrocity got moved, and I have a new modem! Welcome back!

  8. Can you say Multiculturalism? I knew ya’ could!

    Now kiddies, let’s learn how to spell that!


    Nice retort Afrocity, very nice indeed!

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