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Thursday OPEN Stitch and Bitch: Happy Anniversary Tea Partiers April 15, 2010

In the spirit of the Tea Partiers and of course tax day, I have decided to let my readers bitch about whatever is on their mind.

I just finished my taxes and I owed more than I did last year.  That is my reward for working and not having children, or owning a home or driving a car.

In fact, I made less money than last year and I got taxed more…Go figure.

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8 Responses to “Thursday OPEN Stitch and Bitch: Happy Anniversary Tea Partiers”

  1. Raptor Says:

    Happy Anniversary, A flat federal income tax on everyone at 11 percent would fully fund the government and would end the sickening class warfare politics, vote buying and pork related tax favors. In addition, the elimination or huge reduction of the IRS would save billions.


  2. yttik Says:

    We got soaked by taxes and the bad economy this year, Afrocity. It’s tough, because if you work hard and try to make some extra money, you just get soaked. A few years ago I worked part time outside of our business and we not only lost my entire salary, it actually wound up costing us for me to work because it bumped us up into another tax bracket. I literally had to quit my job because we couldn’t afford it.

    It’s kind of scary, we aren’t well off, but if you count state and federal taxes, fees, property taxes, sales tax, car tabs, stuff like that, we’re actually paying 50% of our earnings to the various levels of government. One half.

    • garnette Says:

      I think that a lot of people focus so much attention on federal taxes that they don’t realize how much other taxes are paid during the year. As well as the more you make the more other taxes you may end up paying, which many times can be a higher tax on the rich. For instance, in some places, you get charged more to register your car because they base it on the value of the car.

  3. IslandLibertarian Says:

    Hawaiian Public Schools rank 42nd in the United States.

    The Hawaii State Teachers Association
    » Raise taxes on those making $200,000 to $400,000 to 10.55 percent of their income.
    » Raise taxes on those earning more than $400,000 to 12.85 percent of their income.
    » Tax capital gains at ordinary income tax rates.
    » Repeal tax provisions that allow businesses to take current losses against previous year’s profits.
    » Create a $250 corporate minimum tax.
    » Close foreign tax havens.
    » Create a commission to increase school capacity and accountability, and promote student success.
    » Dedicate $300 million of the revenue generated to eliminate furlough days and restore Department of Education funding.


  4. Janelle Humbert Says:

    We can bitch all we want, but the simpler solution is to toss all the 535 in and out on a regular basis……two terms and out. This should go on for several election cycles and then and only then, should any of them be considered for another term. Starting with Byrd, who was a fool when he was younger and hasn’t changed.

  5. Leah Says:

    Wait, you aren’t thanking the prez for lowering your taxes??

  6. gs Says:

    Hi, Af. Fyi a comment w hyperlink just disappeared unposted.

    Maybe your spam filter thinks I’m nagging you. 😉

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