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Moonbat Monday: Tea Party Haters- Ugly and Amazing April 12, 2010

So much for the left wing being open, tolerant and understanding.

The right to free speech and assembly are American freedoms that the left seems to believe is only available to them. Why else would the Tea Party movement unnerve them so much to the point that they attempt to discredit it as a racist bunch of rednecks?  If you attend a Tea Party rally,  some skinhead is sure to be there just thinking the “N-word” .  Even if you are an African American Tea Party participant, you are simply invisible to the liberals.  No, No, there are no blacks in the Tea Party and someone is there about to say the “N-word”.  He/she  doesn’t have to say it but a liberal knows they are thinking it.  Unlike left wing protesters, Tea Party folks are hateful anti-Obama racists out to kill our president.

From I Own The World

Liberal moonbats are psychic clairvoyant mind readers you know.  Someone was thinking that awful word at the Tea Party. How else could you explain liberal claims of John Lewis being called racially derogatory remarks without there being any proof on tape? If John Lewis and the AFL-CIO head Richard Trumpka (aka union scum),  says racists are at Tea Party rallies then betcha by golly it must be true.

I love it!  Protesters of Tea Party protesters.  Andrew Breitbart just imagined those liberals throwing eggs at the Tea Party bus.  As if in a moonbat fever,  some liberals so badly want to discredit the Tea Party movement that they will stoop so low in the donkey cesspool to serve as Tea Party poseurs.

The blacks at the Tea Party rallies must be vampires because their image does not capture on liberal video tape.   All people of color love Obama right?  So this African American man who created a YOU TUBE video describing why blacks should NOT be Democrats is just some illusion?

Liberals just don’t get it.  Obama’s election is actually a blessing in disguise for conservatives.  With their golden ass made in God’s image now seated in the White House, their behavior has been on auto-pilot and without filters.  Now they have finally outed themselves as the most oppressive, racist, controlling and manipulative political party known to Americans. The peaceful liberal protest and shining happy people fighting for freedom of speech for all has been debunked. It is okay to hate a president if he is a Republican.

I have said to my PUMA sisters that you can waste your time attempting impossibly to save the Democrats from their own poison. They are a train wreck.  No longer what they once were, the Party of ASS is now only a shill for Obamabots and socialism. Drinking Kool Aid by the gallons, five swallows at a time without stopping to check out their reflection in the mirror of truth.  Dribblings of purple dye all over their mouths and shirts. They look absolutely and positively ugly and amazing.

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15 Responses to “Moonbat Monday: Tea Party Haters- Ugly and Amazing”

  1. Connie Esposito Says:

    Thank you bite me for speaking out!

  2. Ramarious Says:

    And the outrage from Congress and the media has been…uh, wait.

  3. Darlene Says:

    Liberals are the biggest hypocrits alive …………. just seeing these pictures make me sick. They will walk the plank in November!

  4. Janelle Humbert Says:

    Such love and tolerance from the left so perfectly pictured – these are the people who truly care about others?
    Outstanding, Afrocity!

  5. Holly Says:

    I had to write my senior thesis on slavery in IL, but chose to focus my paper on one man, Illinois State Supreme Court Justice Samuel D. Lockwood. A whig/republican who was the most anti-slavery judge on the bench from 1825-1848.

    Interesting fact: The original supreme court of IL was a four person bench, three of whom were whigs and one democract. This bench was very successful at trying to abolish indentured servitude in the state of IL. The Democrat led legislature continually challenged the courts by passing legislation to prolong indentured servitude in the state. In 1841, the Democrat Congress passed a bill that would alter the supreme court from a 4 person bench to a 9 person bench. This bill was vetoed by the Governor but the Congress overcame the veto with a 2/3 majority vote. The Democrat congress hand picked 6 Democrat justices to alter the court to try to keep the “status quo” of slavery/indentured servitude that the three Whig members over the previous 16 years had been trying to overcome.

    • afrocity Says:

      Holly thank you for this information. I have heard of Sam Lockwood but did not know all of this. My grandmother lived on Lockwood street for a long time.

      • Holly Says:

        Oh, you’re welcome.

        I love history and discovering the truth of history on my own. I never believe what popular society tries to tell me is history because rarely, if ever, do they understand historical facts vs. political rhetoric.

  6. manbearpig68 Says:

    Great post full of truth!! I have to say from the video, Trumpka is a racist himself and leads the some of most brainwashed people in the US. Everything he says is for the benefit of his wallet and nothing else!!

  7. Carolina Nan Says:

    Good article, as always. There is no doubt that democrats/leftist are most hateful, racist hypocrits as evidenced by this and may other documented videos and writings, etc. I am reading two good books right now and highly recommend them both. One is by Andre Harper, entitled “Policical Emancipation” and the other is by Rev. Wayne Perryman, entitled “Whites, Blacks & Racist Democrats”. Both are very informative and eye opening. I believe that most Americans, both black and white have no idea about the history of the Democrat party and what they actually have stood for and done in the past. Likewise, the Republican (with its warts and all,) has not been studied as to their history. We only know what we were told to believe. Some people saw through the BS, but many have not. We have our work cut out for us to help educate!

  8. boldandbald Says:

    Great post, AC. I intend to attend the Hartford, CT Tax Day Tea Party. It will be my first, and I am very curious to see what happens. I will certainly be on the lookout for lefties posing as legit Tea Partiers. Should be fun!

  9. BaldManMoody Says:

    Did the person furthest to the left in the “We Hate Bush” photo forget to wipe their ass or is that a shadow? I am inclined to think they didn’t wipe their ass. Either way. Their 15 minutes of fame is dedicated to red lettering on their ass.

  10. Thanks for an outstanding article. I hadn’t seen the Rainman video and am glad to know it’s out there and being seen.

    I stumbled into your blog via a Google search on “Tea Party haters” — apparently we’re all in awe of the Left’s ability to ridicule others for exercising THEIR First Amendment rights. 😉

    Thanks again and keep writing!

    All the best,

  11. Fishcake jayke Says:

    You sir, are an ass. I mean that politely. What liberals? You dont have a real left wing in the US!
    What evidence? These are all photos of signs, none of which have anything to do with the tea party protests. Some of which you can’t even tell who’s side they are on!! YouTube videos of black guys saying don’t vote democrat is not evidence. It’s opinion.
    I have seen evidence of black protesters at this supposed grassroots campaign, not many though. When you compare the demographic crss section at the protests to the national demographic cross section, the protests are overwhelmingly supported by White republicans.
    I have seen REAL evidence of heinous racism being purported by some protestors. I’m not saying all the protestors are White republicans and racists but there are a lot of them there.
    I don’t blame you guys for your protests, I blame the rightwing media and government for using you to protect the insurance companies. What happened to the marches on wall street? Didn’t the whole tea party movement start out of anger at the recession? Wasn’t wall street and the banks the original target? Oh right, I remember now, that doesn’t really work for the rightstream media, republican party or the banks. You have been hijacked, duped and mugged off. You aren’t protesting against raising taxes or bankers stealing your money, you are protesting a president and you don’t even know it. Fools and Asses blindly following the lies from the rediculous right. Those who take rush limbaugh and fox news seriously have soooo much to learn. Question EVERYTHING you hear or read. These people are lying to you to make you do their bidding. WAKE UP!!!

    • afrocity Says:

      Yes I am protesting a president. I thought you knew that.

    • Whoa! Who’s an ass?! I think you ought to adjust your attitude.

      This quote is the real heinous racism: “I have seen REAL evidence of heinous racism being purported by some protestors. I’m not saying all the protestors are White republicans and racists but there are a lot of them there.”

      Not only do you generically accuse an entire race and political party but you do it with NO facts, no evidence whatsoever. That’s being a total ass in my book.

      As a person who has marched on washington, DC, attended all of the Tea Parties in my city as a part of this movement toward liberty and away from those who would steal it, I HAVE NEVER SEEN EVEN ONE INCIDENT OF RACISM by anyone who is a part of the liberty crowd. I *have* seen blatant name-calling by the Lefties who show up at these things though. They have called the black protesters in our crowd a whole lot of nasty things that, had a white person said them would be worthy of being called “heinous racism.”

      You have no idea what you’re talking about and seem to have no qualms making an ass of yourself to prove it. You, Fishcake, are not just an ass but a lying ass.

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