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Sin Tax Era: America the not so Beautiful March 30, 2010

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Perhaps the single one and only salutary effect that the passage of Obamacare has had on my life, is jolting my father out of the land of the Obama living dead by raising his concerns about the intrusion of the government in our lives.

I have not known my father for that long.

I speak to him about once every three months.

Everyday I text him an inspirational message.  “HEY YOUR LIFE CAN BE AS GREAT AS YOU WANT IT TO BE”

He texts back: “Thanks baby girl…let’s get 2 gethur soon.”

Okay, so I don’t know my father very well at all.

I cannot tell you his favorite color or anything that would require me to have lived around the man for sometime. Total time spent in the same room  with my father would probably equal about 1.5 months of my life.  However, I do know that we bear more than a passing resemblance. He contributed to my DNA. For some unexplainable reason we both like metaphysical/new age books. We both prefer to eat duck on Thanksgiving rather than turkey. And finally, we both hate to be forced into doing anything–especially if someone else like the government claims that it is for our own good.
Over the last year, I have noticed that I am taxed for doing everything wrong and nothing right.

I don’t own a home so I am a dirt bag in the eyes of the IRS.

I don’t have children so I am an even bigger dirt bag.

It is actually “greener” not to have a child but will the feds give me a tax break for that?

Nope, instead they tax me for drinking bottled water and 10.25% sales tax for living in a major liberal city.

The sin tax fever has also spread like a disease into our day to day and necessary life event  transactions.  After all, isn’t this is the heyday of liberalism and shouldn’t life imitate government?

This “make em’ pay” for their sins mentality translates into fees for the petty residual activities that we have to do just to make our lives work.   You see dear readers, if you have to perform step A in order to move to step B, then you must be charged for it.

I am moving this week, which is why I have been behind in blogging.  Let me demonstrate how moving is a sin.

Afrocity must move from apartment A to apartment B.

In order to move, I must reserve an elevator.  My reservation requires an administrative fee of  $500 to move out of apartment A.  What can I do, right? I must move out so I have to pay the fee.

Meanwhile Apartment B- the place I MUST move in to, requires an administrative fee of $600 to move in.

What can I do, right? I must move in so I have to pay the fee.  Additionally when I went to pick up my keys and parking permit, I was told that there was another administrative fee for getting the actual permit.  Meaning $100 for my actually picking up the permit. I pay an extra $175 a month in my rent for the parking spot but it was a one time administrative fee of $100 to actually pick up the permit.

As I discussed this with my father, he was puzzled.

“I remember a time when all you had to do was get a U-haul and just move in,”  he said.

“Not anymore,” I said as I recalled mother and I just paying the first month’s rent and a security deposit during the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s …heck even during the first five years of the new millennium.   “Now,” I continued. “If you have to do it, you have to pay for it…I would not be surprised if someday we were charged  “administrative fees” or taxed  for buying tampons. Why not? Women MUST have a monthly period.  A girl’s gotta move out of her apartment and bleed,  so why not tax us for it. “

My dad laughed but I was serious.  Every apartment I looked at had a move in/move out fee.  Even the small brownstone apartments.  Sure everybody, you already charge us tax for the shit we like to do such as smoking, drinking bottled water, eating junk food.  Now lets get together and figure out how to charge people for the shit they MUST do.

If you MUST do it let’s charge you for it.

On an airplane if you are on a long trip, you must check your bags.  Let’s charge you for it.

Actually this is a great strategy to screw people put of all sorts of money and their freedom.

Obama and his liberal minions have pushed healthcare into that all important MUST HAVE category.  If you don’t want it, you will pay.  You see health care is not something that everybody wants to have.

For some like my aunt, who loathes doctors and actually believes that they implant microchips into your immunization syringe in order to track your every movement,  healthcare is a dangerous thing.

For my father who hates to have to do anything because someone told him to, Obamacare is an imposition.

“I don’t like this business of us just having to get this government stuff.  If I wanted to pay I would have bought good healthcare to begin with…not that government crap…and you know it won’t be as good as Blue Cross or Aetna…waiting in line while people are dying in the chair next to you…But he [Obama] says he will help us pay for it…”

Dad didn’t sound too confident.

For my sane aunt, who works at a hospital  of all places, Obamacare is taking away her freedom to choose and keep the healthcare plan she has loved for years.  She voted for Obama. She does not want him to win a second term.

I never should of voted for him,” she said. “I will never again vote for a person because they are black.  I don’t want their [the Democrats] plan shoved down my throat. I wanted to retire next year, now Social Security says I can’t because they do not have the money. The hell with healthcare, just give me my money and let me retire. “

My reply to her, “But you know auntie, not having healthcare is a sin.”

” Then heaven help us,” she laughed but it was not a happy laugh.

She had worked at that hospital scheduling appointments for years. She remembered when a candy bar was a nickle.  She remembered the Korean War and a countless number of other historical moments.  Some of those moments just happened like the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. , others were legislated like the passage of the Civil Rights Bill.  Now for some reason, this historical moment seemed fake and manufactured like those old wax busts of Abe Lincoln you bought from a vending machine.

America has changed.  It is not kinder or gentler.  It has just changed into something sinful and the Democrats must save us from ourselves.

We should be thankful for this  bank account purging  of our transgressions and interpret the new sinful America as a consequence of liberal humanity and understanding.

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8 Responses to “Sin Tax Era: America the not so Beautiful”

  1. gs Says:

    “Everyday I text him an inspirational message. ‘HEY YOUR LIFE CAN BE AS GREAT AS YOU WANT IT TO BE'”

    So you’re one of those people, are you? In that case, I feel free to give unsolicited advice.

    But first, best wishes for the move. Easy does it.

  2. Janelle Humbert Says:

    Taxman by the Beatles is an oldie, but goody. Be careful they don’t tax your feet for walking during your move.

  3. Breeze Says:

    Are you acquainted with this man, Afrocity?

    Please let us know what you think.

    Good luck with the move and


  4. I think (or hope) that the prospect of growing government intrusion into every area of life will reawaken a spirit of liberty among the people. Anyone (notably the poor) who actually have to live with the tired inefficiency, piss-poor service, and terrible record of government service should run from government health care as fast as possible. Unfortunately these same folks are too often brainwashed into thinking its someone else’s fault for not coughing up enough dough.

  5. Janelle Humbert Says:

    Roar louder!

  6. liontooth Says:

    Since the government keeps spending money it doesn’t have, taxes will HAVE to go up. The wealthy have no incentive to earn more or risk investing since that effort and risk will be eaten up in higher taxes.

    I wonder who will be making up for this shortfall? Higher taxes is a CHANGE, but how many will believe in it now?

  7. Wild Says:

    Hi Afrocity,
    I don’t know if you read these articles but they are connected. and

    Part of a bigger and sinister picture that has affected many and will continue to do so unless we get wise.

  8. yttik Says:

    I think we should tax congresscritters who waste our time with all their sex scandals. We could eliminate the nat’l debt in no time. Just imagine, 250,000 dollars every time Don’t-Cry-for-Me Argentina or John Edwards came on TV. “I have sinned!” Excellent, go forth and sin some more, we have a budget to balance.

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