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Should Conservatives Lose Massa Appeal? March 10, 2010

After an uncommonly hectic period in my life , I am popping in to write about this hilarious situation between the Democrats and former U.S. Congressman Eric Massa (D-NY).

In short: Ha ha ha ha hee hee ho hee haha hah

I knew it was just a matter of time before the dam would break.  The Obama administration is making too many enemies inside the donkey camp. When you have pissed off people, someone is going to sing like a canary.  I predict that you can expect some tell all books in the distant future from former Social Secretary Desiree Rogers, Gov.  David Patterson (D-NY),  and Evan Bayh (D-IN).

The disappointment in the Democratic Party is fueled by a lack of ethics. The Chicago Way is pay to play and busted knee caps if you do walk the line.  Over the last year we have heard strands of stories concerning President Obama and Rahm Emanuel’s scare tactics.  Eric Mass seemingly is living proof of everything we as Republicans and conservatives expected of the Obama swamp.

Or is he?

From this article at  the American Thinker:

‘Massa’ hysteria

By Dan Austin

March 10,  2010

Eric Massa’s rants have received considerable airtime on conservative talk radio. Massa’s words lambasted Democrats in general and Rahm Emanuel in particular and were like music to conservative ears. Massa sounded too good to be true. And he is. People soon learned that Massa is someone conservatives would prefer not to touch without wearing gloves.

Today, conservatives are faced with the defining challenge of our lifetimes.  The mission is the retention of our constitutional republic in the face of daunting challenges from inside and outside of the country. The defense of liberty will not be willingly handed to us like a gift at Christmas. Beware of politicians bearing gifts.

Conservatives must avoid the temptation to quickly accept pretty words at face value from strangers. A person’s past history says significantly more than his words say today.  While some politicians have had better success than others in covering their own tracks, thanks to Google, history is now very difficult to hide.

As conservative defenders of liberty, our judgments must be based in facts and supported by history. We must all do our own homework. Let’s not be fooled again

Cartoon from Town

History tells us that every administration has several themes that echo throughout a presidency over and over again.  Massa may very well be an unscrupulous individual, he may even be lying about Rahm Emanuel and the soap on a rope shower attack. But I doubt it.  Even an embellishment or two may be sandwiched with the truth. That still does not make the circumstances totally untrue.  The “Louisiana Purchase” and “Corn Husker Kickback”  contextualize Massa’s claims.

When I watch Massa, I choose to focus on the essence of the story rather than the person.

Lying or not, Eric Massa is speaking to a number of concerns that voters have about honesty and transparency within the Obama administration.

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2 Responses to “Should Conservatives Lose Massa Appeal?”

  1. yttik Says:

    Ahhhhhhh! It’s the Psycho Rahm shower scene! This is the stuff of nightmares.

    I have to laugh, Massa is accused of sexually harassing a man.The incident occured after an evening of….relentlessly sexually harassing a woman. Oh the irony, Massa apparently turned to a guy who had just said something lewd and suggestive about the woman, and said,” I’d rather do that to you.” Me!! Whoah, I’m not the designated receptacle of objectification, she is!! Foul play! Hostile work environment! Sexual harassment!! How dare you speak to me that way, I’m a male! Talking about women this way is business as usual, treating men like that is a federal crime.

    And then, in farther silliness, the objectifier finds himself naked and vulnerable in the congressional showers with Rahm.

    Yes indeed, Dems set him up. it sounds like Chicago politics and power tripping to me. but what’s funny is that there’s a strange kind of karma wrapped around all these guys and what goes around sure comes around.

    Welcome back Afrocity. i hope all your work is going well for you.

  2. manbearpig68 Says:

    Good to see you back. I think the Massa thing should only be used on face value that here’s more Dem fallout but not much value given to his story. Don’t embrace the guy in any way. He’s a nutjob! I’m sure we will see more like him and most likely it’s still the early stages of the ship going down.

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