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Afrocity Too Busy and Stupid for Words March 2, 2010

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Folks, I am in a bit of a rush with moving and work.  I am too busy and stupid for words.

I have a lot on my mind about the ramming of this national healthcare reform initiative.  According to the Democrats, the public is not equipped to understand this “complex issue”.

"Too Stupid For Words" cartoon by Stilton Jarlsberg of Hope n' Change

I understand that there is a need for improved heathcare among the uninsured as well as those of us like myself, who do have insurance.  There is nothing more I hate than going to the doctor only to receive a pat on the head and a co-pay bill for $25.   I also understand that given the current state of out economy, I would like the Obama administration to focus job creation and not healthcare.  There really are more important things going on out there.  Families are struggling and if you ask Harry Reid (D-NV) , unemployed men are killing people.

On the plus side, at least Senator Reid did not label the angry unemployed men as conservative wingnuts just aching to kill a black man because they are out of work and angry at minorities stealing their jobs.  Speaking of losing jobs, Harry may be in the political graveyard looking for work himself.  It is a little known fact that Harry is a former boxer.

From I own the world

Watch out Mrs. Reid.

So let’s get these guys some jobs before we have a national crisis on our hands. People need to afford to shop at Whole Foods, donate to the Obama 2012 campaign and buy iPhones.  We gotta get this country hoping and changing again!

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9 Responses to “Afrocity Too Busy and Stupid for Words”

  1. McJenny50 Says:

    Hahaha, thanks for reminding us about Dingy Harry’s boxing background. Do you suppose that he received one too many blows to the head?

  2. Janelle Humbert Says:

    Between moving and trying to address the healthcare crisis, as well as Senator Reid……you still did a stunningly good job.

  3. yttik Says:

    LOL, nice job, Afrocity.

  4. Ace Bailey Says:

    I understand the health care bill enough to know there’s no public option, and it’s a corporate giveaway. That’s why I don’t support it.

  5. Joaquin Says:

    So Reid was a boxer! Didn’t know that!
    He should ‘get together’ with Rahm. You know, the one with the sharp elbows……………………………………


    So Harry Reid reads an old post about more men being abusers because of the employment situation…

    He really should have looked back and read my blog, including the study that was done by the very first woman to open up a shelter, and all the myths associated when I addressed it.

    Talk about an absolute loser…

  7. gs Says:

    Watch out Mrs. Reid.

    ?! Although Reid seems like a mean-spirited crook…

    Well, you’re in a rush with moving etc, Afrocity. I trust things will work out and hope to hear about your new place.

    • gs Says:

      Um, Afrocity, I hope you don’t misinterpret my previous comment. I wasn’t disagreeing or criticizing or anything.

      Oh my no not in the least. Just making conversation, is all.

      Please please don’t ban me…


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