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Liberal Hypocrisy Files: Even Rednecks Are Not This Creative February 26, 2010

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From the screenplay The Blair Witch Project

Michael Williams: [sees dozens of stick-men hanging from trees] No redneck is this creative.

Wonderful line, except in this case those stick-men hanging from trees are Republicans

Given my fractured confidence in any bipartisan efforts initiated by the Obama administration, the results of yesterday’s “health summit” held at the Blair House, was of little surprise to me.  Carefully done, so eloquent, such a phony display of reaching across the table…to kick the Republicans in the face.

From the Wall Street Journal:

FEBRUARY 25, 2010

The Summit Sideshow
Democrats still face big political challenges in passing health legislation

BY Kim Strassel

The thing to know about President Obama’s health talkfest is that it had zero to do with Republicans or their ideas. The GOP came, it spiritedly debated, it left. The president never budged. He never intended to.

The Summit Show was designed by Democrats for Democrats, to give Mr. Obama an all-day stage to inspire and exhort his party to charge once more into the health fray. It’s about “altering the political atmospherics,” admitted one senior Democrat. Yet for all the talk of “jump-start,” there’s little to suggest the ugly politics of passage have changed…

But the real question still remains…Did the Democrats fool anyone?  As I was checking my email, I noticed an instant reply message from a colleague which stated that her work hours had been dropped to part-time. Ouch.  Among friends both in the flesh and virtual, I know of at least 36 that are currently unemployed.  My own argument against this push for nationalized healthcare is that it should not be a priority at the moment.  I thought after the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts, the Democrats understood that the country wanted them to concentrate on JOBS.

Get it? JOBS?

"Fool Me Once" cartoon by Stilton Jarlsberg at Hope and Change Cartoons.Com

I thought Obama promised to be the “people’s president”.

So why isn’t he listening?

Obama, open your ears.  Hear your people.

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17 Responses to “Liberal Hypocrisy Files: Even Rednecks Are Not This Creative”

  1. Rose Says:

    Excellent points, linked.

  2. Ace Bailey Says:

    Can’t they do more than one thing at a time? Can’t they concentrate on job AND healthcare?

  3. manbearpig68 Says:

    He doesn’t care about jobs! He doesn’t care about people! He owes a lot of people that got him into office and to pay those back is jamming through a healthcare bill.

  4. Ace Bailey Says:

    Yeah, he owes the voters that voted him in. I agree with that.

  5. yttik Says:

    Good post, Afrocity.

    The health care summit was an epic fail. I wonder how the Dems feel? Obama basically told them you better fall on your swords and pass my reform to make me look good. He implied, it’s not my problem, I’m not the one up for re-election in 2010. Basically he was telling them to lay down under the bus tires so he could back over them a few times.

    • afrocity Says:

      Yes, that was amazing. He basically told the DEMS to go to hell. Talk about burning bridges.

      • Janis Says:

        The Dems have never been able to tell the difference between their team and the other guys. They see the past few decades of Republican ascendency and realize that the Repubs achieved their power by smashing Democrats. So what conclusion do they draw?

        To get power, you have to smash Democrats. It’s insane. They can’t tell who’s on what team. They have no clue that to get power, you smash the other guys, not your own team.

        They just haven’t a clue. They are so incompetent with power that they shouldn’t have any. At least Republicans stab you in the front.

  6. jbjd Says:

    Here is what bona fide bilateral cooperation looks like.

    Afrocity blog exposes Barack Obama’s inept job performance in the Oval Office, hoping to evict him in 2012. Meanwhile, jbjd blog argues, he never should have been there in the first place!

    P.S. Afrocity, have you noticed whether you get hits from my blog? I added this site to my blogroll several months ago.

    • afrocity Says:

      Hi Jbjd, I have not received any hits. But I am not sure how popular I am anyway.

      • jbjd Says:


        I am incompetent to address the low quantity of your visitors but I certainly can attest to the high quality of your blog.


        P.S. Please note, all of the letters in my moniker are lower case.

  7. foxyladi14 Says:

    hang in there!!!! they are coming

  8. Janelle Humbert Says:

    Excellent commentary and superb choice of graphics, photos and clips, Afrocity. If Gordon MacKenzie was still around, he would be clapping and cheering you on!

  9. Isn’t it at least a bit crazy how the left appears to have become suicidal? As in going after their own..? Things are getting so thick that their bus had better be All Wheel Drive.

  10. Raptor Says:

    We need you back, Hurry and get settled Afrocity! Need any help let us know.

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