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Sunday Soliloquy: Fireside Chat with Afrocity of the Wayward 10 Percent February 21, 2010

At my most generous, I tend to craft my topics for Sunday Soliloquy with an eye toward sharing some aspect of my past with the dilemmas of my political and social present.  This week, I am not so sure I will do a good job.  The last several days have been all about myself and other black people arguing about my not being a Democrat.  Yep, race again and and again and again.

Liberal Democrat, African American Male:

“…The African-American snobs are the asswipes constantly taking shots at the president so they could get kudos from the real elite. The rich white man!… [Afrocity] Don’t be fooled by the constant head pats that you are getting from these white boys. They get off on black self hate and you are only feeding in to it. It’s truly embarrassing sister…You are on the other hand a disgrace to the “Afrocity” name that you adopted for yourself. You should change it to Eurocity or wannabe Eurocity…While I think they are both retarded it’s your right.

What I take umbrage with is the manner in which a mere 10 percent of black folks feel the need to take shots at the 90 percent that don’t think and act like them. We are either elitist or lower class. No in-between. Only black people that don’t know black people think like that.

Your verbiage is not even your own. It’s that of white folks who are equally as ignorant to black culture therefore you are a blind person being lead by a Seeing Eye dog with no vision. Your posts are disgusting to everyone outside of those with a racist mentality….I will have to think of one to label you and the rest of the wayward 10 percent.”

Ooops.  I’ ve gone and lost my blackness again.  Where did it go? I am a racist too.  Now, according to this brutha, I can no longer call myself Afrocity.  The statement above is self-explanatory when it comes to illustrating how African Americans place restrictions on one another in terms of political freedom.  On the blackness radar, the bias is in favor of black Democrats. Anything else, is an imitation.

We are coming out of the worst presidency of possibly all time who was a conservative. You really have NO moral ground to stand on and criticize or teach (LOL). You should instead criticize and teach the folks who thought it was prudent to give Bush another 4 years. I don’t credit any ideology for black success and I don’t place blame on any ideology for black failure. I’m free and independent in my thoughts and actions so when you talk that liberals this and liberals that you lose me and only prove that you live in a box. I am big enough to know that all people have good and bad ideas and good and bad intentions. And don’t misunderstand my disdain for the manner in which Afrocity and other mis guided black folks diss black America for hate.

When have I ever said that I hated black America? And when did I ever say that I voted for George W. Bush? I did not either time.  I abstained from voting in the 2004 election because I found Bush and Kerry both unfitting for the job.

It always amazes me how liberals derive such pleasure in being anti-racist and inclusive of all viewpoints, yet they are shockingly narrow minded when it comes to tolerating others.  Admit that I am pro-choice among conservatives and we will have a discussion.  Admit that I voted for McCain in a room full of liberals and I become target practice for name calling. Within an eye’s blink I became the guy who shot Dr. Tiller and a KKK member all rolled into one.

Female Black Obama supporter:

Even American Jews vote Democrat Lawd!. Who wants to be insulted because of race or religion? Today’s Democrats are your 1960s Republicans and todays Republicans are your 1960s Southern Dixiecrats RACISTS. They are almost becoming the Whig party because they cannot articulate any clear message and minorities they dislike do not trust them either…Finally it is erroneous to link Black failures to liberal cities whatever that is, without mentioning events such as crack cocaine that began under Reagan; dumping of guns in Black ghettos as a means to dispose war weapons but also create unruliness; high incarceration of Black men that began in the 80s (Reagan); etc…Afrocity your question about what have Democrats done for Black people is like asking what have Republicans done for White people. I am not following your reasoning or logic. Black people do not like Republicans because of the Southern Strategy and embracing racist elements boldly, and Neither do Jews because of their religion and anti-Jewish behavior by religious right Christians…White poor Republicans blame minorities for not succeeding i.e. affirmative action, anti immigration. It is easier to find a “boogey man” for your problems. Unfortunately politically civil rights and those that opposed truly believe it is the cause of their problems lol!. …

There was so much there.  Where to begin?  My critic’s statement implies that Democrats cannot be racists, or sexist or anti-Semitic.  Remember Jesse Jackson and his 1984 “Hymietown” comment?  Remember what the Democrats did to Hillary Clinton when she ran against Barack Obama?  Remember when the liberal feminists rallied behind Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal? Any woman became a bimbo, Hillary Clinton was a racist. Blacks could say derogatory things about Jews and whites…and get away with it.

Black conservatives live routinely with having their racial loyalty called into question.  As an aside, I really could not care less about who other blacks vote for.  If 90% are Democrats so be it.  The same goes for Jewish Democrats.  What does my critic’s statement allude to?  That blacks should support the Democratic Party because  Jews do… and blacks and Jews are alike because????

Fine, I will take my hits from African Americans. But do not think that my being a black Republican,  erases my past as a black Democrat.

Clearly I remember being called a “black bitch” by my Bill Clinton loving college friend.   If we want to focus on racism and sexism and wrong doings against protected classes, it is ignorant and unproductive to only look at people in one political party.

Take Amy Bishop, the  University of Alabama professor who shot her fellow colleagues to death.  Did you know that most of her victims  were all of  minorities?  People of color, and she was reportedly an Obama supporter.  Obsessed with Barry, a Kool Aid Snorter.  So does that make her untarnished when it comes to accusations of racism?  Or was she just crazy?

The possibility of  Dr. Bishop being a racist never surfaced. She supported Obama so how could she be racist?   However Afrocity is self loathing and anti-black racist .  The mainstream media gave Dr. Bishop a pass as they were all too busy in their attempt to create a Tea Bagger out of Mr. I flew a plane into an IRS office Stack” .

My questions concerning the Democrats considerable achievements in regards to advancing Black Americans especially urban dwellers are quite harmless.  I was born and raised in Chicago, a liberal haven.  We experienced white flight here, redlining, blockbusting, youth violence.  Why?  This city has been run by Democrats for generations.  I see virtually little if any significant improvement in the socio-economic patterns of African Americans in this city or Detroit which is also ruled by Democrats.

I simply posited that Chicago may be a model for looking at how liberals have all of the power, yet no control over the situation of violence and poverty, despair that many protected classes experience here.

Ronald Reagan never drove me to do crack or hold a gun.   I never saw a corner store robbed because some pitiful urban youth felt the burden of white rich Republicans willing him to be unsuccessful.  If liberals rule Chicago, then why is it so unsuccessful at doing what liberals claim to do best, which is uplifting the underdog?

I am more than willing to enter a substantive dialog with my fellow African Americans about the behaviors and motivations behind each political party- even the Tea Party.  However,  until the every Republican is a racist  and every black conservative is an Uncle Tom meme is dropped, we cannot continue.

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23 Responses to “Sunday Soliloquy: Fireside Chat with Afrocity of the Wayward 10 Percent”

  1. yttik Says:

    I’m sorry, Afrocity. How frustrating that you have to wade through all that crap.

    I had an interesting week on the internet, I got tangled up in 3 conversations about women, in which some liberal people were informing them that they were oppressed, not thinking for themselves, and being brainwashed. By the end of the conversation it was like,”listen you dumb bitch when I tell you you are oppressed, you better get back in your place, sit down, and STFU.” Not exactly a great speech for womens rights.

    Now, I know all about sexism. Women do not stand on a level playing field. But in the course of these conversations it dawned on me, who benefits from beating these women over the head with their oppression status whether they want it or not?? Certainly not women. Any woman who has ever gone on to run for president or to go to medical school or to break a glass ceiling, has refused to accept their designated status as oppressed, as second class. I’m certain they saw it all around them, but they didn’t let it define them.

    I am really surprised to discover that people get really pissed off at you when you fail to stay in your designated place!! Now call me an airhead, naive, ask me where I’ve been for the last 30 yrs as a liberal Democrat, but I did not realize this. I’ve been so busy staying in my place and toeing the party line that it’s never come up. I stepped over that line when Hillary ran in the primaries and I’ve never stepped back. I never will. And because I refuse to stay in my place, I am no longer welcome in the Dem party. LOL, or at several feminist or so called liberal blogs.

    Where I live the black women i know are all conservatives. All 3 of them. So naturally I ran out for coffee yesterday and informed them of this great “Truth” I had learned. Hey, did y’all know that liberals get really cranky when you don’t stay in your designated place? What’s with that? When they stopped laughing and snorting coffee all over the place, they were like, “Duh??”

    Okay, so I’m a bit slow on the uptake here, I haven’t been paying attention to what black conservatives have been saying all along, but I’m getting the distinct impression that I’m not a liberal anymore. I want people to be able to reach their God given potential. I want people to rise and they can’t rise if we have a whole political party that insists on telling people to sit down and STFU.

    • afrocity Says:


      I was aware of the “stay in your place” code of DNC ethics, when Condi Rice was SOS. My mom called her every name in the book and so did I. One day, I realized that I knew virtually nothing about Condi or Colin or Clarence- the three C’s of traitor island.

      I was not so much aware of the situation with white women and Democrats until Hillary ran. The same thing happens to gay conservatives as well. The Democrats are the protectors, and how dare you bite the hoof that bleeds you.

  2. IslandLibertarian Says:

    “….the real elite. The rich white man!”

    Dear Afrocity,
    Never in my life have I plotted against, physically attacked, kept down or discriminated against anyone because of their race. I have been physically assaulted because of my race. I have been passed over for promotion because of my race. I am white, but not rich. And I’m in an interracial relationship.
    I am so sick and tired of the overt racism such as exhibited by the black man and woman that wrote to you. It’s “white man this” and “white man that”. Who needs the bogeyman? The projection is just getting to be too much anymore.
    I have no idea how it feels for you to be chastised for not falling in line with Liberal racial stereotyping. But I do know what it feels like to be constantly called out as the reason for the failure of a specific group or race. I’m working as hard as I can just to survive and gain the things I need and desire. I don’t spend any energy “keeping someone down”. How counter productive is that? If “they” succeed, I succeed. It’s a multi-cultural marketplace. Everyone has a shot. The closed minded racist “blame whitey” attitude is wearing thin.

    • afrocity Says:

      Island, I am still trying to discredit her story of Reagan giving out guns in inner city communities.

      Even if Ronny gave me a gun, does not mean I have to use it.

      • IslandLibertarian Says:

        You’d think that if there WAS a conspiracy to distribute guns and crack cocaine to inner cities there would be a leak of information somewhere from someone involved looking to make some tabloid cash. Newsweek or Time would pay million$ for that story.
        Conspiracy Theories are are nothing to base your failure on.

  3. me Says:

    I’m a black conservative and I NEVER talk politics with friends and family for this reason.

  4. manbearpig68 Says:

    It’s like an episode of the Twilight Zone sometimes. You are one of the few outsiders thinking for yourself, seeing the truth about situations but everybody else has fallen in line obeying orders.

  5. Raptor Says:

    Afrocity you are not alone-You have the courage to stand up in the face of extreme racism and share your opinion. You are standing on the right side of history. Stay there – because America will be a better place with people like you.

  6. Tiny Says:

    This is eye opening. Most of White America doesn’t realize that some African Americans think like this. What will it ever take for them to come out of their victim mindset?

    I give you alot of credit Afrocity….my prayers are with you.

    • Tiny, it is eye opening chiefly because most Blacks who are conservative in their thinking still vote Democrat because there is a virtual brainwashing that takes place in public schooling. White = racist oppressor = Republican = White. And any Black person that dares to think or act or vote differently is shouted down, called an Uncle Tom or worse.

      There are many many Black people who do not have a victim mindset at all, but in order to keeps one’s credibility and access, their is a certain obligatory head nod towards the prevailing memes of liberalism. It is not unlike what is found in communist regimes where everybody who wants to have a decent chance of making a living joins THE PARTY even though every one knows it is a farce and based on a failed philosophy. It is well and truly stifling.

      Afrocity, your words stir me because I know all too well exactly the mindset you are relating here.

  7. Tea Party For America Says:

    And they claim Tea Party members are racists.

  8. Janis Says:

    Selling out one’s own kind for approval from the rich white elite?

    Hm, sounds like your interlocutor’s talking about Obama.

    Or wasn’t he the guy that was going to criminalize poor blacks for not forking over money to already filthy rich insurance CEOs for coverage that wasn’t going to be worth a damn?

    Whoops, was that out loud?

  9. yttik Says:

    I’ve never believed that meme that 90% of black people vote Democrat. First of all, like everyone else, just over half of black people are registered to vote. So we’ve already cut that “90% of black people” in half. Second, we don’t have exit polls in every state and you don’t check a race box every time you cast a vote. We have no way of actually knowing how everyone across America votes, we’re making a guesstimation.

    This is not to say that blacks don’t feel a lot of pressure both internal and external to vote Democrat. I just have a feeling that that “wayward 10%” is a lot closer to a “wayward 30%” with another 30% staying home in disgust, fed up with Democrats and yet unwilling to vote for Republicans.

    When you look at it that way, it’s more like “40% of black people” vote Democrat, which is a huge percentage, but not nearly as lockstep-marching-in-tune as a hyped up number like “90% of the people” implies.

    Heck just under half the people in this country have thrown in the towel in disgust, people of all races, and don’t even bother to vote at all.

  10. Joaquin Says:

    The wayward 10%!
    Is that a classic or what?

  11. me Says:

    Its a common thing. Republicans=evil racist and I dont understand why. I was watching Living Single today and one of the characters was upset that a guy she liked was a REPUBLICAN!!! Then on the show Girlfriends they would throw in a line about Bush that was totally unrelated to the topic they were discussing. Its so frustrating because theres an assumption that you agree and you arent a true black person if you are right leaning. I just dont get it. I’m not naive. Sure there are racists right wingers but there are racists left wingers who dare to pat me on my head and tell me whats best for me as if I was a child. I’m not going to reject my ideology and who I am because there are some crazies in the party.

  12. Anna MacBriar Says:

    Afrocity, I appreciate the wit and irony with which you respond to the offensive, knee-jerk comments of your critics, and your media critique is usually flat-out brilliant.

    But would you mind spelling out, at some point, exactly why you don’t like Obama, himself and his politics, other than the fact that he won the 2008 Democratic nomination, and not Hillary?

  13. me Says:

    Read her archives. It sounds like she has changed her political ideology now.

  14. YG Says:

    Afrocity I have followed your blog for several months now, and I certainly do appreciate your POV. I have had so many of the same types of discussions with family and friends. It is actually a sad commentary that the very tolerant and inclusive Democrats have such a problem with those whose opinions differ from theirs. It is amazing that Black Americans are expected to think exactly alike! Are members of other races expected to do the same? I was accused by a Facebook friend the other day of hating myself because of my conservative views. Who knew that it is against the “rules” to be black and conservative?

  15. […] patience for being viewed as an Uncle Tom.  Unlike my fellow former ex-PUMA compatriot Afrocity, my little blog doesn’t attract the ire of those seeking to either educate or vilify me.  She ….  Surely she must be either dreadfully deluded or deliciously deranged… and those are the […]

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