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Keith Olberman: An Obamabot Cartoon Flip Flop Book February 17, 2010

It is not easy to reconcile with many of the things said about and done to Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential campaign season. Especially when for the latter, the verbal assault continues on her as well as her children.

It is interesting that I never, never liked the Family Guy long before Sarah Palin came on the political scene. Friends would chide me all of the time about missing “that great show” that was “..even better than Beevis and Butthead and South Park“.   Truthfully as a matter of personal taste, I am just not that into dysfunctional family animation.  The Simpsons is rarely watched in my home and the same goes for South Park.  While dysfunctional family animation shows are to be credited with memorable characters like Homer Simpson, “Man Bear Pig” and are canonized in popular culture, my own life was overrun by a “duh-oh” mother and an absent father.  Young Afrocity could have channeled the frustrated Lisa Simpson., young gifted and black among the mom with a GED. No thanks,  I don’t need  see my life replayed on television in claymation, animation, or otherwise.  I am sure the same goes for Sarah Palin.

The liberation of Hillary Clinton from the sharp tongued Obamabots came only after her decision to campaign for Barry.  Do as we say and the liberal attacks will go away.  Remember this little anti-Hillary gem  from MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann?

Olbermann was one of those Hillary haters that emphasized racism on the part of the Clintons at every turn. Hillary should be taken to a room “where only he comes out”.

Now fast forward to 2010 and Olbermann has somehow inherited Hillary love from the purple gods of Kool-Aid mountain, especially when it comes to invalidating Sarah Palin.

Oh, no you don’t Keith ol’ buddy, ol’ pal.  Can I say that this clip was the most contrived and homespun bullshit piece of journalism I have ever seen in my life.  How dare he infer that Hillary Clinton nuanced anything about Sarah Palin being a flash in the political pan with her response to the rather ….stupid question asked of her?  Furthermore, Keith Olberman failed to air Hillary’s full response to the young man. A response that was delivered with the precision grace and class that we all expect from a Secretary of State.

Shame on you Mr. Unfair and Unbalanced Keith Olbermann. You will never spin Hillary Clinton’s words into vitriol for Sarah Palin.

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7 Responses to “Keith Olberman: An Obamabot Cartoon Flip Flop Book”

  1. 152 Says:

    I have to admit, Keith has been about as consistent as republican senators.
    BTW, I love South Park, even though it’s made by two right-leaning guys.

    • afrocity Says:

      Eh, Keith is consistently a dumb ass. So I disagree he is actually quite consistent.

      • yttik Says:

        He’s a consistent jackass, that’s for sure.

        I used to like Family Guy, when they had more of a plot, an intellectual storyline. For a while now, they just throw in offensive humor designed to shock people and gain attention. I don’t like jokes about incest, rape, the disabled, etc, etc. It’s stupid, it’s boring, and it makes me think we’re back in school giggling every time somebody says the word butt. Actually, laughing at the word butt showed more maturity then some of these adult cartoons.

        Hillary has so much grace, it’s quite wonderful to watch her in action.

      • Oh noes! South park is created by guys who lean right? What will I ever do? And John Hughes was “right leaning” too, I guess you will have to try and choke that down next time you watch The Breakfast Club.

        Keith Olberman is what happens when you pretend The Daily Kos is real Journalism and give it it’s own news program rather than putting it in a mental hospital.

  2. Kieth is a jerk, and, IMO, a coward as well. Bevis and Butthead all the way!

    Heh heh! I bet it’s really Kieth that is always killing Kenny too!

    • At least Bevis and Butthead was supposed to be sarcasm, granted I don’t think most people got that but it was. The whole show was making fun of the idiocy of the youth/MTV culture.

      • *chuckles*

        I met the creator of Bevis and Butthead while doing a presentation at UNC some years ago. he had heard about the “Madd Paramedic” from some of his students…

        His first words were… “You killed Kenny!”

        I said so what, I resuscitated him, he will be back in the next episode…

        Well, that caught on… New members of Broomfield Ambulance were fairly greeted with “YOU KILLED KENNY!” upon their arrival…
        I am told that it has become a tradition at Northglenn Ambulance as well. So be it!

        Back to the theme. Kieth, the pervert, the liar, the traitor?

        Would NEVER have even half the class of a basic EMT at either Broomfield or Northglenn.

        So say I.

        Patrick Dennis Sperry
        N.R.E.M.T. – Paramedic
        But still a part of the American Warrior Caste

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