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Tweety Alert: Who Ever Knew Obama Was Black ? January 28, 2010

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I wanted to quickly post this You Tube video of Chris Matthews commenting on Obama’s State of the Union address last night. I do not know what is more creep, his words or seeing Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow in split screen with him. It was just too much.


18 Responses to “Tweety Alert: Who Ever Knew Obama Was Black ?”

  1. yttik Says:

    Whoah! OMG. That’s left me almost speechless.

    The word “racism” has been so convoluted since the primaries, it’s hard to remember what it really is. Fortunately we have Harry Reid and Tingly Leg to remind us.

    On the other hand, maybe it’s a good thing if we all just forget Obama is black. Yes, please do. Given his performance over the past year, let’s stop drawing attention to his race.

    Kind of ironic, I never thought post racial would come to mean that we view this man’s failures as simply the failings of an inexperienced man rather then a black man. Are we there yet? I don’t know. Except for regressives like Tweety, perhaps. I hear a lot of disapproval towards Obama, but I don’t hear his critics focusing on race.

  2. manbearpig68 Says:

    THE NETWORK OF ASS!!!!! Mathews is a complete babbling idiot!! Maybe he’ll get shoved off the train platform soon or hit by a bus.. I’m very glad he’s not a conservative, nobody needs his help..

  3. pat Says:

    Creepy is the word, alright. All three of these people should be registered as head cases.

  4. IslandLibertarian Says:

    At Obama’s nomination celebration, Chris Matthews said:

    “It’s important to point out, as we have not so far, Barack Obama was not given this nomination, he won it. He was not offered a nice title like Secretary of State, like Condoleezza Rice got from the Republicans. He was not offered the title of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs as Colin Powell was, or Secretary of State. He won the nomination of a Democratic Party voting together. He defeated all other opponents and took the prize and took the leadership. He is the chosen leader of the Democratic Party. He is not some popular appointment or a showcase appointment.”

    Chris Mathews is a racist.
    He has confirmed it again.

    • gs Says:

      It’s important to point out, as we have not so far, Barack Obama was not given this nomination, he won it.

      IMO Hillary lost it by being too complacent and arrogant early on. By the end of the campaign, she had clearly taken Obama’s measure–but a few delegates and primaries too late.
      I tended to view Colin Powell as a political general, but my respect for the man and his insight has grown with time and it continues to grow. Powell:

      [F]ar from being the Great Satan, I would say that we are the Great Protector. We have sent men and women from the armed forces of the United States to other parts of the world throughout the past century to put down oppression. We defeated Fascism. We defeated Communism. We saved Europe in World War I and World War II. We were willing to do it, glad to do it. We went to Korea. We went to Vietnam. All in the interest of preserving the rights of people.

      And when all those conflicts were over, what did we do? Did we stay and conquer? Did we say, “Okay, we defeated Germany. Now Germany belongs to us? We defeated Japan, so Japan belongs to us”? No. What did we do? We built them up. We gave them democratic systems which they have embraced totally to their soul. And did we ask for any land? No, the only land we ever asked for was enough land to bury our dead. And that is the kind of nation we are.

      Those words belong in the annals of American rhetoric.

  5. SYD Says:

    Just think … out of twenty-four hours yesterday… Tweety thought of Obama as a black man only 23 of them…


    Island Lib, I had no idea Matthews said those things about Rice or Powell. What a smackdown to them…. and how telling.

    Mr. Tinglepants does not belong on national television. He has, apparently, always was a closet racist. And now he is “out.”

    What a terrible shame.

  6. afrocity Says:

    Sometimes when I see things like this, I feel sorry for Obama. If morons like this voted for me I would be ashamed.

    • SYD Says:

      Afrocity, I agree. I am starting to feel sorry for the man that is Obama. As much as I hate what he did to Hillary with his sexist epithets… I wince when I realize that he has “friends” I would not ever want to have.

      Chris Matthews and his ilk were crying “race” to push their own agendas. They could give a damn about Mr. Obama or this country. It’s all a big game to them. And now the truth bubbles to the surface…. The truth of what real racism looks like. And the pain it can inflict…


  7. Rose Says:

    It’s interesting that Chris Matthews looks out in the audience and sees white guys. I saw alot of PURPLE, like the Dems were trying to fool us. I guess the purple is supposed to mean they are “bipartisan.”

    But looking back at the replays – there is a fair amount of diversity there. Women, both white and black, men too.

  8. gs Says:

    His leg was tingling so much, he forgot Obama is black.


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  10. WMCB Says:

    It continues to amaze me how utterly blind the public is to the deep-seated racism of the Left.

    If I call you on your crap, argue with you, disagree with you, and tell you you are full of BS when need be, that means that I RESPECT you. I am treating you like any other full grown adult, whom I expect to be rational, and to achieve, and to take your lumps or at least argue with me if I think you are full of it.

    If I pat you on the head and coo over your every minor achievement as if it were rocket science, and clap my hands excitedly with “Wow! You could be Shakespeare!” over the cruddy little limerick you wrote, then I am treating you like …… my 8 year old child.

    Liberal Democrats like Chris Matthews are in awe of Obama and his speeches the same way they would be in awe of a 10-year-old graduating medical school. Their awe is a “tell” that they think it’s really amazing that a black man could do this. That their baseline underlying belief is that he should not be able to, and thus he’s a prodigy.

    Trust me, I’ve been involved with the Left for years, even used to post on DailyKos. I know these wankers, and they disgust me.

  11. ROFL!! You do the most amazing things with pictures here! Stuff you could never find anywhere else! Matthews is just plain dumb and bizarre–no other way to explain….geeze, this whole country is going nutso!

  12. this guy would have been fired within five minutes after finishing his **** comments due to the wave of canadian people telephoning in and crashing the system.I’ve worked for years with people who have mental health issues – but they are sane compared to this guy rants. i sincerely don’t understand this mentality-how it is even allowed /accepted as news content.
    if Chris mathews was in a hospitable setting – two doctors would have probably signed a document to have him asessed by a Psychiatrist for a 72 hr period. can someone please explain to me something – is MSNBC mainly tabloid-Mathews,Olbermann,Maddow etc.I’m Canadian and grew up in french culture.
    I love your writng style afrocity- don’t ever give up-keep on writing- living life to your fullest . amitie

  13. I forgot Obama was white, should I be worried about that?

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