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And this little Donkey Went “Wee wee wee” all the way home… January 22, 2010

Scott Brown’s win last Tuesday night, represents the epitome of America’s continuing on again off again relationship with the Democratic Party.  The rise and fall of the DNC.

Conservative experts in the study of the rise and fall of the jackass find that root of the problem lies with the common human error of forgetfulness …

From this article at by conservative columnist  Ann Coulter:

Cartoon from Divervsity Lane

That Old Obama Magic is Back

by Ann Coulter

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Democrats are trying to write off Brown’s colossal victory as the standard seesawing of public sentiment that hits both Republicans and Democrats from time to time. As MSNBC’s Chris Matthews explained, it was just the voters saying “no” generally, but not to anything in particular.

Except when Republicans win political power, they hold onto it long enough to govern. The Democrats keep being smacked down by the voters immediately after being elected and revealing their heinous agenda.

As a result, for the past four decades, American politics has consisted of Republicans controlling Washington for eight to 14 years — either from the White House or Capitol Hill — thus allowing Americans to forget what it was they didn’t like about Democrats, whom they then carelessly vote back in. The Democrats immediately remind Americans what they didn’t like about Democrats, and their power is revoked at the voters’ first possible opportunity.

Obama has cut the remembering-what-we-don’t-like-about-Democrats stage of this process down from two to four years to about 10 months. Folks, I’m convinced that if we all work really hard, we can get it down to three months.

Four years of Jimmy Carter gave us two titanic Reagan landslides, peace and prosperity for eight blessed years — and even a third term for his feckless vice president, George H.W. Bush.

Two years of Bill Clinton gave us a historic Republican sweep of Congress, which killed the entire Clinton agenda (with the exception of partial-birth abortion and felony obstruction of justice) — and also gave us two terms for George W. Bush.

And now, merely one year of Obama and a Democratic Congress has given us the first Republican senator from Massachusetts in 31 years.

In other recent news, last November, New Jersey voters, who haven’t voted for a Republican for president since 1988, threw out their incumbent Democratic governor, Jon Corzine. In Virginia, which Obama carried by 6 points a year earlier, a religious-right Republican won the governor’s office by 17 points.

Sen. Ben Nelson, Democrat of Nebraska, won his last election in 2006 by 28 points — the largest margin for a Democratic Senate candidate in that state in a quarter-century.

Since voting for the Senate health care bill last Christmas, the once-bulletproof Sen. Nelson not only gets booed out of Omaha pizzerias, but he has also seen his job approval rating fall to 42 percent and his disapproval rating soar to 48 percent. (Meanwhile, the junior senator from Nebraska, Mike Johanns, who voted against the bill, has a job approval rating of 63 percent.)

The Democrats have no natural majority because they have no fundamental principles — at least none that they are willing to state out loud. They are like a drunken vagrant who emerges from the alley to cause havoc every few years. They are the perpetual toothache of American politics.

To be sure, the fact that 52 percent of Massachusetts voters are racist, sexist tea-baggers — i.e., voted for a Republican — means only that the Democrats just went from having the largest congressional majority in a generation to the second largest. But this was “Teddy Kennedy’s seat.” And it was in Massachusetts.

Now, no Democrat is safe.

But the country just got a lot safer.

Ann is right. Things are all grave (pun intended) for the Democrats because they just can’t help themselves without alienating every sane, pragmatic and logical being on the planet.

What goes up always comes down to their inevitable  loss due to their uncanny ability to disappoint people. I know this.

I used to sleep with the party of ass.  I was the wife, mother and child of my now sworn enemy.

During my time as a liberal, I spent many nights cursing at a seemingly endless chronology of television screens which broadcast harmless electoral college maps into my home.  Maps of America all lit up in Republican red. The color of Nancy Regan’s suit and hair and lipstick.  The color of rich people and success.

“Pretenders” is the word my mother used to describe people who were Republicans that were not rich.

“They (farmers) vote for Republicans because they want to pretend they are rich like other white people,” she said visibly disappointed with the results of the 1988 election.

She wanted Michael Dukakis.

She did not care that on the inside she was a Christian that believed all gays and lesbians were sinners.   It was the outside that mattered.  Wearing skin of the donkeys was always about the government doing what they could for her family as blacks.  Though never outspoken on the issue of abortion, mother was pro-life- belittling my aunt for having three abortions in under two years.  That same aunt would later describe  my deceased mother as the most racist woman she had ever met.

“That woman (my mother) was so racist,” my aunt said while discussing her sister during a time when we were feeling a bit guilty about her untimely passing. ” She hated Mexicans and–“

“Jews,”  I inserted flatly.

“Whenever your brother got in trouble in grammar school, if a black teacher did the scolding, it was okay but if the teacher was white…oh boy your momma would raise some hell up in that school…saying how they didn’t understand or know how to teach black kids…No body wanted to say nuthin’ to your brother cause they knew your momma would be up there at the school like–“

“It was embarrassing,”  I said.  Young Afrocity had also been a  recipient of mother’s undying protection against racist teachers.  “She would do the same at my school.  One teacher treated me like I had leprosy after one of mom’s visits. She cursed him out in front of the PTA…Funny how she could do that without one moment’s thought but when it came to getting a job to feed me…well that was another story.”

“Boy she hated Mexicans when she was in Texas,” my aunt went fast forward to my mother’s last years in Houston.

“Yes, she did,” I nodded.

“She wanted America to only have real Americans, no migrants, especially Mexicans…’Whey does this country help foreigners like those Chinese and Mexicans better than they treat their own black peoples who worked as slaves.’  your momma would say…America needs to help Americans.”

We were both silent. This conversation was deep cleansing for both of us.

“Yes, she loved America,” I said. “Perhaps she would have been a Republican, had she not been a black woman,”  I laughed loudly, though it still did not shake my feeling of loss.

The loss of seeing her as a whole woman with a job and goals beyond waiting for a monthly welfare check from Uncle Sam.

I will always wonder.

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11 Responses to “And this little Donkey Went “Wee wee wee” all the way home…”

  1. Very touching, and full of insight Afrocity.

  2. manbearpig68 Says:

    You brought up a very good point. People really need to weigh their personal values against who they are supporting in elections.. I hear many Dems who actually sound more like Republicans but they just pay attention to all BS and not the truth.

    The dem administration today has pulled off one of the biggest scams I have ever witnessed but thankfully the tide is starting to turn.

    • WMCB Says:

      manbearpig, I have been told by ultra-conservatives that I’m a flaming Lefty, and told by flaming Lefties that I might as well be a Republican. I’m one of those many who are hard to box in anymore. Something seismic is happening in the American electorate – both with the tea parties, and with the revolt of some on the left.

      The two parties have at various times in recent history had their finger on the pulse of what the People want. But when they have that flash of insight, their response has not been “Then let’s give them what they want.” It has been “Let’s see how we can mold what we have into a facsimile of what they want, and convince then this is, in truth, IT.” BOTH parties have done this. Obama was the height of this craft: an entirely manufactured candidate, designed and tested via the Deval prototype to tap into a disgust with the govt and desire for Change.

      What is happening in this country is that people are sick of it, and not buying it. And it is happening on BOTH the left and the right. They are demanding that they be given what they want. They are demanding that they be taken seriously, not merely plumbed for prevailing opinion so as to manufacture a new candidate (whether R or D) to play on those desires without actually delivering a damn thing.

      The American People are standing up, throwing off party rule, and asserting their sovereignty across the entire right-left spectrum. And they are doing it SMART this time: They are not spiraling off into hopeless 3rd parties. They are standing as independents (whether conservative or more liberal or whatever) and saying, “I own my vote, my money, and my time – and I will bestow it as I see fit, on whatever candidate I choose. You are free to court me. I am not ANYONE’S guaranteed vote.” That’s exactly what MA did.

      I believe that this is the healthiest thing to happen to American politics in decades. I think it’s healthy on BOTH the right and the left.

      What the people are doing, right left and middle, is refusing to let their personal ideology be dictated by anyone’s checklist. Not by the parties, not by their fellow-conservatives or fellow-lefties, not by ANYONE.

      We have a chance of becoming what we once were – a nation of individuals with a broad spectrum of views, rather than a nation of sheep to be herded one way or another by opposing machines. Third parties will NEVER break the two-party system, but INDIVIDUALS can.

      In short, I believe with all my heart in We The People.

      • manbearpig68 Says:

        I agree with you wholeheartedly. I wasn’t promoting one party or another or someone checking their values into the closest party fit.

        I was trying to say that I have met many people like AC’s mother who have blindly voted for a party candidate and the candidate did not represent the person’s values at all.

      • WMCB Says:

        Yeah, I’ve known those, too. Knee-jerk party loyalty makes me sad. I’d actually rather argue with someone who disagrees with me because they are thinking than have my preferences reinforced by someone who is just parroting blind loyalty.

        I love intellectual honesty – which is why I love afrocity so much. She tells the truth about her own thoughts, and how she arrived at her conclusions. I don’t have to agree with every single one of those conclusions (though I agree with many) to have great respect for that.

      • afrocity Says:


        I understand your point. I would never vote for a bad candidate no matter what party they belonged to. Take my own Illinois and its Republican senate primary. I know I keep pushing this video but look at these guys. I would do not want tp vote for any of them on Feb 2nd. The other candidate is a RINO. I may just stay home.

      • WMCB Says:

        Ewww. That’s just sad. Not an inspiration or cogent though between them. Y’all need some new blood in that Illinois GOP.

      • afrocity Says:


        This debate was unprofessional on so many levels. It went downhill from the moment the words “dirty Jew” were uttered.

        I think I will vote for Hughes (the young white guy in the middle), or the RINO , Kirk (who did not participate in the debate). The African American candidate, Arrington, is just not prepared. Hughes at least tried to keep it classy. The DEMS are not that much better. One is a mafia hood friend of Obama and Rezko.

  3. joanelle Says:

    I am soooo tired of the team mentality. The Rs and the Ds – we lump them in their little cubbies – I’m a registered independent now because I couldn’t stand people voting for someone simply because they were an R or a D not because of who they were, what they stood for or if they would represent my beliefs.

    We saw Martha Coakley put herself under the bus when she decided to support the “company line” and jumped on board the healthcare bill – I thought she was a strong woman – and maybe she is and just got pressured more than she could stand onto O’s point of view.

    The Dems totally lost me in May of 2008 when they ripped the nomination from Hillary (a nomination she had rightfully won) That action showed me how really vile they are and how undemocratic they actually are.

    They disenfranchised 18,000,000 voters. It was their action not simply that they nullified Hillary – I would have walked no matter who they took the votes from and put mr. empty suit up for election. Oh, and by the way, notice how O never calls himself a Democrat – he’s a “Progressive”

  4. yttik Says:

    “Pretenders” is the word my mother used to describe people who were Republicans that were not rich.”

    I remember Afrocity, also saying, “I’m too poor to be a Republican.” LOL, but that was long before I was self employed. Holy crap, it’s tax season again, and I am telling you, I’m just too damn poor to be a Democrat!! WTH!? This has been a terrible economic year and now they want my blood and probably my left arm too. I look at my sad little income and my dependents and can’t believe they want me to pay income tax at all, let alone even suggest that I could afford health insurance or face a fine.

    Republicans need to take on poverty, in a way Democrats never have. People don’t need an extra 6 bucks a month in food stamps, they need to be able wash windows or mow lawns without having to pay self employment taxes. They need to be rewarded for working a second job, not punished for entering a higher income bracket. Students who are working their own way thru school need access to tax deductions. Never mind the government giving us money, just stop taking so damn much so we can use it ourselves to grow the economy.

  5. Tea Party For America Says:

    There is no such thing as a independent.

    The country was always center right to begin with. These idiots who call themselves indys got all caught up in Obama’s bullshit. They turned left when they were really right, save for Af. Americans who voted for O because he was a black man.

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